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I founded WMS in December 2014.

It was an experiment to see how the online business world works. Up until then, I only ran traditional businesses.

I purchased the domain name with the ultimate goal to transform a simple blog into a marketing agency.

The project was strictly personal, meaning I would have to do all the work with no external help or employees until I was able to reach this 1st goal.

WMS started out as a marketing blog reviewing marketing and business-related products and services, blogging about the industry, and helping people by connecting them with legitimate companies and business opportunities. 

WMS as an affiliate marketing partner/publisher helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services and helped them acquire qualified leads and referrals.

WMS is all about:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Employment
  • Economics
  • Investing
  • Legal
  • Social Image & Responsibility
  • Tech
  • IT
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Multimedia
  • Education
  • Authoring
  • Personal Development
  • Human Psychology
  • Sociology

You’ll find:

  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Statistics
  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Guides
  • Marketing & business training
  • Personal Stories

december 2019 – 1st goal is reached

new wms departments…

I am very proud to announce that the “New” Services department is almost complete.

After thousands upon thousands of campaigns on this website, on social media platforms with multiple profiles and pages, search engines and various properties, hundreds of blogs posts, guides, lists, and articles about the marketing and business industry, after helping hundreds of companies increase their sales, leads, and referrals, and after the very first successful advertising services for selected clients, I decided to step forward with this new department.

The New Services

  • Marketing & advertising (market research, competition analysis, trends, customer avatars, traffic acquisition, keyword research, SEO, content marketing, copywriting & storytelling, lead generation, email campaigns, paid ads and commercials, social media, local marketing, product launches, joint-ventures)
  • Sales (mindset & basic principles, attitude, motivation, cold calling, door-to-door, handling objections, setting appointments, follow-up, closing the deal, guerilla)
  • Business consulting (delivered privately via live video-calls or in-person)
  • Coaching (mindset & motivation, entrepreneurial success, creativity,  innovation, productivity, cost reduction, customer service, taking risks, leadership, becoming a mentor, building a team, business development, partnerships & joint-ventures)
  • Training workshops (becoming a marketing publisher, marketing & advertising, entrepreneurial success, sales strategies & tactics, entertaining info-products, developing a brand voice) (delivered privately live 1-on-1 or in-person)
  • Business Development
  • Website development, hosting, and maintenance

Advertising Department

Advertising space and content creation options for companies and entrepreneurs that want to to get advertised here, on WMS.

  • Guest posting (free service)
  • Sponsored content
  • Product reviews
  • Lists and comparisons
  • Interviews
  • Banners and ads
  • Social media campaigns on WMS properties

Hi, I'm Tasos, founder of the agency WebMarketSupport and creator of the "7 IDEALS" methodology.

I have a Business Organisation & Administration degree (University of Macedonia Hellas) and I have been a traditional entrepreneur since 1992. I expanded my business online in late 2014 and from that time, I've helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services as a marketing consultant.

I worked with networks, marketplaces, business owners, communities, and local stores.

You may recognize some of these names: Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Nick Stephenson, Ray Edwards, Matt McWilliams, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton, Jeanna Gabellini, Ryan Levesque, Stu McLaren, Steve Olsher, Kim Walsh Phillips, Revealed Films, software companies like ClickFunnels, OptinMonster, Systeme, marketplaces like EnvatoMarket, Designmodo, InkyDeals,  Renderosity, Dealjumbo, Snappa, communities like HopeWriters, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and on and on, this list is huge.

I invite you to check out the network page to get a feel of the brands I cooperated with and the about page that has more information about my education and WebMarketSupport.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology, WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Before 1992

my business βackground

As a teenager I was working part-time at my family’s manufacturing exporting company, which was founded back in 1968, employing more than 50 people. This is where I learned a lot about businesses, management, organization, and sales as I was traveling the country promoting our clothing line to local stores but after my graduation from the Business Administration University, my parents retired so I was left alone.

I decided to continue the manufacturing company, this time searching for new clients in the local market.

At some point, I decided to move machinery and equipment to my house’s basement where I continued to run the factory.

Finally, in 2003, I had to pause this business, with the intention to get back to it later. 

And I know I will, someday!

My first partnership – 2003:

Me and my sister joined forces to build a hotel at Chalkidiki, where once was our family’s vacation home. The hotel is mostly targeting families with kids. We had our ups and downs especially during the pandemic as we got hit by the restrictions and lockdowns, but we “survived” and came back stronger.

My latest project – November 2018:

A local store run by my wife. Handmade clothing & accessories, clothing repair.

Throughout these years, I have founded and still run various offline businesses, beyond the hotel and the manufacturing company, including a restaurant, cafes, and fashion stores.

Summer 1992

My university education

This is when I managed to pass the National GreeK University Entrance Exams at the age of 17.

I took the 10th entry position out of 350+ students in the Business Administration University of Macedonia, in Thessaloniki.

My education included:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • English
university logo black white 125px

My University Education In Detail


  • Business Administration
  • Organizational theory
  • Organizational development
  • Business organization
  • Human resources management
  • Αdministration of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Organizational cases of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Operational research
  • Organization and practice theory
  • Μanagement theories and act
  • Quantitative case analysis
  • Βusiness strategy
  • Operational research
  • Operational research problems
  • Information systems development management
  • Information systems analysis and design
  • Computer science appreciation


  • Production Management
  • Quality improvement
  • Environment
  • Strategic branded product management (intersection with marketing/branding)



  • Principles of economic science
  • The New European Economy
  • Working relations in the European Union
  • Economic education
  • International management
  • Ιnternational monetary relations
  • Modern ways of funding (leasing, factoring, forfaiting)
  • Microeconomic analysis
  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Fiscal policy
  • Financial management


  • Business and society
  • Industrial sociology


  • Financial management
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics of economics
  • Μathematical financing
  • Financial institutions and markets
  • Life insurance mathematics


  • Cost accounting
  • Pre-determined cost accounting
  • Tax Law
  • Theoretical and applied corporate accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Income Tax Legislation
  • Commercial law
  • Commercial code
  • Commercial companies
  • General commercial law
  • Basic concepts of civil law
  • Right of scrutiny


  • English for students of management
  • English for students of economics

december 2014

Birth of a marketing blog:
the beginning of a new era

This is when WebMarketSupport was founded and I began my online marketing education.

I’m constantly studying marketing, advertising, sales, human psychology, and personal development.

December 2014 – today

My online



  • Online marketing
  • WordPress
  • Website development
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Niche and Market research
  • Competition analysis
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Content creation
  • Traffic acquisition
  • Funnels
  • Trends
  • Statistics
  • Analytics
  • Customer’s purchase lifecycle, customer’s journey, customer perspective
  • Product reviews
  • User experience
  • Copywriting (headlines, sales copy, sales letters, emails, product pages, persuasion)
  • Human psychology
  • Web design 
  • Visual marketing
  • Productivity
  • Planning
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • PPC (pay per click) marketing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social media marketing & engagement
  • Local marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Dropshipping
  • eCommerce
  • Digital product creation
  • Marketing ideas
  • Profiting from Podcasts
  • Outsourcing & hiring
  • Business Ignition
  • Sales
  • Personal development

My Marketing/Business Education


David Ogilvy 

  • Confessions of an advertising man (book)
  • How to create advertising that sells (mini book)
  • Ogilvy on advertising (book)

Eben Pagan

  • Virtual Coach (online training program) (currently learning)
  • Accelerate (high-growth business training)
  • How to create a digital information product that sells itself (eBook)
  • How to find your big idea (eBook)
  • How to turn your big idea into a digital product (eBook)
  • The niche intelligence report (eBook)

Wealthy Affiliate (online platform for entrepreneurs and marketers)

  • Online entrepreneur certification courses (20 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 lessons)
  • 13 interactive classrooms
  • Weekly live video classes (marketing training on ‘Hot’ topics)

Affilorama (online platform for entrepreneurs and marketers)

  • Online and affiliate marketing training (75 lessons)

Mirasee – Business Ignition Bootcamp (3-week intensive business training)

  • The 5 business model components
  • Validating business assumptions
  • Mapping your business and your bottlenecks

Steve Olsher

  • Podcasts monetization blueprint (book)
  • Get clients from podcasts (eBook)
  • What is your what (book)

Ray Edwards (copywriting)

  • How to write copy that sells (book)
  • The perfect sales letter (PDF + checklist)
  • How to create cashflow on command (book)
  • The 2 Billion sales letter (book)
  • The 5 stages of launching a predictably profitable sales funnel
  • The million dollar sales letter blueprint
  • 7-figures sales letter template
  • The overnight marketing miracle
  • Why marketing fails
  • Why every business needs a sales letter, and how to write a killer one
  • How to use your killer sales letter to actually make money
  • RE copywriting guides
  • RE podcasts and blog

Donald Miller (copywriting/storytelling)

  • Building a storybrand (book)
  • The storybrand marketing checklist
  • Storybrand online tool
  • 5 things your website should include (pdf)
  • 3 skills every marketing consultant should have (pdf)
  • Why customers really buy
  • DM Podcasts and blog

Joanna Wiebe – Copy Hackers

  • What to say worksheet
  • The 14-day freelance copywriter bootcamp

HubSpot – Marketing education

  • Storytelling in agencies (video training)
  • Hubspot academy (inbound methodology, inbound success…) I am still learning
  • Content creation templates (blog posts, eBooks, PowerPoint presentations, social media, press release, infographics, SlideShares, call to action)
  • Examples of awesome about me pages (pdf)
  • Free advertising & other little Google tips marketers should know (pdf)
  • HubSpot & Infogram – How to start generating leads with infographics (pdf)
  • How to use business blogging for marketing success (eBook)
  • HubSpot & Datanyze – The sales development playbook (eBook)
  • The ultimate guide to managing a brand in the inbound age (eBook)
  • The future of marketing (eBook)
  • How to get 100K readers for your blog (eBook)
  • HubSpot & Google – The ultimate guide to managing marketing campaigns (eBook)
  • Events email best practices
  • Events follow-ups
  • Event smarketing 10 tips
  • How to network at conferences
  • registration best practices
  • Social media tips
  • The marketer’s pocket guide to writing well
  • 50 examples of brilliant homepage design
  • HubSpot & WorkFlow Max – 15 emails to keep clients happy
  • How to design and optimize landing pages
  • The beginner’s guide to retargeting
  • Sales process cheatsheet
  • SEO strategy and best practices
  • 17 SEO myths
  • On-page SEO template
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • How to use LinkedIn for professional networking
  • How to use LinkedIn for business
  • How to attract customers with Facebook


  • Search engine optimization guide

John Mullins & Randy Komisar

  • Getting to Plan B: breaking through to a better business model (book)

E. M. Goldratt

  • Critical chain (book)
  • The goal (book)

P. T. Barnum

  • The Art of Money Getting: Golden Rules for Making Money (book)

Charles Haanel

  • The Master Key System (book)

Napoleon Hill

  • Think and grow rich (book)

Ben Settle

  • Super villains of persuasion #2 (book)


  • 10 steps for a successful personalized web engagement strategy (eBook)
  • Content marketing for lead generation (eBook)
  • Create personalized marketing experiences for your buyers (eBook)
  • Who, what, and where can you personalize? (eBook)
  • Email deliverability (eBook)
  • Highly effective email marketing (eBook)
  • The definitive guide to engaging email marketing (eBook)
  • The definitive guide to social marketing (eBook)
  • GDPR and the marketer (eBook)

Digital Marketer

  • Customer avatars (eBook)
  • Ultimate email marketing metrics
  • 15-point landing page audit (eBook)
  • Troubleshooting your traffic campaign
  • The ultimate guide to Facebook pixels (eBook)
  • The ultimate guide to Facebook targeting (eBook)
  • The 3-part email template that consistently doubles sales (eBook)
  • The ultimate social media swipe file
  • 5-point paid ad audit (eBook)
  • 10-minute social media audit (eBook)
  • 10-point blog post audit (eBook)
  • 10-point Linkedn audit (eBook)
  • 12 proven tricks that get more clicks from Google Adwords (eBook)
  • 43 split tests that boost conversions (eBook)
  • 73 headline formulas to get more clicks (eBook)
  • A Complete Hiring Kit for Recruiting, Selecting, & Training a Successful Social Media Marketer (eBook)
  • A Complete Hiring Kit for Recruiting, Selecting, & Training a Successful Content Marketer (eBook)
  • A Complete Hiring Kit for Recruiting, Selecting, & Training a Successful Digital Advertising Marketer (eBook)
  • How to measure social media engagement using Google Analytics (eBook)
  • How to build an automated marketing machine (eBook)
  • 60-second blog plan
  • 101 best email subject lines (2013) (eBook)
  • 101 best email subject lines (2014) (eBook)
  • 101 best email subject lines (2015) (eBook)
  • 101 best email subject lines (2016) (eBook)
  • 101 best email subject lines (2017) (eBook)
  • 212 blog post ideas (eBook)
  • Agency growth toolkit (eBook)
  • Appointment getter template (eBook)
  • Client intake questionnaire (eBook)
  • Million-dollar e-commerce checklist (eBook)
  • The new rules of SEO (eBook)
  • The perfect agency proposal template (eBook)

Influence & Co

  • The ultimate guide to effective content distribution (eBook)

Search Engine Journal

  • Content marketing guide
  • Illustrated guide to link building
  • 28 experts on the top 2019 PPC trends
  • PPC whitepaper (pay-per-click for agencies)
  • SEO 101 (eBook)
  • Social media strategy (eBook)


  • The beginner’s guide to link building (eBook)

Search Engine Land

  • Guide to SEO (eBook)


  • 11 growth tactics for your eCommerce business (eBook)
  • Building a data-driven digital marketing strategy (eBook)

Martech Today

  • Enterprise paid media campaign management platforms: a marketer’s guide (eBook)
  • Integration platform as a service (iPaaS): a marketer’s guide (eBook)
  • Enterprise SEO platforms (eBook)
  • B2B marketing automation platforms (eBook)

Hash Offer by Tune

  • 10 things every performance marketer should know (eBook)
  • 9 best practices of affiliate networks (eBook)
  • Performance marketing 101 (infographic)
  • The 8 habits of highly successful ad networks (eBook)
  • Considerations for scaling your ad network (eBook)


  • Social media marketing introduction
  • Create educational content
  • Social media advertising: running successful paid social campaigns


  • 12 secret Facebook features (eBook)
  • How to create visual content for maximum social media impact (eBook)
  • Facebook holiday marketing (eBook)


  • The pay-per-call handbook for affiliate managers


  • Attraction 101: content marketing (eBook)


  • Marketing with Google’s knowledge graph (eBook)


  • 100 tips for successful affiliate selling (whitepaper)


  • Combining marketing automation & agency services to boost revenue (eBook)
  • Growing your agency (eBook)

T. Harv Eker

  • Mindfrick – master your inner world to succeed in the outer world (book)
  • SpeedWealth – how to stop earning a living and start creating wealth (eBook)

MemberSite Academy

  • Member lifecycle retention checklist

Vanilla Forums

  • Customer community playbook (eBook)
  • Driving online community adoption (eBook)
  • Making your community content work for you on social media (eBook)


  • How to design a memorable brand that catches on (eBook)
  • How to design graphics that convert (eBook)

UX Pin

  • Consistency in UI design (eBook)
  • Interaction design and complex animations (eBook)
  • Design collaboration in the enterprise (eBook)
  • Interaction design best practices (eBook)
  • Web UI design best practices (eBook)
  • Web UI design for the human eye (eBook)
  • Web UI trends: present and future (eBook)


  • Dropshipping – a guide to optimizing eCommerce (eBook)


  • Growing your business with email marketing (eBook)

Campaign Monitor

  • Preflight checklist for email campaigns

Email Players

  • The 24-point email marketing cheat sheet


  • How to build an influencer marketing program (eBook)
  • Mobile content marketing (eBook)
  • HR & recruiting tech tools (eBook)

Mary Morrissey

  • Stronger than circumstances (eBook)
  • The power of intuition (eBook)

Jeff Walker

  • Product launch formula blueprint

Kevin Harrington

  • The core secret action guide
  • The sales multiplier (eBook)
  • The sales secrets blueprint
  • The sales success cheatsheet
  • The key person of influence roadmap (eBook)

Zig Ziglar

  • Secret of selling
  • The one thing you must do to succeed today


  • How to close more sales with video (eBook)


  • The power of cartoon marketing (eBook)


  • 700+ power words that will boost your conversions

Sales For Life

  • The definitive guide to social selling for leaders (eBook)
  • Social selling checklist
  • How to create a social selling routine (eBook)


  • The best practices for lead response management (eBook)
  • Predictive and prescriptive selling guide
  • Social selling trends (eBook)
  • The art of cold calling and the science of contact ratios (eBook)


  • The authority leadership formula (eBook)
  • 3 secrets to attracting qualified, high-end clients for free (eBook)


  • Skyrocket your webinar or live event with visual content (eBook)


  • The ultimate guide to web and app user attribution


  • Digital trends (eBook)


  • 5 steps for defeating digital goliaths (eBook)


Interests, Hobbies

Other than marketing and business I am born in 1974 and I am a family man with 2 young boys, aged 8 and 11.
I love traveling, swimming, chess, mathematics, playing with my sons, music production, Audi, coffee, and reading.

“The WMS Services are flexible and work for brands, solo entrepreneurs, and even people that don’t have anything to sell in the marketplace”

The blog

THE WMS blog is a place for discussion, information, and training.

We discuss various topics:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and Opportunities
  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Investing
  • Wealth
  • Inspiration, motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Human psychology
  • Mindset
  • Productivity
  • Employment
  • Education, Students, College, Universities
  • Course Building
  • eCommerce
  • Freelancing
  • Marketplaces
  • Hiring & Outsourcing
  • Authoring, Novels
  • Live events
  • Podcasts
  • Crowdfunding
  • Web development
  • Design
  • Multimedia (apps, themes, photography, video, animation, software, and more)


You’ll find articles and reviews of marketing and business-related programs, products, and services. There are negative and positive reviews.

There are guides, lists, case studies, research, statistics, and free training to help aspiring entrepreneurs share their message with the world.

The blog is also about advertising, and you’ll find ads from various networks, vendors, and brands. There are also sponsored ads and we host sponsored content from companies that need your attention.

Additionally, WMS is an active marketing publisher connecting networks, brands, and consumers. WMS participates in affiliate promotions and you’ll find exclusive offers, discounts, and bonuses.

WMS promotes only the best of the best programs, services, and memberships. Brands and names that stood the test of time, programs that live up to their promises.

The WMS blog has helped thousands of people get their questions answered and there are hundreds of satisfied email subscribers that follow the WMS newsletter, and dozens of people that created online businesses by following the free DBR training program.

Lately, WMS opened the doors to guests that want to post their content here.

I wanna thank all of you for your interest in participating in the blog. I wanna thank Harris Norman, Natasha Lane, Ellie Richards, Evelina Brown, and Ashwin Honawar for their contribution, and Manina Letz for being a loyal remote partner. Soon, Manina will be publishing articles, guides, and lists, and she’s taking care of customer service.

Stay tuned, more awesome stuff coming your way!

Let’s Collaborate. Let’s Share Ideas!

Our Network

A dedicated page to our contributors, sponsors, partners, and friends.

Come Join Us!

Business Consulting – Marketing

Now, WMS expands by offering exclusive services as an advertising agency. Now your company has its own story.

But what does that really mean? Why does a company need a story?

I’ve run thousands of different offers, campaigns and advertisements on numerous platforms and media for a wide range of companies and have carefully looked at the results
I selectively helped local businesses connect effectively with customers
I have studied and implemented hundreds of marketing techniques, frameworks and methods

What I discovered

At an era of information overload, where customers are bombarded with countless ads on a daily basis, they only respond to certain marketing messages. Companies that know the situation thrive and companies that do not know it are simply get forgotten.

That is why the statistics are absolutely negative. Did you know that 90% of new businesses fail? And it’s not because of their products or services. It is because of their messages and the way they communicate their value on the market.



Sales, leads, and referrals for 300+ companies


Over 500 Keywords on the 1st page of Google in the most competitive industry


Over 1000 Articles, Reviews, Guides, Lists, Directories


110+ Contributors & Sponsors


Visitors from 190 Countries


Top 10 Countries: USA, India, UK, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil

“WMS can help you present your products through emotional storytelling so that customers engage”

the consumer decision-making journey unveiling the process eBook 333

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Explore real-life examples, problem-solving strategies, and actionable insights to enhance your buying habits and boost your business success. 

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