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World Ventures – Travel Memberships / Discounts | Comp Plan not only Focused on Recruitment

by Tasos


Nov 24, 2016



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I was invited to join another MLM opportunity lately and of course as I research them all here is what I discovered. The company is an old one, founded back in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, operating in the travel industry.



World Ventures Memberships



Dream Trips – an exceptional vacation club and lifestyle community. Enjoy exciting excursions, customised trip itineraries, valuable deals at exquisite hotels, fine restaurants and clubs.

You choose when, where and how often you’d like to travel. Dream Trips memberships include access to curated experiences around the world, cruise specials, discounts, the loyalty program.


The main slogan here is …”Get 4, Pay no More”..tell your friends about the membership and when they sign up to become members like you, your monthly membership fees will be waived.


  • Dream Trips Gold – $199.99 initial fee, $49.99 monthly thereafter
  • Dream Trips Platinum – $299.99 initial fee, $99.99 monthly fee


Access to Dream Trips, VolunTours, airport transfers, hosts, excursions, discounts on airfare, rewards program, RateShrinker, flight accident insurance, mall, concierge, early check in, late check out, green fees, spa discounts, resort credits, emergency evacuation services…are some of the benefits that Dream Trips members enjoy.


DreamTrips is a product of WorldVentures Marketing, LLC. All travel is booked by and with Rovia, LLC.






Dream Trips Marketplace



Customers / US residents only have access to a line of retail products

  • Dream Trips Skis – $149.99
  • Dream Trips Snowboard – $149.99
  • White robe combo – $59.99
  • White towel combo – $39.99
  • Ski cap and scarf set – $39.99
  • Golf club headcover set  – $39.99
  • Jumbo piggy bank – $24.99
  • Leather rifle case – $224.99
  • Sunglasses – $59.99
  • Solar battery charger – $49.99
  • Golfer set – $199.99
  • Lfestyle picnic – $89.99

and a few more..


The  Direct Selling Opportunity



World Ventures provide its independent representatives tools to market / sell vacation and lifestyle memberships and other related products / services.

Compensation Plan

Lineage Organisation – If a Representative personally sponsors seven Representatives, then he/she will have seven different lines (sometimes called “legs”) of Lineage. Each of these is independent from the other, and each will probably have a different number of Active Representatives and Customers over time. A Representative’s Lineage Organization only includes Representatives and Customers added through a direct line of sponsorship and is independent of the Binary Organization.

Binary Organisation – The Binary Organization is built in twos. Each Representative has a left side and a right side and may only be related to a single Representative on each side.


Difference between Representatives and Customers, according to the World Ventures Comp Plan

Customers purchase the products (available products may include the various Dream Trips memberships as well as the products offered through the Dream Trips marketplace).

Representatives are compensated based strictly on the sale of WorldVentures’ Products (both their personal sales and the sales made by their downline Representative Team). No commissions are paid for recruiting new Representatives. Additionally, only Representatives may be placed in the Binary Tree.


I will comment on that paragraph at the end of this review.


Representative business system (RBS)

Representatives must purchase the RBS for an initial fee and monthly fees from there on. The RBS in an online tool that includes a personalised marketing website with a back office system as well as an online marketing training.

In order to stay in active mode and to earn commissions you have to pay the monthly fees.

Commissions & Bonuses

  • Direct commissions for sale of certain products (not displayed, you have to become a member to access them in your back office).
  • Weekly team bonuses based on the initial product sales generated by their entire binary organisation.
  • Double Cycle bonuses
  • Customer only credit auto balance
  • Personal sales bonuses – The Personal Sales Bonus rewards Representatives for personally sponsoring groups of three (3) new Customers of the DreamTrips family of membership Products within a rolling 28 day period or less.
  • Training Dollars – When a Representative personally acquires three (3) new Customers within a rolling 28 day period or less, once per month, he/she will also be awarded 50 Training Dollars.
  • Travel Dollars – WorldVentures Representatives are awarded 100 TravelDollars for every sixth weekly cycle they earn. This is in lieu of the $100 Cycle Bonus. TravelDollars may be redeemed only through the Company and are designed to reward our Representatives by covering some or all of the costs of their travel experiences.
  • Director Bonus – When a new Representative achieves the rank of Director within twelve (12) full weekly pay periods, he/she will earn $5,000. Where the requirements to qualify for the Director Bonus are satisfied by 50% or more from DTU sales credits, the Director Bonus is limited to $2500.
  • DreamCar Bonus – When a Representative achieves the Regional Marketing Director level, WorldVentures will pay him/her $1,000 per month as a DreamCar Bonus. This bonus increases to $1,500 per month when he/she reaches the rank of International Marketing Director.
  • DreamHome Bonus – WorldVentures pays a Representative who achieves the International Marketing Director level a DreamHome Bonus of up to $3,000 per month.


Representatives Levels

  • Enrolled Representative (ER) – Entry-level position; a Representative who has enrolled, but is not Active
  • Active Representative (AR) – A Representative who is Active, but has not met the minimum requirements for advancement
  • Qualified Representative (QR) – 4 product sales to customers and can achieve direct commissions, personal sales bonus, weekly bonuses, travel dollars, wings & wheels bonus
  • Senior Representative (SR) – Thirty (30) Active Customers on left Binary Team and Thirty (30) Active Customers on his/her right Binary Team*. This is also called being “30/30.”
  • Director (DIR) – Ninety (90) Active Customers on left Binary Team and ninety (90) Active Customers on right Binary Team.
  • Marketing Director (MD) – 400 Active Customers, No more than two hundred (200) counted from any one line
  • Regional Marketing Director (RMD) – 900 active customers,
  • National Marketing Director (NMD) – 1900 active customers
  • International marketing director (IMD) – 3000 active customers






World ventures Careers



Current job openings (a few examples)

  • Staff accountant
  • Development professional in Asia
  • Event planner
  • Creative design manager
  • Administrative assistant



World Ventures Foundation



They aim to create positive change for children worldwide by supporting sustainable programs that promote health, happiness, safety and development. They accomplish that mission through 4 main ways.

  • Volunteer Days
  • VolunTours
  • DreamCourts
  • Fundraising






Final Words – Recap




World Ventures offers a line of retail products through the Dream Trips marketplace exclusively for US residents. Although the line of physical products is very limited customers will be mostly interested for the memberships and the benefits / discounts that come with.

Representatives are not forced to recruit people into the compensation plan and can be compensated for sales on the marketplace and the Dream Trips memberships even if people that are buying the memberships are not interested in the MLM opportunity

That characteristics make the compensation plan ethical / not only focused on plain recruitment. The key thing is if we can consider the Dream Trips memberships retail products.


The comp plan is very long and you have to study the details at your own pace examining the bonuses / rewards.


In general is an expensive MLM opportunity with the monthly fees running. If you are travelling a lot throughout the whole year you need to examine the membership fees and compare to the benefits / discounts. If you are a newcomer then World Ventures might not be the best solution for you, at least for the moment.


World Ventures is publishing income disclosures and the one of 2015 show that the average annual commissions was $300. Moreover the average annual commissions for representatives that did earn overrides was $1350.


I would start as a customer to check out the Dream Trips discounts and if they surpass the monthly fees (depending on your travel volume).

Other things to consider is checking out their partnered merchants. Can those restaurants / hotels / cruises satisfy your travel needs?…What the competition has to offer?…and what prices are offered through their competitive companies?


You have to calculate everything before joining because once you do the monthly fees will put a pressure on you.



How to Get Started Online and Promote World Ventures or any Company



I always suggest people to get started online with a website on their own. Offline connections are not enough and promoting MLM opportunities to friends / family is embarrassing.

But if you own an online property then you can promote products / companies around the globe without having to pay for memberships. Moreover you can create your own products / services and take your business to the next level.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Are you a World Ventures representative / customer?…Then I would like to hear from you. Till next time, your online partner.

















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