Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge 5-Day Free Event To Improve Your Writing May 09-13

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Emotional Marketing Examples | Scientifically Proven To Sway


Oct 5, 2021


Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge May 09-13

This is a shout out to writers and authors. Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, and sometimes exhausting.

But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit. And I mean, writing non-stop, becoming unstoppable.

And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too. That’s writing with others.

I want to invite you to join me for the Hope Writers – Instagram Writing Challenge that’s happening this week, May 09 through May 13.

Now, this 5-day challenge is free and it’s so much fun, hundreds of writers and authors will unite each day just to write freely, without the pressure of writing for an audience.

Every day, the Hope Writers team will assign a writing prompt. It only takes a few minutes to write an Instagram caption and you’ll be able to clear the brain fog, discover your writing voice, find unparallel confidence in sharing your words, and collaborate with like-minded writers in a live event.

Let’s take this challenge together.

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    Emotional marketing plays a vital role in the marketing campaigns of most brands. It is not surprising considering that more than 70% of the time, we make decisions by the typical instinctive subconscious part of our brains, commonly known as our “reptilian brain.

    Not every decision taken with gut or emotions can be correct, but a majority of them are. This might sound crazy to most of the readers, but it is not. The emotional decisions are better- they save time and effort.

    Emotional Marketing Examples

    Scientifically Proven To Sway

    What Is Emotional Marketing?

    Emotional marketing is a kind of marketing technique that uses emotional appeals to evoke emotions in the heart of potential clients. The purpose is to convince the customers to buy the business products or services.

    For instance, there is psychology involved in shaping unique business logos. The business logo is connected with the emotions of the people.

    In the same way, emotions play an important role in the packaging design of the product.

    Did you know that even the name of a business plays a crucial role in evoking various emotions in the clients and their prospective and buying behavior?

    Which Emotions are Used in Marketing?

    Multiple kinds of emotions used in advertising are anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy- you must have seen businesses using these emotions in their advertising campaigns to make more sales and keep the customers loyal.

    For most brands, evoking an emotional connection with their target clients is important. These brands consider emotional advertising crucial for the success of their marketing campaigns.

    According to Malcolm Gladwell, emotional advertising not only prompts the sales of a business but also makes it stand out amongst others in the market and increase the loyalty of the customers.


    We make decisions by the typical instinctive subconscious part of our brains, commonly known as our "reptilian brain."

    Do Emotional Marketing Campaigns Perform Better?

    Research conducted in this regard proves that marketing campaigns that are based on emotions perform double in comparison to those that have only rational content.

    The reason is that most of the buying decisions of the customers are triggered by a need that is followed by heart. A business can touch the hearts of its target audience with emotional marketing.

    If a business wants to shift its random customers into loyal customers and wants them to be its brand ambassadors, the only people, it reaches those people on a meaningful level.

    This connection stays in the minds of the customers long after the purchase has been made.

    What is Emotional Branding?

    Emotional branding is another term often linked with emotional marketing. Emotional branding is the marketing practice that introduces a name, symbol or design which identifies and distinguishes a product from other products.”

    This is the emotional branding that makes the products or services of one brand unique from the offerings of another brand.

    Apple is one of the smart brands that connect with the emotions of its potential clients to evoke a connection with them and brand loyalty with time. The market leader’s marketing strategy is focused on simplicity with a royal design and amazing updated features.

    The beautifully shaped designs of the Apple iPhones evoke an emotional need. People want to get the royalty that they can afford. The success of Apple is based on the thought that means are social animals. People get excited and attracted to the latest designs and cutting-edge technology.

    Examples of Emotional Branding – Gillett, and P&G

    Let’s take an example of a world-famous brand- Gillett. With its advertisement, “Perfect Isn’t Pretty” the brand shows a list of multiple struggles that an athlete goes through before becoming a star. The athletes in this ad are talking about their personal experiences, including both personal and professional struggles. All these struggles shaped them into what they are today.

    This ad became popular because millions of people across the globe could relate it to their everyday struggles.

    Another famous bard, P&G, introduced a unique kind of emotional marketing campaign. This campaign was a tribute to strong mothers. The campaign consisted of a series of short stories from the lives of various athletes whose mothers protected them from hardships and also traumatic situations throughout their lives.

    The ad was titled “Thank You, Mom — Strong.” People across the globe got emotionally connected to the ad, and the brand witnessed a tremendous prompt in sales.

    Did you notice that in these emotional marketing campaigns, the focus was not on the products of the mentioned brands; these focused on connecting with the subconscious of their target clients and evoking an emotional connection with the brands.

    However, reaching the clients through emotional storytelling was considered to be the best way to do it.

    Emotions and Storytelling Sells

    Did you know that almost 90 percent of people expect brands to come up with ads that look like stories and can touch their emotions in some way? According to science, storytelling releases the hormone dopamine in the brain, connecting the story with the heart or memory of the person.

    Through emotional branding, brands create a psychological and an emotional impact that inclines the customer to remember the story of the brand through emotional advertising.

    Thus people remember the brand.

    In 2014, when designing a campaign in New York, Airbnb came up with a story.

    Airbnb highlights the profile of Carol through a thirty-second YouTube Video. Carol is an Airbnb host. When she lost her job, she made a living hosting people. Through this emotional ad, people came to know how Airbnb can be beneficial to their lives.

    This ad also reached those people who had a desire to help others.

    Emotion-based Marketing and Social Media

    Today, when everything is digitalized, most brands are now using social media platforms to reach people across the globe in less time. You may get a digital marketing agency to help you promote your business, but it won’t work unless you use emotional marketing.

    According to the digital market critics, social media marketing should mainly be emotional as it helps connect with the audience and make it go viral.

    Videos are important to connect emotionally to people. For instance, if one viewer likes the video of a brand, he shares it. This video is later shared by another user, and this is how the sharing process continues, and both the ad and the brand become viral.

    If a business wants to target a larger audience and encourage them to share their ads and increase brand awareness, happiness is the emotion a business should choose. When people come across content that makes them smile, they will automatically share it on social media.

    In 2009 when the sales of soft drinks had sapped out due to a weakened economy, the “Open Happiness” Campaign of Coca-Cola had worked wonders.


    People that expect brands to come up with ads that look like stories and can touch their emotions in some way

    Emotional Marketing Can Sway and Sell

    We live in a modern world, where people are more aware and logical. It is true that people buy products after conducting detailed market research.

    However, most of the time, we make split-second decisions based on our emotions.

    Knowing this fact, businesses try to connect with their potential clients emotionally. Most of the world’s largest brands use emotional marketing to reach their clients. Emotional marketing not only increases sales but also leaves a positive brand image and makes the customers loyal for a long time.

    The above examples of Gillette, Apple, BNB, and Coca-Cola, through their emotional marketing, are popular examples that prove our point.

    Myrah Abrar

    Myrah Abrar

    Freelance Writer

    Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions.


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    Hope Writers -Instagram Writing Challenge

    SHOUT OUT to writers & authors.

    Finding space in our day to invest in writing is difficult, hard, sometimes exhausting.

    But there is a way to create a regular rhythm that leads to a writing habit.

    And there is a way to add accountability and make writing enjoyable too.

    That's writing with others.


    This amazing community of authors, Hope Writers, of which I am a member for 1.5 years now is organizing a 5-day writing challenge on Instagram and you can participate for free.

    Clear the brain fog.

    Discover your writing voice.

    Find unparallel confidence in sharing your words.

    Have fun with like-minded writers in a live event.

    You have Successfully Subscribed!

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