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These are the TOP marketing/business related training programs that can help you build a career online immediately.

I carefully tested hundreds of similar programs since 2015 and I’m presenting you the best of the best.

These programs apply the “Earn While You Learn” training formula and you’ll get to put theory into practice from day 1.

Notice #1: Although all these training programs are what I call “ELITE”, you should have in mind that all of them require that you put in the work and apply what you learn. It’s not enough to invest in a program, study the material, and wait to get results by doing nothing. Online business means that you take action.

Notice #2: Not all the training programs are available throughout the year. There are programs that are open to the public once or twice per year, and the registration doors are opening only for a few days, usually a week. In the case you’re interested in a certain program you can always join the waiting list or contact me for more information.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page


Profiting From Podcasts by Steve Olsher

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Steve Olsher – Profiting From Podcasts

steve olsher - profiting from podcasts

In a nutshell, the Profiting from Podcasts online course by Steve Olsher is a step-by-step blueprint to help aspiring podcasters connect with podcasting icons, get featured on their high-visibility shows in order to target thousands of potential high-targeted leads, and eventually turn these leads into loyal fans and revenue through podcasting shows, either as guests or podcast hosts

He has been podcasting since 2009 and got featured on over 500 shows in the past 3 years. He appeared in shows like Click Funnels Hacker Radio, the Go-Giver podcast, Mixergy, the Foundr Magazine’s podcast, and many others. He was able to convert this No-Cost visibility into over 100,000 leads and serious revenue.

He is the host of the #1 podcasting show – The Reinvention Radio, and the Best Business Podcast. Additionally, he is a New York Times bestselling author of “What is Your What?”, a book that helps people discover the ONE amazing thing they were born to do, founder of, pioneer of the CompuServe launched in 1993, and creator of the New Media Summit, the one and only live event where you have the chance to meet and interact with over 40 leading podcasting legends, pitch them about you and get featured on their top platforms on the spot.

Ideal Audience:

  • Coaches
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Practitioners
  • Small business owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Anyone with a message
  • Anyone with experience on a field

What You’ll Learn

  • Launch podcast shows
  • Get featured on other people’s shows
  • Get a professionally designed Media One Sheet
  • How to best use the ultimate directory of podcasters so that you can optimize the likelihood of getting booked on their high-visibility platforms
  • How to understand and navigate the podcasting terrain based on where you are ‘Right Now’ in your business.
  • How to convert visibility and listeners into thousands of high-targeted leads
  • Have meaningful conversations with prospects
  • How to generate revenue through podcasting

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Ryan Levesque – The ASK Method Masterclass


The Ask Method Masterclass is an advanced marketing methodology and training program by Ryan Levesque.

In a nutshell, the ASK Method is a step-by-step blueprint to help brands and wannabe business owners connect with their audience on a deeper level. Also, it’s about discovering what customers really want through surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, and assessments. It’s about segmenting customers into different buckets and creating products and services based on their specific situation or improving existing products to match the needs of the customers. It’s about creating sales funnels, optimization, and marketing automation.

There are training modules, videos, templates, swipe files, and other helping material.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to build a new business and you don’t know where to start
  • You want to test markets and niches before investing time and money pursuing a new project or product
  • You have an existing business and you want to scale it
  • You want to improve your conversion rates
  • You want to connect with customers on a deep level and offer them a unique experience
  • You own a brand and you want to make your customers feel understood
  • You own a brand that needs a proven marketing methodology that works
  • You own a brand and you want to create new products and services based on customers’ needs
  • You want to attract customers that really need your products and repel those who don’t
  • You want to become a marketer, copywriter, consultant, business coach
  • You want to execute the Ask method for other companies 

It’s a training program that helps brands approach their customers using a unique angle based on what the customers want.

But this is not an easy task because people don’t know what they want.


It’s a training program that helps brands approach their customers using a unique angle based on what the customers want.

But this is not an easy task because people don’t know what they want.

Ryan underlines that the secret is to figure out what people want to buy before they even know what they want to buy themselves.

This masterclass teaches you how to do exactly that.

This method is all about asking the right questions to people, then find what they want to buy, and how to sell it to them.

This method is all about finding the best micro-niches to serve customers and create products they want.

As Ryan says, niching down is not enough, first you need to diagnose and prescribe.

The masterclass teaches brands and business owners how to create quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires to approach their customers and give them exactly what they want.

The “Ask Method” has been used by some really big names, like Agora Financial, one of the biggest direct response brands, DishNetwork, the #2 TV company in America, Proactiv, and industry leaders like Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Billy Gene, and more.

Ryan’s method has been featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and on TV.

The method is based on 3 major steps.

  1. Discover
  2. Segment
  3. Launch

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Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins – Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint


In a nutshell, the Knowledge Broker/ex-Business Blueprint course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is a step-by-step blueprint to help people use their skills and expertise (or someone’s else skills), share their message with the world, and get paid for doing so.

KBB students will be able to extract their current knowledge, identify their best clients, and transform this knowledge into products and services that can be sold in the marketplace. Masterminds and workshops (virtual and in-person), live events.

Alternatively, KBB students will be able to guide others to extract their knowledge and transform it into products and services for a profit.

It’s a step-by-step comprehensive program where Dean, Tony, and Russell are sharing their best of strategies and reveal the massive opportunity that exists today, as the traditional education is broken.

The knowledge industry, the self-education industry is being shifted and people now want to learn from non-professional doers rather than professional teachers. And Forbes mentions that this industry by 2025 will be worth $1 Billion a day.

Self-education is becoming the new norm.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Extract your current knowledge that can be transformed into a mastermind, workshop, event, or group training
  • Identify your ideal prospect and client
  • Create an agenda
  • Fill events
  • Market your events
  • Organize the event to the detail
  • What tone to use, how to create the perfect atmosphere
  • The psychology of being a mastermind facilitator
  • 9-word email method
  • The collelctive wisdom
  • The method of Ourside Guests
  • How to get traffic to your offerings and pages
  • Create marketing funnels 
  • Create email campaigns 
  • Cutting-edge marketing strategies from Dean Graziosi
  • How to scale your mastermind business
  • How to stay motivated with the unparalleled live events of Tony Robbins
  • Have all your questions answered through the private Facebook group both from administrators and other KBB students
  • and much, much more…

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Eben Pagan – Virtual Coach

eben pagan virtual coach

“Virtual Coach” is a training program created by Eben Pagan to help people build a coaching practice they truly love.

In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive system including everything you need to become a master coach and launch your coaching practice in just 10 weeks. If you’re a coach already, the system can increase your coaching skills and help you build a platform for getting clients online. 

It was created 3 years ago after a survey Eben sent to his entire mailing list and getting over 1,300 people expressing interest in learning how to be a coach. 

Eben has since been refining his offer and product over the past two years and has created a new and updated version of Virtual Coach. There are new trainings, done-for-you pieces (scripts, design, etc.), and a brand new industry live event.


The program is only available once in a year, the registration doors open up for a limited time, usually 3-4 days.

Ideal Audience:

  • Coaches already in business
  • Wannabe coaches
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Influencers
  • Experts
  • People with a passion
  • People with a following
  • Anyone with a message
  • Anyone with experience on a field

Opportunities for coaches today:

  • Life coach
  • Business and money coach
  • Health & fitness coach
  • Relationships and dating coach
  • Meditation coach
  • Spiritual coach
  • Hobby coach
  • Self-esteem coach
  • Pet coach
  • Marketing coach
  • Yoga coach

and 100’s of other options

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to take your skills and your experience to put them together in your unique coaching niche
  • The inner game of coaching
  • How to be more confident
  • What it takes to support another person
  • How to present yourself well
  • How to get clients so you can build your coaching business

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Wealthy Affiliate University

wealthy affiliate university

A complete business package for aspiring entrepreneurs. Top notch marketing education and various marketing and management tools to build an online business such as website builder, hosting, domains, keyword and niche market research tools, community, forum, all under one roof.

This is where I learned the ropes of the online business, this is my everyday hangout with other like-minded marketers. Thousands of successful members have built extraordinary careers thanks to the powerful training.

WA started back in 2005 and only continues to grow. The platform’s constantly evolving to meet the latest tech and marketing trends. A top recommended solution at very affordable prices.

The training goes very deep, especially the video webinars by Jay Neill. Every Friday Jay shares an over his shoulder training like no other on the planet. Full case studies divided into parts where he demonstrates website creation and development from start to finish, from an idea to revenue in any niche of the market. Hot marketing topics, regular SEO, keyword, and local marketing updates, paid advertising, social media, in a very friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to the webinar sessions, I was able to monetize aspects of this business I would never think possible.


And the most important element of success in this online world is having support and help from others the fastest. That’s why entrepreneurs join multi-communities like this one have greater chances to succeed.


By going through the educational material you’ll be able to build an affiliate marketing business, a local or global marketing agency, or use that knowledge to work as a freelancer, to create your own membership sites, to get paid for building and developing websites for others, or to create your own digital products.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • WordPress, website development, programming
  • Authoring and writing content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)

Become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

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A complete business package for aspiring entrepreneurs. High-quality marketing education, web builder, hosting, community, forum.

Affilorama is being trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs and there are so many successful members that built their web careers with the help of this platform.

Affilorama started back in 2006 and only continues to grow. The platform’s constantly evolving. A top recommended solution at very affordable prices.

The training goes deep covering all the important aspects of online and affiliate marketing.

By going through the material you’ll be able to build an affiliate marketing business, a local or global marketing agency, or use that knowledge to work as a freelancer, to create your own membership sites, to get paid for building and developing websites for others, or to create your own digital products, just to name a few opportunities.

The most important element of success in this online business is having a community around you, especially when starting out. And to able to get support and help whenever needed the fastest.

That’s why entrepreneurs that join communities like these have greater chances to succeed.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • Content creation
  • WordPress, website development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)
  • Affiliate outsourcing

Become a Premium Member of Affilorama

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*The bonuses are valid if you at least purchase “AffiloJetPack”

Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy

ray edwards - copywriting academy

Marketing without copywriting is like driving a car without fuels. Copywriting is the art of writing words that persuade people, that makes people take action and finally buy products or services.

The copywriting academy by Ray Edwards is an online course for aspiring freelancers, business owners (online or offline), startups, writers of all kinds, marketers, and people who want to build a copywriting career. The course is available only once in a year and the registration opens up for a limited 5-days period.

The course aims to teach people to write copy that persuades customers, copy that is compelling, copy that sells. The course goes above and beyond other copywriting lessons as it teaches people how to write copy for websites, landing pages, email campaigns, podcasts, webinars, videos, blog posts, and newsletters.

On top of that, the course teaches students the whole process of writing copy for product launches. Pre-launch copy, launch copy, sales pages, sales letters.

The over 30-years copywriting experience of Ray Edwards plus the testimonials from industry leaders he worked with including Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Patt Flynn, Dan Miller, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Frank Kern, Stu McLaren and more, make this course an absolute no-brainer.


I’m constantly using and testing Ray’s copywriting frameworks and the results are extraordinary, to say the least

I created several landing pages on this website using the PASTOR formula. The call-to-action buttons are getting clicked at higher rates than before. I use Ray’s principles in my email blasts, on social media, when writing blog posts or other articles.

I use these principles for my local clients as well, and I managed to help many small businesses increase their sales and engagement. All thanks to Ray’s copywriting frameworks. These formulas work, both for traditional and online businesses.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Copywriting based on frameworks
  • Writing headlines, emails, landing pages, podcasts, webinars, videos, blog posts, newsletters.
  • Pre-launch copy, launch copy, sales letters
  • Effective selling
  • Communication
  • Top Marketing Principles
  • List building
  • Product creation

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Armand Morin – Marketing University

armand morin - marketing university

A complete advanced marketing training like no other. Keep in mind that this training is not suitable for beginners. If you’re new to the online marketing world then this program might not be the best solution for you at this point.

Armand delivers content for advanced and experienced marketers that want to get their business to the higher levels.

He uncovers secret strategies that only a few people know and his unique approach to teaching is unparalleled.

Every time I watch a lesson I learn new things, especially when it comes to paid advertising, where Armand shows his extreme skills in every network possible. YouTube, Google, Facebook, or any other medium, Armand shares progressive strategies you simply won’t find anywhere else.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid advertising (search engines, social media)
  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Seminars, webinars
  • Salesletters
  • Product creation
  • Lead generation
  • Membership sites
  • Kindle publishing

Enroll In Armand Morin/Marketing University

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*The bonuses are valid if you at least enroll in Marketing University for 6 months

Nick Stephenson – Your First 10,000 Readers

nick stephenson - your first 10,000 readers

A complete premium training to help authors, writers, and entrepreneurs build their audience, grow their reach and exposure, build engagement with their customers and sell more books and other products

Authors and writers can grow their readership and sell more books

Entrepreneurs can use books publishing to build authority and grow their audience and revenue…speakers, coaches, consultants, influencers, online marketers.

The course is available only once in a year and the registration opens up for a limited 5-days period.

Nick is a fiction and non-fiction author, the best selling author of Leopold Blake, a thriller series, Supercharge your Kindle sales and Reader Magnets. He’s considered one of the most influential indie author marketing experts on the web. He has reached over a million readers with his fiction books and helped thousands more with his teaching methods.

It is one of the most concrete trainings I have ever seen. Nick has broken down all the important details so you can focus on creating your books and products. No more trial and errors, no missing hours, days and weeks on guessing what works and what does not.

Nick’s methods are ethical, he never spams people and he engages audiences in the most effective ways. In fact, his readers are delighted with every new launch and book that Nick puts on the market.

And remember, marketing is more important than writing a perfect book, it is about selling and how to maximize profits on every single step that you take.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Publishing and marketing books (fiction or non-fiction) on Amazon, other retailers, on your own
  • Email marketing
  • Launch team building
  • Launch planning
  • Facebook advertising

Enroll In Nick Stephenson/YF10KR

And Unlock the Vault of Bonuses

Eben Pagan – Digital U

eben pagan digital u

It’s a training program created by Eben Pagan to help you take your knowledge and experience and use it to create an online course, book, or teaching program and sell it online and build a business with.

It’s a 90-day course, where you will get Eben’s proven templates, systems, and blueprints for building your course or digital product, and your online business.

Eben is promising that by the end of the 90-day course, you’ll have your digital product DONE, and your online business switched ON.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find your big idea
  • Outline your online course or digital product
  • Turn your course into a growing business
  • The 5 core modules
  • Target your niche
  • Create a course or digital product
  • Build your marketing
  • Get traffic and customers, and do a product launch
  • Automate your email follow-up and conversion sequence
  • How to create a digital product that sells itself
  • Many ways to create your digital products

Enroll In Eben Pagan/Digital U

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Matt McWilliams – No Product No Problem

matt mcwilliams - no product no problem

No Product No Problem is a marketing course created by Matt McWilliams and aims to teach affiliate marketing to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Matt is an exceptional marketer and an award-winning affiliate manager. He has helped top industry names launch their products empowering affiliate partners, names like Ray Edwards, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, Shutterfly, Peter Voogd, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Ziglar Inc., and Jeff Goins.


He has helped me 3X my online income in a few short months when he discovered my blog. I consume every piece of content he publishes like a maniac and thanks to Matt’s connections, educational material, and continuous support I was able to connect with my audience in a way I never thought possible.

In 2010 he was recognized as the top Affiliate Marketing Manager in the world by the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards and he’s won numerous other awards in that field as well.

He has over a decade and a half of affiliate marketing experience across multiple industries and has taught over 123,000 affiliates make money in affiliate marketing and now he’s put everything he knows into No Product No Problem to help his audience make their first dollar online in affiliate marketing.

Who is this program for?

No product, no problem was specifically designed to help business owners monetize their online platforms the fastest utilizing the affiliate marketing model. It’s no secret that the vast majority of bloggers and other platform builders begin with no clear plan or no plan at all.

NPNP comes into play in order to change the awful statistics and to help business owners monetize their platforms with proven and ethical methods. But it doesn’t stop there and the course goes above and beyond as it teaches aspiring marketers how to become successful promoting other companies products and services in a way that other basic programs simply can’t.

The program is most suitable for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers.

Ideal Audience:

  • Bloggers
  • Platform builders
  • Podcasters
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • YouTubers and Vloggers
  • Online business owners
  • Affiliate marketers

What You’ll Learn

  • Affiliate marketing focused on promoting product launches through emails, blogs, webinars, podcasts, videos
  • Marketing Mindset
  • Legal settings
  • Content creation
  • Goal setting
  • Paid advertising 
  • Overcoming the fear if selling
  • Closing the Sales
  • Building relationships and networking with affiliate managers, other affiliates, companies
  • List building

Enroll In Matt McWilliams/NPNP

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Kevin Harrington – Secrets Of Successful Selling Masterclass

Kevin Harrington - Secrets Of Successful Selling Masterclass

*Update Mar 2019: Kevin Harrington upgraded the training program. Now it’s called “Secrets of Successful Selling Masterclass”. It was called “Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass”.

Kevin Harrington was inspired by Zig’s story and he became a very successful entrepreneur. He says he owes his success to the master of sales, Ziglar. With over $5 billion in sales in his record the inventor of the infomercial now proceeds with a masterclass in sales. His goal is to teach entrepreneurs, leaders, and companies how to use persuasive sales tactics to boost their revenue to the top.

The masterclass is for those who are in the business of selling and want to sell more of their products, services, and ideas. In the masterclass are included vintage videos of Zig that were never available publicly and Kevin Harrington’s secrets to sales success.

The course aims to help salespeople to “Close” the sales effectively by using the entire sales process of Zig on a daily basis. Ziglar was able to reach the #2 spot as a salesman in a company with over 7,000 salespeople.

Ideal Audience:

  • Professionals in industries like real-estate, mortgage, automobile, pharmaceutical, insurance.
  • Leaders, business owners, sales managers, entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketers, bloggers, sales representatives
  • Speakers, authors, copywriters
  • Those who need an audience

What You’ll Learn

  • Unlock the magic of selling, discover the perspective that changes everything
  • Transform your sales point of view
  • The genius approach to selling
  • The hidden arts of selling
  • Making people commit
  • Get in front of the right people
  • Creating a dream team
  • The psychology of successful sales
  • Turning objections into sales professional closing techniques

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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula

Joey Xoto – Fade To Black

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