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What We’re Looking For

THE WMS blog is a place for discussion, information, and training.

We discuss various topics:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and Opportunities
  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Investing
  • Wealth
  • Inspiration, motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Human psychology
  • Mindset
  • Productivity
  • Employment
  • Education, Students, College, Universities, Course Building
  • Ecommerce, freelancing, marketplaces
  • Authoring, Novels
  • Live events
  • Podcasts
  • Crowdfunding
  • Design
  • Multimedia (apps, themes, photography, video, animation, software, and more)

You’ll find articles and reviews of marketing and business-related programs, products, and services like:

There are guides, lists, case studies, research, statistics, and free training to help aspiring entrepreneurs share their message with the world.

We are looking for quality content in the form of:


Personal Stories

Brand Stories

Our #1 Priority – Quality

The WMS blog is visited by entrepreneurs, companies, agencies, networks, forums, communities, bloggers, investors, writers, freelancers, artists, people looking for online opportunities.

We want to provide our readers with the best possible experience.

Can you provide quality content that is unique?

That’s all there is to it.


  • Your content should be a minimum of 800 words for articles and personal or brand stories, and there is no upper limit (the more detailed information you provide, the higher chances of getting accepted)
  • Articles and and personal stories should cover at least one of the topics listed in the Request Form (below)
  • Articles can be educational, how to’s and tutorials, general discussion themed, controversial, or personal stories and experiences
  • You can include tips, statistics, facts, and links to other valuable resources and properties
  • You are allowed to promote your company’s products and services in a natural and informative way that doesn’t look spammy

Last but certainly not least:

All content should be original, written by you, and not available on the internet prior to publication with us.

Any content that is a sales pitch will be rejected.

Please take a look at the blog and the samples to get a feel of what we share and to come up with ideas.

Valuable Information

WMS continuously reviews and compares investing platforms, money making opportunities, multimedia resources and producers, various companies (MLM, marketing, business), communities.

190 Countries

People from all over the world visit WMS to get informed about marketing and business-related products, companies, forums, agencies, and communities.

Quality Content

WMS consistently publishes various guides, lists, and FREE Training to help people looking for online opportunities, freelancers, wannabe entrepreneurs, designers, artists, parents, students.

“WMS Continuously Acquires High Rankings in the Search Engines for Reviews, Articles, Guides, Lists.

Take Advantage of This Traffic and Get Eyes on your Products to Acquire Leads and Customers “

Advertising Banners

Ad space to feature your products

Link Placement

WMS Gives You the Opportunity to Get Featured In Relevant To Your Brand Articles

Guest Posting


Blog here, on WMS about the marketing/business industry or contribute to the WMS research


# 1 Get your brand name included in WMS guides and lists (existing and new) (FREE SERVICE)

#2 Get listed on WMS pages dedicated to our contributors and sponsors (FREE Service) – example: our network page (more to come)

#3 We’ll promote your content repeatedly on all our channels for at least 1 year

#4 Free ad placements on the blog page, sidebar and footer (site-wide) for high-quality content (these ads will run periodically for at least 1 -year after your submission)

Our Network

A dedicated page to our contributors, sponsors, partners, and friends.

Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully Before You Apply

Terms and Conditions

  1. We can not guarantee that your submission will be accepted
  2. We only accept unique and quality content (see examples above)
  3. Your sponsored content should be in line with Google’s guidelines and should provide our readers with value. It should not look spammy or include unnatural links to various online properties
  4. You can include up to 1 link to your  website’s homepage
  5. If your finished draft is not approved and you are unable to proceed with the requested changes (if any), we can not guarantee that we’ll be able to publish it
  6. You agree that the final draft you submit for publication is your own unique work, and it’s not available anywhere else on the internet prior to publication with us
  7. You agree that any finished draft/article you submit for publication does not contain any copyright protected assets belonging to other people (eg – images, texts, audio, videos should be your own or licensed appropriately, in the case of stock media assets)
  8. We have the right to modify the appearance, layout, and formatting of your article and we will publish your article in line with our branding guidelines and the look and feel of our site (so don’t worry about sending the perfect good-looking draft)
  9. We have the right to reject certain parts of the text, links, or media assets for any reason (eg they are not in line with our branding)
  10. You retain copyright ownership of your work and the content will display your name along with a face picture,  a mini-bio, and a link to your desired online property
  11. You agree to allow us to use excerpts, quotations, quotes, and any other samples of your finished article for promotional purposes (eg social media, forums, networks, communities, search engines, paid ads)
  12. When you request WMS to review your products or services, we’ll do our best to provide a thorough and extensive review after a deep analysis, but our opinion won’t get influenced by the fact that it is a sponsored review.
  13. When we create lists and comparisons between competing products, we provide overviews of products and services, not full reviews
  14. Details about interviews will be discussed between us in private
  15. We follow the latest SEO guidelines regarding Outbound Links and we want to be as transparent as we can to our readers. As such, all links included in sponsored posts that redirect to your sponsored properties will get assigned the appropriate rel=sponsored attributes
  16. We do not assign DOfollow attributes to sponsored links
  17. Details about the “Advertising Banners” will be announced later this month
  18. Sponsored articles (either you host your own content or when we create content for you) will be clearly displayed as sponsored articles or sponsored reviews at the beginning of the page.
  19. Sponsored links, texts, and banners will be displayed in line with our branding. These ads should be clearly displayed as ads and all outbound links to sponsored properties will get assigned the appropriate rel=sponsored attributes (see above)
  20. Sponsored links, texts, and banners should provide value to our readers and will be placed on pages related to your brand thus increasing chances of getting clicks.
  21. We accept payments via PayPal (in USD) and we’ll provide you a PayPayl invoice after the final agreement on the content between us. You can provide your financial information and company details or the details of an individual via email or using the form below. You can make a payment up to 7 days after the sponsored content is published.
  22. We do not offer refunds or returns.
  23. Sponsored content including articles, reviews, listings, comparisons, and interviews is permanent and they won’t be removed once they are published
  24. Sponsored link placements and ads/banners may expire
  25. We receive a big number of submissions and requests, so please do not be in a rush to get your content published.
  26. When you submit your email address to us in the form above, we agree to keep your personal data confidential (we won’t share your information with 3rd parties)
  27. You can optionally subscribe to our free marketing newsletter and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time (no spam, don’t worry)
  28. Our full privacy policy, terms and conditions, and legal info can be found here.

You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and/or changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the website following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.

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How It Works

Fill In the Form Below (including a summary of what you’re looking for)

Your request will be reviewed and we’ll get back to you with an answer and/or we’ll ask for some changes

Once your content pitch has been approved, we’ll agree on a publication date

You’ll become a WMS contributor and you’ll submit your finished draft by the agreed publication date and provide us with links, images, audio, video, or other digital assets you’d like to be included

Once we’ve approved your finished draft and any agreed changes are made, we’ll publish your content on our site and promote it to our audience (emails, social media, forums, communities, other sites, and partners) repeatedly so you’ll get quality traffic.

We accept payments via PayPal (in USD) and we’ll provide you with a PayPal invoice after you submit your company’s details. You can make a payment up to 7 days after the sponsored content is published 

*BONUS #1 We’ll include your name/brand in existing or future WMS lists, guides, or related articles.

*BONUS #2 We’ll include your name/brand in a special Sponsors Directory Page so you can approach or be approached by other companies

*BONUS #3 We’ll promote your content repeatedly on all our channels for at least 1 year

*BONUS #4 We reward high-quality content with free ad placements on the blog page, sidebar and footer (site-wide) (these ads will run periodically for at least 1 -year after your submission)

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