A-Z List of Advertising/Affiliate Networks

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What’s Included

In this list, I include both advertising and affiliate networks.


An advertising network connects advertisers (merchants) with website owners that host advertisements on their properties. Companies that want to advertise their products and services take advantage of this business model in order to save time and reduce cost by letting the ad networks deliver their ads to the most relevant publishers.

On the other hand, publishers can generate streams of passive income by hosting these external ads on their websites.

Publishers are getting paid via various payment models and the most common are:

  • Pay per click
  • Pay or cost per sale
  • Cost per impressions
  • Cost per action (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPD)
  • Pay per lead

Every ad network has its own rules and guidelines but the majority of them will pay publishers for ad clicks, ad impressions, or leads for the merchants.

For the vast majority of ad networks, the merchants will have to pay an entrance fee in order to participate, but publishers will join for free. However, publishers will not get paid unless they manage to monetize their traffic.


An affiliate network acts as a middleman between publishers (affiliates) and merchants that want to advertise their products and services. Affiliates that participate in an affiliate network can choose any product or service they want to advertise on their properties.

Affiliate networks provide affiliates and merchants with various tools like tracking technology, reporting, payment processing, product APIs.

Again, merchants will have to pay an entrance fee and affiliates can join affiliate networks for free. There are networks that charge merchants an extra fee, a percentage of the commissions paid to affiliates (override).


In essence, an affiliate network is an advertising network but there are some differences between those two types of networks.


In affiliate networks, publishers can choose any advertiser to promote and they can use various forms of campaigns (digital content, posts, landing pages, banners, videos, audio, social media, emails), but in ad networks, the ads running are controlled only by the network (but there are some networks that will allow publishers to remove certain ads ie…from their competitors).

In affiliate networks, the advertisers (merchants) know which affiliates are promoting their products, but in ad networks, they don’t.

Publishers can participate in affiliate networks without having to own a web property as they can utilize affiliate marketing via other channels (social media, emails, webinars). But publishers need to own a web property in order to participate in ad networks.

Ad networks give advertisers (merchants) various targeting options but affiliate networks don’t.


I also include in this list ad networks that are being used by advertisers (merchants) and affiliates (publishers) that want to promote their offers on their own, like it happens with Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

Advertisers or affiliates can advertise their offers on social media, search engines, or other properties, and they have to pay when someone clicks on their ads.

This is the pay per click advertising model, in which companies, advertisers, or affiliates pay whenever someone clicks on their ads. They are buying traffic to their offers, the opposite of organic, free, or earned traffic.



  • 1BetterNetwork: A lead gen affiliate network, created to drive results for both affiliates and advertisers by providing the best performing CPA offers. Location: Saint Louis, MO 63005.
  • 401Ads: Among their partners, you’ll find John Toubia, Yen Shi, Blackbeard. 4500+ active publishers, 2200+ active offers, 508 advertisers.
  • 5 Star iGaming Media: a market-leading premium B2B iGaming business publisher and mutlimedia company. Their products include print and digital magazines, website, high-imact email marketing.
  • 7Offers: The website is Russian, no information is available.



  • A4G: They say: quality performance marketing. Ads (display, social, mobile, video, native, affiliation). Offers included (CPM, CPC or CPA/CPI). 1500+ direct publishers, 5B impressions, 350M unique visitors per month. Trusted by brands like BigPoint, Perfect World, Altigi.
  • AboveAllOffers: Established in January 2011, based out of Eugene Oregon.
  • ActionAds.ru: Another Russian site, no information on the categories of offers and the company’s data.
  • ActionPay: Key verticals: auto, banks, finance, eCommerce, education, online games, mobile apps, real estate, travel. 185K traffic sources, 26.3M products, 1700 advertisers, 4.5M actions per month, 30M unique visitors per day, 920 active promo codes. Trusted by brands like AliExpress, Lamoda, Quelle. It’s a global CPA network presented in 14 countries.
  • Ad1.ru: 1197 offers, categories: exclusive, goods by mail, cryptocurrency, education, games, entertainment, subscriptions, gambling, dating, internet shops, finance. The site is Russian, hard to translate.
  • Ad4Date: Main slogan: 150+ best performing dating offers. PPS, PPT, PPL, RevShare. Top offers examples: AdultCamHub, CamSoda, 4singles. 50+ countries, 5 monetization models. Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • AdAttract: Services: display ads, social media solutions, mobile content, media buyers, ad network, app developers. Offices in India, Hong Kong, and USA. They have 500+ mobile and web offers.
  • AdCombo: Landing and pre-sale pages in more than 40 languages. Built-in interface for translation orders. Native speakers from 44 countries.
  • Addiliate: Trusted by brands like Booking, Karamba, McAfee. 12,000+ publishers, 2000 advertisers, 1500 converting campaigns, over 200 countries, 15+ verticals. They operate since 2010. Location: Barcelona, Spain.
  • AdFish: Some of the brands they work with are Walmart, Kohls, Nokia. A CPA network that is a division of Trancos, Inc., a privately held media marketing company with headquarters based in Pleasanton, California. Trancos has been ranked No. 90 on Inc. Magazines Annual List of America’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies.
  • AdGateMedia: Slogan: digital content, real value. Video CPM ads, offerwalls, mobile app wall, gateway lockers, link lockers. The network was founded in 2011. Location: New York.
  • AdGenius: Slogan: Unleash the power of automation. 24/7 live artificial campaign optimization for native advertisers. Integrated with Taboola, OutBrain, Content.ad, VerizonMedia, RevContent, Mgid, Voluum, ThriveTracker, RedTrack. Autobidder, day parting, budget monitoring, ad uploader, autoblocker. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • AdLockMedia: CPA and mobile CPI offers, CPL, CPS, KPI, CPI + KPI, CPI + CPA, dating CPA. Examples of offers: gun control survey, mastercard, magazine, ringtones, gift card bonus.
  • AdMedia: Native ads, video ads, mobile ads, PPC, display ads, email ads, remarketing. AdMedia has been providing state-of-the-art advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers since 1998. Over 100 million impressions per day and delivers more than 11 billion local searches and 29 billion national searches per month.
  • AdMusketeer: CLOSED
  • AdPepper: Trusted by brands like Microsoft, Fiat, Volkswagen is operating since 1999.
  • AdPerio: In early 2020, Clickbooth, Adperio and Ignite OPM
    were integrated to create Perform[cb], a one-stop-shop solution for
    performance-based online customer acquisitions.
  • AdPump: A performance marketing network in USA focused on enhancing business effectiveness for both advertisers and publishers. A global CPA network presented in 14 countries. Key verticals: eCommerce, travel, finance & insurance gambling, binary & forex, education, online games, mobile apps. 250K+ traffic sources, 1400 advertisers, 30M unique visitors per day, 4.5M actions per month, 1.7% average conversion, Net 7 weekly payments. Trusted by AliExpress, Hotels, Ebay, Etsy, Ikea, LeroyMerlin.
  • AdscendMedia: 30,000+ publishers, $50M all-time payouts, zero missed payments since inception. Featured in Forbes, mThink, empact 100. Launched in 2009, operates in 180+ countries.
  • AdShares: A decentralized, adblock-resistant advertising network, based on their own ADS Blockchain. 83M monthly impressions, 295K clicks per month, 3,030 publishers. Co-founders: Jacek Zemlo, Dr. Leszek Rychlewski. Product owner: Maciej Pilarczyk.
  • AdsMain: Trusted by brands like Netflix, Disney, CreditReport. Offers included (CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC, CPM). The senior team: Vlad Troy – CEO, David Pereplyotchik – CEO, Andrew Rush – account manager.
  • AdSmart: eCPM goals delivered via display banners, in-video ads, text tab ads, pop-unders, instant messages, and mobile ads.
  • AdSup.me: 9,000 publishers, more than 100 satisfied clients. Apps like War & order, Castle clash, Heroes vs darkness. Among their advertisers, you’ll find KoramGame, mail.ru, PlayRix. 1M clicks per day, 50K installs daily. Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • AdTegrity: In 2017, Adtegrity merged with Media Place Partners, a digital and traditional media services firm.
  • Advertise.ru: Categories: online stores, online games, internet services, insurance and finance, goods by mail, info-products, mobile apps, tourism, traveling, training, adult, offline services, mobile subscriptions, downloads, settings
  • AdWool: A mobile performance network. 1500+ offers available daily, 150+ countries, CPI risk-free promotions, 1100 active publishers, 10M app installs. Founded in 2014.
  • AdWorkMedia: They provide tools like the content locker, link locker, product locker, offer wall and monetization tools to protect downloads, links, upgrades, credits, guides, digital products, music and more. Over 2500 affiliate campaigns in over 250 countries.
  • ADX Master: 2300+ accounts, 80% CPI offers, 6+ years experience. PPC, SEO, Dating offers (email, mobile, registration), APP installs, Sweepstakes. Among their clients are Uber, Lazada, Trivago. Location: Innisfil, Canada.
  • AdZoneMediaGroup: Slogan: challenges, precision, results. Ads (display, video, mobile). 364 advertisers, 9600+ publishers, 65B impressions, 1250 campaigns. Offers (CPM, CPC, dCPM, dCPC, CPL, CPA, CPI, CPS, CPV, Revenue Share). Among their clients, you’ll find Ayi, Tap4fun, Thelem. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • AffiliateAdi: CLOSED
  • AffiliateFuture: Founded in 1999, AF has been around since the dawn of affiliate marketing. It’s part of GlobalData, a content driven media company producing premium business information, research services and marketing solutions for senior level decision makers. Headquartered in London, with offices across the UK, US, India, and Australia, GlobalData serves a global customer base with the highest quality and most progressive solutions. Over 600 advertisers and 300,000 publishers. Among their clients are Jet2holidays, Singapore airlines, Bensons for beds.
  • AffiliateTrading: CLOSED
  • Affiliaxe: Slogan: Intelligently monetize your traffic, from any device, anywhere! Among their clients, you’ll find Avon, Plus500, Playtika. 25 verticals, advanced monetization tools (XML product feeds, deep linking, offer ranking, redirect tools, auto-optimized ad tags, traffic source reviews). 175 countries, 10,000 global partners, 10M transactions per month. Traffic channels: display, search, social, email, video, mobile. Location: Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • AffRevenue: Affrevenue is an award-winning platform in the world of Affiliate Marketing. It was launched in 2014 by Vinod Singh, currently president and CEO of the company. Over 1M sales/leads, 1000+ active publishers. Trusted by brands like Walmart, BestQuotes, GalaxyNote8.
  • AffShark: 200+ direct mobile offers, 473 partners, over 100M clicks monetized daily. Trusted by brands like AdCash, PropellerAds, MundoMedia. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • AlfaConvert: CLOSED
  • Amazon: You can display highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed, responsive and mobile-optimized ad unit with Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads. You can also use the Bounty program, AbeBooks, and Amazon Trade-In
  • Appave.mobi: A mobile performance agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA operating since 2015. 1000+ campaigns, 90% revenue share with affiliates. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • Aragon-Advertising: Established in May of 2012, Aragon Advertising is a performance marketing agency with global reach across all digital channels. The senior team: Todd Stearn – CEO & co-founder, Jason Kilby – CRO & co-founder.
  • AstoriaCompany: A company proficient in Ping & Post, Host and Post, Lead Generation, Pay Per Call, Live Call Transfers, Phone Verified, Mobile Pay Per Call, Display Advertising, Social Media, and Traditional Online Advertising. 3K+ publishers, 150+ offers, 100K+ leads daily, exclusive tech platforms. Founder and CEO – Scott Thompson.
  • AvanGate: Solutions for software companies, SaaS, startups, internet, utilities, audio, video, multimedia, design, business, finance. Avangate is now named 2Checkout. And 2Checkout is now Verifone.
  • AvantLink: Trusted by brands like Blendtec, Under Armour, Active Junky. Headquartered in Utah with offices in Park City and Sandy.
  • AvazuINC: The company founded in Brunei in 2009, and is committed to programmatic buying and performance marketing. Among their partners, you’ll find Mango, Zalora, Vodafone. Locations: Bandar Seri Begawan, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Jinhua, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, LA, Bangalore, Toronto. Multiple bid types: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPM optimized towards to an eCPC, CPM optimized towards to a CTR, CPM optimized towards to an eCPA. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • Awin: the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform in North America, offering standout solutions and diverse partnership opportunities that drive results. 25k+ advertisers, 270k+ active publishers, 200M sales generated in 2022



admitad advertising affiliate network

Partnership Marketing Platform

Main slogan: Global partnerships that just work.


  • For brands: marketing (partners, influencers, mobile, in-app, China cross-border), rise for SME, global solutions, brand auditor, marketplace X, retailers and online merchants
  • For publishers: content, affiliates, influencers and creators, mobile apps, premium media, earnings wallet, instant payout, marketplace X, affiliate programs, cashback link
  • Partnerships with: cashback services, content websites, coupon and deals, email marketers, email newsletters, influencers, loyalty programs, media buyers, digital services, price comparison, package tracking

Other departments: partnership management platform, tracking tech, traffic quality, API, careers, news, Academy, for press, imprint, call for startups, publisher investment fund.

About: by Mitgo, a global IT company that offers solutions and services in the MarTech, FinTech, Mobile Solutions and Smart Shopping sectors.

Admitad Academy Overview




  • Babos.biz: Location: Ukraine. Health products, watches, accessories. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • BannerConnect: CLOSED
  • BardzoMedia: A worldwide focused advertising network that can help you monetize your U.S, Canada and Europe internet advertising inventory on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Operating since 2005 delivers more than 600 million ads every month., Partners like Napster, GM, Cingular. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • BidderPlace: A self-service mobile performance marketing network. Categories: gambling, games, dating, sweepstakes, utilities, entertainment, adult. Campaigns (CPI, CPA, CPL, private, public, new, required access). NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • Bidvertiser: They operate for more than 10 years offering advanced traffic solutions (Geo, user agent, device, browser, ISP, carrier, subid, bid, dayparting). Ad formats: native ads, pop-unders, domain redirect, XML. 78K network websites, 450M daily ads served, 196 countries, 1,6M monthly conversions. Clients: mango, TrendMicro, KromTech.
  • BizProfits: CPA, CPL, Straight Sale. 621 offers, 4.7M$+ payouts, 3,500+ publishers, 27M+ clicks. Latest top offers: Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Cryptosystem CPA. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • BlogAds: CLOSED
  • BraveNetMedia: Operating since 1997. Finance, investing, business, webmasters, technology, ITs, female, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming. They Google AdWords certified. Ads: pre-roll video ads (CPM), mobile (CPM), IAB display ads, solo emails, co-registrations, social media, custom campaigns. Partnered with 5 Star Media.
  • BraveryMob: CPA, CPI, CPM, CPC offers. Has been developing rapidly in China, now in over 180+ countries. AMong their partners are Alibaba, Yahoo, Twitter. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • BraziumAdvertising: Campaigns catering to primary markets including the US, UK, CA, AU, Europe, LATAM. NOT WORKING (July 2023).



  • C3PA: A high-tech network of pay-per-action programs. Among their clients are BankofAstana, CasinoX, Traffic Mansion.
  • Chitika: CLOSED. Now, it’s a tool for testing advertisements.
  • CJ Affiliate:Founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998, CJ (formerly Commission Junction), continues to lead the industry as the largest, most trusted name in global performance marketing, specializing in affiliate marketing technology and services. Over 3,800 global brands around the world across all verticals including retail, travel, finance, and network & home services. A partnership ecosystem where over 167K publishers and brands engage billions of consumers worldwide.Part of Publicis Groupe, aligned with Publicis Media.
  • ClickBank: Arts, entertainment, business, investing, computers, internet, e-business, e-marketing, education, employment, fiction, food, wine, cooking, games, green products, health, home, languages. More than 100,000 sellers and marketers. 190+ countries, 25+ years of operations, $6B+ paid.
  • ClickBooth: Various CPA offers (CPA, CPL, CPE, CPI, CPS, CPC). Operating since 2002. Clickbooth was acquired by Centre Lane Partners in 2016. Clickbooth acquired ThriveTracker in Spring 2017. In early 2020, Clickbooth, Adperio and Ignite OPM
    were integrated to create Perform[cb], a one-stop-shop solution for performance-based online customer acquisitions
  • ClickDealer: They have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network working in several niche verticals into a global marketing agency that now provides a wide range of clients with a comprehensive kit of cost-effective advertising services. European performance marketing award, Google partner, and more.
  • ClickKy: 1B daily impressions, 5M monthly installs, over 2900 media partners. Among them are Ask.Fm, Viber, DailyMotion. 90 employees, 5 offices in 5 countries, 15,000 traffic partners. NOT WORKING (July 2023)
  • ClickOnik: Among their clients are Icici Bank, Myles, FlipKart. Location: Gurugram, India. Owned by Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
  • ClickSor: Operating for 12 years, 3M ads served per hour, 196 countries, 150,000 premium publishers. Clicksor.com Inc is a sister company of YesUp Media Inc. It was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  • ClickSure: CLOSED
  • ClicXy: 23K+ monthly installs, 530+ publishers, 5K+ active campaigns, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • ClixGalore: Sale CPA, lead CPL, click CPC. Among their partners are Interflora, ShopNatural, TimeLife.
  • CommissionFactory: Trusted by brands like BNKR, Vinomofo, FrequentFlyer. $25M in sales for their clients per month. Based in Sydney, Australia.
  • CommissionSoup: Affiliate program categories: Business, Canadian traffic allowed, consumer electronics, credit cards, financial services, insurance, tax services. Operating since 2000. Leading Cost per Action (CPA) affiliate network.
  • Convert2Media: for over 15 years Convert2Media has set the standard in Online Performance Marketing. Awards like Inc 5000, Insider top 10 CPA network, the Blue Book, 2015 best places to work. Top 10 CPA network. Steve Howe – CEO/co-founder.
  • Copeac: Over 40,000 publishing partners. COPEAC’s superior proprietary technology allows publishers to be successful across multiple interactive media outlets including search, display, email and social media. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • CPA Affiliates Network: Founded in 2012, they offer some of the highest commissions available and they’ll continue pushing for the best CPA deals possible for their affiliates whilst adding new advertisers and verticals as their network grows.
  • CPA Best Offer: Over 1M sales/leads generated, active publishers in more than 100 countries, multi-channel campaigns (CPL, CPA, CPM and CPI).
  • CPA Dawn: CLOSED
  • CPA Empire: CLOSED
  • CPA Full: Slogan: We can help you build your marketing campaign as your exclusive agency or record and help increase your brand awareness. Among their clients, you’ll find Disney, Equifax, Jamster. Location: Las Tunas, CA, USA.
  • CPA GETTI: Top offers: ointment from fungus, mask for easy breath, PhytoLife, Canon binoculars. The site is part of the Dayming Group, Belize.
  • CPA Lance: Founded in 2016 by Ruhul Ameen. All of their staff is formerly CPA online marketers and trainers. 2500 affiliates, 175 advertisers, 200 converting offers, 137 countries.
  • CPA Lead: CPA, CPI, PPC, advanced geo-targeting. Recognized by the blue book, Inc 500, and the networks product guide. Over 100 affiliate programs, customizable interstitial ads, native ads, pushup ads, banner ads, pop-under ads. Over 700,000 traffic sources and is trusted by Amazon, Netflix, Samsung.
  • CPA Lock: Incentive CPA Offers, mobile responsive CPI Offers, File Locker, Link locker, Content Locker, Offer Wall, and Smart Link. 1600 offers, examples: Nielsen computer & mobile panel, Bubble bird puzzle, Anti-theft Inc.
  • CPA Matica: Trusted by brands like Exoclick, TrafficJunky, OfferVault. A group of 20 people operating since 2015. Core verticals: dating, games, streaming. 1,000+ offers, 9M+ users, No1 in Nigeria.
  • CrakRevenue: More than 1000 offers, 10+ years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, a well-trusted CPA network. Best affiliate program GFY awards – 2012, 2013, 2014.
  • CTR.ru: NOT WORKING (July 2023).



  • DigitalConceptz: 5 years experience, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Top offers: Instant play giveaway (CPL), Amazon $1000 (CPL), Walmart $100 gift card (CPL).
  • DigitalRiver: global revenue growth simplified. 25+ years of experience, 240+ global markets, $93M in fraud prevented (2020). International expertise, payments & fraud, tax & compliance, global logistics, eCommerce insights. Codie award 2022, Tekne awards 2021, and more. USA, Brazil.
  • DMS Affiliates: Founded in early 2016. 2000+ payments, 1,000+ live offers, 100,000+ total paid in 2017, 22,000+ affiliates. Dating, Adult, Binary, Gambling/Casino, Forex, Giveaways. Over 200 email submits, over 20 CPS offers, over 10 CPL offers, over 10 CPI offers and over 100 pin-submit offers. AMong their partners are Quasar Gaming, LeoVegas, iTrader. Tradorax.



  • Ebay: 68 million active buyers shopping, 5 million sellers offering nearly $83 billion in gross merchandise annually. Plus eBay has global reach, operating in 13 countries around the world. 1.4 Billion listings, 80% new items, 183M buyers in 190 markets, 90% buy it now.
  • EffectMobi: Slogan: top partner with global publishers. 1M+ app installs, 10M+ clicks, 100M+ impressions. CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM, CPS offers. Among their clients are PopAds, LifeLock, Sears. More than 100 selected advertisers in eCommerce, gaming, and app development. Over 50 countries, 200+ GEOs. Location: Hong Kong, Chengdu, China. Founded in 2014. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • ElonLeads.ru: Another CPA platform. 500 rubles is the minimum payout to webmasters, 5% affiliate commissions, 22K+ webmasters. Location: Moscow. Perfumes, cases with socks.
  • eMediaTraffic: DISCONTINUED.
  • Evadav: The evolving ad network. They trade native, in-page, push, and popunder adsunder CPM and CPC pricing models. Serving 2+ billion impressions every day, we offer a wide range of payment options, 24-7 client care, and dedicated account managers. 30K+ publishers, 22K+ advertisers, 2M campaigns per month. Launched in 2018 as an ambitious startup, bringing together a team of top specialists and managers with vast experience in the programmatic advertising market.
  • Exelo.ru: 86 advertising offers, 20,000+ active publishers, 13,000+ sources of traffic, 337 carried out of action. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • ExoClick: 8.5B+ daily ads, 65K+ publishers, 20+ ad formats. Buy on our RTB supply-side platform, sell using our SaaS Technology. Reach high quality, active and qualified users with +5% CTRs. Target double opt-in users with our high converting Email Clicks ad format. Trusted by Kromtech, Kantox, Mobusi, DigitalPerformance. ExoClick was founded by current CEO Benjamin Fonzé, and he runs the company with his brother Adrien who is COO.
  • ExpertMobi: 10+ top verticals, 200+ countries & regions, 2000+ mobile offers. The team consists of more than 30 professionals that have more than ten years of experience in online marketing. Among their partners, you’ll find Lazada, Plarium. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • ExplodingAds: 155+ countries including United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, and United Kingdom. 80M+ unique US visitors, 150M+ visitors globally. They have partnered with Amazon, eBay, eHarmony. XXX (porn) offers mainly. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
  • EZmob: A self-serve mobile ad platform. Buy mobile traffic, set up campaigns using a self-serve interface and leverage the true power of real-time bidding. Cross-platform advertising, managed service and RTB/XML cooperation. 4B impressions daily, 80,000 publishers. Ads (display, pop, native, push).



  • FeedBurner: It’s part of the Google family. In essence, it’s AdSense ads for feeds. Helping publishers monetize their RSS feeds.
  • FintelConnect: performance marketing platform & affiliate network in financial services. 20+ years in business, 85+ financial brands, 70% average savings in acquisition, 3,500+ financial affiliates & influencers. They help banks, credit unions, enterprises, fintechs, agencies, BaaS. Resources: blog, webinars, guides, case studies, events.
  • Flickstree: content-led commerce platform. Data-driven performance marketing powered by AI. Trusted by 500+ brands worldwide. 5M+ unique users, 500M+ monthly video views, 75K+ monthly transactions, 10M+ monthly transaction value, 500+ publishers integrations. Mumbai, Singapore, Gurugram.



flexoffers affiliate network homepage

Partnerships Platform, Performance-Based Marketing

Main slogan: Partnerships at scale simplified.

Stats: 10K+ advertisers, 75K+ publishers, 65 networks.

    Other departments: FlexCash, publisher agency, influencer marketing, reputation, glossary, blog, careers, support.

    Overview: With over 12,000 affiliate programs is an award-winning affiliate marketing network. 500+ premium advertisers. Categories: automotive, business, careers, clothing, electronics, country, digital, education, energy, entertainment, family, financial, health, media, mobile, travel and more. Locations: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, San Fransisco.

    About: 15+ years, initially known as the CardOffers Partnership Network.

    Join as a publisher.




    • G4Offers: Pay per sale, pay per lead, pay per call offers. The network was founded by two super affiliates. Combined they have 15 years of experience in internet marketing. In the past, these two promoted a plethora of verticals for a variety of different networks. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
    • Glispa: Glispa is part of the MarketGroup company, offering mobile ad tech solutions. They promise features like proprietary technology (SSP & DSP), full-stack, anti-fraud, retargeting, and social media buying.
    • Glize: Mobile content, digital content, lead generation, dating, sweepstakes, nutra, utilities, eCommerce (CPA, CPL, COD, CPT, Revenue shares). Location: Zurich, St Julians, Bucharest, San Diego, Novi Sad, SanRemo, Lisabona.
    • GlobalFastAds: With campaigns catering to primary demographics including US, UK, CA and AU along with a selection of international campaigns, they work with a vast array of verticals and media channels, within both the web and mobile spaces.
    • GlobalWideMedia: Over 2 million unique audience profiles. The company operates for more than 10 years in over 100 countries and delivery partners in 80 locales. Over 5 million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales.
    • Google AdSense: In 2015, they paid out nearly $10B to their publishers. Display ads, text ads, link units, in-stream, and overlay video ads, and more.

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    GainRock: An affiliate marketing platform that bundles reliable & income-generating programs for you to get an extra profit.



    • HasOffers (TUNE): flexible SaaS platform for managing marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Over 25 billion events tracked monthly. Trusted by brands like MarketHealth, PocketMedia, LeadBolt. Operating since 2009, employing 375 people in 9 global offices.
    • HerAgency: HerAgency.com has been focused on female-oriented websites since 1995. A division of WWWomen, Inc. being founded in 1997. The company’s main location is in the San Francisco Bay area – Oakland, California. Other field locations are in Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia.
    • HootMobi: CLOSED
    • HyperTargetMarketing: Pay-per-call specialized. Call-focused mobile-optimized websites. Paid search, local listings, SEO & blogging, social media, radio, display & banners, email campaigns, TV & web video, warm transfers.



    • iMonetizeIt: an IMI Smartlink CPA platform. 6,000+ offers. Verticals: Xgames, sweepstakes, dating, niche dating, nutra. 200+ GEOs, free tracker – AdsBridge. Awards: best smartlink affiliate program 2021 & 2022, best dating affiliate program 2022.
    • ImpactRadius: Among their merchants are Lenovo, Slick deals, Caxton FX. Impact Radius was founded in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and technology experts who previously founded Commission Junction, Savings.com, and LeadPoint. Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile partnerships, business development, analytics and attribution, SaaS partnership marketing, services, and more.
    • IndustryBrains: Launched in February 2002, delivering advertiser listings to premium publisher websites. It became a part of Adiant.com in 2013 with the successful purchase and relaunch.
    • Insense: Slogan: get your brand discovered with authentic content. For consumers by consumers advertising revolution. A platform that optimizes working with creators on every level and helps brands to get custom creative assets, and to run social marketing campaigns at scale. With Insense, advertisers can source creators who are a good match for their brand or message, whether it’s a broad category, or a more niche interest. Creators on Insense are all verified by our moderation team, ensuring that their accounts and followers are real, and that they are safe for brands to work with.
    • InstaForex: 7M+ clients worldwide, over 260 offices, 1M partners, the best broker in Asia since 2009. 2 types of partnerships, coupon bonuses, 1.5-5.3 pips commission. 
    • InternetMarketersConnect: Among their clients, you’ll find ClickMagick, FreshSplits, Shopify. Beyond the offers they provide design and social media services.
    • Involve.asia: Among their advertisers, you’ll find Uber, Lazada, Malaysia Airlines. Over 550 merchants in 20 countries. Location: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia. 60K+ partners, 500+ brands, $2.6B+ total sales generated, $38.6M+ paid out to partners.
    • IQoption: Revenue share and CPA in 1 affiliate account. 178 countries, 151M+ customers, 290K+ affiliates, $250K+ earned daily by affiliates. Twice a month payments, no balance deductions, universal links.



    • JungleTap: CLOSED



    jvzoo affiliate network homepage

    Affiliate Marketing Network

    Main slogan: Selling? Sell more with us.

    Stats: 800K+ active affiliates, 18M+ product sold, 6,000+ sales daily. Named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016 and 2017.

    Categories: Business, finance, cooking, food, education, employment, foreign languages, entertainment, game systems/guides, health, fitness, gambling, internet marketing, e-commerce, green solutions, home, family, mobile, parenting, publishing, writing, software, sports.

      Other departments: Blog, support.

      Features: instant affiliate program, unlimited products, drop and click sales funnels, digital delivery protection, auto affiliate payments, never go out of pocket, JV profit sharing, dime sale tech, recurring payments, seamless integration, payment processors, instant commissions, searchable marketplace, sales notifications, one affiliate link, automatic bonus delivery, vendor cookies, 2-tier affiliate commissions, tracking and statistics, leading support, list building tech, ad manager plugin/widget, we handle taxes, keep business safe, real time tracking. 

      About: Founded in 2011.




      • Kartra: Affiliate promotions marketplace. Categories: internet marketing and eCommerce, health – beauty – fitness, self-help and personal development, parenting – family – children, sports, cooking and food, home and garden, new age/spirit, mobile, green products, finance, business, religion.
      • KitaraMedia: DISCONTINUED



      • LaserMediaGroup: A CPA Affiliate Network. Various international CPA offers for global, best-selling products and free trials. Geo-target, free trials, CPL. Location: China, Hong Kong.
      • LeadBit: Anti-parasite products, penis enlargement creams, breast enhancement cream, otency treatment products, weight loss sprays. Among their partners, you’ll find Kimia, ReflexCash, TrafficHunt.
      • Leads.su: 188 offers, Credit cards, Consumer loans, Microcredits, Deposits, Credits for business, Mortgage, Car Loans, Investments, Insurance, Debit cards, Credit services, Credit history, Money transfers. The site is Russian
      • LeadTrade: CPA & CPL offers. It’s a project of Imagination IT.
      • LinkConnector: Some of their featured merchants are SmartForLife, EverlyWell, Oakstone. The network operates for more than 10 years
      • LinkWorth: Text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and many more.



      • M1Shop: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • Madrivo: Over 100M unique customers, over $150M for advertisers, grew over 400% last year. Over 1 billion impressions, more than 8 million clicks, more than 600K conversions. Among their clients are University of Phoenix, Lasik Vision, AIG.
      • Matomy: Launched in 2007 with 400 employees, 11 offices, 5,000 active customers, 18,000 live campaigns, and 120 billion impressions per month
      • MaxBounty: 20,000+ vetted affiliates, 350+ advertisers, 2,000+ offers. Operating out of Ottawa, Canada, is one of the most popular CPA networks.
      • MediaShakers: Video, mobile, display, mobile video, native, search, rich media, social media, dataface. Locations: NY, Geneva, Barcelona, Tel Aviv. 10 years experience, 5000 managed publishers, 300K ATF placements, 400M monthly unique visitors, 65 employees.
      • Mirago: Mirago’s M3 ad server began life in 1997 as a development initiative within a company called Compsoft, who were specialists in high-performance database engines. Feeds can be CPC or CPM based. Targeting options include: Geo, demographic, source inclusion & exclusion, click/impression limits, frequency capping, behavioral.
      • Mobaloo: CLOSED
      • Mobidea: Focused on CPA advertising, they provide guides, tutorials, and videos to help their affiliates succeed. Over 30,000 Facebook fans, 100,000+ academy subscribers, 130K+ affiliates, 800+ advertisers, 6B+ clicks, 2000+ active campaigns, 200+ countries.
      • MobiOffers: Mobile installs. The site is Russian, no other information is provided
      • Mobipium: A mobile performance network. 150 markets worldwide, 800 advertisers, 10K+ tested campaigns, 500M clicks per month, 3M+ subscriptions.
      • Mobusi: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • Mobzie: Slogan: Pushing the boundaries of performance to the limit. 1000+ direct CPA offers. Examples: Smart Planet, Super Heroes, Zona Juegos, Exclusive app tips, Top protection.
      • Monetizer: Slogan: a revolutionary monetization platform that helps traffic sources, publishers & networks monetize their global inventory. 16K+ publishers, 6K+ advertisers, 400+ clicks/second, 41M clicks/day, 1.23B clicks/month. Our self-learning algorithm vAuto predicts which campaign is most likely to convert for each individual click based on an array of parameters. 7K+ unique live campaigns, 280K+ leads daily, 8.68M leads monthly, 106M leads yearly. 100M+ revenue for publishers and advertisers.
      • MonsterLeads: Fertilizers, panties, boots, plaids, t-shirts, wipes for headlights, weight magnets, seed oils and more. The site is Russian, location set in Cyprus
      • MundoMedia: NOT WORKING (July 2023)

      Sponsored Ad

      MageNet: Are you still losing $50 a day? Place contextual ads and earn money. 87K+ publishers. Website monetization: add all your websites, ad placement plugin, desired prices. Industry leader since 2008, advanced stats, full control over your ads, regular payouts, no charges. Website value calculator, universal plugin installation guide, get paid to post links, sponsored blog posts, get paid to blog, and services.



      • NamOffers: Operating since 2009. Among their advertisers you’ll find Oppur2nuity Network, Amped Media. Locations: Copenhagen, New York, Asheville. The networks belong to NordicAdMedia, Inc. They are rebuilding their site (July 2023).



      • OctoLead: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • OfferSeven: CLOSED
      • OneByAOL: CLOSED, acquired by YahooAdvertising
      • OneNetworkDirect: acquired by DigitalRiver
      • OutBrain: The open web’s discovery and native advertising feed. 1B+ traffic, 290B monthly discoveries, 55+ countries. Trusted by Hearst, CNN, MSN. Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav founded Outbrain in 2006 to solve the problem publishers had in replicating the print experience of turning a page to discover the next article or product on the web.



      • PaloMobile: Since 2010 PALO has been focused on performance-based digital marketing. Exclusive Publisher Ad Tech, Access to Our Publisher Perk Program, Owned, In-House Programs & Offers. Specialized in Pay-Per-Call.
      • PantheraNetwork: With over 3,000 publishers, Panthera generates millions of leads and/or sales per year for its advertiser clients from all over the world, including members of the Fortune 1000. In 2010, Panthera was ranked on the BLUE BOOK Top 20 CPA Networks. In 2009, 2012 and 2014, Panthera was ranked a Top 50 Affiliate Network by Website Magazine.
      • Partnerize: Partnerize delivers the software platform and expert service that help the world’s leading brands create operating leverage by turning their partnerships channels into profit centers. 1800+ leading brands. 214+ countries and territories. Partnerize joined forces with Pepperjam and BrandVerity to establish the leading global solutions provider for affiliate marketing and partner automation including brand monitoring and compliance. Partnerize is driving more than $7B in transactions with an ecosystem of 750,000+ partners, including 250,000+ influencers. Partnerize services clients across industries including retail/e-commerce, D2C, travel, finance, telecom, subscriptions, and gaming
      • PartnersEdge: Offers: payday, installment, hybrid, auto, insurance. In-house and exclusive third-party cash loan lead offers. A private Rev Share and CPA network that pays affiliates commissions for qualified leads generating from their own website, email and/or social marketing. CPA, CPM.
      • PartnerStack: 500+ growing B2B SaaS companies. Affiliate partners, referral partners, reseller partners. Marketplace of 80,000+ active SaaS partners, including agencies, resellers, and marketers.
      • PayKickStart: billing, retention, and affiliate platform. Tax and accounting, reporting, subscription management, revenue retention, accept payments, checkout experience, affiliate management, security & compliance. 9,600+ businesses powered, $1B+ processed, 4.5M transactions. For course creators, software & SaaS, coaches & consultants, agencies, physical product sellers, digital product creators.
      • PaySale: 1B daily impressions, 5M monthly installs, over 2900 media partners. Among them are Ask.Fm, Viber, DailyMotion. 90 employees, 5 offices in 5 countries, 15,000 traffic partners.
      • PeerFly: 20,000+ vetted affiliates, 350+ advertisers, 2,000+ offers. Operating out of Ottawa, Canada, is one of the most popular CPA networks. They promised to return in 2023.
      • PepperJam: Among their clients are Puma, PBS, Dr. Martens. Backed by Permira Funds and Banneker Partners, Pepperjam is taking a leadership position in the hyper-evolving performance marketing space by accelerating our unique offering driven by technology, data, and world-class services. They are joining Partnerize.
      • PepperStonePartners: IB program for regulated brokers, fund managers bespoke MAM solutions, up to $1,200 CPA for affiliates, mobile friendly marketing tools, earn at each stage of your client’s trading journey, dedicated conversion specialists, daily payouts, multi-level rebate tiers.
      • Perform (cb): outcome-based marketing. For marketers, advertisers, app developers, service providers, agencies, media buyers, web developers, and affiliates. Verticals: downloads and security software, eCommerce, entertainment & lifestyle, health & wellness, finance, and more. Various awards: top app marketing companies 2022, top mobile advertising companies 2022, and more. Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform[cb] experienced exponential organic growth allowing the company to complete a series of strategic acquisitions including Adperio, IgniteOPM, and Digital Remedy’s Direct Business; providing unique outcome-based solutions for modern marketers and affiliate partners.
      • PerformanceHorizon: acquired by Partnerize.
      • PerforamnceRevenues: acquired by Zoomd in 2021.
      • PlatformLead: Digital marketing, real estate, oil & gas.A CPA based affiliate network. They have exclusive and high converting offers on different vertical which include but not limited to Loan & Payday, Health & Beauty, Diet, Mobile install, Forex, Binary, Gambling, Download, Pin Submit. They are open to all different legitimate traffic types and encourage their publishers to be creative in their promotions.
      • PointClickTrack: The network is located in a small town in the Heartland of America. The owner: Ken Anglemyer. The platform was built from the ground up in 2008. 34K+ publishers, 1400+ campaigns, 3700+ days worked.
      • PX: The platform optimizes performance, generates deep insights, and gives you greater control over your marketing programs through effective lead, call and appointment campaigns.500+ pre-integrated and pre-vetted sources of direct publishers with millions of consumer inquiries per month, organized by vertical and channel. Real-time dynamic pricing, pre-integrated lead verification, sales-data performance measures, and much more.2K+ active lead campaigns, 800+ websites, 500+ publishers, 15 vertical industries, 50M buyer-seller interactions, 5M consumer inquiries per month. Founded in 2010 as ReviMedia by two demand-gen experts and best friends.



      • QpidAffiliate: CPA and CPL dating offers. Partners with AsiaMe.com, CharmDate.com, LatamDate.com.



      • RainMaker: Email, SMS, mobile, desktop, display, social, video, native offers. Location: London, UK. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • RakutenAdvertising: Best affiliate marketing platform for 12 consecutive years. DigiDay technology awards, mThink Blue Book best affiliate network. 25+ years in the industry, 1.2B+ consumers reached, 200M+ orders, 4.3B+ clicks. Affiliate marketing, display advertising, influencer marketing, media buying, paid search, paid social, financial services, retail, travel.
      • Refersion: by Pantastic. Drive ecommerce growth from influencer & affiliate marketing programs for DTC channels powered by Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more. 60K+ brands. Affiliates, influencers, ambassadors. $366M affiliate commissions, 614+ orders processed daily, $2B affiliate revenue tracked, 6.6M affiliates managed.
      • RevenueWire: 100s advertisers, 25,000+ marketing partners, multiple acquisition models supported (CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI+), 200+ countries, 1 billion installs. Trusted by brands like Adidas, ParetoLogic, Comodo. UPDATE (July 2023) – they say: a big thank you! CLOSED?
      • ReviMedia: acquired by PX.
      • Rextopia: Get a jump on pay-per-call—the trend that is changing the face of performance marketing—with RexConnects, brought to you by Rex Direct Net. Average conversion rate 30-50%, lead credit reliability 99%, access to customer profile Caller ID, average price per call $10. RexDirectNet, the parent company of the Rextopia Affiliate Network. Founded in 2001 by Jennine T. Rexon. RexDirect: verticals: education, insurance, healthcare, home services, market research, retail, jobs, travel.
      • RingPanther: A Pay-Per-Call specialized marketplace. Top verticals: auto services & parts, appliance repair & installation, health, auto and life insurance, medical services & devices, home services, legal services. Founded in 2013 by a couple of digital marketing veterans. Smartphones changed the landscape of direct marketing and the team at RingPartner recognized that there was a better way to instantly connect consumers with the products and services that they wanted.
      • RunCPA: NOT WORKING (July 2023).



      • SalesDoubler: Among their clients, you’ll find Lamoda, Rabota, Superdeal.ua. Location: Kiev. Auto, accessories, food, health, beauty, furniture, education, products for adults, products for children and more.
      • Sellineo: Slogan: change your vision, aim higher. Among their clients, you’ll find Hodgkinson publishing, Zonterest. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • Shakes.pro: Another Russian site, not much information available
      • ShareResults: acquired by FintelConnect.
      • SirenLTD: Slogan: we stand behind our promises. Display ads utilizing custom DPM technology, paid search, SEM marketing, content marketing, social media ads, mobile. 850M+ leads and customers delivered to their clients, 400+ clients, 137 countries, 27 unique verticals, 30+ languages. Trusted by brands like Microsoft, Zalora, Jumia. Based in Switzerland, with staff across North America and Europe. They help large centralised companies, franchisors, manufacturers with a centralised dealer network. Industries: home improvement, home repairs, aging in place, financial services, and more. 150K+ daily visitors, 30K+ weekly leads, 100% exclusivity.
      • SmartADV: A continuously updated database of over 270M consumers and 14M businesses. Location: Palm Beach, Florida USA. Was founded by a team of investment banking professionals with a collective 100 years of consulting and business experience Advertising, lead generation, creative services, publishing.
      • SonarClick: CLOSED
      • Systeme: All-in-one marketing platform with an affiliate marketplace attached. Offers and affiliate programs: Infoproducts, services, templates, physical products, software. Tools & platform: sales funnels, email marketing, website builder, affiliate program management, business automation, evergreen webinars, online courses, blogging, sell products. Aurelian Amacker, founder. For course creators, freelancers, consultants, small business owners. Overview of Systeme’s Marketing platform.



      shareasale affiliate network homepage

      Affiliate Marketing Platform

      Main slogan: Infinite partnerships, one solution.


      • Merchants: solutions, tools, recruitment, support, pricing
      • Agencies: solutions, tools, recruitment, support
      • Affiliate: solutions, tools, payments, support, merchant preview
      • Products: Home & garden, fashion, green products, business, marketing, arts & music, family & kids, food & drink, education, health, sports, wedding.

      Other departments: blog, careers, data processing.

      About: 25K+ merchants, 270K+ active publishers, 200M sales in 2022, 1300 employees, 17 offices, 22 years in business. In 2017, it was acquired by Affiliate Window. Various industry awards. Chicago IL.




      • Taffiliate: iGaming affiliate network since 2013. New Casino better-converting offers, new sports betting brands. 231 affiliates, 79 advertisers, 198 iGaming brands, 26 countries. Featured brands: BooCasino, LeoVegas, PlanetCasino. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • Tapgerine: 7,000 satisfied partners, 5 offices worldwide, 52 employees. Banners, videos, interstitials, native ads and more (CPI, CPA, CPM). NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • Targeleon: Weekly payments, various ad formats, premium mobile and desktop offers. The entry cost for advertisers is set to $25. Top offers: Lazada, Forge of Empires, Grab – cars, bikes & taxis booking app. Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA. Ad network working on CPC and CPM business models. Targeleon is an Ad network with its own platform which was founded in 2014. Ad formats: push notifications, native ads, in-page push, pop traffic, calendar notifications.
      • TerraLeads: Large partners network in Europe, Asia, USA, and CIS. More than 300 managers, their own certified products in Europe. 101 countries, 3821 own CoD offers, processing 50K leads daily.
      • TopAdsMedia: Slogan: Are you sick of running ads that bring you low profit or no profit at all? CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC offers. $25 cashout threhsold. NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • Tractas: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • TradeDoubler: They have 18 years of digital marketing expertise and 350 people based in 10 countries. Trusted by brands like Groupon, Microsoft, MediaMarkt. Performance marketing & tecnology solutions. 3K+ advertisers, 180K+ active publishers, 2.4B+ revenue for clients in 2022, 60K+ active influencers, 2.2M+ app installs since 2020. 15 offices, 300+ employees, 84 business countries.
      • TradeTracker: Trusted by brands like VisualMeta, Zaplo, Kreditech. 23 countries, 4 continents, 20 offices, 170 employees. Ads categories: Adult, animals, books, finance, food, health, beauty, lottery, party supplies. 5,000 merchants, 250K+ publishers, offices in 25 countries.
      • TrafficCompany: In-house click to call and mobile content offers. Awards (YNOT, XBIZ, GAELIC). 10K+ active publishers, 195+ connected countries, 50+ in-house click to call countries, 10+ in-house mobile content countries. Dedicated account manager, reliable weekly payouts, automatic optimization, 5% referral bonus. Trusted by Zeropark, Voluum, AdsBridge, ExoClick.  CPA network. In-house click-to-call, mobile content, and dating offers.





      • ValuLeads: A dynamic, fast-growing agency established in 2009.
      • vCommission: NOT WORKING (July 2023).
      • ViceOffers: CLOSED
      • VIP Offers: CLOSED
      • Visiqua: Performance Marketing Firm that accelerates customer acquisition by connecting with users throughout the ideal customer journey. Lead Generation, CPA Campaigns, CPA-brand awareness campaigns, CRM development and owned & operated website traffic. Visiqua, part of the Boulder Heavy Industries family, was founded to be the performance marketing arm of the group, spinning off from an already impressive history that represented brands like Chili’s, Tracfone, Big 5, Proactiv and other major spenders in performance media.



      • W4: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • WapEmpire: NOT WORKING (July 2023)
      • WarriorForum: The world’s largest internet marketing community and affiliate marketplace. 
      • WarriorPlus: Best-in-class sales & marketing automation platform and marketplace for digital business owners and online marketers.
      • WebGains: Among their partners are Nike, Samsung, Oakley. 1,800 advertisers, 250,000 publishers, 150+ countries. Webgains was founded in 2004 and since 2006 it’s been part of the ad pepper media International N.V., which is listed on the stock market.
      • WeveMedia: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS offers. Verticals: mobile, adult/dating, nutra, utility, games, sweepstakes, eCommerce. Among their clients, you’ll find: ClickDealer, Avazu holding, Hilltop Ads. Headquarters: Singapore. 10+ years in business, 1500+ publishers, 760+ advertisers.
      • WhiteMobi: CPI offers, CPA offers, pin submit offers, and more. Content locker, Smartlink, App Wall, iOS & Android SDK. Lifetime 5% referral commissions of your referrals revenue. Offers: skin care, hair care, diet and weight loss, teeth whitening, muscle enhancement, brain.
      • WowTRK: Since its start in 2007, WOW Trk has been dedicated to providing a friendly and professional service to its Affiliates and Advertisers. Constantly advancing and moving with the times has allowed the company to grow, now working with over 10,000 Affiliates. Trusted by brands like Nielsen, Booking, Dodo. It’s part of the WowMedia, an online marketing company.



      • XM: Partner with a trusted global broker. Affiliates and IBs from 196 countries. Up to $650 CPA, no limits on commissions, 25 languages supported, personal account manager, weekly, payments, no setup fee.



      • YahooAdvertising: Ad solutions worth yodeling about. Future-proof audiences. Massive scale. Mind-blowing performance. 335M logged in users, 625M unique user profiles, 1-1 relationships, diverse data, privacy first, Direct consumer relationships. Powerful cross-screen data. Targeting solutions that outsmart the cookie.
      • YTZ: International performance network. They cover 150+ countries and all devices. Traffic types include pops, display, redirect, email, and more. Among their clients are PeerFly, MaxBounty, AdSupply. CEO is Max Dennis. Location: Toronto, Canada. 10+ years in business, 196 GEOs, 1500+ offers.



      • ZeroParallel: It’s a global network of affiliates who generate leads and where advertisers filter and choose to sell their products and services. Affiliates are paid “per lead”. ZP Cares is a dedicated charity division, which makes contributions to qualified charitable organizations. Services: direct call, open market for affiliates, watchdog.
      • ZeroPark: A self-serve advertising platform for your performance marketing campaigns. 3 ad formats (Push Notifications, Pop, Domain Redirect). 1.6B+ monthly available clicks. Push CPC, Pop CPV, Domain CPV. Top verticals (shopping & travel, desktop downloads, dating, eCommerce, app downloads. Target by geos, keywords, devices, carriers, OS versions and more. A/B test your Push Ads creatives by distributing traffic among up to five ad variants. 5000 active advertisers, 37,000 running campaigns, 3.5B ads served daily. 
      Tasos Perte Tzortzis

      Tasos Perte Tzortzis

      Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

      Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

      Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.

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      The community that helped me build the business of my dreams online

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      1. Affrise Media

        Hi Tasos,

        Firstly, you are doing a great job by creating a directory for advertising and affiliate networks. This will be very helpful for a lot of brands and publishers as well. We are also an affiliate Network so please let me us know how we can be included on this list?

        • Tasos

          Hi there Affrise Media from India

          Thanks for contacting and for your kind words. I visited your site, we’d happily add you to this list. Please refer to this page for more information. If you have an affiliate program let me know.

          Best wishes.

      2. IcyAds

        Great post Tasos, can you include IcyAds.com to this great list ?

        • Tasos


          Yes, we can add your brand to this catalog. I’ve sent you an email. Thanks for contacting us!

          • IcyAds

            Hello Tasos

            I have not received any mail.

            • Tasos

              Hi, I’ve sent an email to the address you provided with your comment

              • IcyAds

                Can you please mail again to the mail address with this comment

              • Tasos


                We’ll be sending you an email tomorrow, we had some tech issues. I’m sorry for the delay.

      3. Adrenalead

        Hello Tasos!

        You have created a very informative listing.
        We are Adrenalead- Advertising network of Web Push Notifications.
        How can we be added on this listing?

        Thanks in advance

        • Tasos

          Hi Mariam

          Thanks for contacting us and for your kind words. We can add your brand to the current directory with an overview of your services. You’ll be enlisted on 2 pages, and we’ll add your brand to other related catalogs as well as a bonus. For more information, I refer you to this page.


          Let me know if this works for you.

      4. EZmob

        Great post Tasos, how can I include our ad network EZmob.com to this great list of companies?

        • Tasos

          Thanks for letting me know. I added it!

      5. JohnB

        Wow, great post. You just summed up almost every affiliate network out there. Your page is a great starting point for someone who wants to join affiliate networks but doesn’t know how many exist or what network serves their niche. I also like your inventory. For some reason, however, the quick navigation button is not working. Is it supposed to be like that?

        • Tasos

          Hi John, thanks for your kind words and for letting me know about the navigation button. I checked it, it should be working now. When you click on a letter it should bring on the Visit Page “Letter” option in the middle of this table.


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