You're Reading:Truth Or Hype TV Review – Give Me A Break From Kalatu

Truth Or Hype TV Review – Give Me A Break From Kalatu

by Tasos


Jul 29, 2015



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This website (the truthorhypetv.com) starts with an introductory video , such type of video that I would not feel very proud of.Right from the beginning we are bombarded with sales letters.What I mean?…This production is very expensive , it is like a movie , directed by experienced personnel surrounded by relaxing music in the background.The soft female voice suggests that we should take a leap of faith and that only people who acted in the same way became successful.

With This Review I Will Investigate The “Truth Or Hype TV” Product And I Will Give My Best To Point You Make A Decision



Continuing the movie uncovers a “TRUE” story.A couple was having fun in the beach when the man suddenly lost his senses and fell into the water.A saviour arrives and without any hesitation jumps into the water to save the drowning man.He gave him a second chance in life.But this saviour was holding one additional surprise for the lucky couple.He was the man behind the creation of this secret system that is responsible for the success of numerous members , members that are making 5 or 6 figures income every single month just by using this system.




I’m very curious to see what’s next


Testimonials , a woman named Kimberly ensures to the people that this system is amazing.Another couple, Tomby and Layla are making tons of money , another female is next , her name is Tracey and she is an affiliate of this program and a former real estate agent.She generated commissions of 1.3 million dollars…Million , not Billion...Lawrence and Jessica is another example of successful couples.AK J , another affiliate and online entrepreneur managed to grant $93000 in 90 days.

But I Should Speed It Up – My 75% discount expired in 43 minutes…If I pause the video the clock pauses too.You know what I mean.



The Interview With Mars – CMO – Why This System Really Works



Instead of analysing their system they jump into these fancy presentations explaining why it works.But yet no idea what is all about.This powerful system is not one that will promise you quick success.NO….Mars is opening his stats.A survey that filled by 50000 people that were trying to make extra money from home...76% out of those are intermediate or advanced home business owners with an average of 2 or more years of experience.95% out of those experienced businessmen are making less than $500 a month.This is Scary , Mars underlines.




Why This System Is Easier , Less Complicated And Why It Is A Legitimate Opportunity


♦ The team behind the scenes – They care about people and seeing them successful

♦ 3 Key Elements in every serious opportunity

a) KEY #1 : A Growing Market

b) KEY #2 : Force Multiplier

c) KEY #3 : The Right Timing


Important Facts


According to Mars and his nternet Statistics there are 2.8 billion people who are using the internet as of December 2013.The number is growing by 28000 new users every single hour.30% out of these people say that they are using internet to make money.Almost 1 billion people are interested in making money online.100 thousand people according to Google are using the keyword planner to search for terms about the topic “How To Make Money Online” every day.

But these people need real help to understand how to make this a reality and this is where a real opportunity comes into play.Now their system , Mars goes on , is specifically designed to help people work from the comfort of their home and tap into this gigantic market

Next is Jonathan – CEO of the “Company” takes his turn


Their company is included in the top 100 of the industry’s specific niche (make money online) and over the last 3 years it delivered 144 million dollars sales for the company and its affiliates.That means they are out-ranking their competitors by 5X or 10X…Wow , that is amazing.I wonder what this system is about.Still no words on that.





Smart Marketing System



Jonathan explains how Apple had a brilliant idea to combine in an I-Phone so many devices that people were using.I-Phone can be used as a cell phone , a GPS locator , a photo camera , a notebook and so on…This is an example of a Force Multiplier.Now their company did not invent a smartphone like Apple did but they invented a Smart Marketing System

…You see  , that explains everything.Where is the Buy Button?..I don’t wanna miss my discount here.

That system combines technologies , techniques and other secret weapons to deliver their affiliates with this High Quality ammunition to take advantage for their career.

How This System Actually Works And What It Is Included


Now it’s time for Aiodyn to speak on the live conversation.He is the director of the products and he is the most passionate member of all.

♦ 3 Online Making Money Activities – Content – Traffic – Sales

♦ The Ultimate Force Multiplier , followed by more photos showing proud members smiling proving their Thousands Dollars Earnings.

♦ 3 Elements – Product – Training – Add Ons and the special Making Money BONUS



Kalatu – The Brand Station – A Blogging System



Automated Blogging Platform – A WordPress builder I suppose that has one strong difference from the other wordpress builders in the market.It is focused on PROFITS.This platform can be used by 10 year old kids , it is a piece of cake,This platform guarantees that your posts will be getting Number #1 rankings in Google in just 2 minutes.The training consists of both audio and video material to guide you through this whole process Additionally it includes a Mindset Training , something we don’t meet elsewhere easily.

20+ Automation Plugins


Site mapping , auto creation of headlines , commenting system , truly speaking anything that it is necessary for you to succeed.Among those there are 4 Featured Plugins that are designed to automate the 3 above mentioned elements.The content , the traffic and the sales.And the amazing thing is that these plugins do not cost anything more.They are included in the standard package.


Biggest Blogging Challenge – Simply The “Blogging”


♦ 21 day Blogging Challenge – this feature guides you step – by – step into creating blog posts and therefore attract traffic and convert it to subscribers and customers.The people that used this plugin say that it had changed their lives.Autopilot.

♦ Optin Simple – capture information to grow your list and turn this list into buyers.

♦ Linkify – Shortening links with your domain , cleaning affiliate links and tracking them.

♦ Social Pop – This plugin allows people to share your content easily.

♦ The Bonus – Limited Time Version Of Course.This one is designed to help people achieve goals even faster.FREE 60 day membership Affiliate Program.Blog daily , tell others , get paid.



The Compensation Plan of 70% Commissions for the Affiliates – Multi Level Marketing (MLM)



Works on a 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 setup progression.You bring in people , they see the opportunity , they think they can get people to watch their video in the same way so in the end they repeat the process..Get One To Get One – Is Their Main Slogan.With 10 people in your down-line that each of those bring into the company 3 more people you are supposed to get earnings around $12000 per month.

Following Testimonials


That part must be a mistake of the director of this video.What I mean?…People are asked how much money they make using this system and they answered.The problem is that all these people answered those questions in the same exact room , sitting on the same chairs , with the same lights behind them , one by one.I told you , this is a movie at all.





How Much Money Does It Cost? – Temporary Promotion



Usually it costs $45 but with the discount it comes down to $9.Pretty easy , what you think?…I have researched the net to find information on the Kalatu blogging system.What I learned is that this $9 product gives you access to the Empower Network free for 60 days.This is what they are hiding.The Empower Network , an MLM company.

Because if you have been in the market for a while you probably heard about EN , and what information I found on them is really A HUGE TURN OFF….Kalatu is a cheap front-end product to get you inside Empower Network.What will happen next?…Prepare for Up-Sells.Kalatu is the bridge to get you into their direction.Probably they created Kalatu because the EN got a bad reputation , I don’t know.But if I was you I would not proceed by any means.


Income Disclaimer


…”The average affiliate spends around $500 and $3000 in expenses as they build their business…”

Now these costs I am not sure how they came from.

…”Less than 4% earn sufficient commissions to cover the costs of the products.”

Which products?…of the Empower Network I guess.

…”Note that it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business and some affiliates make no money at all..”

And why this text had to stay hidden in the income disclaimer?…Why you don’t explain that in the main presentation?

…Their table shows that 91% of their affiliates earn around $57 per year….

Now , would you join their system?…Their video was promising huge earnings , what has changed?….Very shady marketing.I am very sorry once again

Refunds Policy


You have 14 days to cancel and request for the money.In Clickbank this product is advertised as “Best source for flexible Jobs” and this affiliate network has a good reputation on refunds.



Final Opinion Conclusion


♦ They are hiding the name of the product.In Clickbank it is named “Best Source For Flexible Jobs” and it is part of the Employment and Jobs sub category and not of the E-Business where it should be.When you click on the advertising it redirects you through Empower Network domain (only for a second if you observe it in the down – left area of your browser) and this website has the title “Truth Or Hype TV”

The Kalatu Blogging System is part of the Empower Network.This network has been accused by numerous bloggers.For example I refer you to this review.Do not rush with any purchasing decision , even if it stands only for $9.This price is a showcase for the Up-Sells that are coming up when you will be redirected into EN


♦ The testimonials , the pictures and the huge claims of earnings are not my favourite marketing tools.If they were really proud of their product they would have let you test it for free.Even for one day.These tactics are used by scammers and not so decent entrepreneurs.I have created a Mini-Guide that can help you understand better.

♦ The video and the income disclaimer page have a distance between them , I would say something like light years away.


♦ Blogging can not be automated and it will take much time in order to get ranked only in the search engines.Especially in that niche of make money online which is the most competitive of all.No post can be placed in Google position #1 in minutes, not even well known magazines like Forbes or Entrepreneur can do that.Beware of that.

♦ The plugins that they demonstrate as essential and terrific can be found easily on WordPress plugins area for free with just a few searches.They are not providing something special , it is just a trick to impress you.


♦ The BONUS – it is not exactly a Bonus.It is a phenomenal 60 days free access to their actual product , the EN and I doubt it is FREE in the long run.

♦ The price is very low.You can test it , everyone could afford losing $9 I guess.But beware on that.If you are bombarded into Empower Network , and you will definitely , do not buy anything more.What you can do is read some reviews online.Try to find unbiased reviews that are not part of their affiliates.


♦ I am not a fan of Multi Level Marketing especially when it is about Online Marketing and Education Products.MLM or network marketing can be proved a serious investment only in cases of Super HIGH Quality physical products and that only in cases when the Compensation Plan is Honest or Profitable for all and if you can participate among the first people that join such a system.If you start on the bottom of the pyramid you will be disappointed…MLM companies are not for newbies and only a few marketers with High Skills and no moral hesitations can succeed 

♦ A lot of misdirections and lies along their video





Is the Truth Or Hype TV A Scam After All?


If I could guess I would say YES , it is an obvious scam.But I do not have the full authority to say so.I know that the Empower Network is an MLM program to avoid (huge costs) and I am not impressed by their main video presentation where the owner starts by showing his billion dollared ring..Huge claims , testimonials and Up-Sells.

But this $9 product and their video delivers some information that is actually real.It is a very cheap product and you won’t get hurt much if you lose that money.I won’t risk my $9 though…You see , I am pretty sure of what is next.And I will leave that decision up to you.In overall I think that this is a very poor product that is counting only in that very expensive video presentation.I do not like these marketing techniques and this is why I do not recommend it.


Success online takes time , and I mean T I M E…Only to gain authority and rankings in the search engines needs enormous efforts and hard work from you.Everything you need to know about online marketing can be accessed though a marketing training portal , like the Wealthy Affiliate University , the one that helped me build this website , that helped me create content for it and get it ranked.

You can test Wealthy Affiliate for FREE for as long as you like , as the owners are so proud of their program.You won’t be treated like a “Meal” and they won’t try to Up-Sell you anything along the way.


Moreover I have to mention here that Wealthy Affiliate is using a Free WordPress Website Builder even for starter members at zero costs , it is called SiteRubix.You can build beautiful websites and host them in WA with just a few clicks.Then you can add your plugins , create content and by taking the education courses you can build an online business in an honest way.




I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Do you have any experience with this Kalatu program?…Have you tried the Empower Network and want to share your experience with me?


Related Articles – A BBB Business Review

UPDATE – the Empower Network review
















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  1. Chris

    Great review – I like the way you’ve pointed out that those ridiculous countdowns don’t really apply to anything ( why would they limit the reach of a product they are trying to sell by a timer? ).
    There’s way too many of these sort of idiot opportunities about these days – great to see there is someone like you uncovering them 🙂

    • Tasos

      Yes , these countdowns are just a turn off , how can I trust a product when there is a timer that is counting?…Nonsense marketing efforts.

      Thank you Chris for your visits and for your comments , your participation is an added element that helps people understand what is going on with online marketing promotions.

  2. JeffWA

    I’ve got to be totally honest sir about the product Kalatu that you reviewed in that article. It looks, smells and feels like an absolute scam. A person who you don’t know saying that she’s made millions of dollars through this business and who is trying to get you to join under him/her? Really and someone would actually believe her? Well unfortunately there are people out there still unwise to the snarky individuals looking to bleed innocent individuals dry.

    I once was a part of a company very much like this Kalatu. It was called Liberty League. I’ve even discussed it on one of my websites- promoting WA and to be honest I crushed that company. Like the most naive sucker in the world 10 years ago I fell for the line promoted by Liberty League – guaranteeing that if you follow their system you would attain financial freedom.
    Their product had to do with personal “wellness” and motivation.

    The way Liberty League was designed, was that it was a cleverly disguised MLM business -like Kalatu. For your information in the U.S. MLM’s are illegal. And today U.S. feds are aggressively going after individuals who run these type of illegal businesses. At the time, (back in 2005) with Liberty League you were lured in by investing a minimum of $1,000 (which could go up to $2,500 if you wanted to take advantage of their fast-track plan to becoming a millionaire) to get into the company. Your first 2 sales however did not benefit you. Instead they went to the person above you in their pyramid scheme as they collected those profits while you got a big, fat zero. It was only after you made your first 2 sales, luring people into the company did you begin to earn profits. And you guessed it, the person beneath you in the Pyramid giving you his/her profits off of the 2 initials sales that he/she made. And so on down the line.

    Eventually a lot of people got wise as to what was going on. Very few people attained financial freedom. In fact like me, many MANY people lost a lot of money being foolishly suckered into this scheme. Several class-action lawsuits were brought against high-ranking officials within the company. The company was also eventually shut down entirely by the U.S. Feds although by then I was long gone from the company. As I said I lost money and I realized by continuing to stay a member of that company I would have eventually gone completely belly-up losing everything.

    So, with all that I learned from my negative experience with ,Kalatu appears to be exactly like Liberty League of 10 years ago. Anyone willing to pay $$$$ to someone in this MLM business in the hopes of becoming filthy rich themselves would be one foolish individual.

    Although you did not come out and say it specifically let me finish it off for you. Kalatu is a scam, 100%. I pity the individuals who would get suckered into giving their money to anyone looking to rope them into this bogus, fraudulent business garbage.

    Sorry if I was so blunt but sometimes the truth does hurt!

    • Tasos

      That was awesome , Jeff , you nailed it down and you completed this review “Your Way” because I had intentionally left a gap to be filled.I would like to know what people think of such companies and I agree with you on everything.Your own experience with the “Liberty League” company is an example of what people should avoid at all costs.Indeed , the Kalatu program , is a very poor production , I was bombarded with fancy claims , testimonials and promises all along their video.

      In the middle of this video there was some kind of quality information but only to get me redirected into their MLM actual network , which is the Empower Network.But as I have not tested yet personally this network , I would not want to jump into conclusions.I have watched the Empower Network video introduction and I disliked it from the very first seconds.Additionally there are dozens of negative reviews online from people that are not affiliated with them and I believe them.A lot of people lost money on this EN MLM and many of them that asked for refunds or to cancel their accounts treated like “animals”.

      I tend to believe that the Kalatu product created as a funnel to EN , because the EN got a bad reputation from all these reviews.They “smartly” offer the Kalatu for only $9 just to Lure people in joining EN afterwards.Their compensation plan sounds “too good to be true” and they claim that anyone that gets people to join under his down-line will be credited immediately and that the potential of earnings is huge…Yeah , right , we have heard all that before.

      I do not believe in MLM companies that only sell “thin air” , information expensive products on internet marketing education.Generally I do not believe in high priced education products on internet marketing , simply because there are great places to learn everything about this science at very low costs.Additionally I would only test MLM companies that offer High Quality Physical Only Products and that only in cases where a decent compensation plan existed.

      I want to comment on some important factors you have underlined on the Liberty League company.I have not heard of this company before , but as I can clearly understand from your mentions , it must have been a very poor product like the most MLM we have met.What the majority of these MLM organisations do is to sell that dream that does not exist.Don’t tell me that I will reach financial freedom.Tell me right from the beginning that it would be a difficult journey , that I have to work really hard to convince people join in my down-line and please do not bombard me with fake testimonials of super high members smiling with checks on their hands.

      Was that Liberty League products informational ones about wellness and motivation?

      If that was the case then the initial fee of $1000 is unacceptable and fraudulent.Moreover the option of $2500 to get a short-cut in order to be millionaire is Big Fat Deception.

      If the $1000 were spent on buying physical products of the company then again it is a high price to begin on having in mind that the 2 first sales will only benefit the people on Top of You.We know how difficult is to recruit people especially for these prices.

      If they were decent and legitimate , even with physical products , they would have offered a sample package to begin with demonstrations in order to convert it to sales and they would have taken their share from the sales.But this is not what they are looking for.They want to secure their sales first , to feed the TOP pyramid members ignoring what will happen to the bottom of the scheme.

      That compensation plans is the reason for so many people abandon such companies disappointed , exhausted mentally and physically.The stronger of them deal with lawsuits , that are so time consuming resulting in an ongoing frustration and psychological problems.They want their money back as they understand that those plans will lead them nowhere.This is not business at all.

      It is encouraging knowing that US FEDs are in a hunt for them , this can prevent a lot of future problems but these companies always find ways to build organisations and networks in places where it is legal.I think they have to invent some kind of “Universal Law” especially for these type of businesses.A LAW that would protect firstly the investors and that could stop the initial high ticket fees.

      You dealed with a very nasty problem but you were perspicacious enough to exit the company’s net soon but injured at the same time.You lost money and I bet that was not the only thing that gave you Hard Pain.The time is one major factor here , not only you are losing your valuable time but you lose the faith in you and the hopes , your dreams are collapsing because of the fraudulent misdirections that drove you in the company at first place.

      Thank you so much for leaving your own personal review of the “Liberty League” company here on my blog.That message was a chance to expand on this popular subject of MLMs.Not only , your comment will help people realise what is going on and what factors are important to consider when joining such organisations.

      I can understand your “Rant” even after 10 years , you feel like you experienced it yesterday.These memories root in our minds and hearts.You got it out of your chest and that is what counts , the truth has to be heard , no one should be afraid of the truth.

      I wanna wish you all the best with your future projects Jeff

    • Ka Li

      You know it’s Shady business when no one tells you exactly what is “SO GREAT” about it, what it does and pressure tactics like church; “YOU’re going to Hell if you don’t in 2:30seconds!!!!” LoL

      • Tasos

        Welcome Ka Li , I am not sure what you mean here but thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation in the comments.

  3. Rick Wilson

    Hello Tasos,
    Thank you for posting such a comprehensive review of the Kalatu program. I enjoyed reading your comments on the various aspects of the presentation. I also liked that you pointed out what was missing from the presentation. It sounds like they are just selling you the opportunity to sell their opportunity. Seems like a nasty MLM merry-go-round to me.

    • Tasos

      You have made your conclusions and I agree Rick.This is not a super opportunity , it is a bridge to an MLM network.Their initial price of $9 can attract some people in testing it but if they are redirected to their actual program I bet they will be bombarded with many Up-Sells.

      The Kalatu program includes some information that is correct but there are a lot of misdirections and way too many promises and fancy claims followed by testimonials.I would not feel very proud if I was the producer of this program and of course I do not recommend it at all.Although I have not tested the Empower Network yet , I am aware of what this network offers and I believe that this is just another rip-off.I am not a fan of MLMs that sell dreams on internet marketing , I would prefer a physical product to deal with.

      Thank you so much for your visit and for your very good mentions.


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