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SeneGence | Solid Product Line – Retail & Downline Commissions

by Tasos


Mar 8, 2017



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Nov 29:

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Today I deal with an old MLM company founded back in 1999. A privately owned network marketing brand developing and selling personal care products that aim to make a positive contribution to women everywhere. These opportunities are always popular among marketers, wannabe entrepreneurs and anyone in between.

Let’s see, is this a lucrative business model, is the compensation plan ethical and rewarding?



Inside SeneGence International




The professionally designed homepage welcome visitors by showcasing the products … and the headlines are very promising

  • You’ve never seen a lip color like this
  • Your time is precious
  • Shield your skin
  • Discover long-lasting color cosmetics and anti-aging skin care
  • Be the most beautiful “You”
  • Shop with an independent distributor
  • Be free to set your own schedule with SeneGence career


About Page

Joni Rogers-Kante is the founder, CEO, and chairwoman. She managed to create an active organization of independent distributors and as a result, the company has grown massively and has become a recognized brand name. An international leader in long-lasting products. They continue to utilize unique ingredients and technology for further development of new and exciting products that not only work well but more importantly sell.

The expansion to the international market has begun with SeneGence Canada in November 2001. Follows Australia in 2003 and Indonesia / UK in 2011. Other countries are Switzerland, Poland, Italy and other regions around the globe.

The company is proud of the cutting edge technology with its original, patented and proprietary product formulations.


According to their “catchy” slogan, SeneGence stands for…

Senescence + Intelligence + Synergy


Joni traveled to the other side of the world with a team of scientists and botanists to find different ingredients than those available to the US. She learned that cosmetic companies continuously use the same ingredients in varying amounts but she had a vision for SeneGence to be “Different”.



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




Video Presentation









Domain Registration

With the help of the whois database, I uncover the registration date for the domain senegence.com, early April 1997. The registrant details are SeneGence international 9211 Irvine Blvd, California. PC 92618, tel +1.9495216161



SeneGence Product Line



Product formulations

  • No animal testing (test on humans)
  • No animal by-products (alternative sources)
  • Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility
  • Made in the United States for stringent quality control
  • Gluten and GMO-free (most products)
  • LipSense contains NO WAX & NO LEAD

Products that help rather than harm your skin, tested for results, 100% satisfaction guaranteed


Skin Care

…a revolutionary line on the SenePlex Complex anti-aging and product technologies in a systemized product group that provides a balanced skin care base and enhances the long-lasting effects of SenseCosmetics

  • SeneDerm cleanser – $30
  • SeneDerm oily to acne cleanser – $30
  • SeneDerm Daytime moisturizer – $50
  • SeneDerm oily to acne daytime moisturizer – $50
  • SeneDerm oily to acne evening moisturizer – $60
  • SeneDerm evening moisturizer – $60
  • EyeCreme – $50
  • EyeLuminator – $55








  • Climate control – $60
  • SeneCerum-C – $65
  • Collagen Night Pak – $85

SeneDerm solutions

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment – $65
  • Nangai oil – $45
  • Dark circle under eye teartment – $50
  • Polishing exfoliator – $50
  • Facial resurfacer – $50
  • Lash extend – $50 – $55
  • LipVolumizer – $50
  • Spot on Blemish & Acne treatment – $60









  • MakeSense Foundations – $50 – $60
  • MakeSense Pearlizer – $50 – $60
  • MakeSense Color correcting tinted moisturizer – $45
  • MakeSense silk pore wrinkle minimizer – $60
  • Remover & brush cleaner – $20
  • BlushSense – $30
  • Corrective concealers – $25
  • Translucid loose powder and bronzer – $50


  • ShadowSense – $22
  • BrowSense – $20
  • UnderSense – $20
  • LashSense – $25
  • LashSense with UnderSense – $20
  • EyeSense – $25
  • LashExtend – $50 – $55










  • LinerSense – $22
  • LipSense – $25
  • LipSense Gloss – $20
  • LipSense lip balm – $20
  • Ooops remover – $10
  • LipVolumizer – $50


  • SeneDerm advanced hydration body lotion – $45
  • SeneDerm moisturizing body wash – $20
  • SeneDerm smoothing body scrub – $20
  • SeneDerm hand cream with Shea Butter – $20
  • SeneDerm self-tanning bronzing coconut milk – $50
  • Detoxifying & moisturizing mask – $50
  • Body cream – $30




  • SeneDerm Skin Care – $190
  • SeneDerm solutions enhancement – $150
  • MakeSense foundation – $120
  • Advanced anti-aging foundation – $140
  • LipSense – $55
  • SeneDerm body care – $105
  • Translucid loose powder – $150
  • SeneDerm advanced anti-aging – $210



SenePlex Complex



The proprietary formulation of ingredients that produces real, visual and clinically proven results in only weeks.

What is and how does it work?

SenePlex Complex is a unique combination of ingredients, which when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal growth.

Contains an active ingredient which impacts the way in which a process happens. A kinetic enzyme that creates energy and speeds up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself.








Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online




The Opportunity – SeneGence Career










SeneGence proudly provides phenomenal, unique products and a Distributor career path with one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the direct sales industry

Choose to be a Customer or a Distributor

Customers: enjoy the benefits of guaranteed products with patented/proprietary technologies.

Distributors: easy to get started in minutes, discounts of 20% up to 50% of the retail price. Share the products and the opportunity and enjoy rewards, like trips and cars. Set your own schedule, be your own boss, live life on your terms.


Earn or Buy at a Discount

Host a Glamour Demo, receive a discount on personal product purchases and earn additional credit from Demo orders and bookings









Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




Compensation Plan




SeneGence rewards distributors for retail sales

Earn 25% up to 100% profit on retail sales of SeneGence products


  • #1 Sales income
  • #2 Commission income

It all begins with a demonstration & a choice to become a customer or distributor/affiliate

Customer choice: Sales income – #1 immediate from demonstrations, #2 re-orders

Distributor choice: Commission income – #1 downline growth, #2 Group sales volume bonus


Sales Income

Distributors may purchase products at a discounted wholesale price off Suggested Retail directly from the company and in turn sell products to end consumers for a profit. The difference between the cost of a product at wholesale and the Suggested Retail price is the Distributor’s profit when sold to a consumer.

Distributor Product Discount Schedule

  • 0 to 99.5 PV = 20% discount
  • 100 to 299.5 PV = 30% discount
  • 300 to 749.5 PV = 40% discount
  • 750+ PV = 50% discount

PV (point value) = 1/2 (half) of 1 suggested retail USD


SeneCash and Customer Direct Order

Should a distributor choose not to make an on-the-spot product available for customers, the company provides the Customer Direct Order (CDO) program. This allows a distributor to place a customer’s order directly from SeneGence and have it sent straight to the customer.

The company then transfers the distributor’s proceeds to a SeneCash account made available for the distributor’s use.


Immediate Sales

  • Initial customer product orders
  • Weekly sales income goal
  • Limited based on personal time


  • Customer retention through product reorder
  • Up-Selling to increase customer value
  • Unlimited due to exponential growth









Commission Income



  • Measures, tracks, and defines the growth of a downline organization
  • Includes all types of distributors sales volumes from small orders of self-users and large orders of professional business builders
  • Must qualify to receive downline commissions by placing at least a 100 PV product order within the same calendar month
  • May earn downline commissions on 5 levels deep with qualifications

Group Sales Volume (GSV) Bonus

  • Measures, tracks and defines the sales volumes of a downline organization
  • Includes distributors sales volumes of those distributors selling SeneGence products to end customers
  • Includes unlimited compression for the greatest payout to Upline Distributors
  • Must qualify to receive downline commissions by placing at least a 300 PV product order within the same calendar month
  • May earn GSV bonus commissions on 5 levels deep with qualifications


How it Works

  • Once you’ve placed a product order you become an Active Distributor
  • When you’ve placed at least a 300 PV product order you become a Qualified Distributor
  • Your upline sponsor will receive both Downline and GSV Bonus commissions from your orders of any size (downline) and orders of 101 PV and larger (GSV Bonus) as long as they qualify with qualifying orders within the same month.


The more you sponsor the greater the commission check earnings as long as qualifying orders are met.


Downline Commissions

When you sponsor your very first line distributor you will begin to earn commission checks from their sales (orders placed) of any size by your downline distributors (as long as you have also placed a qualifying order within the same calendar month of at least 100 PV) and so will your Upline sponsor

The more individuals you sponsor as 1st line distributors, the greater the potential commission checks become. The greater the number of distributors will be sponsored by your 1st line distributors into your 2nd line. In turn, the greater the potential downline commissions.


To earn 1st, 2nd and 3rd line downline commissions on PV orders ranging from 1 PV to 100 PV in a month, you must also place a 100 PV order in the same period. The payout is as follows:

  • 1st line – 10%
  • 2nd line – 20%
  • 3rd line – 30%


To earn 4th line downline commissions on PV order ranging from 1 PV to 100 PV in a month, you must have at least 5 x 1st line distributors who placed 100 PV orders and the downline levels 1 through 3 must have achieved at least 10,000 accumulative PV. The payout is as follows:

4th line – 5%


To earn 5th line downline commissions on PV order ranging from 1 PV to 100 PV in a month, you must also place a 200 PV in the same period (month) and meet the 4th line requirements. The downline levels 1 through 3 must have achieved at least 15,000 accumulative PV. The payout is as follows:

5th line – 5%










Group Sales Volume Bonus 

GSV is paid for 1st line distributor product orders of 101 PV and more at 10% of the total above 101 PV as long as you place at least a 100 PV or more product order.


You earn a percent of all orders of 101 PV and more for 2nd line GSV as long as you have placed at least a 300 PV product order or more and: 5x 1st line distributors have placed at least 300 PV or more who were personally sponsored by their Upline distributor & 5x 2nd line distributors have placed at least 300 PV or more.

1st line – 10%, 2nd line 6%


To earn a percent of 101 PV or more for 3rd line GSV you must place at least a 300 PV product order or more and: 5x 1st line distributors have placed at least 300 PV or more & 5x 2nd line distributors – 300 PV or more & 5 3rd line distributors – 300 PV or more.

3rd line 4%


To earn a percent of all orders of 101 PV or more for the 4th line GSV you must have placed at least a 300 PV product order and: all the previous requirements met from 1st, 2nd and 3rd line distributors plus 5x 4th line distributors – 300 PV or more.

4th line 3%


To earn a percent of all order of 101 PV or more for the 5th line GSV bonus you must have placed at least a 300 PV product order and: all the previous requirements met from 1-4 lines, plus 5x 5th line distributors – 300 PV or more.

5th line – 2%


GSV table

  • Level 1, 5 distributors or more, 300 PV, each distributor 300 PV, bonus 10%
  • Level 2, 5 distributors or more, 300 PV, each distributor 300 PV, bonus 6%
  • Level 3, 5 distributors or more, 300 PV, each distributor 300 PV, bonus 4%
  • Level 4, 5 distributors or more, 300 PV, each distributor 300 PV, bonus 3%
  • Level 5, 5 distributors or more, 300 PV, each distributor 300 PV, bonus 2%










GSV infinite compression: In the event a distributor on the 1st line does not place a product order within the calendar month for which commissions are being calculated, but the 1st line distributor’s 1st line (your 2nd line distributor) does, then the 2nd line distributor shall “Compress Up” to the 1st line for calculation of the GSV commission amount.

Compression does not, however, apply to the qualification requirements for each level. That means instead of receiving the 2nd line 6% commission for the 2nd line product orders the calculation would be made at the 1st line 10% level commissions payout. Distributors will always receive the highest payout possible due to this Infinite Compression for calculation of the payout amount.


Distributor Activity Requirement

Must place at least a 100 PV order within any 6-month rolling period to remain active.


Full Catalog of Countries 

  • America: Argentina, Brasil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, USA
  • ASIA & Pacific: Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore
  • Other Asia: China, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam
  • Europe: Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK
  • Africa: Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, South Africa

If your country is not listed here, like mine, you can send an International Inquiry via an email form found on the page


How to Get Started

You sign up and purchase a New Distributor Kit (NDK) for $55. It includes a Distributor Handbook, printed materials, training DVD & CD, and a $5 donation to the Make Sense Foundation.

Plus you choose any of the Distributor Business Kits

Option 1: LIPS Kit for $95, temporarily unavailable. It is designed for 1-on-1 presentations, including tester products and sample sizes of the most popular LipSense colors and permanent line products.

Option 2: Glamour Demo Kit (GDK) for $295. It is designed for group demonstrations and glamour make-overs. A wide array of samples of samples and testers of the most popular cosmetic products. You also receive skincare samples and marketing material.


Distributor Training Packages

Emerald – $550, includes weekly online and glamour training plus Sene website (annual fee), seminar events registration (general seating), SeneU event registration, PIT stop registration (January or July), SeneMedia collection, SeneLibrary training material, MSF donation, launch demo.

Distributor Product Replacement Program

Replaces Distributor’s product up to $5,000 in retail value in the event of covered loss or destruction of inventory






Important Notice

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the SeneGence business opportunity or a product purchase you can return it to the company for an exchange or refund.


Customer Direct Order Program

CDO is an optional e-commerce support program offered to all SeneGence distributors. The program allows customers to order products online 24/7 from the distributor although the distributor does not fulfill CDO orders directly as it happens with SeneSite orders (individual customized e-commerce sites available to distributors at an additional cost).

CDO orders are being shipped directly from the company and the retail profit is provided to the distributor plus the commissions and the bonuses ob the sale of the products to the Upline distributor.

CDO orders qualify as PV for the commissions and bonuses, except that it will not apply toward the selling Distributor’s personal purchase requirement to qualify.

There is no fee for the CDO program and you can turn it off anytime.


Fast Start Program (temporary unavailable for new distributors)

Add over $1200 of extra profit when you earn Free SeneCosmetics and SeneDerm skincare products with qualifying orders you place.

Within your first 30 days place 1000 PV+ and receive…a selection of SeneDerm products valued at over $350

Within your first 60 days place another 100 PV+ (2000 in total) and receive…a selection of SeneDerm solutions valued at over $400

Within your first 90 days place another 1000 PV+ (3000 in total) and receive…a selection of SeneDerm skin & body care valued over $450

Receive 50% discounts on all orders of 300 PV ($600 retail), during the first 90 days

Earn 50 SeneBucks for each newly qualified distributor you sponsor during the first 90 days


Host a Glamour Demo

The slogan here is effective…

Discounts, Free gifts, have fun with friends


If you want to witness the long lasting power of LipSense, play with the wide array of cosmetics and colors, simply provide a location and invite guests. A local distributor will take care of the rest. If you host a glamour demo you receive a discount on PV orders based on the Glamour Demo retail sales and future new bookings.









Top Distributors

In the SeneGence Royal Court, once an Independent Distributor has built an impressive team of successful downline Distributors and achieved $1,000,000 or more in Group Sales Volume, they are honored with the title of Crown Princess.


This shows the Real Power of building a Successful Team


I will mention a few names from the long list…

  • Sharon Scott & Jada Cecil, Emerald Queen Duo, Enid
  • Dawn Christina, sapphire queen, Ada
  • Kimberly Massey, sapphire queen, Norman
  • Jeri Taylor-Swade, ruby queen, Seattle
  • Jenny Hemingway, emerald crown princess, Clinton
  • Kate Trevean, sapphire crown princess, Victoria




Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online



MakeSense Foundation



A non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and children in need. An opportunity to look and feel more beautiful with amazing products. Was created by Joni in 2002. The idea was to give back to communities which helped so many distributors in their own careers, sharing collective success.

The scholarship program donates directly to deserving organizations that support those in need across the country, like AAIM, Awaic, Casa for children, CasaTeresa, Child Advocacy Center, CHOC, Fisher House, Hillview Acres, Homeward Bound

SeneGence offers fabulous merchandise and gifts for sale with profits going to the MSF who will then donate to the next worthy cause. Currently, 100% of all donations go directly to an array of other non-profit organizations, while the entire operating expense is offset by funds generated from sales of MakeSense Foundation products and select LipSense cause shades.









In the Media

SeneGence products have been featured in various popular magazines/brands like…

  • Direct selling news, American Spa, Ladies Home Journal
  • Elle, Marie Claire, Professional Beauty



Joni, the founder offers a Kindle edition script, Million Dollar Lips: a journey into the hearts of women and business

SeneGence beauty guide: cosmetic application techniques, ideas for lip and eye looks, skin care tips and more. Available only through a distributor



The official website offers past editions in pdf format

Acclaim 2016, SeneScenes 2015 & 2014



There are listed 3 monthly parts counting back in time.








We deal with a legitimate MLM opportunity, a company offering a solid physical product line along with retail and downline commissions, which is ideally what we are looking for in MLM brands. Companies that focus only on the recruitment of affiliates rather than on a loyal customer base for external retail cash flow will not thrive.

But SeneGence seems to be placed in the market dynamically and have passed the test of time. They operate since 1999 and that signal alone speaks volumes.


I can’t discuss about the products, besides my country is excluded from their long list, but if the products were not qualitative SeneGence would not be still in the industry. I’ve read various SeneGence product reviews and the majority of articles are positive. I don’t know if men are allowed as distributors, so far I have not a met a man’s name written.


It is a company well organized to the detail, offer training and many features, discounts, gifts, and bonuses.


The Glamour Demonstrations is a great way to experience the products first hand and meet people of the same interests locally.


The variety of products and collections make SeneGence a top MLM selection and the prices are on the industry’s average.


Now let’s talk about the most important part, the compensation plan:


First of all the products price range is normal and there are no super expensive or extra cheap items. Moreover, the income plan does not require from distributors/affiliates to purchase certain products in order to qualify for commissions on those products sales. A Pay-to-Play characteristic in the system can be traced on the downline commissions and you must meet the monthly PV requirements in order to qualify (100 PV) but this rule sounds almost reasonable (it could have been avoided though).

Another very important element is the 6 months rolling period before an affiliate labeled as inactive. This is a great setting, with 3 months or less making it a very difficult requirement.


The Up-Compression system where your 1st line distributor does not meet the quotas can be replaced by their 1st line distributors efforts (your 2nd line distributors). And that again is a rule that enhances team action and can save the day on some occasions. The Group Sales Volume is another factor that leads towards distributors rewards and this is how super successful affiliates climb to the top. To be successful in MLM you need to build a strong downline team, helping one another with extra commissions and bonuses.


The startup fees are affordable for the majority of you and you get training and other marketing material, not like other companies that leave you in the dark. Furthermore, SeneGence offers refunds for unsold inventory or unsatisfied distributors. Another positive point. The CDO (customer direct order) program is an alternative way to sell products to online customers. Another sign that SeneGence is a carefully designed organization.


The Fast start bonuses, which are unavailable at the moment, is both a way for the company to sell more to newcomers but also a method that rewards top fans/distributors of SeneGence.


The MakeSense non-profit Foundation is what you expect from companies with a long history. A way to contribute back to those who helped the company rise and those in need.


The media section and the fact that SeneGence has been featured in so many popular magazines is a key element for those interested in becoming distributors. A well-recognized brand name can push your sales. Imagine to demonstrate products of a startup versus a company that has already thrived.










Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions




Final Words



SeneGence operates for 18 years now, why not for the next 10 or 20?…It is not too late if you want to join, generally never is too late to become your own boss.

If you are interested in joining SeneGence then you should test the products first. Use them for 2-3 months and watch closely for the results on your skin. Connect with other distributors online or offline and discuss anything that might concern you.


But apart from the wide range of qualitative products, the collections, the glamour demos, the compensation plan that rewards retail sales and the satisfactory GSV commissions and bonuses you have to keep in mind that success in MLM is not a piece of cake.


If you are an experienced marketer with a strong presence online then go ahead right away. But if you are a newcomer I would Not suggest joining an MLM company yet. Because it takes time to achieve your first sales and the monthly PV quotas might make your efforts harder and harder.

I am not telling you that to keep you away from lucrative opportunities, but you will need at least a basic marketing training, preferably focused on online businesses. Of course, offline connections and sales skills add up to your portfolio.

All in all, I am very satisfied with SeneGence as an MLM networking brand.



Become a Digital Entrepreneur and Transform Your Life

The Beginner’s Ultra Guide to Making Money Online



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.





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