Launching a product sometimes feel scary

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Product launches have become extremely popular and 1,000’s of brands use them but only those who apply a winning strategy get massive results and enjoy success.

So how exactly do you get started?

Which strategy is the best fit for your market, products, needs, goals, and current situation?

This decision also depends on your company’s size, your experience, and familiarity with product launches.

It’s a tough decision and that’s why I created this short 2-min quiz.


Discover the right-fit product launch type for your needs


How to get started on your next launch immediately and the blueprint you should follow


Case studies and reports from this kind of launches


The next steps

And much more…


Hi, I am Tasos Tzortzis and I am a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, author, and creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology.

I have a Business Administration degree and I expanded my business online in late 2014 and since then I’ve helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services.

Some names you may recognize like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Ryan Levesque, Jeanna Gabellini, Matt McWilliams, Jeff Walker, Stu Mc Laren,  Steve Olsher, Revealed Films, Hope Writers, Wealthy Affiliate, EnvatoMarket, and on, and on.

When you complete the quiz, we’ll analyze your input and we’ll send you a custom report with a short explainer video via email discussing your results and what to do with this information today

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Product Launch Strategy

Do you have a business running?

Is this your first launch?

What does your dream business model look like?

Which of those categories best describes your business?

Is this the stage of your business?

Are you familiar with any of those types of launches?

Is this the size of your company?

How would you describe the price range of your product?

Do you have a business email list?

Is this you?

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