Crowd Rising is an MLM Based on Donations – Can this System Survive?

by Tasos


Aug 25, 2016




When I landed on the homepage of Crowd Rising instantly I felt my spine getting cold.But this is how I react when I see images on marketing websites that show money.

Underneath the logo there is a welcoming headline … and a hand holding a $1 note putting it in a box that has written on it the word ‘donations’.

They continue…Not your ordinary program , receive donations from others immediately , 100% of all money go back to the members , zero admin fees , totally free to use , no scams , no gimmicks.


But why a company has to mention that this is not a scam?….Legitimate companies just present their products and services , they do not refer to that exact phrase.Anyway…



Can we change the world using this system and by referring people into that business model?…Start today by donating $20 to another crowd rising participant to show you care.


On the bottom of the page there are some links , one of it redirects to You-Tube.It is a video presentation about this company , but I don’t know why they did not embed that video onto their site.All the links land to external resources.

It looks very unusual to link to You-Tube….but you might ask…why you worry about these little details?…sometimes the details make the difference.

Call it ‘my marketing sense’ if you like.



What is the Crowd Rising Project? – Peer to Peer Direct Funding



It is an MLM organisation where you can market only the membership.A donation based system where you donate to your upline (sponsor) and receive donations from 5 members (downline).There are no products to sell.

Once joined you pay $20 to your sponsor.When your inviter approves the donation you enter the platform as an active Level 1 member.Then you are entitled to a total of $100 donations by your five wide Level 1 members.

A forced 5 spillover matrix.At Level 1 you can build a team of 5 members.At Level 2 you can build a team of 5 X 5 = 25 members.The donation on the Level 2 is 2 X $20 = $40.And you will receive 25 X $40.

At Level 3 the donation to your upline is $60 (Level 2 + $20)…And you can build a team of 5 X 25 = 125 members.

…up to Level 10…







As a result you always want to be at a higher level than that of your downlines , so as not to miss any income you are due.


If you stay for too long at Level 1 and some members on your 2nd or 3rd levels below step up to Level 2 or 3 in a hurry…the $40 or $60 donations that would ordinarily be due to you will get rolled up to your upline.






Is there something else on that Website?



Some text testimonials , I really don’t care about those , it is not piece of evidence to me.

There are tutorials in the format of videos.

  • Sign-Up process
  • How to change password
  • How to upgrade
  • How the Spillover works

and a few more….

The FAQ section

They mention that Crowd Rising is not a company.It’s a semi-automated system created by 5 individuals , who are funding and Founding members , referred to as the 5 horsemen….wow…I hope the horsemen don’t come to my dreams to haunt me.

The platform is available worldwide , free of charge….but if you do not pay the $20 donation you can’t become an active member in order to be able to receive commissions…



Final Words


The entrance fee is very affordable for the majority of people…But generally I see many MLM entrepreneurs fail with systems where they can market only the membership alone.

The statistics show that systems like this one won’t go very far.

Because those systems are cash gifting schemes. Money exchange between members. But who is getting the most of funds?…Of course, the owners, who have prefilled the matrices with their names and can withdraw the funds anytime.

Eventually, Crowd Rising will collapse and the majority of affiliates/partners will lose money.


Usually I look up for MLM companies that sell physical products to the retail market, not only to their affiliates.


The decision is all yours.


My recommended route in making sales online is by building a website , a starting point for any online business.The potential is endless and you can promote any system , product or service you want , including this one.Affiliate promotions , MLM products , trainings , coaching , your own digital products , you name it.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help








I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , especially if you are a member of this system.Till next time , your online partner.
















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