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You're Reading:Elevacity Sounds Like a GroundBreaking Opportunity that Leads to Freedom

Elevacity Sounds Like a GroundBreaking Opportunity that Leads to Freedom

by Tasos


Aug 21, 2016


There is a new company entering the market. And they say out loud

…”Finally, fair priced products and services, exclusively..”..Be one of the first to take advantage of this new superb opportunity…


Is Elevacity Elevating Health, Wealth, and Happiness?


The 2 videos found on their homepage are announcing a new opportunity for the masses. A system that can work for anyone and help people elevate their lives.Happiness, freedom, more money.

Advertising is not extreme. They are not showing only expensive properties and luxury cars. They are telling you that if you believe in your dream to be your own boss you can make it. And I absolutely agree with that.


So, the owners believe that they can deliver a system for anyone that wants to become a self-entrepreneur. The key thing, in that case, is the product.


New video commercial – Update 24 Sep 2017

They talk about coffee. One of the most consumed beverages in the world. Then they analyze that Starbuck’s mocha frappuccino contains too much fat and sugar for a healthy diet. They continue..there is a new coffee’s growing trend. Functional beverages with healthy ingredients. The next big movement it’s the up and coming, trend-setting, life elevating Smart Coffees.

Instead of sugar and fats, smart coffees use natural stimulants like Colombian dark roast, L-theanine, Kigelia Africana extract, Peruvian cocoa, pea & A-GPC, Juglans regia extract, green coffee extract, green tea extract, chromium polynicotinate, to create a better, smart coffee.

The world’s first nootropic instant coffee. The Elevate Coffee.

They promise

  • More clarity
  • Greater focus
  • Better memory
  • Burn of the fat
  • Curb cravings
  • Elevated Mood








Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




What Products is Elevacity Developing?



Elevacity is in a pre-launch mode right now and the products I found advertised are

The new happiness Nutraceuticals

Meridium – Water-soluble, bio-available formula of its kind for xanthohumol, It promotes well-being, can be found exclusively from business partners websites and is 100% natural.

Xanskin – Therapeutic skin cream. Anti-aging, skin softening, anti-inflammatory gives health to the skin.

Renuskin – Collagen booster and hydrating spray. It heals and hydrates damaged skin, all related to a natural compound.








Update 24 Sep 2017 – New Product Line



  • Elier Activilift Serum – retail $71, Easy-Ship $60
  • XanthoMax – retail $65, easy-ship $55.25
  • Timeless – retail $60, easy-ship $51
  • Elevate: stick bag – retail $60, easy-ship $51
  • Elevate Tub – retail $50, easy-ship $42.5
  • Vitamin patch: hangover defense – retail $34.95, easy-ship $29.75
  • Vitamin patch: extreme energy – retail $34.95, easy-ship $21.25
  • Elier Moor Mask – retail $25, easy-ship $21.25
  • Health benefit card (monthly) – retail $18.95, easy-ship $18.95


Happiness like never before

There are 4 known “positive neurochemicals” that for the first time ever, a way has been discovered to release them naturally.


  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin
  • Endorphins

Another promise…the Elevate Coffee guarantees all that chemical functions for maximum performance.







The Research results

10 years and over 200 research studies link xanthohumol to a range of benefits

The Scientist

DR Eric Kuhrts – Inventor of Meridium is a biochemist and CEO of 5 pharmaceutical companies, inventor of over 30 issued and pending patent applications.


They claim that …”No natural or safe ingredient on Earth has been discovered to get your body to produce its own Oxytocin. That ‘feel-good’ hormone that gives you … more love, more compassion, more empathy”…We are on a mission to elevate your life.






Update 24 Sep 2017

They announced their partnership with ‘Alternative Labs’, formulators and manufacturers of Elevacity’s extraordinary products. Led by Kevin Thomas, he and his team have over 75 years of combined experience with over 800 inventions. Beginning in mid-2016, Elevacity and Alternative Labs entered into an exclusive license agreement for the formulations created by the world-renowned scientific team for some of their most prized product formulas.


The 21-day experience

It is a way to elevate your health and emotional well-being through a 3-week program of unique nutraceutical health products combined with neuroscience and positive psychology. Unique and proprietary nutrition to help you feel better, more alert.

How it Works

2 products combined together (Elevate coffee and MeridiuX) elevate your body’s own happiness hormones. Along with the world’s best heavy metal detox, PURE, you’re in the best possible position to change how you feel both mentally and physically, and you can feel it within 21 days.

Why 21 days?

New studies in the study of the brain (neuroscience) show that in 21 days you can begin to change neuropathways that control habits. The science of positive psychology now indicates that by choosing specific 2 minutes per day positive routine, you can become more successful in your daily life pursuits.

How much does it cost?

Experience life elevating health benefits with an exclusive and proprietary program for just $199 per person. You’ll receive a 30-day supply of all 3 products plus access to the 21 Days of Happiness program featuring Shawn Achor, a $199 value by itself. Plus, for a limited time only, receive a copy of Shawn Achor’s “The Happiness Advantage” hard copy book, the basis for the exclusive 21 Day Experience program as well as a month supply of the timeless product, an additional $65 value!

Here’s what you Get

  • 1 Bottle of MeridiuX, water-soluble xanthohumol
  • 1 Tub of Elevate Brew Coffee infused with Nootropics
  • 1 Bottle of PURE, the heavy metal water detox
  • 1 Timeless Instant eye and facelift creme
  • Access to the 21 Days of Happiness course ($199 value)
  • The web-based app for tracking your Happiness Quotient
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • An elevated sense of wellbeing!


I pressed the button to continue but it is dead. Although when you hover over the button it says…” The 21-day experience launches January 15th, 2017.”


Domain Data

  • Created on 2014-01-26 – Expires on 2019-01-26 – Updated on 2014-01-26
  • Domain Name: ELEVACITY.COM
  • Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
  • Registrant Name: Registration Private


Other data

  • Phone: 800-518-0284 (Toll-Free)
  • Fax: 727-316-5088
  • Mailing Address: 1415 Legacy Dr. Suite 310, Frisco Texas 75034
  • Email: For general inquiries: info@elevacity.com /customer or partner support:  support@elevacity.com


A search for this address uncovers a company named BurnsSearch, Inc, an employment agency in Texas offering professional staffing and consulting services.


Social Media

The Facebook page does not indicate any admin. The Twitter account is not very active yet, only 71 tweets so far. The Pinterest board is empty.







But is this a Proof that the Products are Healthy?



I was expecting extended research case studies, but the only information about the products is a small summary of their ingredients. Moreover, I do not know the Doctor and of course, I can not evaluate the quality of the products.

I always look for evidence that comes from authoritative resources, like the Food & Drug administration when I deal with products that affect health and life.

And I would not proceed without asking a lawyer.

If there is evidence that the product is healthy and can be consumed by humans I will promote it.


Update 24 Sep 2017

Now the “science” page indicates compliant badges. NSF, cGMP compliant, USDA organic, Kosher certified, FDA registered.







Elevacity Partnerships



For those that are interested in co-operating with Elevacity, there are 2 options.

Product partner – Free to join – you get

  • Personalized marketing websites
  • Happiness recipe book of interviews
  • 100% commissions on your product sales (the difference between retail and wholesale on all commissionable product sales).

Business partner – $49.97 (annual fee) – you get

  • Personalized marketing websites
  • Elevacity 100% commission on your product sales (the difference again).
  • 21-day experience featuring Shawn Achor
  • Happiness recipe book of interviews
  • Participation in the Wealth Elevation Program





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Compensation Plan – Update 24 Sep 2017



The comp plan is found in the domain elevacity.net. The financial opportunity gives you the option to earn from direct sales and the team overrides. They say that you should focus on 3 things

  • Acquire customers
  • Become a team leader
  • Develop team leaders…

…and you will excel with Elevacity.


Points, almost exclusively, will determine your ability to elevate your Partner level. The Comp Plan Rewards are calculated based upon your personal PV (inclusive of all personally enrolled Preferred Customers) and your Organisational Volume (OV).

OV is the total PV of all Marketing Partners and their enrolled customers in your downline organization. Monthly PV and OV determine how you will be compensated. Whatever level you finish the previous calendar month is the level your bonuses will be calculated. You may also be promoted in real-time to a higher level whenever you meet the qualifications of that level.

Business Partner (Level title) – Personal Volume PV – Number of qualified preferred/retail customers – total OV (all PV within your enrollment tree)

  1. Business partner – 50 PV – N/A – N/A
  2. Bronze partner – 50 PV – 2 customers – 1,000 OV
  3. Silver partner – 50 PV – 4 customers – 5,000 OV
  4. Gold partner – 150 PV – 6 customers – 10,000 OV
  5. Sapphie partner – 300 PV – 12 customers – 20,000 OV
  6. Ruby partner – 300 PV – 12 customers – 40,000 OV
  7. Emerald partner – 300 PV – 12 customers – 80,000 OV
  8. Diamond partner – 300 PV – 12 customers – 160,000 OV
  9. Crown partner – 300 PV – 12 customers – 350,000 OV


All the Volume generated from Retail or Preferred customers is applied to your own Personal Volume PV.

Retail customers: sell your own personal inventory and earn the price difference (20%-45%), from what you paid and the sale price your customer paid. For online retail sales, Elevacity is taking care of the shipping, merchant processing, and customer service for your online retail customers. When customers purchase through your website, you earn between the suggested retail profit and your wholesale price.

Preferred customers: PCs receive discount 10% – 15% if they enroll in Easy-Ship. This way they receive their own websites to easily modify their Easy-Ship, refer others, receive special discounted pricing, exclusive product promotions, loyalty reward incentives and free gifts throughout the term of their enrollment.

Get 3 and it’s free: this incentive is available to Preferred Customers only, and is designed to give you the ability to grow your PCs base at a rapid pace by implementing a powerful referral plan.







12 Point Customer Program

Preferred Customer bonuses – Earn a guaranteed $700 in bonuses every month

  • Within the first 60 days of joining refer 3 Preferred Customers (PCs), on Easy-Ship (minimum order of 32 CV each month) and you get $50, and 1 free Elevate stick bag
  • Refer an additional 4 PCs, each with a minimum of 32 CV on EasyShip (total of 7) and receive $150 (total bonus paid is $200), 2 free Elevate stick bags (total of 3 Elevate bags)
  • Refer an additional 5 PCs, each with a minimum of 32 CV on EasyShip (total of 12) and receive $500 (total $700), 2 free Elevate stick bags (total of 5 bags)

If you enroll your first 12 PCs within your first 30 days, you qualify to repeat the bonus program each and every month you add 12 more qualified PCs.


50% Demo Pack Bonus

Every time your existing or new personally enrolled partners buy a demonstration pack, you get paid. You receive 50% of the purchase price of all the demonstration packages purchased by your referrals. Demo packs are priced to provide new marketing partners with excellent potential profit margins on products that will be used as samples and/or sold to new customers.

Team commissions

Your team of partners pays you up to 8 levels. As you succeed in adding team partners and they do the same, your monthly check will grow exponentially.

  1. Bronze – Level 1 8%
  2. Silver – Level 1 8%. Level 2 8%
  3. Gold – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 8%
  4. Sapphire – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 5%, level 4 8%
  5. Ruby – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 5%, level 4 8%, level 5 8%
  6. Emerald – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 5%, level 4 8%, level 5 8%, level 6 8%
  7. Diamond – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 5%, level 4 8%, level 5 8%, level 6 8%, level 7 8%
  8. Crown – Level 1 8%. Level 2 5%, Level 3 5%, level 4 8%, level 5 8%, level 6 8%, level 7 8%, level 8 8%


50% Check Match

Earn up to 50% of your personal partners as you and they elevate in levels of the plan.

Unilevel check match

  1. Bronze – level 1 25%, level 2 5%
  2. Silver – level 1 35%, level 2 10%
  3. Gold – level 1 50%, level 2 10%, level 3 5%
  4. Sapphire – level 1 50%, level 2 15%, level 3 5%
  5. Ruby – level 1 50%, level 2 25%, level 3 5%
  6. Emerald – level 1 50%, level 2 35%, level 3 10%
  7. Diamond – level 1 50%, level 2 45%, level 3 15%
  8. Crown – level 1 50%, level 2 50%, level 3 20%



Elevation Level Incentives

Earn over $170,000 in elevation advancement incentive bonuses.

Level advancement bonus (One time)

  1. Sapphire – $2,500
  2. Ruby – $6,000
  3. Emerald – $12,000
  4. Diamond – $50,000
  5. Crown – $100,000


Lifestyle and Car Bonus

Up to $36,000 per year.

Monthly lifestyle bonus

  1. Sapphire – $500
  2. Ruby – $800
  3. Emerald – $1,000
  4. Diamond – $1,500
  5. Crown – $3,000


Global Bonus Pool – Earn a piece of the whole pie

This bonus pool ensures every leader participates when they support their entire company sales organization as a whole.

Global pool Participants – Global pool Allocation

  1. Sapphire – 30%
  2. Ruby – 25%
  3. Emerald – 20%
  4. Diamond – 15%
  5. Crown – 10%


Health and Wellness Bonus

  1. Sapphire – MEC or $250
  2. Ruby – $500 or choice
  3. Emerald – $750 or choice
  4. Diamond – $1,000 or choice
  5. Crown – $1,500 or choice

exclusively for Elevacity by AgentraHealth


Stay the Course Reward

Dedicate just 24 months and get rewarded for life. On a 2 year’s anniversary, Elevacity will pay for a family vacation (air-tickets & hotel), for up to 4 household members, at one of many destinations offered around the world. For as long as a partner maintains the following qualifications every year, Elevacity will continue to pay for the family vacation, for life.

Maintain the level of Sapphire a minimum of 7 out of 12 months (paid as). Maintain bonus qualified status every month for the previous 12 months.


Compensation Plan Overview

  • Retail profits – 100% retail profit from online and offline sales
  • Personal product credits – earn free products from the sales of products to others
  • Team-based overrides 8 levels deep – Unilevel
  • Matching bonuses for Personal Team Partners – up to 50% of your partner’s commissions
  • Advancement bonuses – up to $170,000
  • Lifestyle and Car bonuses – up to $3,000 monthly bonuses
  • A percentage of the total company sales – 4%
  • Health and Wellness benefits
  • Family vacation for life








Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online


Final Words



An MLM opportunity that enters a saturated market. Hundreds of health and skincare products out there. Can Elevacity make the difference and offer its members and business partners a thriving model to promote?

I would wait for the authoritative proofs that the products are OK.

Then we need to take a look at the compensation plan that is not yet available. Additionally, the “Terms Of Use” and “Privacy Policy” buttons redirect to non-existing pages.

The next step is to find out if the company will stand the test of time.


Update – 24 Sep 2017

Now that the compensation plan is published and new products added to the line, it’s time to update this part of the review.


A piece of important information is missing on the official Elevacity website. Who is the owner? the domain was purchased anonymously, and even on social media, there is no admin. On LinkedIn I found other members of the company, but not the owner. I searched on other sites that were reviewing Elevacity and I came up with a name on the BehindMLM website, Robert Oblon. However, although BehindMLM reviews the same domain (elevacity.com) they talk about a travel-based MLM portal. But on elevacity.com the company sells health care products and coffee.

This review is dated back to May 2016, and maybe at that time, Elevacity was a travel company. I am not sure…Have in mind that the domain was purchased back in 2014. If Elevacity was a travel portal back then, and now sells coffee and healthcare products, this may show some unbalance.

Additionally, the address provided on the official website refers to an employment agency, and not Elevacity.

Any MLM company and any company, in general, should clearly state at least the owner.





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Let’s move on to the product line…

They sell coffee and healthcare products and they mention their exclusive partnership with the “Alternative Labs”, which is the company responsible for the Elevacity products. Taken directly from their page…

Elevacity chose Alternative Labs for this impeccable history of registrations and compliance, including cGMP Compliance Audited, along with their unmatched research and development department who continue to create some of the most profound nutraceuticals in the world. Mr. Thomas’ team includes Md’s PHD’s Pharmacists, Chemist, Naturopaths, Food Scientists and Nutrition experts that work tirelessly to provide the most accurate and rigorous testing in the industry. Not just cGMP compliant, but NSF audited, USDA organic, kosher compliances in an FDA registered modern facility


It’s great if the company assures that their products are in compliance with the laws, however, when it comes to healthcare products it’s a wise move to get a consultation with a specialized lawyer. You can’t sell such kind of products without being 100% sure.

And of course, you have to test the products yourself. If you find them qualitative and you believe that you will be consuming them, then you might join the Elevacity opportunity as an affiliate. In any MLM you should believe in the products first and foremost.


Now let’s discuss about the most important aspect of this program, the compensation plan


There are retail sales to external customers along with the affiliate recruitment commissions. And this is what we are looking for in MLM companies. A balanced ratio between retail sales and recruitment. We can’t say precisely if there is a balance using the compensation plan information alone. This may be seen in practice. Moreover, all the Volume generated from Retail or Preferred customers is applied to your own Personal Volume PV.

I believe there is also some information missing as concerns the EasyShip program.

The 12 point customer program, the demo pack bonus, the team commissions, the check match, the incentives, and other bonuses like the lifestyle & car, the global bonus pool, the health and wellness bonus, the ‘Stay the Course’ rewards, all point out that if you manage to refer many people and they manage to do the same you are going to be very successful.

All in all seems like a fair MLM opportunity with physical products that are available to the retail market as well.

But you have to proceed with caution as the owner is not clearly stated, Elevacity’s domain was purchased back in 2014, and the compensation plan published only recently.


Ways to Make Money Online


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.





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  1. Kati Livingood

    Hi there. Great article and great updates as things have evolved. Did you know the company only just recently launched in the US and Canada? The official launch date was March 3rd. It is launching in Australia in the coming 6-7 weeks, and has an agreement in place to launch in Asia in the coming months.

    I would love to come back and read more of your updates. I thought your perspective came across very unbiased and factual. I am new to MLM and Direct Sales, however also am under-employed at the moment so I thought, why not give it a shot? And I am so glad I did! The products just blew me away. and then the company .. wow. Unless someone somewhere proves me wrong, my opinion is this company is smart and extremely ethical, and they stand out like a diamond in the sea of their money grabbing unethical competitors. I wonder if I will be proven wrong. Sure hope not!

    • Tasos

      Hi there Kati,

      You’re very kind, thanks. And thank you for the important updates. So, the company moves forward, I will keep an eye on them for any future changes. I’m glad you liked the products, and that you believe that they are ethical, this is exactly what the MLM market needs. And it’s great to see you promoting them.

      How is this promotion going so far?

      PS If you have any updates please let us know!

      • Kati Livingood

        Hi Tasos. Thanks for the reply! From my limited perspective, I am doing very well. Of course, I don’t have anything to compare to, so who knows, heh-heh! I have been sharing my experiences on this product line organically. With friends and family and people that I encounter. I did my first ever vendor show yesterday. Though there wasn’t much foot traffic, I met almost all of the other vendors and sent them home with something. Some of them contacted me already with updates and several have already placed on line orders. I signed up for another 4 day show starting this Wednesday. Not sure I’m really ready for 4 days, but I am excited for the opportunity to shear these products that have done so much for me!

        Something I am loving about this is that it doesn’t feel like sales. It feels like helping people – and that is really what it’s all about. If you are in health and wellness, you just want to give it away! You want to help people. And that is why the founders of this company left their 6-7 figure businesses with other health and wellness DS companies. Because they wanted to get health and wellness to all people.. Not just the ones that met their demographic$$$. Did I say this company was ethical? This is what I mean.

        Anyway, once I get talking with someone, I share a little bit about my story. Often I learn that they have suffered from chronic pain or anxiety like me, and often other things. We discuss what has worked for me and others in my group, what might be worth trying for them, and they go home with a trial at my cost. I don’t charge more than wholesale plus my own shipping/packaging. Sometimes they will try a tiny sample of the coffee or the hot chocolate right then and there. Sure enough, they find themselves feeling a little elevated, with decreased cravings and triggers. If they went home with a few samples of the supplement, they often find themselves with reduced inflammation/pain after a few days. Who wouldn’t want to order more? If they went home with a mud mask, or a sleep patch, or an energy patch, or a hang over patch, they are like, what? I’m getting this!

        But the key for me, is to continually follow up with these new friends. It is important to me that they know that I want to help them get the most from their new products. It takes a little time to kind of figure out what works best. Some do better on less of the coffee, some more. Some like to take the supplement during the day. Others at bed time. Some (like me) will forget to eat and drink enough, so they don’t feel the benefits as much. But they wouldn’t necessarily know that unless I dig a little bit into their individual situation and ask some questions, and help them understand the adjustments they might consider making. Everyone is different.

        The products are not a magical do all for ever issue. What they have done for me and so many others is provide a surprisingly refreshing boost that makes it easier to change other habits.

        But get this! These products are intentionally priced only high enough to cover production costs and commissions. The company does not intend to make a ton of money on these products.. they make their money on the travel and health benefits side of the MLM. They have set out to upright MLMs. They have set out to bring extremely high quality health and wellness products to every demographic.. not just the upper middle class. And they have set out a commission structure and benefits plan to create a middle class in the MLM industry. Lots of people are paying their bills through this. And they are even getting health insurance! As you level up, the company covers more and more of those health benefits. Plus, when you have been with the company for 24 months at a certain level (I’ll have to look to find which one), they give you $5,000 vacation budget to be used through Four Seas. And they will do that every year for as long as you stay with the company. I’m telling you, I love this company.

        I could go on and on 🙂 Clearly, I’m all in! Please let me know if I can send you some samples.. For you, they’re on me!

        • Tasos

          Welcome back, Kati

          This is a wonderful story that could inspire so many people just like you. I believe you have a natural talent for promoting MLM companies because you want to help people, and that is exactly what this industry is all about. Please keep us updated on your progress. I’d like a few samples but the shipping costs to Greece might be a nightmare!

  2. Pamela Smith

    The product is absolutely consumable by humans and a great product. All ingredients are from the earth (plants or roots). I have been taking the smart coffee and xanthomax (tumeric and xanthohumol). The comp plan has been revised. If you are interested in further information, I would love to help you out. This is a great company who offers a lot of value.

    • Tasos

      This sounds great Pamela. Right now, I’m into other projects.

      Thank you for the addition, good luck with your promotions!


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