You're Reading:Ewen Chia is Back – Turnkey for Internet Profits Straight to Who’s Pocket?…Matt Lloyd of Course

Ewen Chia is Back – Turnkey for Internet Profits Straight to Who’s Pocket?…Matt Lloyd of Course

by Tasos


Dec 26, 2016

Tasos Perte

“7 Ideals” methodology

What’s coming up for the next 2-3 months and news regarding the beta group (unofficially opened)

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We are prepared.

Re-writing a section of the main framework at the moment and a surprise new underground strategy for only a few of us.

More people are joining me. I can’t thank you enough!

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Last Updated: June 17, 2018



I can’t believe I came across another production of Ewen Chia. That particular internet “self called guru” has flooded the market with a lot of crap but the problem is he is not giving up.



Turnkey Internet Profits



He was developing another program for many months now to make everything easy for beginners that want to earn a living online. His system is so powerful that you will be generating sales in just 24 hours later.


Signs of yet another bad production on this sales letter

  • Limited access to this information to a very small portion of his list…while at the same time he created a website available to the public, just for this product alone
  • An extremely profitable business with ready made departments…infrastructure, monetization, programming, graphic design, copywriting, testings….All-in-One
  • A system that helped people that were trying to make money for many years without success. This system comes as a “Flick of the Switch” to “Turn on the Lights”..
  • …a beautiful speed boat image comes as an addition to the letter…
  • …a few Clickbank dashboard screenshots to prove everything
  • Duplication, scaling, this is how you get rich


Things are getting even more funny…


  • He banned all the gurus from accessing this special product, although they had offered him millions for it.
  • You don’t need to know how to use that system, and it doesn’t take work, Ewen is working for us, we flip the switch, and get rich, just like that..
  • He’s been doing Affiliate Marketing for years…I wonder what is the secret?…Affiliate Marketing model exists for many years now.


a few photographs with billionaire entrepreneurs….and you may ask why these billionaires want to talk with Ewen?…they want to know how he became so rich just by selling other people’s products.


What is included in the Turnkey Package

  • Hosting, domain name, a professional autoresponder
  • Email list building by Ewen for us, who also writes the email content for us
  • Products research
  • You sit back and enjoy your margarita


Profit Niches pdf

Find tons of hot profitable niches with an overview of the market, kind of customers involved, tips on what these people want to spend their money on.

Examples inside

  • Golf & equipment, celebrity gossip, discounted airfares, discounted hotel rates
  • General travel packages, online casinos, sports betting, online poker, general home improvement
  • Home & garden, pharmaceuticals, skin care & treatment, weight loss, how to save and manage money
  • Making money, eBay, website design & development, sound effects, stock images
  • Wireless phones & accessories, virus & spyware, credit repair, auto insurance
  • Phone services, movie rentals and sales, music downloads, video games, dog training

and many more…


Million Dollar Alliance

A video sales page in which Ewen is giving access to only 20 people. And he is giving away for free a program that costs nearly $8,000. A ready made online business for anyone.

The background story of Ewen – contradictions

  • He started learning the internet business back in 1997, he did everything from scratch and had a hard time before he succeed.
  • Tried to sell songs online but he failed dramatically.
  • He then spend 5 whole years researching how to make money online struggling with no results whatsoever.
  • The breakthrough finally came in 2002 when he created a simple system and made his first online sale for $10.
  • Since then he generated millions of dollars online every single year

I will comment on this section at the end of my post

  • Component #1 – step by step real coaching, full guidance and secret alliance with an internet millionaire/ 24 / 7 facebook mastermind and insider community
  • Component #2 – full step by step online training video membership site with full lifetime access
  • Component #3 – live workshop secrets of million dollar internet business recordings – lifetime
  • Component #4 – completely done for you million dollar sales funnel and wealth generation system
  • Component #5 – my personal secret million dollar traffic sources – for massive buyer traffic daily

You get the whole program for free if you qualify … the requirements are…

Simply by investing in a high quality, high paying and high converting opportunity that Ewen is recommending. One that can help you make commissions of $1250, $3300, $5500 or more per sale…Without doing any work at all..!!!

With this opportunity Ewen already generated $287,000 in pure profit, on complete autopilot. I wonder what this program is all about and….and


But wtf.!!!!….Ewen is still promoting MOBE….ha ha .. I got you man twice… how much money did you lose on MOBE, come on tell me Ewen, I will keep it secret from my readers.

The first attempt of Ewen to promote MOBE in a filthy sneaky way, like this one, well covered till the end, was a program named Autopilot Profits


The Price

Ewen should be charging $25,000 for all of that but NO

It is only €46,44….



UpSells included on the Clickbank sales page

  • 1-on-1 Skype coaching call with Ewen (45 minutes) €19,29
  • Complete business set-up – your own squeeze page + Blog + Fan page €286,40
  • Super affiliate millionaire lifetime membership €286,40

There is a classic Clickbank 60 days money back guarantee



Final Words



The Turnkey Internet Profits domain was registered almost a year ago. The website is just a sales page and a pdf document with overviews of some niches that you can take advantage and make money online with the model of affiliate marketing. Other than that the website is empty of content.


The background story of Ewen is not very convincing. He says that he struggled for 5 years to make a sale online. And then all of a sudden he created a program to make that first sale and after that he became a millionaire.

When I was researching for online opportunities I came across the affiliate marketing model in less than 5 days. How come Ewen spent 5 years without spotting that business model remains a mystery. And then with no sales in his records he created a program to generate millions of dollars. Yeah, I believe that story.


But Ewen has not created anything at all. He is just trying to sell MOBE, because he probably spend a fortune and now he wants to clean up his huge mess. Matt Lloyd, MOBE’s founder, is a well known Rip-Off Guru that can steal money from anyone selling his high tickets products with ease. Ewen would not be any exception to that rule.

Be careful with MOBE because once you pay the $49 initial fee the up-sells will dance in front of you like a hurricane.


Ewen is a lazy guy that wants to make a profit without contributing to the internet marketing world. He wants you to buy his program for $50 and then on the next sales page of Clickbank he tries to up-sell you 3 additional products. But I am not buying a product for $50 just because someone created a sales page. To pay $50 I need to find real contribution.

I can only imagine how many up-sells are hiding further into his labyrinth. His main target is to sell MOBE, but he won’t accomplish that goal so easily.


Pure disappointment….


Important Update


MOBE has been halt by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Related Article June 17, 2018:



How to Make Money Online



I use the affiliate marketing model for 2 years now and yes it is a business with long term potential, minimum start up costs, low risks.

But success won’t happen overnight as Ewen promises. In order to make money you need a website and traffic. This part is the hardest because it takes time to get ranked in the search engines and gain authority. That can be accomplished by adding content to that website in a consistent basis.




That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.














The Best All-in-One Business Package for Newbies





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