You're Reading:Prime My Body – Hemp Oil Extracts, Various Bonuses and Retail Sales

Prime My Body – Hemp Oil Extracts, Various Bonuses and Retail Sales

by Tasos


Apr 24, 2017

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Today under the microscope is an MLM company operating in the wellness industry. The main product is a NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil extract and this portion of the market is growing. Cannabinoids resulted in new laws from government agencies. According to Endoca a few years ago companies started taking tons of these plants to get extracted pure hemp oil high in CBD.

Concentrated hemp oil has been used for decades as a food. Essential hemp oils have been and still are used for a wide variety of products. Hemp oil products range from lotions, soaps, and balms, to using the organic hemp oil itself as a finishing oil in cooking.


Let’s dive deep…




Inside Prime My Body




The homepage image promotes the HempOil, the headlines continue…

  • From soil to oil, 100% hemp extract
  • PrimeMyBody combines nanoenhanced technology with a sustainable, naturally grown hemp oil, which has been used for a wide range of healthy benefits more than 3,000 years ago.
  • The formula helps to optimize the mind & body, efficiently and naturally.


Commercial Video – What you Put In and On your Body Matters

The CEO, Paul Rogers announces briefly the opportunity and the affiliate program. Prime My Body products are formulated with quality in mind and being healthy is not a fad or a trend. It’s a lifestyle. They want to expand in Taiwan, China and Mexico soon.






The Executive Team

  • Paul Rogers, CEO
  • Brian Cummings, co-founder, chief marketing officer
  • Buddy Buyington, chief operations officer
  • Tony Teng, GM greater China
  • Mary Mix, VP operations
  • Rubben Torres, Mexico business development advisor
  • Jen Jeffries, customer experience director
  • Raime Spence, PMB health coach
  • Chris Fleck, field journalist, content specialist


They continue…you become what you believe. PMB is a health, wellness and lifestyle company that embraces the movement to raise awareness on the importance of living clean and healthy.


I proceeded with a mini research…

Oliver Buddy Buyington has a professional profile on LinkedIn. He is a business developer & specialist out of Austin, Texas for more than 27 years.

Paul Rogers has a long history in the MLM field. According to behindmlm he launched NueWorld in 1998, in 2008 he became CEO of LifeMax, then he was Vice President of LifeWave, and CEO of CieAura, late 2012.



The Products




Hemp Oil – Rapair and Maintenance Formula


Utilizes a unique liposomal delivery system that improves the bioavailability of the oil. A dietary supplement contains industrial hemp extract derived from the whole hemp plant. Healthful benefits without the psychoactive or “high” effect associated with this type of botanical.

1.7 oz (50 ml) – $149

Additionally they provide a certificate of analysis for those that can translate such information.


By embedding oil in liposomes they create a safe barrier between your tongue and bitter tasting nutrients making easier to consume for those who are palate sensitive, epsecially kids. It supports healthy immune function, with the Cannabinoid receptors. Supports normal neurological functions, optimise the body & mind.






How Cannabinoids Work

The science behind PMB hemp extract is based on the human endocannabinoid system. This network is part of our immune system and when activated by taking phyto cannabinoid diols, humand (and animals) have better ability to fight, resist and assit in repairing the mind and body.

There are two major types of cannabinoid receptors in our bodies: CB1 and CB2. Activation of the extracellular portion of these receptors casues conformational change and initiates intracellular biochemical reactions. The vast number of cannabinoid receptors and their prevalence throughout the body suggets a multitude of promising therapeutic targets.


What makes a Good Liposome

  • Efficient delivery
  • Superior chemistry
  • Particle size
  • Smart ingredients


Product FAQ Important

Is Hemp Oil legal?…Yes, it is an imported industrial hemp from Europe, cultivated for consumer use, and complies with the federal regulation in the US and abroad. This hemp oil is about 100 x’s below the federal limit of 0.3% THC at 0.02 to 0.03% concentration.


Vitality Life Boost – extreme testosterone enhancement

An advanced dietary supplement to increase your energy, strength, endurance, power and libido. 100% plant based. $97.9


  • Fadogia agrestis
  • Bulbine natalensis
  • Epicatechin
  • Androsta
  • N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid (NMDA)
  • Green tea extract


Prime Protein SuperFood – easily digestible, high quality plant protein

Formulated to optimize the body’s performance.

15g – $60.5

Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, nothing artificial, FDA cGMP, low glycemic








Skin Care


Hydrate Luxe Daily Moisturizer 

Energize your skin naturally. Is currently our of stock.

Ingredient spotlight – Many dermatologists suggest one of the primary necessities to keeping the face’s skin healthy and vibrant, stems from maintaining optimal levels of moisture for hydration.

  • Tapioca starch
  • Oligogeline
  • Betal Glucan


Lift Firming Cream

20 oz (6 ml) – $109 / $99. Defy aging and naturally retrieve what’s rightfully yours. Apply – set – rinse.

Ingredient spotlight

  • Aloe barbadensis
  • Hydrozysed fish collagen
  • Tremella fuciformis




PrimeLife classic t-shirt – coming soon

HeckNO GMO classic trucker hat – $24.95 in black colour










My PrimeLife – Affiliate Program – The Opportunity



Live Wellness, Create Lifestyle


Video presentation

  • An affiliate is not required to buy any products but for example let’s say an affiliate buys a business builder pack for $599 which includes several of the products. They receive a replicated website and a virtual robust office, training and updates.
  • An affiliate earns 25% of direct referrals purchases.


Every product has a point value associated with it. A cycle of 200 points pays out a $20 additional commission.







Compensation Plan


To get started an affiliate pays off $39 (1 year membership) and gets a website plus a virtual office



  • Personal pack: Includes 1 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottle + 1 month activation, $119 ($55 savings, RP 60) + enrollment fee
  • Starter pack: Includes 3 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles + 1 month activation, $357 ($55 savings, RP 179) + enrollment fee
  • Business pack: Includes 6 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles + 2 months activation, $714 ($110 savings, RP 357) + enrollment fee
  • Premium pack: Includes 9 NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil bottles + 1 Free bottle + 3 months activation, $1,071 ($284 savings, RP 536) + enrollment fee


  • Prime Protein superfood: $55 (28 RP)
  • Vitality life boost for men: $89 (45 RP)
  • Hydrate luxe daily moisturizer: $60 (30 RP)
  • Lift firming cream: $99 (50 RP)


RP = Reward Points


To become an Affiliate, you will Enroll, then choose the package you want to start with. There is no product purchase required to become an Affiliate, although most Affiliates want to have product on hand to share with potential customers and Affiliates. To earn commissions an Affiliate must be Active and Qualified


Qualified Affiliate =  An Active Affiliate becomes Qualified when he or she personally sponsors 2 Affiliates who become Active with one on the left team and one on the right team, both of which having purchased one of the Initial Order packages, which as of today consist of one of the Affiliate Starter packs or the Business Builder packs


Lifestyle Rewards

  • Hemp Oil starter Pack: $89 FBR, 179 RP
  • Hemp Oil Business pack: $179 FBR, 357 RP
  • Hemp Oil premium pack: $268 FBR, 536 RP

FBR = Fast builder rewards

In order to help Affiliates cover their cost of the package they initially purchased when they joined PMB and to quickly create a profitable business; PMB pays the sponsor 25% of the first package that their new Affiliate purchases. This 25% FBR will only be earned during the first 30 days of a new Affiliate’s business.








Team building rewards

Products equal points, unlimited reward point depth on both legs. Earn 10% on team building rewards. Become qualified when you personally sponsor 1 left & 1 right. Spend or sell $60 to become an Active Affiliate

To participate in this portion of the Rewards Plan, an Affiliate will build two teams, one to the left and one to the right. You will place everyone you sponsor on either your right team or your left team. As the Affiliates and their customers that are on our right or left team purchase products, then you will earn the Reward Points generated. As you are building two teams you will typically have one team that is larger than the other – this is usually called the “Power Leg” while the team with less points is usually referred to as the “Personal Leg” or “Pay Leg. To earn commissions in the TBR an Affiliate must be Active & Qualified


Affiliate Matching Bonus

  • Match 1: Sponsor 3 new affiliates with at least one being on each side and earn: 15% on level 1, 10% on level 2, 5% on level 3
  • Match 2: Sponsor 5 new affiliates with at least 2 being on each side and earn: 25% on level 1, 15% on level 2, 10% on level 3
  • Match 3: Sponsor 7 new affiliates with at least 3 being on each side and earn: 50% on level 1, 25% on level 2, 15% on level 3

Once qualified you will earn these match levels for 90 days.


Residual Rewards

Earn 10% from the purchases of your Customers. Then 10% of the same purchase is distributed through the 7 level residual rewards plan

  • Level 1: 20%
  • Level 2: 15%, 20%
  • Level 3: 15%, 15%, 20%
  • Level 4: 15%, 15%, 15%, 20%
  • Level 5: 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 20%
  • Level 6: 10%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 20%
  • Level 7: 10%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 20%


An Affiliate can earn a percentage of the product purchased downline of his or her personally sponsored team. The Residual Rewards Plan is based on monthly purchases made by Affiliates and customers. Level One of the RR is comprised of anyone that an Affiliate has personally sponsored, and the second level is comprised of all the Affiliates personally sponsored by the Affiliates from the first level, and so on.

Note: While the company is paying out 25% in Fast Builder Rewards, the only product purchases that go into the Residual Reward portion of the plan are monthly purchases by Affiliates and customers – not from any of the Initial Order packages.

Residual Rewards Qualifications

  • Level 1 – Active affiliate, $60 worth of products sold or purchased from any source, customers needed 1
  • (levels 2 – 7: you need to be personally active and qualified)
  • Level 2 – qualified affiliate, $100 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 2
  • Level 3 – qualified affiliate, $150 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 3, personally sponsored active affiliates 3 (with at least 2 being qualified)
  • Level 4 – qualified affiliate, $250 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 5, personally sponsored active affiliates 5 (with at least 1 achieving Level 3)
  • Level 5 – qualified affiliate, $300 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 6, personally sponsored active affiliates 6 (with at least 2 achieving Level 3, 1 reaching level 4)
  • Level 6 – qualified affiliate, $400 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 8, personally sponsored active affiliates 8 (with at least 2 achieving Level 3, 2 reaching level 4)
  • Level 7 – qualified affiliate, $500 worth of products sold or purchased, customers needed 10, personally sponsored active affiliates 10 (with at least 2 achieving Level 3, 2 reaching level 4, 2 reaching level 5)


An Affiliate will hold his or her rank for a full 30-day period, after they have achieved the rank. The title for achieving the rank can’t go down (known as “business card” rank), but if the qualification for the rank is not maintained after 30 days from date achieved, the associated bonuses will drop to the level an Affiliate is currently qualified for since monthly income is based on the current level achieved. Rank advancement takes place in real time, in that your rank can go up to a higher earning level in a given month.








Rank Advancement – Affiliate Titles

  1. 4-star: $250/month
  2. Bronze: $500/month & 100 DIMG shares
  3. Silver: $1,000/month & 200 DIMG shares
  4. Gold: $2,500/month & 400 DIMG shares
  5. Emerald: $5,000/month & 800 DIMG shares
  6. Diamond: $10,000/month & 2,000 DIMG shares
  7. Double Diamond: $20,000/month & 4,000 DIMG shares
  8. Triple Diamond: $30,000/month & 8,000 DIMG shares
  9. Black Diamond: $45,000/month & 12,000 DIMG shares


An affiliate receives shares only once, for each rank they achieve. To earn these shares an affiliate must remain active for a period of 6 months, following the attaining of the rank.


Preferred Customers

A Preferred Customer (PC) is someone that agrees to have the product shipped to them every month. They pay the same exact prices with affiliates.

Affiliates will earn 10% from all the product(s) their Preferred Customers purchase each month as well as earning Reward Points. The Reward Points generated by your PCs purchase, will go to the “Pay Leg” of an Affiliate’s Team Building Rewards plan


Retail Customers

A Retail Customer is someone that purchases product from the replicated site of an Affiliate at full price. The Affiliate earns the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price, which is typically a 10% difference. Furthermore, the points generated by the retail purchase will also go to the “Pay Leg” side of the Affiliate’s Team Building Reward portion of the Rewards Plan. To earn Retail Profit an Affiliate must be Active and Qualified








Unparalleled Support

  • Global payment system
  • Online support and training
  • Live support meetings
  • National conventions
  • Global tracking of sales & commissions
  • Live daily & weekly trainings




Social Media

The Facebook page is really active receiving likes and shares. The twitter account is not performing that well but it’s an active account. The LinkedIn account has 215 followers. On Instagram they have published 212 posts and they have 10.1K followers.


Owners – Domain

With the help of the whois database I uncover the registration date for the domain primemybody.com, 28 February 2013. The owners are hiding from the public using privacy protection.









Final Words



I am not using supplements and if you are interested in becoming a Prime My Body affiliate first you have to test the products. Then I suggest you talk with a specialised lawyer to clarify all the important aspects of the Hemp Oil Extracts Laws, policies and examine the ingredients of the products. If everything is in compliance with the laws then you may proceed. (for example the hemp oil concentration abides to the US and international regulations?)

You can not just purchase nutritional products without knowing what to expect. Prime My Body seems to have everything under control and they have published relevant information but for me is not enough (when it comes to nutritional products)


Prime My Body fits in the category of MLM companies that offer physical products available for the retail market and this is the most important feature. Moreover the executive team is not hiding and the CEO has a long history in the MLM territory.


By analysing the long compensation plan I have to highlight…


The enrollment fee is very reasonable seeing affiliates purchasing 1 year memberships for $39, below the industry’s average. The various product packages come at different prices so you can choose from.

A PMB affiliate must be active and qualified in order to earn commissions. They become active by spending or selling $60 worth of products. They become qualified when they personally sponsor 2 other partners (1 left & 1 right) and they become active as well.

Affiliates then can earn commissions by purchases of retail customers and preferred customers which are retail customers as well (but they get the wholesale price, while retail customers pay the full price). Preferred customers give you 10% commissions and retail customers give you the difference between wholesale and full price. Additionally you earn Reward Points that count for all the income plan bonuses.




I believe that the 10% commissions are low, this kind of products are not easily sold. But then there are the reward points and all the bonuses (lifestyle, fast builder, team building, affiliate matching, residual). But do not expect to climb the ranks without hard work and patience. An MLM business takes very long to give back.

Therefore you need sales and marketing knowledge / experience. If you are just starting out then I would advice you to Not get involved with an MLM company. You need at least a basic marketing training, specialised in online techniques to take full advantage of the website. I can’t evaluate the PMB training, as it is available only when you become a member.

The more people you sponsor the higher the rewards and bonuses.


As with all MLMs if you can’t recruit efficiently the retail sales won’t get you far unless you build a huge customer fan base. Prime My Body’s compensation plan is not only focused on recruitment but of course all the bonuses depend on the recruiting side of the business.


All in all a fair MLM opportunity that can’t be ignored, especially for experienced marketers and sales people.




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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    • Tasos

      Hola Fransisco

      Supongo que estás hablando de Prime My Body y su back office. También lo he verificado y no estás en mi lista de correo electrónico.

      La mejor manera de tratar de contactar a la empresa directamente aquí. Solo revisé la oportunidad financiera. No soy un miembro de Prime My Body.

      Todo lo mejor




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