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  • MarketingDive: TikTok users continue to grow and evolve: Here’s what the numbers say
  • HubSpot: 67% of customers expect a resolution within three hours.
  • MarTech: Being position-less secures a marketer’s position for a lifetime
  • WallStreetJournal: Reddit to Give OpenAI Access to Its Data in Licensing Deal
  • Microsoft: Tiny but mighty: The Phi-3 small language models with big potential
  • NameCheap: The future of blogging in the age of AI
  • WealthyAffiliate: Why Being Around Rich JERKS, Won’t Help Your Business!
  • Entrepreneur: It's the End of the Entrepreneurial Era As We Know It
  • TheBusinessTimes: TikTok shop tops 500,000 US sellers after 2023 e-commerce launch. Worldwide, TikTok’s e-commerce platform had more than 15 million sellers in December
  • MediaPost: U.S. Ad Market Expands For 11th Month In March
  • NBCNews: Walmart to close 51 clinics as it shutters its entire Walmart Health division. Just last month, the retail giant announced plans to expand the initiative. [A bad company slowly going down. More will follow.]
  • WealthyAffiliate: Turning Criticism into Your Competitive Advantage
  • NewYorkTimes: How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I.
  • AIOSEO: [New] Managing Broken Links Has Just Become Easier
  • WealthyAffiliate: How to Turn YOUR Failures into Fuel for Success
  • SearchEngineJournal: Labeled: A New Wave Of AI Content Labeling Efforts
  • TheByte: Amazon is giving up with its unusual "Just Walk Out" technology
  • VentureBeat: How to keep humans in charge of AI
  • NameCheap: Is behavioral biometrics the next cybersecurity weapon?
  • AIOSEO: How an American Food Blog Grew Traffic by 195% in 7 Months
  • TWSJB: Forbes for years ran an alternate version of its website where it packed ads that were intended to run on Forbes.com, another sign that brands don’t always get what they pay for in the opaque digital-advertising market.
  • CNBC: The highest-paying in-demand tech skill, according to Indeed—it can pay over $150,000 a year
  • Medium: Clone the Abilities of Powerful LLMs into Small Local Models Using Knowledge Distillation
  • WealthyAffiliate: Why You Should Treat Everyone Like a $10,000 Customer.
  • KDNuggets: The Psychology of Data Visualization: How to Present Data that Persuades
  • MailOnline: Rise of the AI 'agents': How 'synthetic employees' are going to affect 'every office worker' by 2030, according to man developing them for ChatGPT creator Sam Altman
  • InfoQ: Apple Researchers Detail Method to Combine Different LLMs to Achieve State-of-the-Art Performance
  • WealthyAffiliate: How to Build a Local SEO Hub with Wealthy Affiliate
  • SearchEngineJournal: Google SGE: Study Reveals Potential Disruption For Brands & SEO
  • NotebookCheck: Create AI images 30 times faster: Dall-E 3 and Stable Diffusion left behind
  • Futurism - The Byte: OpenAI's blockbuster demo of Sora, its upcoming video-generating AI which — while still imperfect — blows every system that's currently available out of the water.
  • WealthyAffiliate: How YOU Can Become an Expert in ONE Day!
  • TheEpochTimes: DOJ Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Apple Over iPhone Monopoly.
  • SearchEngineLand: The two parts of E-E-A-T Google hasn’t told you about.
  • HubSpot: 3 Customer Service Lessons We Learned From the SmileDirectClub News.
  • ContentMarketingInstitute: You May Have a Content Experience Problem (and Not Even Know It).
  • WealthyAffiliate: Create Affiliate Marketing Success in the Golf Niche (with Callaway).
  • WealthyAffiliate: Get Your Articles Ranked Faster, - the Cluster Concept. My Personal SEO Experiences in 2024.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) Infographic:

Quantum Financial System (QFS) infographic 333

  • ThomasMassie: Rep. Massie Introduces Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act to "End the Fed". [End of the game for the fraudulent banking system that enslaved humanity - back to precious metal and real money - not paper money.]
  • TimesofIndia: ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton: warns about job loss due to AI and calls for universal basic income.
  • Watcher: BRICS: China Dumps The Largest US Treasuries in History
  • Binance: Fed Reveals 722 Banks Reported Unrealized Losses Over 50% of Capital as Concerns Over US Banking Crisis
  • ZyCrypto: XRP to Replace the Dollar? Crypto Pundit Predicts Major Role for Ripple’s XRP Ledger in Japan
  • AMG: BREAKING: Zimbabwe’s New Gold-backed Currency (ZiG) Has Officially Entered General Circulation Today
  • BBC: Zimbabwe launches new gold-backed currency - ZiG [End of the game for FIAT smoke and mirrors - welcome QFS]
  • TheDailyHodl: PMorgan Chase Executive Steals $2,400,000 From Customers, Admits To Taking Cash from 74-Year Old Wheelchair-Bound Client
  • AmericanMediaGroup: Breaking News: EBS-GCR Announcement Sparks Global Currency Reset – Important Real CIC Message Soon – United States Note!
  • TheHerald: Zimbabwe Makes Headway Towards Joining BRICS Bank
  • NewYorkPost: Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison — as judge rips him as power-obsessed scammer
  • Search4Dinar: BRICS Adopts Non-Dollar Payment System
  • CoinPedia: XRP’s $27 Potential: Key Opportunity Window, New AI Altcoin Challenges Crypto Norms
  • YahooFinance: 'The Dollar's Days As The Reserve Currency Are Numbered' - Peter Schiff Says Central Banks Are 'Preparing For A New Gold Standard'.
  • FoxNews: Why passing the bar exam will no longer be a requirement to become an attorney in Washington state. [Something else has changed, in the background, take into account what the bar exam really means.]
  • YahooFinance: Elon Musk Predicts A 'Universal High Income' As Jobs Are Phased Out And Employment Becomes Obsolete — It'll Be 'Somewhat Of An Equalizer'.
  • TechCrunch: YC-backed digital bank Onyx Private tells customers it’s closing their accounts.
  • TehranTimes: BRICS sets up anti-money laundering working group.
  • TheZimbabweMail: Zimbabwe makes final plans for gold backed currency.
  • Bloomberg: Dubai’s Gold Shops Take a Hit as Record Prices Deter Buyers.
  • AmericanBanker: PNC CEO: 'Regulation is uneven' between OCC, other agencies.
  • AmericanMediaGroup: Transforming Global Financial Systems: The Evolution from SWIFT to AIIB, CIPS, and QFS – Connecting the Dots and Trust the Plan!
  • NewsTarget: Pesticide linked to reproductive issues found in popular oat-based breakfast cereals.
  • Censor: International peace conference proposed by China. [No wars are allowed in the new era.]
  • TheHill: Powell: ‘There will be bank failures’ caused by commercial real estate losses
  • OreandaNews: BRICS will consider the issue of creating an analogue of SWIFT
  • NewsWay: Pi Network Trading Volume Plummets To $4.3 Million Amid Price Decline
  • Eightify: IMF Selects XRP & XLM as Winners for Next Financial System - Emergency Ripple/XRP Warning. [GAME OVER]
multimedia/web development 
  • DesignModo: Best Examples of ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts.
  • It'sFossNews: An Open Source Web-Based AI-Powered Vector Graphics Editor: Wait, What?
  • InVideo: How To Make YouTube Shorts: Create YT Shorts Using AI
  • Vecteezy: Graphic Design Trends
  • Videvo: What You Need to Know About Aspect Ratios
  • ThemeForest: Merchandiser - WooCommerce Theme for Wordpress Block Editor. FREE when you signup with a free account.
  • Videvo: Think Like a Director: How to Use the Medium Shot
  • Placeit: Font Pairing Made Easy. A Guide for Non Designers.
  • VidToon: #1 Top Video Animation Software To Make Explainer, Marketing, Animated Videos Online. HD Background Images and Music Files-Automated Voice Overs-Smart Timeline-Social Media-Animate Text-FHD Export-Camera Zoon In/Out-GIFs & Icons-Transitions, and more.
  • Dev: 10 Exceptional Developer Tools Launched in 2023
  • MotionElements: FREE background music for video. MotionElements is the best online stock music site to download free background music. Choose from free stock music to free sound effects to free stock video.
  • Deeezy: 14 FREE Bakery Store Illustrations
  • ThemeForest: Up to 50% OFF selected items. 27 website templates from $7 sorted by best sellers. Beautiful website templates from our creative community, reviewed one by one by our staff.
  • DesignModo: 19 Top Tools & Resources for Web Designers in 2023
  • CraftWork: FLASH SALE. Save up to 45% on illustrations, UI kits, Framer and Figma templates, and Pro Access subscription plans. Use discounts before 22 September.
  • GlobalEnglishEditing: 9 quirky habits that indicate an exceptionally high level of creativity
  • SupercarBlondie: Scientists develop a shape-shifting humanoid robot that can liquify itself
  • ExpertEditor: People who are highly intelligent but struggle to build an emotional connection with others usually display these traits
  • WECB: A Gigantic Ocean Discovered 700km Beneath The Earth’s Surface
  • HindustanTimes: Elon Musk responds to Indian-origin doctor who needs almost $220k for legal fees. Dr Kulvinder Kaur Gill, an Indian-origin doctor, faces legal woes and hefty fees for her outspoken views on COVID lockdowns and vaccination mandates.
  • DailyMail: CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's  solar eclipse  to search for 'invisible' matter that secretly powers our universe
  • VentureBeat: Microsoft unveils ‘LeMa’: A revolutionary AI learning method mirroring human problem solving
  • ThePeople'sVoice: Elon Musk: Ventilators Euthanized MILLIONS Globally, Not COVID
  • Phys: Scientists manipulate quantum fluids of light, bringing us closer to next-generation unconventional computing
  • Online Education Resources - Books, programs, courses, training, and so much more. I'll be adding many brands in the upcoming days and weeks. Check it out!
  • BizHub: The Ultimate Resource Catalog for Ambitious Businesses.The ultimate business collection by categories: organisation-administration, marketing, production-supply chain, financial management-economics, human resources management, IT & web development, legal & regulatory compliance, social image & responsibility, design & multimedia, business development, education, innovation, and multiple categories overlap.

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Consumer Behaviour Part 5: Consumer Analysis and Marketing Strategy

In this article, we go way deeper to embark on an exploration of consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing.

Literature, examples of brands, and a host of "7 IDEALS" models and frameworks


In-depth analysis, examples, experiments, studies, literature, the “Market Parallax” model, the "DMDES", “Symbiotic Odyssey”, and the "SPPF" frameworks, customer avatar development, marketing strategies, a 31-page info-book, and a series of workshops.


232-page eBook: Real-Life Examples, Problem-Solving Strategies, and Actionable Insights. The Starting Point of Any Business!

Tasos Perte | “7 Ideals” Methodology
Custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups

Marketing and WebDev Multi-Platform and Community



EXPERT CLASSES: Using Jaaxy Like a Boss

One of the secrets to ranking posts, pages and websites is REALLY good keyword research. It can literally set the difference between great traffic and zero traffic.

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Closer to the finish line:
Designing the blueprint’s infographic
Designing a new logo, the first was only temporary
Producing a mini-documentary (filming the last part)… FINALLY
Almost finished with the presentation assets
A marathon of… starts
Writing a book (it will be released after the presentation)


Business & Marketing Tools Collection

Work management, tracking, organizing, payments, accounting, Google, keyword, market, and competition research, SEO, analytics, and related, marketing & advertising, web development, website monitoring, domains & website hosting, coding, and related, design & multimedia, marketplaces, entrepreneurial communities, hiring & outsourcing.

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7ideals methodology - the market parallax model ver.5

Decrypting ConsumerBehaviour


Enter the groundbreaking "Market Parallax" Model.

We explore consumer behaviour by employing a diverse array of techniques, including research methodologies, data collection and analysis, market segmentation, targeted approaches, product positioning, and trial testing. 

Through these marketing lenses, we unravel the intricate field of consumer behaviour and explore avenues for influencing it judiciously.

Download the 31-page INFOGRAPHIC-BOOK to understand how consumers act on a deeper level and get closer to influencing their decisions with your marketing initiatives.


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