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Easy Cycler – Can Such a System Secure Investors Earnings?…Hmm…Far from It

by Tasos


Nov 30, 2016


I'm working on the "7 IDEALS METHODOLOGY" video presentation, the blueprint (infographic & guide), the 7 ideals page, and a brand-new contest. For more information, join the newsletter and get exclusive bonuses and discounts for a lifetime.


This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021. 

A value-driven and customer-centric strategy for small businesses and startups. 

One that can take your small business or startup from unknown status to a leading name in your industry. 

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.

It’s a solid, comprehensive, and proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole, giving you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid strategy to win in the competitive marketplace.

This is not a methodology to just promote your products, this is merely one tiny aspect of the “7 Ideals”.

It’s a holistic approach that will help you solve any problem in your company, improve your business model, gain entrepreneurial skills, and so much more.



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WealthyAffiliate - TheCatherine (12.9K followers): Why Chatgpt4 Is So Far Ahead of Chatgpt 3:

I have to be honest here I upgraded immediately just to try out the features. I knew I could cancel at any time.

My first reaction was that it is so slow compared to GPT3 . That lack of speed was so acute when the platform was first released I actually reverted back to chatgpt3. However, I Soon realized that the extra features of VERSION 4 were well worth waiting for. The speed is the only downside I can find.

Actually there is a capped limit of twenty five messages every three hours which is a pain. Just as you get into the flow of writing you are stopped dead in your tracks. I do believe that will be increased shortly.

AI can be a bit of a scary place at the minute as we are literally at the coal face of cutting edged tools. If these tools are used correctly then they make a writers job a whole heap easier.

Here are some key distinctions between the two models...





I was attacked to join another lucrative opportunity, one that could change my life forever. A success program for self improvement, an advertisement product packed with an income biz opp that allows for wealth creation.

So here I am investigating the offer …



Easy Cycler – Everything is Easy



When you arrive at the homepage you are bombarded with headlines like…

  • The faster cycler with automatic re-entry
  • Real time spillover is guaranteed
  • Pure net 100% payout
  • $20 one time payment with no monthly fees
  • No other 2 X 2 cycler can give you 100% instant commissions and break even with just 2 people and no admin fee…hmmm


The Stages



Feeders – 2 X 2 Matrix (6 members in total) – Cost $20 – Auto entry to the feeders matrix – no commissions upon completion which gives entry to the Diamond stage matrix, no sponsor bonus, bottom line (4 members which will pay 4X$20=$80) that $80 go into the pool when the affiliate completes the Feeder stage to cover the cost of the re-entry

Diamond – 2 X 2 matrix (6 members in total) – Cost $50 – Bottom line to completion takes a total of 4 members (4X$50.00 = $200). The full $50 goes into the pool when the affiliate completes the Feeders phase/stage to cover the cost of the auto re-entry … so…

  • $50 goes to re-entry Diamond phase/stage
  • $90 goes to entry on Double Diamond phase/stage
  • $50 goes to member
  • $10 goes to sponsor

Double Diamond – 2 X 2 Matrix (6 members in total) – Cost $90 – Bottom line to completion takes a total of 4 members (4 x 90.00 = $360). The full $90 goes into the pool when the member completes the Feeders phase/stage to cover the cost of the auto re-entry … so …

  • $90 goes to re-entry Double Diamond phase/stage
  • $110 goes to entry on Triple Diamond phase/stage
  • $120 goes to member
  • $40 goes to sponsor

Triple Diamond – 3 X 3 Matrix (39 members in total) – Cost  $110 – Bottom line to completion takes a total of 27 members (27 x 110.00 = $2970). The full $110 goes into the pool when the member completes the Feeders phase/stage to cover the cost of the auto re-entry … so …

  • $110 goes to re-entry Triple Diamond phase/stage
  • $500 goes to entry on Platinum phase/stage
  • $2000 goes to member
  • $360 goes to sponsor

Platinum – 3 X 3 Matrix (39 members in total) – Cost $500 – Bottom line to completion takes a total of 27 members (27 x 500.00 = $13500). The full $500 goes into the pool when the member completes the Feeders phase/stage to cover the cost of the cost of the auto re-entry … so …

  • $500 goes to re-entry Gold phase/stage
  • $10,000 goes to member
  • $3000 goes to sponsor


Features / Notes

  • Unlimited re-entries (re-cycles) on each phase/stage
  • Member get paid when matrix is complete on any of the phases/stages as configured
  • Pay line is the bottom line of each matrix (upon completion)
  • Re-entry fee must be taken every time a user cycles
  • Next phase/stage entry fee must be taken on each cycle (If there is a higher phase/stage only)







The Products



Banner and Text ads, 1000 credits each time you buy a new matrix / get auto re-entry to the matrix.

That allows you to advertise any offer you have (own or other affiliated products) but that does not mean that the ad credits are actual products….more on that in my conclusion



How it Works in Real Time



You deposit $20 and you start promoting the program. You need 6 new recruited affiliates to complete the 1st Matrix. Each one will pay $20 (6X$20=$120) to participate in the cycler. At the end of this cycle no commissions are being paid and $80 will be kept in the pool for auto re-entries costs.

Now you have access to the 2nd matrix – the diamond waiting for your 6 recruited / in the matrix affiliates to recruit 6 new members (fill their first matrix) each so that they can enter the Diamond stage and fill it so you can get paid for the first time. At this point upon completion of the Diamond stage you are getting paid $50 and $10 matching / sponsor bonus for personally recruited affiliates and you have access to the next stage….

But note down how much money are deposited in the Easy Cycler program for you to complete the 2nd Diamond stage and get paid $50 plus bonus.

  • You – $20
  • 6 recruited affiliates in your 1st matrix X $20 = $120
  • Your 6 affiliates recruiting 6 new affiliates each (filling their 1st matrix to move on) = 36 X $20 = 720

Total $860 just for you to get paid $50 and bonus for those you recruited alone…not to mention those that will quit.

….I won’t calculate how much money are necessary to be deposited in the system for you to complete the next stages






Final Words



Unfortunately this is another classic Ponzi scheme offering ad credits to somehow legalise the attached income opportunity. There are no retail products to be sold to external customers for a healthy organisation.

Instead all funds that support the system are new deposits coming from new affiliates, paying older investors and thus resulting in a Ponzi / Pyramid scheme that will collapse. How fast the collapse will take place depends on how much money are re-invested into the system from participants. But at the end of the day all these systems fail.


BehindMLM – SEC reaffirms adcredit opportunities are illegal Ponzi schemes


It is a hard recruiting game where no one is getting paid for the first 6 referrals. The vast majority of participants will abandon prematurely resulting in lost $20 deposits that compensate the owners. Mostly due to the difficulties in recruiting people into such schemes.

Your commissions depend on the recruiting efforts of your downlines and their downlines.

Those programs are making only the owners richer and when they collapse the last investors become victims. If you manage to get paid 2-3 times and leave cashing out your earnings you are lucky.

The Easy Cycler domain was registered at the end of this October so may be there is new money coming in from recruited affiliates.

The owner’s identity is hidden and this must be a Top reason for you to Not participate in non transparent companies.



Alternative Way to Make Money Online Away from Cycler Risks



You will never see me promoting risky schemes that eventually collapse. Instead I am trying to direct people into valuable companies and products.

If you want to get started just like I did, you need a website that is going to be your online property. Long term potential, no risks, endless possibilities.

But as always, there is a catch…your personal work / devotion.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.
















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