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Be Future-Ready: 6 Ways to Level up Your Marketing Game


Oct 26, 2021



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As businesses navigate the expanding demands of setting a business up for success and catering to rapidly changing consumer demands, one thing’s for sure. The future is now. And it doesn’t care if we’re ready for it or not.

Between technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and even blockchain, there’s so much that marketers and consumers can gain from technological progress.

But how do you prepare for the future? And how should you approach your marketing planning to achieve your desired results in 2021 and beyond?

The following are the best ways you can level up your marketing game to be future-ready as of right now.

6 Ways To Level Up Your Marketing Game

Be Future-Ready

1. Use Data Science to Make Marketing Decisions

One of the best ways to up your marketing game in 2021 is to implement data science when planning your strategy.

The application of big data analytics in marketing is on the rise, with 47% of marketers using it as a research method in 2020. So, if you want to gain relevant insights and keep ahead of the competition, it’s a trend you will definitely want to get in on.

With dozens of available software solutions, you can now collect data to gain insights about consumer behavior, identify effective distribution channels, and even optimize their ad budgets to get the highest possible ROI.


Marketers that use big data analytics in 2020

2. Automate Processes for Improved Results

Another great way your business can benefit from emerging technologies is to use AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation to streamline your workflow and improve your marketing results.

For example, if you’re putting together an editorial calendar, you can utilize one of the many available solutions that automate content distribution based on analytical data and follower behavior.

Or, for a more futuristic approach, you can let AI take over entire processes. Netflix, for example, uses advanced algorithms for artwork personalization. It employs AI to analyze available consumer behavior data and decide what images should be displayed to entice viewers to watch a particular title.

3. Make Your Marketing Efforts More Immersive

According to predictions, VR headsets are expected to reach 34 million installed units by 2024. As for augmented reality, there will be an estimated 1.96 billion users by the end of 2021.

Knowing how widespread this technology will be, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about ways you can include it in your marketing efforts.

Big brands like Apple, Gucci, and Ikea are already doing it, allowing buyers to see products in the spaces they wish to use them in. But you can also use this technology to boost social media engagements, namely with AR filters for Instagram stories.

VR headsets are expected to reach 34 million installed units by 2024

For augmented reality, there will be an estimated 1.96 billion users by the end of 2021.


4. Optimize for Voice

Another thing you can do to make your marketing game future-ready is to start thinking about voice search as a must-have instead of as a bonus feature.

According to NPR’s 2020 Smart Audio Report, as many as 24% of Americans use smart speakers in their homes, with the mean number of devices being 2.1 per household. Moreover, data from the survey shows that 43% of these people use these devices more often than in 2019.

Considering this information, it’s high time you start thinking about voice as a part of your marketing strategies. In addition to optimizing your website and content for voice search, think about the formats that will be most suited for people using smart speakers. 

Who knows, perhaps the way to reach your target audience is to start podcasting? (While your competition hasn’t jumped in on the train yet).

  • 24% of Americans use smart speakers in their homes 24% 24%
  • 43& of these people use these devices more often than in 2019 43% 43%

5. Make the Most of New Practices

The thing about setting up your brand’s marketing efforts for future success is that you don’t necessarily have to rely on technology to do so. In fact, even something as elementary as adopting beneficial practices can help you and your team increase your productivity, boost job satisfaction, and, consequently, achieve better marketing (and sales) results.

For example, in 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic forced many teams to adopt remote work as an everyday practice. And, it turns out that it had some pretty impressive benefits. According to Gallup, 44% of people who prefer remote work found that it’s better for their wellbeing, 52% thought it was time-saving, 35% felt more productive, and 29% had fewer distractions.

Of course, it’s not just remote/hybrid work that can help you prepare your marketing team for the future. You will also see great results by following current workplace trends such as: 

  • investing in employee wellbeing
  • strengthening cybersecurity
  • widening your talent pool
  • finding new ways to build company culture
  • 44% of people who prefer remote work found that it’s better for their well-being 44% 44%
  • 52% of people who prefer remote work thought it was time-saving 52% 52%
  • 35% of people who prefer remote work felt more productive 35% 35%
  • 29% of people who prefer remote work had fewer distractions 29% 29%

Photo by Leon/Unsplash

6. Invest in Your Team’s Marketing Skills

Last but not least, to see great results and stay relevant in the coming years, you must look to level up your marketing game through employee education.

As a constantly evolving field, marketing requires a continuous commitment to education. So don’t underestimate the importance of keeping up with the latest news and trends and learning new skills that will allow you to stay relevant, even in competitive fields.

According to LinkedIn, the fastest-growing skills for 2021 include:

  1. Instagram
  2. Content marketing
  3. Creative problem solving
  4. Brand awareness
  5. Branding
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Marketing Automation
  9. Customer experience
  10. Facebook marketing

Knowing what these are will help you plan for future success. Explore the techniques on your own or encourage your employees to start learning about them. Most importantly, keep in mind that soft skills play as big of a role in enabling progress as hard skills. 

Final Thoughts

Tech, consumer behavior, and marketing trends are forever changing. And, unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what will be hot ten years from now.

But fortunately, there is a way to make your marketing efforts future-ready. It involves looking at current industry trends, keeping an eye out for emerging technologies, and continually growing your skillset. 

And, of course, by utilizing all your knowledge to stay ahead of the competition, you’re sure to see better results than if you allow yourself to lag behind.

So, don’t wait around, and start leveling up your marketing game today.

Natasha Lane

Natasha Lane

Lady of a Keyboard

Natasha is a web designer, lady of a keyboard and one hell of a geek. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge about IT, digital marketing and business trends via creating high-quality content



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