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I remember I was discussing with a local entrepreneur 2 years ago when we first met at our kids’ football game.

He is selling plant pots to traders around the country.

When I explained a few things about how I work, he shared a story.

He always believed that marketing and advertising are just a waste of money, an unnecessary luxury, an expense without meaning. Just like my father

But one day he was on a business trip somewhere and he was invited to a trade show by the founder of a magazine.

He did not want to attend the show and he did not want to refuse their proposal by just saying no either. 

So he decided to give away a beautiful small tree as a gift for their show and he explained that he had to go back to his town. 

The founder of the magazine was impressed by his gift and later when they spoke on the phone he informed him that they took pictures of the plant in the show with various attendees and that he created a mini ad space for the donated tree in his magazine.

It was a picture with a tiny little ad at the bottom of the page. 

It was just saying…this tree was donated by Mr. X for this show along with his telephone number.

For many months, after the ad was created, he was receiving phone calls from various business people all over the country telling him that they wanted a tree like the one in the picture for their facilities. The donated tree paid off its value 50X eventually, not to mention the new business relationships he could take advantage of.

This is when he realized the phenomenal power of marketing.

Importance Of Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the art of drawing attention to a company’s products and services and it incorporates researching, advertising, sales, branding, public relations, product design and distribution, and more.

It’s about interacting and engaging with the marketplace, nurturing prospects, converting them into paying customers by providing solutions to their problems, needs, and wants, and turning them into repeated buyers, advocates, and promoters of a brand.

70+ Reasons On Why Marketing is so Important

  1. Identifies people’s needs, wants, and aspirations
  2. Discovers hidden opportunities in the marketplace
  3. Recognizes unsatisfied groups of people
  4. Helps brands gain insights into the competition
  5. It draws attention
  6. Creates awareness
  7. Acquires leads
  8. Helps people become familiar with a brand and its values
  9. Invites people to try out products and services
  10. Helps brands become visible in the marketplace
  11. Defines a unique selling proposition and differentiates brands from the competition
  12. Showcases a brand’s expertise and positions it as a leader
  13. Develops close relationships with customers, influencers, and other companies
  14. Creates a strong social presence, helps brands gain followers
  15. Content marketing increases online traffic and improves SEO performance
  16. Builds trust with prospects by continuously nurturing them
  17. Builds authority and credibility
  18. Helps brands follow-up on prospects
  19. Propels prospects to take action
  20. Educates prospects and customers with facts, statistics, research findings, etc so they can make well-informed decisions
  21. Explains the benefits of products and services and the advantages of using them
  22. It shows why a company’s products and services are great
  23. Helps people envision a better future for themselves
  24. Helps customers solve their problems and pain points
  25. Offers incentives
  26. Converts prospects into buyers
  27. Converts buyers into customers
  28. Converts customers into repeating buyers
  29. Converts customers and clients into raving fans and brand evangelists
  30. Keeps a steady flow of customers coming in and retains existing customers
  31. Creates the feeling of community
  32. Satisfied customers are part of a brand’s movement
  33. Keeps in touch with the customer base
  34. Delights and entertains customers
  35. Increases customer loyalty
  36. Earns referrals
  37. Prepares a sales environment
  38. Helps people become receptive to sales messages and pitches
  39. Removes the risk from buyers
  40. Guarantees results and satisfaction
  41. Closes the sale
  42. Shows appreciation and gratitude to customers so they feel important
  43. Keeps customers interested, on alert
  44. Makes customers receptive to new product, services, and ideas
  45. Tests prices, quality, design, ad copy
  46. Receives and analyzes feedback from the market
  47. Segments people into different buckets (groups, lists, or categories) so a company can provide tailored experiences
  48. Attracts the right customers and repels uninterested people who have low chances of converting
  49. Multiplies results
  50. Minimizes costs
  51. Increases conversions and revenue
  52. Decreases overhead
  53. Reduces refund rates
  54. Drives business growth
  55. Improves product quality
  56. Helps in product development
  57. Helps management make informed decisions
  58. Improves the overall company’s performance
  59. Helps brands discover new audiences, niches, target markets
  60. Creates ideas for new products and services
  61. Creates info-products that can be added to any company’s arsenal to complement other digital or physical products
  62. Creates multiple streams of income (front-end, back-end, upsells, downsells, cross-sells, funnels, etc)
  63. Helps brands evaluate current assets they have in position
  64. Identifies hidden assets
  65. Creates excitement, anticipation, a buzz (product launches)
  66. Delivers value in the marketplace
  67. Opens up doors to potential partnerships and joint-ventures, networking
  68. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity by reaching new audiences and markets with the help of affiliates
  69. Helps brands connect with affiliate and advertising networks, forums, communities
  70. Utilizes competitors’ assets, resources, and clientele with strategic partnerships
  71. Gives leverage
  72. Attracts investors, funding, influencers, vendors, sponsors
  73. Helps brands during tough economic times
  74. Guerilla techniques make it hard for people to forget a brand’s name
  75. Reminds people of a company’s existence
  76. Sustains brands’ presence and reputation
  77. Brands that don’t utilize marketing, lose share to their competitors
  78. Leads to success

And as Jay Abraham, one of the top marketing strategists in the world says…

Marketing is the mechanism that keeps businesses alive and thriving. 

Without marketing, we lose customers, and therefore money.

Is the difference between the life and death of a business

The Orange Juice Invention Story

One day, a marketer called Albert Lasker was informed that orange growers were chopping down trees due to over-production.

People weren’t eating enough oranges and Sunkist Oranges, a company, was suffering heavy losses because of it.

They asked for Lasker’s help.

Lasker after researching discovered that one glass of orange juice required 2–3 oranges, and his firm designed and manufactured an orange juice extractor. 

His goal was to make drinking orange juice a habit.

Eventually, they managed to sell the orange extractors to the public for 10 cents bundled with 2-3 oranges.

The ad slogan

Drink an orange.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the beautiful world of marketing. 

Don’t be afraid of it, don’t shy away, make it an ally, and chances are, you’ll have a thriving business, soon!

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

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