Why You Need A Content Marketer Today


Oct 14, 2021


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What does a content marketer do?

The idea that you need a good marketing strategy for a successful business isn’t new. Of course, there are various marketing strategies.  But as nowadays businesses need to have an online presence, we hear more often that сontent marketing is the best option!

Until several years ago, сontent marketing was still a new and exciting thing, and many of us were still learning about it. Then, quicker than any other strategy, it started to be seen as a marketing powerhouse of nearly every business across industries. Wherever you go now and whomever you talk to, everyone will tell you content marketing is the king, or a new SEO (search engine optimization), etc. Many will say that it is the only valuable marketing strategy.

The importance of content strategies is linked to their ability to improve your website traffic. Content plays a critical role in raising awareness and generating leads, which then contributes to increased sales.

In simple terms, it means that you will attract visitors to your website by providing good content.

Consequently, it means that you will get more customers, which is the ultimate goal whether you have a website or something else.

Now, you may think, “Okay, that all sounds wonderful in theory! But I still don’t understand what exactly the job of a content marketer is?

“If that is the case, don’t worry! Nowadays, we are hearing a lot of similar terms such as content creator, copywriter, content marketing, etc.  We have to admit, it sounds confusing.

Here you will find everything you wanted to know about content marketing jobs, but you were too embarrassed to ask.

Why You Need A Content Marketer Today


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What is Content Marketing?

Okay, we know the traditional marketing strategies are not as effective as they used to be. But what is content marketing?

The online resource for information called Content Marketing Institute defines it as a technique of creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience. The objective of it is to achieve profitable customer action.

We believe that the accent here is on the word valuable.

The fact that content marketers work to provide valuable content, makes this concept different from any other strategy.   You can say something can be part of content marketing campaigns if people want to consume it rather than avoiding it. 

A piece of content could be seen as an ad or valuable content, depending on the reaction of each consumer.  But of course, the point of content marketing is to show the value of all types of content to your target audience

Now we can imagine that all this sounds utterly confusing and that you still have no clue what it is and how you can benefit from it.

That is why we will talk more about the content creation and other tasks of a сontent marketer. 

What Does A Content Marketer Do?

Some people believe that the only thing content marketers do is writing blog posts. In reality, however, the job involves much more than that. 

First of all, whether he or she works as an individual or in a content marketing team, they need to have profound knowledge of their audience’s needs and wants

What do readers want to know? How do they search for information? What kind of headline inspires them to read the entire article? 

These are only a few questions a content team needs to answer.

After that, they need to be able to measure the performance of the content and figure out how and what to improve.  That involves tracking clicks, shares, bounces, etc. 

Content marketers also need to create an editorial calendar that includes case studies, research, tweets, videos, blogs, emails, webinars, presentations, etc. 

Then they have to send all that across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. 

Apart from that, they have to direct the content to different audiences at various stages of progression to achieve sales.

Of course, the main goal of a successful marketer in general, including a сontent marketer, is Return on Investment (ROI).

If readers are becoming customers, the job is successfully done.

Skills Successful Content Marketers Have


We all love good stories, don’t we?  Logically, a good content marketer needs to be able to create good content, and that means telling a compelling story.

If you are just stating the facts, chances are that people will experience your work as too dry. That will lead them to drop the text altogether.

There is also a chance that they will forget what they read. 

The best storytelling technique is the Hero Journey technique. The hero is the target audience who is on the quest to conquer the giant. Your role is to be a wise person who will teach them how to do it. 


We are living in a consumerist world, and the fact is that advertising plays a critical role in it.

That said, we have to admit that a tremendous amount of content is being published every day.

So here is the thing!

Your job is to produce content that will be more attractive to the clients and customers than the one your competitors are producing.

For this, you need to develop excellent copywriting skills

One of the best ways to do that is to mirror what other successful content marketers did.  While reading something, ask yourself what makes you continue reading. Then apply that to your texts. 

Strategic Planning

If your goal is to deliver the best content, you need to develop a good strategy.  That is because every company has a unique branding.

That will dictate what kind of content you will have to publish and for which target audience.

A good content marketing strategy implies that you need to understand which marketing channels the company wants to use and where they can reach out the most of their target audience.

Project Management

Project or let’s say content management is the process of collection, delivery, and overall management of information needed.

In this case, it implies that you need to combine the knowledge and skills with various tools and techniques, so you can complete the task in time and with the prospect of good results.

You need to develop your workflow process to make sure that everything goes as planned.  Managing your projects means that you need to be time conscious of the tasks you could delegate to some other members of the team. 

Collaboration Skills

Speaking of the team, we must not forget to mention that besides being someone who provides quality content, every content marketer needs to be a team player.

Believe it or not, research shows that many projects fail because of the lack of collaboration in the workplace.

What does it mean in practice?

You need to take it upon yourself to learn about the background and values of the people you will be working with.

You also need to be an active listener and give people space and time to express their ideas, desires, etc. 

Why Businesses Need Content Marketing

It Builds Trust

Creating and publishing attractive new content regularly is something that inspires trust in your audience.

Here is the thing.

When people come to your website and see that there are new exciting texts about new products or a guide on using a certain product, they get the impression that you care about them.

Apart from that the more cohesive content generation there is, the more you will seem like an expert in your field.

And people love to hire experts, don’t they?

You Can Take Advantage of Organic Search

Most of us are using the Internet when we are deciding on whether or not to buy something, right? 

That means that we heavily rely on search engines, such as Google, to find what we need. 

A good content marketing strategy is designed in a way to enable your business to be high-ranked in those searches. 

Simply put, it means that if you hire a good content marketer, he or she will provide you with the content that will make your pages appear first. 

It Attracts Ideal Buyers

By now, you understand that good content attracts plenty of readers, right?

But maybe you are thinking…

“My goal is not just to publish texts for free so people can read!”

Fortunately, this is not what it is about. 

Not only that it attracts readers and makes them come again, but it also turns them into ideal buyers.

Content marketing will make your business available for new clients who are actively searching for it. 

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Bottom Line

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever. That is why if you want to be successful, you need to present yourself as super credible and reliable, and there is no better strategy than content marketing for it.

Of course, every content marketer will tell you that there isn’t such thing as an overnight success. 

But if you start now, before you know it, your audience will start looking at you as someone who has the solution for all of their problems!

Have you thought of becoming a content marketer? Maybe you want to hire one? 

Arthur Rowley

Arthur Rowley

Freelance Writer

Arthur Rowley is a freelance writer. He mainly specializes in the design and the game industry. He works with 777spinslot.com  and likes everything to do with design and video games. He looks into the future of technology and is very excited about its daily metamorphosis and hopes in the future for what lies behind the curtain of technological development.



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