You're Reading:Pangea Freedom – Mysterious Travel Portal, Hidden Information, No Prices

Pangea Freedom – Mysterious Travel Portal, Hidden Information, No Prices

by Tasos


Apr 7, 2017



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Under the microscope today is a recently launched MLM company in the travel industry. More and more travel MLMs are popping up lately and this is a sign. There is potential … of course, and people do travel. Why not being able to make some money in the process and live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Throughout the business history MLMs that thrive offer solid product lines and compensation plans not focused on recruitment. Is this opportunity one that can create a huge fan base leading its affiliates eventually to financial success?…



Inside Pangea Freedom




It is a name that fits in an MLM company and the logo headline is very promising…Bringing the world together

…that same headline is used on the header image to emphasize that anything is possible.


A happy young couple on an exotic beach is used as the main background image, one that can awake ambitious entrepreneurs


Not bad first impression, let’s move on


Why to Choose Pangea – They say…

Pangea is bringing the world together one person at a time, through it’s ability to offer excellent products and services at prices that simply can’t be matched. With complete clarity to its mission and vision Pangea is not only concerned with it’s own customers, but also has made a commitment to make the world a better place.


Pretty bold statement…I am excited though to find out if this is true


Moreover they mention that donations will be given to the charities, over 6 figures on an annual basis through the Star 1M program. The executive team has vast experience in many areas of international and e-commerce business. Rest assured you are in good hands.



James Ward – Co founder, president, CEO, has been in the e-commerce sector for over 10 years. Extensive experience in direct marketing, sales strategies, seasoned motivational speaker, trainer, energetic leader with passion for team building. An amazing track record with over $30 million in sales in 200+ countries, 60,000 paid customers.

Sam Fuentes – co founder, COO, 21 years in international businesses, 15 years in direct selling, worked for global companies as general manager, supply chain specialist, director of sales, and Vice President of Global Sales.


Their main slogan can be found on the footer of the official website…

Pangea is on a mission to bring the world together, one trip at a time, ready to help you be part of the movement.


The Products

Pangea Prime: $299 entry fee, $30 monthly thereafter



  • A 7 night free stay
  • Dunya Travel Engine – Access 4 & 5 star hotels for 2 & 3 star prices.
  • Pangea Condos – Access to over 250,000 Condos. According to Wikipedia … A condominium, usually shortened to condo, is a type of real estate divided into several units that are each separately owned, surrounded by common areas jointly owned
  • Vacation Packages – Rates that can save you thousands fo dollars for your next vacation.
  • Car savings – Save up to 25% off the retail prices
  • Volunteer trips – Make a difference in the world today


Dunya Travel Portal

Technology combined with buying power to give you access to hotel deals that are so impressive, this is why they won’t show to the public.If you feel like paying full prices then head over to booking, expedia, travelocity or priceline or any of the major retail sites. But if you want a booking engine to take savings to an entirely different level…then welcome aboard..!

No other information is given here…


Weird…did not expect such a shady type of marketing. When a company is proud of its prices is not hiding behind words.








The Compensation Plan


I could not find the plan listed on the website. I manged to retrieve it online. Although it is published on the official domain it is not available on the website. May be they forget to place a link…anyway


Pro business center

Simply make 6 sales and earn $299. Any combination of 6 sales is generating a commission.  If you make 6 personal sales or make no personal sales, you still are qualified to earn when 6 sales fill your Business Center. There is no limit to the amount of $299 commissions you can earn.

They use a 2×2 Matrix 

When 6 spots are filled a cycle is completed, the $299 commission is being paid out.


Prime business center

Make 6 sales and earn $777. The same rules applies as with the Pro center. Any combination of sales, direct or indirect qualify an affiliate for commissions. The same 2×2 matrix formation is used


Premium Business Center

Make 6 sales and earn $1777. The same scenario is repeated. The same 2×2 matrix is being used.


Ranks – Advancement Bonus

  • Associate: Active team Size (ATS) 2, no bonus, 2 personal sales
  • 1 star: ATS 10, no bonus, 2 personal sales
  • 2 star: ATS 60, no bonus, 3 personal sales
  • 3 star: ATS 120, $100 bonus, 4 personal sales
  • 4 star: ATS 200, $250 bonus, 5 personal sales
  • Regional star: ATS 400, $500 bonus, 6 personal sales
  • National star: ATS 1000, $1000 bonus, 7 personal sales
  • Global star: ATS 2000, $5000 bonus, 8 personal sales
  • Universal star: ATS 4000, $10,000 bonus, 9 personal sales
  • Super star: ATS 6000, $25,000 bonus, 10 personal sales
  • Infinity star: ATS 8000, $50,000 bonus, 12 personal sales

This is a one time bonus, paid when the affiliate hits the rank. No more than 65% can come from 1 leg. Active is someone who pays the monthly recurring fees.

No more than $10,000 bonus per month will be paid. Higher bonuses will be paid full with monthly $10,000 share.


Monthly Residual – $30 monthly fee on all levels

  • Level 1 – all ranks (associate to infinity star) 5%
  • Level 2 – associate 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 3 – associate & 1 star 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 4 – 3 first ranks 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 5 – 4 first ranks 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 6 – 5 first ranks 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 7 – 6 first ranks 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 8 – 7 first ranks 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 9 – 6 first ranks nothing, national & global star 1%, remain ranks 5%
  • Level 10 – 6 first ranks nothing, 3 next ranks 1%, 2 last ranks 5%
  • Level 11 – 6 first ranks nothing, 4 next ranks 1%, Infinity star 5%

To qualify for the monthly residual bonus an affiliate must be active and sponsor at least 2 people.


10% matching bonus

The bonus is paid on residual income earned by your personally sponsored members. An affiliate must be a 4 star rank and above to qualify.









Monthly rewards – Prizes

Monthly contests with cash prizes like

  • Laptops, iPads
  • Watches, GoPro cameras
  • Airline tickets, Vacations

Car bonus

  • 1 Cycle Per Week at Prime or Premium $250 Car Bonus
  • 2 Cycles Per Week at Prime or Premium $500 Car Bonus
  • 3 Cycles Per Week at the Prime or Premium $750 Car Bonus
  • 4 Cycles Per Week at the Prime or Premium $1,250 Car Bonus

The bonus is paid monthly

  • Ranks from Associate to 3 star – no bonus
  • 4 star – $300
  • Regional star – $600
  • National – $600
  • Global – $800
  • Universal – $800
  • Super – $1000
  • Infinity – $1500

The car bonus is for vehicles that are newer than 2010 model. You can choose any brand of vehicle you wish and submit a proof of the ownership and an image.



  • In order to earn any commission, an Associate must be active with their annual Associate’s fee. Currently, that fee is $1777.
  • In order to earn a cycle bonus, an Associate must qualify by making 2 personal sales at the level they are earning at. This is only a one time qualification.
  • Associates must make at least 1 personal sale each quarter, to qualify for cycle commissions
  • In order to participate in the Pangea Car Bonus an Associate must be a member of the Pangea Ambassadors Club
  • All commissions and bonuses are paid solely based upon sale of products. The purchase of a Pangea Product Package is completely optional and is not required for an Associate to participate in the Pangea compensation plan.



Giving Back – Star 1M initiative

Pangea is fighting the 3 main problems affecting modern humanity…

  • Children hunger
  • Breast cancer
  • Global warming

The company is committed to donate at least 1 million dollars to various organisations around the world, funding the efforts to keep the nature clean, healthy and cool. They also use a hashtag #pangeaforhumanity


How cool is that, really..!!


Blog Department

  • Does your past equals your future?….by admin
  • What’s up with fast food?…by admin
  • What’s your favourite day fo the week?…by admin


A very short blog that has nothing to do with travel.


FAQ – Terms – Important

Location – Arkansas, USA at 1801 SW Regional Airport BLVD, Suite 9, Bentonville, AR 72712.



Owners – Domain

The whois database helps me uncover the registration date for the domain pangeafreedom.com, 21 October 2016. The private settings do not list the owners names.









Investigation – Final Words



The overall outake of the website and the compensation plan is somehow obscure, blurred. The products / services are only available to affiliates. No retail products exist and that makes Pangea Freedom a pure puramid scheme solely dependent on recruitment. Nothing but recruitment. This will lead to an inevitable collapse from the point that recruitment will dry out. In Pyramids the only source of income is funds from affiliates, a repeated recycling process that soon ends. The real money is on the owners side who have pre covered all matrices with their names on top and receive every deposit and commission without having to fulfill any requirement.


Furthermore no solid information is given in any of the Pangea departments.


How can we evaluate the excellent products?…where are the prices?…I know they are not published, not to be copied by competitors.

In which hotels are we going to travel?…in which countries?…what else is inculded in the trips packages?…what exaclty is the 7 free days stay?…what about the mysterious discounts?…from where the 1 million dollars donation come from?…the catalog of questions could go on forever here. This company is leaving affiliates and potential associates in the dark. How am I suppoosed to pay $299?..I don’t even know what to expect.



This is a huge turn off and should be the main reason for everyone to abandon the Pangea vision for the owners.


The owners biographies are impressive but all I can see…general data. In which companies they had been working for in the past?…


I proceeded with a further search for their names and came across 2 websites that I absolutely trust.


On behindmlm James Ward was reviewed back in 2010 as CEO of LGN prosperity. The company renamed to LGN International when affiliates were not getting paid for several months. That company collapsed in 2013 and Ward became CEO of iBizwave in early 2014.  In 2015 he founded another company, the 2SL start living with Sam Fuentes as vice president.

No retail products were being sold with 2SL either.

On netbusinessrating aka NBR Pangea is displayed as scam. The NBR admin gives the following reason for the bad rating: New scam from well known scammer, James Ward.


It seems that the CEO of Pangea Freedom has gained negative popularity and that is another bad sign. An alert in itself.


Here is what Pangea Freedom is all about…


You pay a whopping $299 to become an affiliate. Then you are billed $30 monthly to participate and to be able to sell memberships to other affiliates who then have to do the same. In order to break even 6 sales have to be made in your mini MLM organisation. But these 6 sales only cover the initial $299 deposit.

You have no idea what travel deals you will access. There is not even a sample of the travel portal. You have no idea what car is awaiting as a bonus. You don’t have any retail products to market. Strictly for travelers that have experience in sales and have no problem in recruiting others into a Pyramid.


Is there any reason for you to join Pangea?…I can’t find any for myself, sorry.



How to Make Money Online the Right Way



Pangea is a Pyramid Travel Scheme that offers an opportunity for affiliates to sell to other affiliates. These companies do not last long. Without a solid product line no MLM can thrive.

On the other hand getting involved with MLMs require some skills, selling and marketing. If you are a beginner then I suggest that you stay away from MLMs. If you are an experienced sales/marketer then choose an MLM that stood the test of time, with retail products and a compensation plan that is based around sales to external / non affiliated customers.


If you are a beginner the most newbie friendly online business model is what we call affiliate websites. This is how I started 2 years ago and turned one signle property into a multiple income stream. Long term potential, no risks, minimum startup costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.













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  1. Bianca Whitaker

    This is so sad, I always thought Junior was better than this. I pray for him and his family. I hope he gets a legitimate job someday. You know it is not the worst thing in the world to have a nine to five job. You used to be such an honest person, not sure what happened to you.

    • Tasos

      Hi Bianca. I don’t understand what you mean. Who is Junior?

  2. Javier Villegas

    I signed up with Pangea back in April of 2017 and the person that signed me up told me that I could pay $299 and be able to book a vacation week without having to pay the $30 monthly fees. I have not been able to get any help from the person that signed me up because she is in another country and I have not been able to obtain a phone number to actually talk to someone in the United States. I have submitted several help requests through the Pangea website but no one has contacted me. I would like to book my week but I cannot get anyone to help me. I am beginning to think that all of this is a scam. I would really like some help from someone at the Pangea customer service if it really exists.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Javier

      It seems you had an awful experience so far with Pangea. I believe that you can’t avoid the monthly fees. The only way to use their system is to become an affiliate and that includes paying the membership on an ongoing basis. But is really frustrating when they do not respond to support tickets. Pangea is using a subdomain on ZenDesk, maybe this is the reason why they delay.

      I would like to help you but there is nothing I can do. I have no connection with that company. You better contact again the person who signed you up.

      If you have any news I would like to know.

      Thank you for taking the time to let us know about it. Good luck!


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