You're Reading:The Ultimate Guide to Use an iPad Survey to Grow Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Use an iPad Survey to Grow Your Business


Jan 14, 2022


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Businesses largely depend on customer feedback to understand their requirements and collect insightful data to develop products. Customers’ reviews and suggestions help you to make informed business decisions. There are several ways to capture customer data; an iPad survey is one of the best ways to collect real-time feedback.

Thanks to compact devices like smartphones and tablets, it is easy for you to conduct surveys digitally and collect information easily, no matter where your customers are.

Thus, you can use an iPad survey system to collect essential information from your respondents.

The Ultimate Guide to Use an iPad Survey

to Grow Your Business

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What is the iPad Survey?

The iPad Survey is a feedback form run on iOS Devices like iPads and iPhones.

iPad Surveys can be set up as unattended touchscreen kiosks to take feedback on-premises or handed over to the guest or customer after an interaction.

For instance, iPad Survey App can be used at restaurants and hotels to take feedback from diners and guests, at hospitals to take feedback post-discharge or post-appointment, and at events and exhibitions to capture leads and contact information.

Why use an iPad Survey?

According to Statista, iPads helps businesses to reduce costs by 75% and cut downtime by 45%. Besides on-premises, real-time feedback, the iPad survey is popular for the other noticeable benefits it holds.

Let’s explore some major benefits that persuade you to deploy the iPad survey system for data collection.

In-moment Feedback

It is fruitful to capture customer experience when the experience is fresh in their mind. And if your customers are miffed, they are likely to share experiences instantly, and this provides you with the opportunity to address and resolve customers’ issues quickly to change their minds. It will double your profit along with your business growth.

You can take real-time on-premise customer feedback by handing over the iPad device to your customers. For instance, you want to capture the instant dine-in experience of your guests, and you can hand them an iPad survey device at the time of billing, where they can record their fresh experience. It further helps you to quickly identify the issue and resolve it to change their perception.

Quick & Easy to set up

You can easily set up an iPad survey system using an iPad Survey Tool. Such a tool enables you to create, distribute, manage, and analyze iPad surveys with just a few clicks.

For this, you do not need any special knowledge or any technical skill. You can easily log in to the web dashboard to choose the right feedback template and add appropriate survey questions to take customer feedback.

Customizable, great-looking surveys

The iPad screen can be perfectly used for surveys. It provides you the maximum space to present your survey in an extraordinary way to engage your respondents. This digital feedback system provides in-built survey templates and advanced a survey builder to create customizable surveys with a perfect look and feel. You can customize every element of your survey, from the company branding to font color to the background image and more.

Personalized and Intuitive Surveys with Multiple Languages and Survey Logic

Customers are likely to respond to relevant surveys quickly as they don’t take much time. Survey Logic personalizes the survey experience for your audiences by making your survey short and effective. Survey logic enables your respondents to skip a particular question based on the choices selected.

Offline Surveys, without WiFi

Surveys in iPad devices can run without the Internet and WiFi. iPad Survey device stores all the customer feedback data in the iPad and syncs to the cloud once WiFi is back.

Capture Unattended Feedback

It is not always possible for staff to attend to the iPad feedback device. So, the iPad feedback system can be used as an iPad Feedback Kiosk device to attend the unattended feedback. With iPad kiosk devices, customers will not be able to exit the feedback form. For this, you can easily customize the settings like – set the restart time of the feedback form, inactivity timeout, and other such settings where staff assistance is not required.

You can ideally use the iPad Kiosk Survey at various customer touchpoints like airports, visiting areas in hospitals, billing counters, cafeterias, malls, and other locations where it is not possible for staff to attend to the feedback device.

Real-time Responses & Detailed Reports

iPad Survey Tool provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to view responses in real-time and helps your team monitor every feedback quickly. It also provides detailed feedback analysis & reports based on which you can easily strategize your actions to solve customer issues. Also, survey reporting helps you to discover innovative ideas to improve the product and business.

Close the Feedback Loop

Usually, while analyzing responses, different customers have different issues, some may have recurring, and some have personal. An iPad survey tool provides custom alerts and filters. Alerts & notifications provide real-time Email or SMS notifications when a new response has been submitted.

You can also create quick filters and segregate the customer issues as per their nature. It helps you to address every issue efficiently and ensure surefire solutions to improve the customer experience. It further helps you to close the customer feedback loop at a positive end.

3 Ways to use iPad Surveys to Grow your Business

One thing is clear: you need an iPad Survey to improve your products, services and grow your business. But it is equally important for you to understand how you can effectively use the iPad Survey to get actionable feedback.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled 3 effective ways to use iPad Surveys to collect in-the-moment feedback.

Lead Capture at Events

Business events like trade shows, exhibitions provide you with opportunities to connect with your potential customers and get potential leads. This iPad survey system helps you to turn your interaction into potential leads. You can capture customer data or leads smartly by turning your iPad device into a kiosk setup where your attendees can fill surveys or registration forms without any assistance. Captured customer information helps you to pitch your audiences and turn them into your customers.

How iPad Survey Apps Make Leads Capturing Process Easy at Events?

iPad Survey App offers comprehensive lead capture solutions that cover all important aspects of the lead capture process. It systematically streamlines the process of data collection and storage even in the internet-disabled environment.

Let’s explore some unique features of an ideal iPad Survey App that enable you to capture leads efficiently in the trade shows and events:

  • Offline Functionality – as discussed above, offline functionality is the crucial feature of an iPad survey app that makes it stand apart from other lead capturing tools. Internet connectivity is the main reason that keeps most business owners away from iPads and Tablets.
  • Lead Routing – Collecting leads in an event offers the business a great opportunity to set up a strong customer base. The Lead Routing System helps you categorize your leads according to your targeted audiences and their custom requirements. Further, these segregated leads are automatically sent to the different sales departments to contact them and immediately serve them with what they want. For Instance, A company is involved in selling laptop hardware and software products. Lead routing automatically segregates the leads interested in hardware and software. So, leads interested in hardware are automatically sent to the hardware customer support or sales department. The leads interested in the software are sent automatically to the software customer support or sales department.
  • Lead Scoring – It enables the business to capture qualified leads. In this lead management system, the leads are segregated based on the customers’ level of interest or engagement at the event. For instance, say, if you are exhibiting your newly developed Marketing & Sales Management Tool and that tool is meant for everyone like CEOs, CXOs, Executive levels. Then in this scenario, you can segregate the leads into different categories like company size of customers, job title, industry sphere, etc. Lead Scoring helps your sales support team to attend to every hot lead efficiently.
  • Instant Follow Up – iPad Survey Software enables you to route and score your lead data and prioritize your schedule for following up a hot lead needed to be immediately contacted during the event. There might be chances that your lead gets converted, and you get new business opportunities.

Real-time Customer Feedback

In-moment feedback helps you to capture the fresh experience of your customers. If you capture the feedback later, then your customer may not be in the mood to give your reliable feedback.

The iPad Survey Tool captures on-premises feedback and allows your respondents to give instant real-time feedback without peer pressure. All you need to do is simply hand over the iPad Feedback device at the moment. You can also turn your iPad survey device into an on-premises touchscreen Kiosk. Install your kiosk devices on different touchpoints to get in-moment feedback.

This quick feedback system helps you quickly identify customer issues and fix them to improve their experience and stop them from churning.

Issue Redressal at Customer Service Desks

Suppose your customers visit your customer service or help desk with some issues. Your customer support team will assist them and listen to their queries. Once the customer issues are resolved, you can hand over an iPad survey device or install a kiosk, where your customers can share their experience about how your customer support team solves their queries. Here you can ask the Customer Effort Score (CES) survey question to get an idea of the efforts customers have put into getting their queries resolved.


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How to use iPad Surveys in different industries?

iPad surveys are fit for business and can be efficiently used across different industry verticals – hospitals, healthcare units, restaurants, hotels, retailers, and more.

Let’s see how iPad surveys collect feedback and help you effectively deploy the survey data to improve customer experience and business conversions.

Hospital or Healthcare Center

With the rising exposure and medical awareness, you need to identify patients’ expectations and implement the changes to improve the care & treatment process. It further helps you to improve the patient experience as well. There are various touchpoints in a hospital or a healthcare center where you can quickly capture in-moment patient feedback:

  • On-Premises Feedback at Hospitals – For Outpatients. Whether inpatient or outpatient, give your patients the freedom to give feedback at every touchpoint and encourage them to share their likes, dislikes, requirements, and suggestions. To capture on-Premises Feedback at the hospital, you can install Kiosk-based feedback devices at various locations like visitor’s lounges, pharmacies, outside doctor’s clinics to capture in-moment real-time patient feedback.
  • Post-Appointment Surveys for Inpatients. Post-appointment, patients encounter a series of experiences like staff quickness, staff behavior, availability of medicine, experience with the doctor, etc. These experiences are enough based on which your patients perceive the overall care & treatment and your hospital. You can hand over the iPad survey device post-appointment or install a kiosk device at different locations like reception or outside the doctor’s clinic, at the pharmacy to capture their real-time patient experience. It helps you quickly identify the patients’ recurring issues and take immediate actions to improve patient satisfaction.
  • Post Discharge Surveys for Inpatients. You can share a Post Discharge Patient Feedback Form via an iPad survey device to gauge the core satisfaction level of the in-patient. You can hand over the iPad Survey device either to patients themselves or their relatives. 


Whenever your visitors or guests check out from your hotel or step out of your restaurant, they build a perception about you. This perception is based on what they experienced at your restaurant. So you need to track the satisfaction and experience of your guests and visitors.

  • Dine-in Experience. In a restaurant business serving good food is not enough. Besides good food, there are other factors like menu, pricing, ambiance, hygiene, and overall dine-in services that determine the success of your restaurant business. Therefore, you can focus on these areas by seeking Dine-in Feedback post a meal. You can hand over the iPad device having a Dine-in Feedback Form to your visitors at the time of billing to capture a real-time dining experience. This helps you gain information about different aspects like food quality, speed of service, order accuracy, cleanliness, overall service quality, etc. You can also integrate your iPad Survey Tool with your restaurant system to automate the trigger of the Dine-in Restaurant Feedback Survey at various touchpoints like post-lunch or dinner or while giving bills.
  • Post Delivery Feedback. If you are a food delivery company or a restaurant owner giving food delivery service and a logistic service provider, then measuring a post-delivery survey is important for your business. Your delivery agent can capture instant on-the-spot customer feedback about delivery by giving an iPad survey device having a feedback form. This helps you to discover various important aspects of your delivery services – the quality of your food, your packaging, the behavior of your delivery agent, and so on.

Hotels & Resorts

You can use an iPad survey system to capture in-moment guest feedback.

  • Kiosk Feedback at Reception. You can install a Kiosk survey device at the reception where your guest can give feedback during check-in and check-out. It helps you capture your guests’ overall experience and get their suggestions to improve your hotel’s services.
  • Hand over iPad Survey Device to Guest. You can tell your housekeeping team members to hand over the iPad survey device to the guests at their convenience. It enables you to get real-time feedback about your housekeeping services and keep them on their toes to act on issues instantly and improve guests’ experience.
  • Location-based feedback at Spas, Gyms, Restaurants, and more. At your hotel, guests encounter various experiences at different places – restaurants, spas, gyms, and more. Install a kiosk survey device at these places. It allows your guests to share their experiences with these services.

Events, Trade Shows, and Exhibitions

Trade shows, exhibitions, and events are great sources to publicize your brand. It provides you with lucrative opportunities that levitate the conversion rate for your business. With the iPad Survey Tool, you can easily collect real-time data and capture leads at events, trade shows, or in the field.

  • Event Check-In Feedback & Registration. An iPad survey system can be efficiently utilized pre and during the event, trade show, or exhibition for registration and check-in feedback. You can use a customized iPad survey registration form in an iPad device or iPad Kiosks that enables you to capture attendees’ data.
  • Event Lead Capture at Booths. Incorporated iPad kiosk survey devices at your booth can turn your booth into an engaging station. Here you can effortlessly capture attendees’ attention and data by displaying different content, including surveys, registration forms, professional games, and other business promotional marketing activities.
  • During Event Feedback. If it is a small-scale event with fewer attendees, you can capture on-the-spot feedback using the iPad Surveys. You can hand over the iPad survey device to know the ongoing qualitative and quantitative data on the attendees’ experience. 
  • Event Feedback at Exit. To capture the on-the-spot attendees’ feedback about the overall performance of your event, you can set up a kiosk survey device at an exit point. In a kiosk-based survey, you can ask your attendees how the event was, what did you like & dislike most about the event, do you have any suggestions to share, and so on. This helps you to predict the future behavior of attendees and optimize the future event.

Stores and Retail Centers

You can effectively deploy an iPad Survey Tool to get real-time feedback from shoppers at retail stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, and malls. This helps you understand your shoppers’ overall likes and dislikes, what they like to purchase, and whatnot. Moreover, it helps you to discover the potential to improve your store and shopping experience.

There are various touchpoints where you can measure the real-time experience of your shoppers to improve their shopping experience.

  • Customer Information. Run iPad Survey contests to get customer information on the spot. You can easily hand over your iPad devices to your customers and tell them to fill the survey. So, to collect customer information, you can open your survey with an introduction screen where customers can give some crisp information about themselves. Try to avoid asking for too much customer information. You can also reward your customers for filling surveys.
  • Post Purchase Feedback. Capture in-moment on-store purchase experience of your shoppers using iPad survey device or installing kiosk survey setup at bill counter. Shoppers can record their purchase feedback. When your customer gives you negative feedback, the iPad kiosk device quickly creates an alert for the team to act upon the response and solve the customer issues.


Thus, choosing iPad Survey helps you to capture the real-time customer feedback data at the moment at any customer touchpoints. It also gives you the ability to analyze your survey responses through real-time feedback reporting.

This helps you collaborate with your team to understand customers’ pain points and efficiently resolve the issues. It further improves customer satisfaction and boosts your business growth.

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