You're Reading:MX World – Fascinating Platform | Ad Credited Ponzi Mixed w/ MillionaireX Pyramid Schemes Family

MX World – Fascinating Platform | Ad Credited Ponzi Mixed w/ MillionaireX Pyramid Schemes Family

by Tasos


Feb 9, 2017



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Dec 03, 04:

[Necessary cleanout operations around the world]

[BREAKING: Elon Musk Says the DNC & Twitter Definitely Committed Election Interference]

dailymail: Elon Musk has surprise meeting with President Macron in New Orleans
Elon Musk had a surprise meeting with French President Macron in New Orleans yesterday - where they discussed the billionaire's commitment to content moderation on Twitter.

kathimerini: Επενδυτές εγκαταλείπουν fund της Blackstone. Μαζικές αιτήσεις για ρευστοποίηση μεριδίων από αμοιβαίο κεφάλαιο που τοποθετεί κεφάλαια σε εμπορικά ακίνητα.

kathimerini: Investors are leaving Blackstone's fund. Bulk applications for liquidation of units from a mutual fund investing in commercial real estate.

insiderpaper: EU bans cough syrup chemical over severe allergies - Insider Paper. Cough medicines containing the chemical pholcodine should be banned due to the risk of potentially deadly allergic reactions in people under.

[This is something that we'll get used to see from now on]

mynews4Reno's airport makes changes to runways due to earth's magnetic fields shifting
The world is shifting -- literally.The earth's magnetic field shifted magnetic north. It's always moving. Over the decades, magnetic north enough that manual
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[With the closure of the natural gas cannula from Russia, the fairy tale of renewable energy is over.]
[Wells Fargo cuts hundreds of jobs in mortgage business]
reuters: IMF's Georgieva to discuss economy, COVID with Chinese authorities
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Thursday that she will travel to Beijing next week with heads of other
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James Lee Valentine invites us to say “Yes” to “Success” with his introductory video found on the homepage. His is the founder of the Millionaire X products family and those products aim to empower people efficiently in order to achieve great things in life.

The powerful Matrices he personally creates is a guarantee for fast earnings, and there are various options to choose from…


I am all ears Μr Valentine, let’s hope this program is not like MX Rev Share



Inside MX World




They say…

  • An online gateway to a more sensational life, of personal, financial and business empowerment
  • Multiple success systems created in house by our founder to help our members make positive transformations in their lives
  • We developed a unique and sophisticated yet easy to use advertising platform that allows our members to advertise their products and services but which lets them also earn from their online promotional activities
  • Our members have access to an innovative range of technologically advanced resources specially designed to help maximize their online endeavors

A little background story

  • James started in 1996 writing self-improvement and personal empowerment books, authoring over sixty titles that have so far been published in over 15 countries worldwide.
  • Later he created an inspiring array of videos and audios in the power and millionaire series.
  • We also offer a resource center for those of our members that require more technologically advanced tools and products to help them increase the number of visitors to their own websites or promote any type of online business. All of these resources can be termed business empowerment as the objective is to maximize online exposure and increase revenue generation.


The Millionaire X Programs – Opportunity Attached




MX World = M – Millionaire, X – Extra-ordinary

The 2nd video found shows James in a beautiful exotic garden somewhere in Philippines, talking with passion about his latest project. His moves express a desire to communicate with his visitors in a personal tone away from the classic marketing motivos. Elegantly dressed in a moden “Red” costume, an obvious contrast with the Green nature.


MillionaireX – Matrix Overview

  1. MX20 – $22 one time fee, no monthly fees, 3×3 forced matrix (39 in total), $180 cycle bonus, free recycle, sponsor bonus ($1 + $20 for level 1 + $40 for level 2)
  2. MXM – $20 monthly fees, 4×4 active matrix plus 4×4 passive, $200 cycle bonus, free recycle, sponsor bonus ($10 per month/member plus up to $6 passive)
  3. MXF – $44 one time fee, no monthly fees, 2×2 forced matric (6 in total), $100 cycle bonus, free recycle, no sponsor bonus
  4. MX1 – $110 one time fee, no monthly fees, 2×3 forced matrix (14 in total), $700 cycle bonus, free recycle, no sponsor bonus
  5. MX3 – $330 one time fee, no monthly fees, 2×3 forced matrix (14 in total), $2,100 cycle bonus, free recycle, no sponsor bonus
  6. MX7 – $770 one time fee, no monthly fees, 2×3 forced matrix (14 in total), $4,900 cycle bonus, free recycle, no sponsor bonus
  7. MX500 – $200 one time fee express $50, no monthly fees, 2×2 forced matrix (6 in total), $500 cycle bonus, free recycle, sponsor bonus ($10 express + $10 main matrix)
  8. MX9 – $1500 one time fee express $500, no monthly fees, 2×2 express + 2×3 forced, $9,000 cycle bonus, free recycle, sponsor bonus ($100 express + $100 main matrix)

When you register you can choose to optin to any program you want







Advertising Services

  • Massic traffic to your websites – Language targeted banners, Text ads, PTC ads, login & logout ads, videos and innovative “Millionaire ads”
  • Multiple income streams – earn referral commissions of up to 20% on 3 levels plus a 100% matching bonus on PTC ads clicks of your referrals.
  • Bonuses and activity discounts on your advertising purchases and extra packages to promote your business. A win-win situation for MX word memebrs and thier referrals



Statistics shown

  • 55,000+ members
  • 1,125 members online now
  • 19 new members today


Owners – Domain – Address

By performing a whois search I found the registration date for the domain mx.world, 01 September 2016. The owner, James Lee Valentine provided this address: The H Dubai Office Building Office 1602, Sheikh Zayed Road







The MX World Ad Platform



When you enter the back office area there is a message waiting, it is about changes and updates to the program…I will highlight the most important parts chronologically ordered


  • 01 November 2016: MX RevShare closed permanently, the beginning of MX World…which is a hybrid program with rev share, affiliates, mlm matrices, online games + X.
  • 21 Nov 2016: Bitcoin ad packs are available, daily activity discount 2.5%, maximum discount 110%. The admin suggets BitBayPay as a cryptocurrency processor with his affiliate link.
  • 06 Dec 2016: 20% commissions on upgrades
  • 15 Dec 2016: partnership with booking.com to give members more value for the MX world wide activities. More external resources are coming soon
  • 20 Dec 2016: Project – Phoenix,
  • 19 Jan 2017: MX World games just launched
  • 03 Feb 2017: To increase the daily sharings and to honor all new members and all amazing, active members that want to rebuild the Revenue Sharings, instead of waiting for miracles, there will be two important changes. Those changes will be active until all adpacks from Restart Balances will mature at 110%. We all decide how long this will be.From NOW on:
    Only 1 sponsor level for all adpack purchases (USD/EUR/BTC). This saves 10% commissions and this 10% go to the revenue shares. 90% of all money that can be shared goes now to the NEW adpacks that were/will be bought via processors or Main Balances.10% will go to all adpacks that were bought from “Restart Balances”.This will make the “game” more fair. New members and those who want to support MX.WORLD with their actions (bringing fresh funds) will have 90% of all sharings. All passive members can and must wait. (If you want to have more money in a shorter time – just take action and start working on the phoenix project.) We want to go to the TOP and we will not wait for miracles. We create a World of wonders!


Advertising Platform

There are 3 main balances in different currencies: USD, EUR and BTC. Additionally, using the same currencies separation, the platform provides an Ad Budget balance (repurchase) and an Ambassador balance.



Ad Packages – The Main Product (over 95% of MX revenue)


USD Packs: Mini X/10, Medium X/15, Millionaire X/25, BAD X/50…The last number is the maximum

EUR Packs: Micro X/5, Mini X/10, Medium X/15, Large X/25, Mega X/50

BTC Packs: Micro X/5, Mini X/10, Medium X/15, Large X/25, Mega X/50

Moreover there is an advertising credits counter: Banner & Text ads credits (impressions), Millionaire ad credits, Adult ad credits


Important notice from admin

A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit or investment. The purchase of AdPacks are non-refundable per our Terms and Conditions. You are making a purchase of credits for use in Traffic Exchange. You may get advertising discounts for your activity but this is not guaranteed.


  • Millionaire Adpack – 5,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 1,000 Millionaire Credits = $50
  • Medium Adpack – 2,500 Banner/Textad Credits + 500 Millionaire Credits = $25
  • Mini Adpack – 500 Banner/Textad Credits + 100 Millionaire Credits = $5


  • Mega Euro Adpack – 10,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 2,000 Millionaire Credits = €100
  • Large Euro Adpack – 5,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 1,000 Millionaire Credits = €50
  • Medium Euro Adpack – 2,500 Banner/Textad Credits + 500 Millionaire Credits = €25
  • Mini Euro Adpack – 1,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 200 Millionaire Credits = €10
  • Micro Euro Adpack – 500 Banner/Textad Credits + 100 Millionaire Credits = €5


  • Mega Bitcoin Adpack – 10,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 2,000 Millionaire Credits = BTC 0.15
  • Large Bitcoin Adpack – 5,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 500 Millionaire Credits = BTC 0.10
  • Medium Bitcoin Adpack – 2,500 Banner/Textad Credits + 500 Millionaire Credits = BTC 0.05
  • Mini Bitcoin Adpack – 1,000 Banner/Textad Credits + 200 Millionaire Credits = BTC 0.03
  • Micro Bitcoin Adpack – 500 Banner/Textad Credits + 100 Millionaire Credits = BTC 0.01


  • BADPACK – 1,000 Adult Credits to promote Adult websites = $100


Payment Processors

Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, AdvCash, BitBayPay


Free members have to verify their identity in order to surf any ads on the platform. This can be done by depositing $5 fee through a money processor.

Additionally PTC ads are disabled by default.


This way you are forced to buy ad packs in order to test the platform, not a very kind move from such a rhetoric author as James is. An unaceptable policy that shows the real intentions of the program. Not only, it clearly states that all external visitors are excluded. Every one must become a member and buy ad packs.



Ad Packs Commissions: Allocated immediately after a member of MX World buys any Ad pack from an online payment processor (with real money). Commissions are only allocated into the EUR/BTC Main Balance (USD: Ambassador Balance) to qualified active members that have watched at least 10 Millionaire Ads on the previous day

Members earn commission on 3 downline levels

  • Level 1: 3% + % of membership level
  • Level 2: 2% + % of membership level
  • Level 3: 2% + % of membership level


Ambassador Balance

Members can earn commissions for membership upgrades and real adpack purchases (paid by online processors).

Withdrawals Limits

  • USD Main Balance: $ 25 – $ 350 per day (depends on membership level)
  • USD Ambassador Balance: $ 25+ per day (no max. limit)
  • EUR Main Balance: € 25 – € 350 per day (depends on membership level)
  • EUR Ambassador Balance: € 25+ per day (no max. limit)


Activity Discounts (for all ad packs)

  • Members with active Adpacks can receive a discretionary daily Activity Discount from MX WORLD.
  • The percentage may vary and depends on the net income of MX WORLD and the membership level of the member.
  • Activity Discounts are not mentioned as earnings or as Return Of Investment.
  • They are rewards for being an active user of the platform.
  • To be qualified for daily discounts members must watch at least 10 Millionaire Ads the previous day.


Resources Commissions

Commissions for Tools and Resources are collected in the separate ambassador balance and can be cashed out from Monday to Sunday








Business Section

It contains links to all of MX family programs/MLM matrices on separate URLs. All landing pages are similar and the repeated design refer to the MX World style, which by the way I don’t find it very attractive.


A series of e-books and other digital material for affiliates of MX.

  • The Power of MX1 – to empower members to glorious success in business and life
  • MX1 professional network – marketing leadership workshop
  • 7 day success system – Maximization of human potential for the benefit of all people
  • Powerizer Workbooks – attain the highest levels of achievement within particular Networking business opportunities
  • MX1 Power Training –  individuals who yearn for financial independence
  • Executive Power Planner – make a personal commitment to excellence
  • The Power 101 Series – Words, Qualities, Values, Affirmations and Questions to empower your life
  • Pure Power Quotes – roses and rainbows, diamonds and hearts
  • Inspiration Series – touching the heart, inspiring the soul
  • The Power of 1 and 2 – to the youth of the world, just 2 words, Never Quit.



MX World Resources

Tools – Promote your business / products to thousands of people. Good promotions attract visitors to a webshop, blog or an affiliate website with digital products. Therefore twe have some exclusive products for our members to help them arranging their promotion-campaigns. Premium graphics, premium landingpages, newsletter-systems, widgets and snipplets for blogs, plugins and many, many tools that make the lives of our businessmen and women easier.

Store – Members can buy daily-needed things, like casual clothes, mousepads or coffecups. Members can show their improived livestyle wearing our shirts and jackets for example. We are building a huge brand to ignite the desire to be successful in life.

Social – Thousands of members on Facebook groups get the latest news about the company.


MX Generizer: Choose from pre-made responsive templates or drag and drop your own pages. Update text, images, video, colors and links right from the editor. Commission structure –  Level 1 – 30%, Level 2 – 15%, Level 3 – 5%

Edit images free tools: Redirects to I Love Img, an online tool

Work with PDFs free tool: Redirects to I Love PDF, another online tool, it must be the same company with I Love Img



MX World Games


Featured Games: Sparta war of empires, Nidia, Felspire, Call of war

Newest Games: Candy swipe, Mouse pop, Candy slingshot, Tower jelly

Other categories: 3 in a row, Strategy, Puzzle, Arcade, Sports, Action









Final Words





James is trying to get the most out of his affiliates/investors. And he won’t stop with the ad packs bundled with the revenue sharing opportunity. The partnership with booking is a way to grant affiliate commissions out of his team.


Now as concerns the Matrices programs all are very much alike in the structure and the only differences found on the commissions, levels and entry fees. MLM recruitment is the only factor of someone’s success. There are no retail products for healthy external cash flow and those pyramid schemes will collapse leaving the vast majority of affilates lose their deposits.

Having in mind that James has precovered all matrices with his name on top we can easily imagine who is getting the most of funds at the end of the MLM game. Apart from the owner a few earlier investors/friends might escape with minor profits.

Cyclers like the MillionaireX family are not working for the masses. It’s just a trick to show you a fake never ending potential.


Now let’s move on to the Revenue Sharing advertising platform. 


A well known business model for Ponzi players that do not hesitate to recruit like maniacs other affiliates in order to bring “Fresh Cash” to the MX World machine. No retail products are found and all ad credits bundled with ad pack purchases is only an excuse in order not be accused as a non legitimate scheme.

All money coming in MX World is funds from recruited affiliates who expect to receive ROIs. These ROIs are coming only from investments and not from the ad services.


Let me underline a very important thing

Here is what you find in the ToS page: MX World offers no refunds. Products or services payments are automated, irrevocable and nonrefundable as the systems of the products or services are activated immediately and automatically upon payment.


What does this mean?


The owner admits that all ROIs are attributed thanks to affiliates investments. If it was a legitimate advertising company it would offer refunds for ad credits. Some people might not be satisfied with the ad services of a company, they should have the option to ask for a corresponding refund. But on the MX World ad platform all purchases go their way to the revenue sharing pools to pay off existing users immediately. This way MX World can not offer any refunds.


Moreover the fact that MX Rev Share collapsed, due to lack of recruitment opened a highway for the new MX World project. Mr Valentine decided to combine all his MillionaireX products in one package so that he can dry off all potential wannabe investors. The most of them don’t know with what program they got involved, yet.


Apart from all these negative things and the obvious Ponzi scheme of MX World, the various options for affiliates, such as the games section or the digital material give a pleasant tone but that is not enough to categorise the program as legit.


Such a program that is designed to make the owners and friends richer with the majority of participants all losing money at the end of this roten recruiting game. This is why I never recommend programs like MX World, becasue even if you make money, someone else has to lose. They are not providing any value to the market, besides they add a bad reputation to the already corrupted industry.



How to Make Money Online the Proper Way



The MillionaireX MLM matrices/cyclers and the MX World is a perfect example of programs to avoid if you want to create income online ethically. Investments like this might seem very lucrative and tempting, because you don’t have to work at all, but do not last very long and will leave you disappointed.

I’ve watched hundreds of these programs disappear in the middle of the night.

However if you want to work, and work hard then I have good news. I suggest you get started with an affiliate website and turn it to a multiple income stream in a matter of few months. This is how I started 2 years ago and I definitely love this business model. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs and endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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