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My Internet Success Coach Scam – Testimonial Frenzy Under MLM Pressure

by Tasos


Sep 16, 2015


I’m filming the last part. The finish line (Feb 02). 


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Last Updated: June 17, 2018

William Chase even hired two different legal teams (not just 2 investigators … but Teams) in order to check the legitimacy of the system that his friend Zachary introduced when he was in big trouble during a tough economic situation…A system that is 100% legal and ethical but it is not available for everyone.Only a few chosen people will co-operate with William , those that will sign up immediately before this offer disappears from the web.It is an automated blueprint to generate commissions.



Another Review On A Program Called “My Internet Success Coach” – Another Scam?



With funky relaxed music on the background I enjoyed every minute of this HARD SALES PITCH.Oh my , what a video was that.In fact his system is an ATM machine.And for those who watched this video till the end he will release a special gift , because he knows how serious these people are (including me).He will connect us with a secret mastermind team , the cream of millionaires , an inner circle of wealth and status.

The system although is pretty simple it gives you results fast , less than 24 hours will be needed in order to receive checks directly to your bank account.The voice behind the video production is promising you $100K in less than 3 months


But William had expenses , he had to master Zachary’s system and fill the loopholes.He spent over $250K to hire the best programmers of the world.Additionally there are costs involved , necessary for the maintenance of that special network.William spends another $15K per month to keep it up and running.(something is changing in the way)…Hmmm…I guess it won’t be a so FREE offer after all.

But hey , who is going to pay for the servers , the customer service and the developers?…You?…Absolutely Not , William does.But he does not want to charge you $20K to give you access to his system.Because William is already rich , that money won’t change anything in his luxurious lifestyle.But one thing is for sure … he demands from himself to get the soul fulfilling feeling that he helped you to change your life , Today.





But How Much Does It Cost To Succeed Hand In Hand With William?




Sit tight , get a glass of COLD water and be ready to empty the content onto your head….Only for a few days this offer comes down to $2000 plus $100 per month in order to cover all the costs and the coaching lessons from this “Elite” department of millionaires.Guess what happened when Zachary found out the price that William set.

Zac – “man , I want this program on the streets”.

Wll – “OK, I know but I have to cover all these maintenance costs.You know what is about”.

Zac – “I am not negotiating here Will , You and I will leave a legacy around the world.People will call our names even when they sleep”.

William became very sceptical during the next months after this short conversation.He decided to give it away for $997 , as one time fee.But then he realised that a lot of people could not be able to use it.OK…that’s it he said one day

No Up-Sells videos , No on-going fees , No surprises….The final price reduced suddenly to $49

….I had to wait over 40 minutes listening to this disturbing Sales brainstorming video to find out the price….$49….for this masterpiece.You would be crazy if you don’t join William today


But can you really believe that you are getting the whole package for only $49?

  • An Entire business
  • Full of Automations
  • Extra Coaching
  • Endless Support
  • A Mastermind Team
  • Decades of Experience
  • Countless Direct wires to your bank account

…””But still not a word on what this system is and how it works””




Thanks William, you are so generous.Do you understand now how these videos work , do you understand their effect to your subconscious?


….When he started he said it was an absolute zero cost investment.He repeated that at least 5 times during the first minutes of the production and only then.The next 20 minutes he spend our time revealing all these fake testimonials and was talking about the changes you will be facing in your life.

Then he started talking about the costs of this system , how much he invested and that he is spending a lot of money every single month to maintain it.Then he throw in the table a very expensive deal , $2K although he should offer it for $20K , 10x….Then Zac discusses with him and finally he decides to offer it for a lousy $49.Knowing that anyone could afford $49 , one way or another , he baits you to take the bite.

And remember he is asking to act fast , because this offer is going to disappear forever.Dark Marketing Techniques.



Another Fraud Revealed – A Scam For The Garbage – Still No Word On How This System Works



An opportunity you have been waiting for your entire life.In the beginning he mentioned that this program helped over 200 students…And he is inviting only a few more inside.How can he cover the maintenance costs with only $49 per person?200 x $49 = almost $10000.That is not enough to cover even one month of your costs , William , what happened?…miscalculated??





Surprise , Surprise – MTTB = MOBE = Matt Lloyd


I would not expect that Mr William got trapped from Matt Lloyd , a scam artist from New Zealand.But if you follow my reviews you probably know how capable is Matt in trapping people.Now William needs to take his revenge.And because he can’t hurt Matt he decided to promote MOBE and their garbage with this awful production.I don’t believe it.Another victim like Ewen Chia…Remember him?…Don’t forget to read my reviews on that matter.Both for MOBE and Ewen Chia.

This is the system that Zachary invented Mr Chase?…Huh?…A well organised crime but it won’t last for long because MOBE , for those that don’t know anything about this company , is just a virus in the system.An MLM company but a disgraceful one.These companies give MLM and network marketing a bad reputation.

And MOBE decided to deceive people and sell extremely overpriced High-Ticket items and not only.Matt is hiding the real costs behind his system.


Because I have been a partner with MOBE few months back and I have to inform you that these $49 you are thinking in paying right now are not enough for Matt.But I won’t reveal anymore.You can read my full review of MOBE and I hope that it will open your eyes.


Important Update


MOBE has been halt by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Related Article June 17, 2018:


Final Opinion – Conclusion



I would feel awful if I was promoting MOBE just to make money.I want my recommendations to stand off the ground and be able to beat the high competition.Additionally I try to find products and services at affordable prices.

But hey , you might ask , is not $49 an affordable price?…

…Do you think that this is the final price of MOBE?


Moreover have in mind that in order to succeed in any MLM business hierarchy you would have to work like a “Beast”...Prepare to master your shady marketing skills and recruit people in to your down-line.If you can recruit people then it might be possible to climb up the pyramid.But that won’t happen very soon.Not after 3 months , not even a year or may 2 or 3.I have seen remarkable entrepreneurs failing because of the complex payment plans inside MLM’s…


The majority of these plans focus on feeding the top members and keep the company active.But only a small tiny portion of the members manage to make a living and usually that won’t happen with your participation in ONE – MLM company.You would have to find additional resources.


You can make money with MLM , but not as described by Mr William Chase , don’t expect to make $100K in 3 months … He is a crook , he does not deserve anything.Do not believe websites with thin content , especially when that content is only a Video Sales Pitch.


Clicksure disappointed me











Thank you for your trust so far and I will return with more reviews , here , on Web Market Support….I am waiting for your thoughts and comments.Today I revealed another bridge to MOBE…Do you have any experience with that company?…Till next time , your online partner



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  1. Alan

    Thanks for reviewing this internet success coach scam.

    At some points i admit they sound convincing but the moment when you hear you’ll end up making those 100k per month it just becomes too stupid to be true.

    From my own experience i can only say there is no such thing of making so much money in so little time unless you are involved in a scam yourself.

    Thanks for warning people so nobody else falls for these scammers.

    Is there a legit program you recommend for people who are just beginning in the online world?

    • Tasos

      So glad you agree Alan.No one can make so much money in so little time , unless , as you cleared it up , he is involved in a scam.Those exaggerated claims of 100K per month are totally unrealistic , you need years to reach that level.

      My recommended platforms so far for beginners are Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate (Top recommendation).These are educational organisations helping people get started with an online business … the right way.

      Thank you for this visit and for your great support.All my best.

  2. J

    Damn. I never knew I could be so gullible. These guys really had me hooked, and I guess it’s a good thing I don’t even have a credit card and I apparently waited until today. Sadly, they got my email, but that was it. It really was too good to be true. 🙁

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog J , but don’t blame yourself.They have mastered their techniques so they present you a point of view that is deceptive.But luck is not always on their side , this time you had no credit card so they only got your email address.Try to unsubscribe but if that fails at least their emails will be arriving to your spam folder for a quick erase.

      Thank you for taking the time to report your experience , it is very brave and helpful for other people that may wander.Exactly as you described it , too good to be true.Good luck.

      • J

        Yes, after I saw your review and many others, I quickly unsubscribed.

        • Tasos

          I hope they won’t bother you again with their offers , J.

          Thanks for letting me know.

          My best wishes for the New Year…!

  3. Mark

    Thanks for the down to the bone explanation of the works that not only takes your money but then takes more money….you are not just in for the low price of $49—–then there is this and that to pay—I am glad you are around to stick your neck out there to go into depth on these scams out there so that we are better informed to make an intelligent decision on what to do or not to do.
    Best, Mark

    • Tasos

      A very bad product , Mark.Thank you for your trust and support.The $49 is just the usual “Showcase” and then a hurricane of sells begins without any warning.

      You are very kind and you seem as someone with experience in this online field.All the best too.

  4. James

    Thanks for exposing this scam for all to see. It gets frustrating when you are trying to make money online and companies like this claim to make you rich. It really gives making online income a bad name when in reality it is such an excellent alternative to working a 9 to 5 job. Your review is well written and honest and I will be stopping by again to check out any future reviews you publish. Thanks!

    • Tasos

      Exactly James , very good points.These scams are responsible for the bad reputation of online opportunities.People are getting discouraged and they think that every one is trying to deceit them.

      When in reality the possibilities for online income are literally endless.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

  5. Jeremias Cruz

    This is an awesome review! Stuff like this is going to help a lot of people on what to look for when they encounter something like this. I’ve been around MLM companies and just as you said you really have to “grind” in order to get what they’re promising. People who promote a quick cash scheme are crooks and often times they make you invest a huge amount of money to get started. That 49 dollar fee sounds affordable but there’s no doubt that there extra fees that comes with it or you would have to work hard to recruit people into the scheming business..

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Jeremias , I can understand your anger.I was involved in a few MLM companies too , long time ago.One thing that was disturbing me the most was the mentality on their marketing approaches.I hated to “sell a dream that does not exist”..Not every company follows the same rules but the majority of them are.

      I believe in honesty , to set realistic goals and to work hard even as a part of a team , but when I do I need some results…I can’t wait for 2 , 3 or more years to build a down-line and to depend always on their actions.And I never understood the complex compensation plans that have only one main purpose , to feed the “Top”..

      Therefore I would never join an MLM that sells thin air on expensive marketing products.I would choose one with High Quality physical products instead.

      But promising overnight success , just like this one , with an MLM offer is clearly “Utopia”.

      Thank you for the visit and for stating your experience and thoughts.


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