You're Reading:The Healthy Compensation Plan of Vasayo was a Pleasant Surprise..Is there More to Come?

The Healthy Compensation Plan of Vasayo was a Pleasant Surprise..Is there More to Come?

by Tasos


Jan 19, 2017

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

**Stay tuned on the blog, we release a series of articles, webinars, to discuss zero and 1st-party data, new ways of positioning as movement makers, new ways of running ads, new sales funnels, new frameworks**

We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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Today I deal with a recently launched MLM company that sells nutritional products. They claim of a strong competitive advantage able to push sales and help distributors reach their goals.

I am very curious to find out if this MLM have something new to offer. Lately the low quality products and Ponzi / Pyramid plans that we reviewed (with exceptions hopefully) is not a reason for people to join the MLM business niche. I do hope that…



Vasayo is Different than the Competition..?



Background Story

Vasayo is the brain child of Dallin and Karree Larsen who mention that they know what it means to struggle or fail but more importantly they are in position to overcome the common obstacles and move forward reaching their goals with dignity,

Dallin has a strong presence in the MLM industry being President of Sales in Usana, vice president of sales at Dynamic Essentials, and was the founder of Monavie. Although Monavie, the lastest project of Dallin & Karree, seemed to be going pretty well during the last 2 years the Duo had major disagreements with their equity investors leading Monavie to chaos. This is when they decided to leave Monavie in order to take a break.

2 years later, in clarity, an idea was born…


2 -3 months ago I had watched a video presentation of the upcoming project , called Vasayo. At that time on the official website homepage a video recorded by Dallin and Karree was explaining the situation at Monavie and why they left the company. But they had great news to share as well which was the main subject of that presentation.

They were promising that Vasayo would be a project for the years to come. Qualitative products, a compensation plan that rewards distributors ethically and a future plan for growth through innovations / new ideas. Dallin wants Vasayo as a vehicle to leave his legacy, to be remembered as a decent entrepreneur that helped many people succeed.

Proudly they were seeking for partners, investors and leaders but at the same time they mentioned that in any case the couple would hold over 51% of Vasayo’s shares in order to play the game with their rules. They were not asking from past members of Monavie to join them, it was a greetings message to their beloved Monavie partners expressing their true friendship.







Vasayo stands for Vision, Action, Steadiness, Assures, Your, Outcome


Headquarters 230 N 1200 E, Suite 102, Lehi, UT 84043 and a UK office is provided.


Beyond the mentioned couple of founders Vasayo leadership completes with

Dan Zhu with 20 years of experience in the direct selling industry is co-founder and president of Asia-Pac…His weapon is creative strategies / executive plans that deliver on sales.

Daniel Picou believes in relationship marketing and can help Vasayo with his skills in the creation and management of campaigns that ensure targeted traffic, customer engagement and lead generation. Co-founder & President.


Executive team –  Fred Black (chief operations officer), Brian Gill (vice president of marketing communication), Michelle Lesueur (vice president of product education)



USA and Canada






The Science of Advanced Delivery Technology



What is the Liposome Advantage?…Nutritional supplements that contain in their ingredients fillers, binders and other additives, can not be absorbed easily by the human body. Vasayo’s proprietary technology eliminates that problem effectively and provide superior absorption using a naturally structured, non GMO liposomes and micronutrient encapsulation technology,


Vision and Mission

To deliver solutions to health-conscious consumers who demand superior quality and delivery of key ingredients for maximum product performance. They want to transform lives physically, financially, spiritually and socially through the delivery of products, the opportunity plan and a great community.



Microlife Neuro – boost your brain power – 30 servings (micro caps), wholesale $63.95, CV 45…Features: bioavailability, elevate cognitive function, beat brain fog, balance mood, boost energy, optimize stress response

Microlife Energy – revitalize your daily performance – 30 servings (micro gel), wholesale $49.95, CV 35…Features:enjoy natural & sustained energy, no harsh stimulants, jitters or crash, won’t exhaust adrenals, helps maintain cardiovascular function and healthy circulatory system, elevate adaptogenic activity, cellular energy centers, enhance metabolic eficiency

Microlife core essentials – superior quality / enhanced delivery / optimal health – 30 servings, wholesale $49.95, CV 35…Features: bioavailability, fills nutrition gaps, comprehensive benefits, firm foundation, stamina

Microlife renew – beat the free radical and imbalanced inflammation threats – 30 servings, wholesale $49.95, CV 35…Features: bioavailability, support body’s natural inflammatory response, prevent cellular rusting and degradation, support cartilage and joint function, enjoy increased flexibility and mobility, supercharge your immune function, enhance mental energy & focus, safeguards body’s key systems

Microlife sleep – 30 servings (micromyst spray), wholesale $49.95, CV 35…Features: bioavailability, enjoy gentle and non habit forming benefits, natural sleep mechanisms, relax and reduce stress, get and stay asleep, wake energized, experience an improved wellness state






The Opportunity – Compensation Plan




Vasayo uses a binary structure to place affiliates in the system. Every affiliate is placed at the top of  a binary team. The first level consists of 2 sides, the left and the right. The 2nd level is derived from the 1st level by splitting each of the 2 spots into 2 new positions, with 4 positions in total. The 3rd is derived form the 2nd level 4 positions splitting all into 2 new positions with 8 positions in total and on and on….

Affiliate Ranks

  • #1 Brand partner – an affiliate that signed up
  • #2 Qualified brand partner – 80 PV/month, 1 active customer, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R)
  • #3 Executive brand partner – 80 PV/month, 1 active customer, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R), 800 lesser leg volume


  • #4 Bronze – 80 PV/month, 2 active customers, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R), 2000 lesser leg vol, 300 Pet volume
  • #5 Silver – 80 PV/month, 2 active customers, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R), 3000 lesser leg vol, 800 Pet vol
  • #6 Gold – 80 PV/month, 2 active customers, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R), 6000 lesser leg vol, 2500 Pet vol
  • #7 Platinum – 80 PV/month, 2 active customers, 2 active affiliates (1L/1R), 8000 lesser leg vol, 5000 Pet vol, 1 EBP leg


  • #8 Pearl – 160 PV/month, 4 active customers, 4 active affiliates (2L/2R), 10,000 lesser leg vol, 8000 pet vol, 4000 max vol per leg, 2 consecutive weeks, 2 EBP legs
  • #9 Blue Sapphire – 160 PV/month, 4 active customers, 4 active affiliates (2L/2R), 12,000 lesser leg vol, 12,000 pet vol, 6000 max vol per leg, 2 consecutive weeks, 3 EBP legs
  • #10 Ruby – 160 PV/month, 4 active customers, 4 active affiliates (2L/2R), 15,000 lesser leg vol, 20,000 pet vol, 10,000 max vol per leg, 2 consecutive weeks, 4 EBP legs
  • #11 Emerald – 160 PV/month, 4 active customers, 4 active affiliates (2L/2R), 20,000 lesser leg vol, 30,000 pet vol, 15,000 max vol per leg, 3 consecutive weeks, 5 EBP legs


  • #12 Diamond – 240 PV/month, 6 active customers, 6 active affiliates (3L/3R), 30,000 lesser leg vol, 50,000 pet vol, 20,000 max vol per leg, 4 consecutive weeks, 3 blue sapphire legs
  • #13 Black diamond – 240 PV/month, 6 active customers, 6 active affiliates (3L/3R), 50,000 lesser leg vol, 150,000 pet vol, 50,000 max vol per leg, 4 consecutive weeks, 3 emerald legs
  • #14 Royal black diamond – 240 PV/month, 6 active customers, 6 active affiliates (3L/3R), 70,000 lesser leg vol, 250,000 pet vol, 80,000 max vol per leg, 4 consecutive weeks, 3 diamond legs
  • #15 Imperial black diamond – 240 PV/month, 6 active customers, 6 active affiliates (3L/3R), 90,000 lesser leg vol, 500,000 pet vol, 125,000 max vol per leg, 4 consecutive weeks, 4 diamond legs


  • #16 Crown blue diamond – 320 PV/month, 8 active customers, 8 active affiliates (4L/4R), 110,000 lesser leg vol, 800,000 pet vol, 150,000 max vol per leg, 6/8 consecutive weeks, 5 diamond legs
  • #17 Double Crown blue diamond – 320 PV/month, 8 active customers, 8 active affiliates (4L/4R), 130,000 lesser leg vol, 1,000,000 pet vol, 175,000 max vol per leg, 6/8 consecutive weeks, 6 diamond legs
  • #18 Triple Crown blue diamond – 320 PV/month, 8 active customers, 8 active affiliates (4L/4R), 150,000 lesser leg vol, 1,500,000 pet vol, 250,000 max vol per leg, 6/8 consecutive weeks, 6 diamond legs







  • PV – Personal Volume
  • CV – Commission Volume (50% of all customer volume is rolled upline)
  • Active Brand Partner (affiliate) – Brand partners that maintain a minimum amount of 80 PV or more.
  • Customer – a person who purchases products either directly from a Brand Partner or through a replicated website
  • Active customer – Personally enrolled customer that has ordered at least 35 PV in the 4 week active status timeline.
  • Pet Vol (personal enrollment tree volume) – enrollment tree volume is determined by adding all volume placed by all Brand Partners in your enrollment organisation.

Rank requirements

The PV (personal Volume) requirement is determined by combining the BP (Brand Partner) own volume and their CV (customer volume) together


Bonuses – Vasayo Rewards Plan (US market)


Customer Sales Bonus (CSB) – 80 PV Active Brand Partners will be paid 20% of their personally enrolled Customers’ CV. Brand Partners will receive a $50 bonus if they have a minimum of 500 CV from their personally enrolled Customers or $150 if they have a minimum of 1,000 (paid on a 4-week cycle).

Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) – Paid to the Sponsor of new Brand Partners. 80 PV Active Brand Partners will earn 20% PIB on purchases from newly sponsored Brand Partners for their first commissionable order. Remaining volume will roll to the team upline.

Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB) – Paid to Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of Black Diamond or above

Team Commission (TC) – Paid to Brand Partners at Qualified Brand Partner Rank or above. Paid in cycles of 240 CV/480 CV and at a rate of $25 per cycle. Up to 1,100 cycles/$27,500 per week

Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCM) – Active Brand Partners with at least 160 PV, who are Qualified and paid at the rank of Bronze or above.

Leadership Bonus (LB) – Brand Partners who are Active with at least 160 PV, Qualified, and paid at the rank of Ruby or above. Earn shares based on your paid-as rank and additional shares based on additional qualifications. Leadership Bonus Pool contains 2% of global CV which are paid out weekly


For a full compensation plan study continue here


Important Details of the Comp Plan

I believe that we deal with a great compensation plan. At last, there are clear retail commissions for a healthy organisation and growth. Vasayo does not only pay affiliates to recruit others, the bonuses are focused on the retail volume. 20% commissions plus the extra bonuses.

Of course there are recruitment commissions as well. But all seem balanced and that can help distributors grow their teams / build a loyal retail customer base.


Cost of Joining

$49.95 enrollment fee. And you get access to the Vasayo App and other tools to help you.

VCloud is the virtual office, a replicated website providing you with updated information and a feature rich retail shopping experience for your customers.







Final Words



I am not an expert in nutritional products and I am not consuming them either. But there is demand in that niche. That potential can help brand partners of Vasayo to reach customers with their efforts. On the other hand of course there is huge competition, but tell me a niche without competition.

If you want to succeed in any MLM company you need a fan retail customer base first and to recruit others efficiently. Vasayo gives you an opportunity to shine with retail sales and the various recruitment bonuses will satisfy even the most experienced players or leaders.


Then it is up to you to work decently by promoting your Vasayo websites and / or by taking an extra step offline for more customers.


The cost of joining is reasonable but I could not find anywhere on the official website if you receive products with the enrollment fees. I guess that the website is incomplete as Vasayo is still in infancy,

You need to test the products first and share with friends or family to get their opinion. If you find them qualitative and you are satisfied with the results then go ahead.


I believe that Vasayo is different (to answer the question at the beginning of the article) and is a company that came to stay.

The founders have great experience and the ethical compensation plan rewards retail activity.


Too bad Vasayo is only available to USA and Canada for the moment. Dallin announced that the next step of their journey is Hong Kong. Of course my country has to wait….



That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies






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