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Autopilot Profits System Review – The Club 1000 To 1

by Tasos


Jul 12, 2015



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Last Updated: June 17, 2018

I knew that this day would be special for me.A lot of signs and in the end of the day I got rewarded.I was so lucky to find out Ewen Chia , The Club itself , the genius man who had to save me.And not only me , he will save you as well if you join him.But what you mean by all that?..Are you going crazy?..I can’t understand….OK…you see I found a brand new website and a brand new post published by Ewen on 11 of July Saturday , 2015….But let’s get to the point


We Have Another Review Today – The Autopilot Profits System Created By Ewen Chia For His Private Club


That autopilot is an I N C O M E  Machine – one that generates $3500 in 24 hours just like that.Still not impressed?…Get one more headline like…If you only need 30 minutes to create an ATM machine that pays you every day of your life , would you do it?…Of course you would , because you need M O N E Y….You need it desperately?…Then follow me

Now Ewen is about to reveal the TRUTH about Internet Marketing.I just visited a simple webpage and I am about to learn the biggest secret on earth.Do you follow my excitement?…Ewen is promising UNLIMITED amounts of money online.He goes even deeper than his first promise.He now claims that he would give me 5 machines , yes 5 ATMs….wrong 10 ,wrong again 20 ATMs producing cash all day night long.




“”NON”” Requirements To Participate In Ewen ATM Machine


♦ No Product

♦ No Website

♦ No domain name , unless you want

♦ No hosting account

Pretty easy?…Piece of cake?


♦ No traffic – he has a unique but somewhat mysterious traffic source

But there is one thing you have to do , you see Ewen can not do all the work for you , you have to do something on your own.

♦♦ You just have to aim that “traffic flow” to your “money pages” and BOOOOM….The ATM is ready to serve you lifetime.

Chia now claims that I will make money today , before I get to bed for sleep.So soon Chia?..It won’t have fun this way.


Living Proofs


A screenshot of a newspaper – a chinese or asian family – father (Ewen) , mother , 2 boys.He is real OK.Now listen carefully.He is the Number #1 A F F I L I A T E in those categories (niches) below.

Debt consolidation , dating , weight loss , MLM , dog training , golf….in fact in every possible niche.He dominated all those categories over the competition…Incredible…You want more?…Number #1 international best selling author of the book of the century ” How Chia made his first million online and How you can too”…And why Mr Chia want to make the whole population of the world millionaires?..Won’t that be a problem?…Can everybody be so wealthy?..

Don’t rush Tasos , you see Ewen has a plan to Recruit The TOP CREAM BEST team in the world….1000 players…tops…Deal…Closed…




ATMs That Just Spit Out Cash – No Questions Asked


But how can I host 20 ATMs in my house?..And is that legal?…And who is going to put the money inside the machines the first time?…Or these ATMs are machines that can print money as well?…A lot of questions yet unanswered , let’s see what’s next

WOW – Paypal Balance – You won’t believe your eyes.  $256800

He buys a new sports car every few months.That is lifestyle Chia.You are happy.



If you are sick of such schemes that only want to rip-off your heart and pocket continue here




Time For Some Testimonials


Anthony Robbins , Roberto Kiyosaki , Donald Trump , he’s having lunch and cocktails with them every 3rd of May and every weekend with no moon.That’s L I F E….Don’t wait people , join Chia before it’s too late.

Some more screenshots and fake photos of people claiming how Chia transformed their lives and now they earn tons of money with the push of a button.

But How Much Does That Special Membership Cost?


$3797 to $1797 then $797 to $597 then $397 to $97 and final price is $37 (without the VAT included) 

Co-Operation With MOBE – Secret Internet Business


In the next minutes arrived a new email in my inbox.Ewen Chia announces on the same date of July 11 , Saturday 2015 his partnership with Matt Lloyd and MOBE..Yes , now I am secured.If you want to know who is Matt and what MOBE is doing do not hesitate to read my whole review few months earlier.Now you can R U N to the hills … far away.

That was the secret Ewen was hiding all this time.Because MOBE is definitely the perfect marketing High Ticket System in the whole world.




The Real Secret Is – You Will Not Get Rich By Promoting Cheap Products – You Need Big Ticket Commissions


But where is the point in paying Ewen Chia $37 to access MOBE and then pay $49 and $1997 to participate in their system?…


Matt Lloyd – The Point Of View Of A Businessman


You see Matt is not expecting to sell e-books of $10 to get rich.Because if you want to reach one million with these e-books you have to find and sell to 100000 customers.That would be very difficult.But if you sell a program that costs $10000 to reach the million you would need only 100 customers.


The Front-End product is the cheap e-book and the Back-End program is the one that costs $10000.The Front-End is the showcase that is used only to attract traffic , unsuspicious victims and then offer them something revolutionary on that extreme price.If they take the bait it is not your fault.Sometimes Matt sells products of $50000,But how many people do you think you are going to find to sell them a program that costs $10000?…How many can you trick?

This is how Matt is doing and teaching marketing.Do not forget to sign up for his next summit.It only costs a few thousand dollars.What is a few thousand compared to the secrets you are going to learn from this fraud expert?…If this is how you think and work please go ahead , but but but … do not think that it will be easy.Follow Ewen Chia and then let him drive you to Matt , he knows how to empty your pocket for good.




What else is Ewen offering – More MOBE garbage


♦ Done for you marketing BONUS – $1497

♦ Make More Sales $997

♦ Traffic Training Program – $497

♦ Top Secret Facebook Group – $5000

♦ Secret Training Program – $997

These all are BONUSES you will grant if you join Ewen Chia in MTTB and the famous 21 step training that includes a fake $500 guarantee and it is not going to end , because when you reach a specific level  , they (MOBE)  , will ask you to pay more than $1900 as a fee to participate and then it will start a dance of Up-Sells galore that will drain your blood and eventually you will end up in the hospital or in prison sharing a cell with Ewen.

1) Invest In My Top Tier 21 MTTB System – 2) Forward Your Receipt To Me


Important Update


MOBE has been halt by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Related Article June 17, 2018:



Final Opinion – Conclusion


It is going to hurt now for a lot.First of all for Clickbank – another crap product like this one , an undercover scam attempt created by someone named Ewen Chia showing up as a cheap marketing solution for $37.Again another garbage in Clickbank , I think that they are getting worse than ever before.What Ewen is offering with these $37?…Just promises to show and deliver to your house 20 ATM Machines that spit out cash (printed original american dollars ready made for you)…..Then we have to deal with MOBE , the manufacturers of the ATMs … D I S A P P O I N T M E N T….




What I believe is that this guy Ewen Chia had been fooled by MOBE and Matt Lloyd.He knows that he is running on a dead end road.He is so desperate that he creates a cheap Front -End product according to his teacher Matt and he tries to offfer you the BIGGEST dream.That is to join MOBE under Ewen’s team as his Down-Line.He wants to take his money back from MOBE.But it is not easy Mr Chia , really how much money did MOBE steal from you?


For MOBE aka My Online Business Education Or Empire I won’t reveal any more secrets here just follow my review 


Stay away , run , hide , do not exit your home for one week but do not fall for Ewen or Matt.You want your inner peace and life.?…S T A Y   A W A Y…. by all means

SCAM at The Best


That was another horrible scam attempt that exists online inside Clickbank.I am sorry for Ewen now that he lost money from MOBE but this is NOT how internet marketing experts outrank their competition in every possible niche of the market.Ewen you are not an expert , you are a victim , I am sorry for you , but now you became one of them and you try to steal from innocent people to cover your mess.


So I am not sorry at all.It was just a joke.You should have been more careful before you agreed with Matt.That’s it.I hope you enjoyed yet another negative review but as the modern marketing world unfolds prepare for more Terrible products








How To Identify Guys Like Ewen Or Matt?… A Mini-Guide 

















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  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Tasos,
    Anything that has something to do with Ewen Chia is definitely a scam. I actually bought Autopilot profits and made a video on YouTube showing how crazy the upsells are inside, there’s at least 10 of them!

    And you know what happened after? Ewen striked my video so I couldn’t show to my viewers how much of a cutthroat he really is. Stay away from this freak, his name brings bad business. I totally despise the guy.

    • Tasos

      Wow , what a story to share Riaz…You mean he reported your video?…What a pathetic move.I can imagine all these up-sells he use to brainstorm newbies and dry their pockets.

      Thank you once again my friend , your testimonial is very worthy.All my best.

  2. Chris

    Sigh…another product that offers profits on autopilot. Not a great start is it?
    Unfortunately these sorts of offers are designed to tug on certain heartstrings and more often than not they easily succeed. I suppose the amount of time put into the testimonials and videos works out in the end…
    Thanks for covering this rather suspicious offer

    • Tasos

      It is an awful way to begin , totally agree , Chris.There are no profits on autopilot.I really hate this word and especially when it comes to businesses and websites.Not even Amazon is working on autopilot.Not even Google or Coca-Cola.How can that happen?…That same rule applies for every business.

      This is how they try to misdirect people into buying their crap products.They spend time and money on copy writing , testimonials and fancy presentations.Eventually some visitors will take the bait and buy.But I won’t predict much success by following these shady tactics.

      Thanks once again for your repeated visits on my blog and for your enlightening comments.

  3. Neil

    Thank you for warning me about the
    Autopilot Profits System in your review and I can’t believe the lengths these programs owners go to just to extract stupid amounts of money from people for poor value in return.

    If programs like this are so easy to make money online from, then the most of the world would be rich.

    But it doesn’t happen this way in the real world. I will certainly keep the Autopilot Profits System Review at arms length.


    • Tasos

      I had to do that Neil , I was intrigued when I saw that guy Ewen , prolonging me for 1 hour , just to throw at my face his unique proposal.His collaboration with MOBE…and Matt Lloyd.One of the biggest scams lately that managed to suck in their power a lot of entrepreneurs.Some of them have lost thousands of dollars and that has to be stopped.That system is just a waste of time , but it can work pretty well as a bait for “newcomers”

      Who does not want to make some extra cash online fast?…Although that does not exist.You are so right and I am gonna repeat it here.If making money online was so easy then the whole world would be rich.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely coomments.

  4. Marant

    Great article! If it sounds too good to be true, as the auto pilot profits system does, you should run and avoid at all costs! Who ever heard of a cash spitting ATM , or really 20 of them for only $37.00? I’m glad there are people like you out there watching the internet for scams such as this! Thanks for looking out for us!

    • Tasos

      What a joke , Marant , indeed.An ATM machine generating cash.They bait people on a typical under $50 offer which is affordable for a lot and they wait for the victims to buy.Then , if someone buys , it will begin a hurricane of Up-Sells , promotions , email sequences and god knows what else.I wonder how far they think they gonna go.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts here

  5. Sonia

    My first thought when I started reading your review and you’re talking on how fast you can make money according to Ewen Chia, was he must be printing money in his basement! Then when he compares it to having 20 ATMs… I was thinking, no way does he thinks that people are that gullible, because he is pushing it!

    Now I’m surprised that Clickbank have those kind of programs? They don’t check the programs before adding them to their network to see if they are legitimate programs?

    Thanks for the review , hopefully it will prevent anyone from being duped by this Guy Ewen Chia and his buddies (Matt Lloyd and MOBE)


    • Tasos

      You made me smile Sonia , printing money in his basement , yeah.20 ATMs delivered to your door.You only have to put the money inside yourself.

      Now as concerns Clickbank , what can I say.I am totally disappointed.Obviously they have no quality control on what products they are publishing on their website which is not turning to an advantage for them.They are losing credibility and people will stop from trusting them.If they do not change their policy soon they will be in trouble.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts with the rest of us and I hope that people won’t get tricked by Ewen or Matt

  6. Bruce

    Yes indeed!….just another scam on the pile of many….It is amazing how many ‘shiny trinkets’ are out there…meaning tons of money for no work.

    Honestly speaking, I have been a sucker of quite a few of them from the past…..moving from one to another as they fail one by one…even some of the old ‘snail mail’ programs such sending money and stamps as gifts….

    I guess as long as people keep buying into them, they will continue to exist. I have learned my lesson….which is why I am now in WA, WORKING to seek an online income.

    Nice work on exposing this one! Bruce

    • Tasos

      This guy is a scam indeed Bruce , from the very first moment I stepped inside his website I knew something was wrong.It is almost inevitable for someone looking to earn some money online not to be tempted by these shiny as you say offers.It feels bad meeting one more person that has been trapped in the past.I’ve had my share too , luckily I escaped with only a few hundred dollars lost.

      As long there is money involved , as long as there are dark marketers and bad entrepreneurs people will continue to fall into these scams and lose not only money but their courage and inner peace.It is a great choice you made to join WA and that you are now working to achieve success online.

      I wanna thank you for dropping a line on my blog , for sharing your experience and thoughts.I wish you good luck with your efforts.


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