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You're Reading:Phoenix Power Rising – Strict Compensation Plan Leaves Limited Space for Growth

Phoenix Power Rising – Strict Compensation Plan Leaves Limited Space for Growth

by Tasos


Oct 19, 2016





Welcome to the greatest opportunity on the internet , he he , I was searching for it for so many years but the time HAS COME…We got tired of the rest , so we created the Best , yes simply the best…See why everyone is so excited about.

  • No sponsoring required to cycle or earn
  • Fast cycling matrix 2 X 3
  • Big cycling commissions
  • Pay it forward feature
  • State of the art software for complete automation
  • Pays daily
  • 100% retention
  • Automatic re-entries so you will cycle over and over again

This is the description on the homepage video , that is 50 seconds long displaying a powerful company called ….


Phoenix Power Rising



Yes , it will rise , if people invest in the system,…but before we jump into any conclusions let’s examine the opportunity.


Phoenix Power Rising (PPR) , is determined to financially change lives for the better.They are participating in humanitarian projects both on the corporate level and on an individual associate level.



Members have access to their own discount shopping network.You can save from 10% to 60% on 300,000 brand name consumer products.

  • Buyers club , travel deals , discount dining
  • Hotels , airlines , groceries , office supplies
  • Attractions , magazines , rental cars , discount moving
  • Legal counsel , flowers & gifts , motor homes
  • Business letter , online fitness , roadside service
  • Tires & wheels , pharmacy card , wellness






Compensation Plan



You enter a filled 2 X 3 matrix.Once you cycle you automatically re-enter level 1.

The cost to enter the matrix is set to $120.You can complete the order through money order / cashiers check / payza / SFM card.

  • Matrix 1 – 14 positions – $120 entry fee – total commissions when filled $300 – into Matrix 2
  • Matrix 2 – 14 positions – $500 entry fee – automatic re-entry upon cycle – total commissions $1500 – into Matrix 3
  • Matrix 3 – 14 positions – $2000 entry fee – automatic re-entry upon cycle – total commissions $7500 – a new Matrix 3 position

Notice : Everyone begins on level 1 and then they can purchase higher level positions if they wish.This entry into higher levels is a manual process that you can complete in your back office only if you have completed the Level 1.There are no automatic upgrades.


You may have as many positions as you wish.

There is also a $5 monthly membership fee for the discounts benefits package after the first year.

Due to the nature of the program and the compensation plan there are NO refunds.







When you create a free account in your dashboard you find some bonuses waiting.

The first one is 10,000 banner and 10,000 text ad impressions on the Max Viral Marketing website , a traffic exchange alike and advertising arena.

The 2nd is a Lifetime Pro membership to 7 day promos.

There are more bonuses for the next 2 levels.



Final Words



This is a typical cycler program.It depends on hard recruiting and on new investments in order to survive and pay out older participants.

The matrix positions are the most important aspect of this program , and the reason the vast majority of affiliates will join.

There is also a line of products , if we can call them this way , but there are no retail sales.Only discounts and bonuses for certain brands and products with partners of PPR and only available to the members of PPR.


The compensation plan is somehow not very profitable.What I mean?…Let’s take a good look in the numbers.


You pay $120 to enter the matrix and build your PPR team – organisation.Sure , there are no monthly fees but I think you will be working for nothing.

In order to complete the Matrix 1 you need 14 positions to be filled , 14 referrals.And we all know how hard is to get referrals to any program.

When you complete the Matrix 1 you get paid $300…PPR owners get 14 X $120 = 1680 … You are getting paid something around 18%.


So , you are in total profit of 300 – 120 = 180.You can not enter Matrix 2 unless you pay an additional $500.

What are you going to do?..Stay in Level 1 and fill the Matrix again , another 14 referrals to get paid another $300.So now you are in total profit of 180+300 = 480…Still no money enough to enter the Matrix 2…And we have not calculated your marketing expenses if any and your time / hard work to manage to recruit all these people.

Stay in Level 1 once again and get another $300 to make a total profit of 480 + 300 = 780.Now you can enter Matrix 2 without paying out of your pocket again.The cost is $500.

But you have already recruited 3 X 14 = 42 people and have in your pocket $780…How much money do PPR make out of these 42 people?…42 X $120=5040.



It won’t be a piece of cake if you ask me.And we have to measure the risks that are involved with such kind of Ponzi programs.Once recruitment slows down … don’t cry for me Argentina.


The owner of Phoenix Power Rising is Terri Petty , well known in the MLM industry.She first launched PPR back in 2012 but the program collapsed after a few months.Another MLM program she created , the “Project 4 freedom” launched on 2010 but again was terminated and many affiliates lost their investments.

Because of Petty’s history and PPR’s Ponzi nature many reviews refer to this program as a scam.


I would think it twice before I join into this MLM opportunity.What you think?


More importantly if you are a newcomer and want to promote Phoenix Power Rising or any other program for that matter , I would advice you to get an education first and build an online presence.Offline marketing and relationships are not enough , especially when you are selling MLM memberships.

You have to build a website and a brand name in order to attract traffic and therefore leads and prospects.My suggestion is that you follow my top recommended platform in order to get a basic marketing training and all the necessary tools to build an online business.Then you can promote any product or company you wish.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help



That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.

















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