Banana Fund – Innovative Crowd Funding Platform Currently in Pre-Launch Mode

by Tasos


Dec 7, 2016




I came across a very promising project that currently is in pre-launch mode. So here I am investigating the opportunity for you.


Banana Fund – Crowd Funding & Development



They say…

  • Pitch an idea for crowd funding or trade start-ups using Bitcoin.
  • One stop solution to create a business from scratch
  • It’s free, what we only ask is a 3% stake in your idea
  • We do all the work per your instructions


Start a Business

Write down an idea and your terms, we fund & build a business for you and hand you the stake and dividends

Get Paid to Troll

Interact & brainstorm with new projects and earn a free stake

Trade Ideas

Buy and sell positions in real time, using Bitcoin. Trade startup ideas before they’re built



Earnings Plans



You can start a project fro free, and can divide up to 97% of the equity in your business, between yourself and your crowd backers. You can then sell your equity at any time on the Banana Fund marketplaces or to hold it in order to earn frequent dividends from the moment your projects are making profits.

You can back / trade projects by investing and help new projects come to life. You get stakes in return and you can sell buy / sell position on the marketplaces.

Additionally you can sponsor a project by paying listing fees (starting at $1 per week until the project is funded). This way you help an entrepreneur start a business and you get 1% stakes.


The forum is a place where people exchange ideas and interact with the projects. Suggestions and the up-voting system can add to a collaboration score. Qualifying scores share 1% or more free stake in projects. You can resell at any time or hold positions for dividends.

Lastly, you can refer friends so you can make 10% affiliate commissions on their tokens and trading fees. An extra 0.5% of every cashout they make is calculated to your balance.





The first 10,000 members will have a 1 week opportunity to place $10 (0.0133 BTC) pre-bids into the initial token offering in January 2017. The exact date is not yet announced.









At this point we can not evaluate the opportunity of Banana Fund. It is somehow similar with the Kula Brands crowd funding project

We have to wait till the website is complete and for the first projects come to life.

The owner is Richard O’Neill.

It sounds very interesting and I will keep a close eye for updates renewing the information on that thread.



Let’s see, I am very curious for this project. Do you know anything about it?..Till next time, your online partner
















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