The company’s introductory video highlights 3 key characteristics…Timing , USP (unique selling proposition) and leadership.Their purpose is to redefine the industry and hopefully the future of it’s members.

They deal with Identity Theft , a modern society’s problem , especially in North America.Their USP is a service that helps and protect people , and their ultimate goal is to offer ..”peace of mind”.


What exactly Safe ID Trust is selling?




Business Overview


Their main slogan is very simple yet powerful…”If your identity was stolen tomorrow..who would you call?.”..and they continue…

Safe ID Trust provides the highest quality of ID theft membership services available , at a price that every family can take advantage of..

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the US and the statistics are not positive at all

  • Over 10 millions of Americans are affected
  • 30 billion dollars in losses
  • Identity stolen every 2 seconds

and those who steal the identities proceed with

  • Medical treatment
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgages
  • Bank accounts
  • Crimes

and people who lost the identity have no idea of the actions under their name.






Safe ID Trust Opportunity


The cost of the membership is set to $24 per month.

The referral based revenue share is set to 33% for every sale.That means if you bring 3 people into the system you are free of charges.

The $8 commission is for the first level referrals.As you go deep (up to 7 levels) you grant $1 commission for every referral on each level.






Of course , as with all networking or affiliate opportunities the income potential is unlimited.That depends on your efforts , skills and the results of your referrals as well.

It is not a piece of cake system , but once you get started with sales , nothing can stop you.

Membership includes

  • “Full Hands Off” ID recovery plan
  • Lost / stolen wallet services
  • Safe ID detective monitoring
  • $1 Million ID Theft insurance
  • 24 / 7 live member services






Support System – Training


For any great online marketing opportunity in order to expand and live on for years to come it is essential that the company offers detailed training for its members.Beyond the individual sales skills it is important to give your affiliates a map where they can lean on.

Safe ID Trust includes

  • Recorded overview calls
  • Live conference calls
  • Live presentation events
  • Training and presentation webinars
  • Comprehensive marketing sites


What separates this company from others in the Networking Marketing Industry – CEO Brian McLane





If you identity was stolen tomorrow who would you call?

Safe ID Trust acts as a medium between you and the authorities.But they do take their services one level deeper than the usual “assisted” recovery plans of other companies in which cases the companies send you paperwork with instructions on what you need to do.

Safe ID Trust makes it simple for you.You fill a report with the police and sign a limited power of attorney … and so they do the rest for you.They recover your identity and restore your good name back to pre-theft status.






Final Words


It is a legit opportunity , but it is a new launch of a new company , and there are not enough statistical data about the success rates of its members.

Additionally we can’t measure and evaluate the quality of the company’s services.Is their system enough to recover all the stolen identities with no problems?…


Moreover we have to consider some key points.


It is an MLM opportunity and as such it requires a monthly subscription fee.The $24 is an acceptable price but for people with no experience on sales the first months probably will return no results.Some will get disappointed and abandon their work.But as with any business you need TIME to get the results you always dreamed of.

You need at least 3 persons in order to get your membership free of charge.But these people you refer have to stay active and pay their membership fees and of course to refer more people so that you can build an effective downline.Without a strong downline MLM networking fails.


If you are an experienced marketer then go ahead , it seems like a great chance.But you have to be on alert for the company’s services and actions.

And beware … the marketing sites that Safe ID Trust is providing will be very similar.In order to stand out of the crowd and the other entrepreneurs that promote the program , it would be better if you build a website on your own.One that is very different than your competition.



That’s it , this review stays open as I will be monitoring Safe ID Trust and will be in touch with fellow entrepreneurs that sell this opportunity.I will updating this thread whenever it is necessary.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.















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