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Marketing Publishing Mastery

Promote other companies’ products and services for commissions, master every aspect of affiliate marketing, and become a brand by developing your own products 

It’s a business model that I’ve been using since 2014 with phenomenal results.

Mindset & Motivation

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We start off with the right mindset. Without it, you may not be able to reach your full potential. 

Also, it’s important to keep yourself motivated at all times no matter what’s happening.

Strategies & Tactics

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Without a marketing strategy in place right from the beginning, any business may fall apart.

We’ll identify your marketing and business goals, research the market, create customer avatars, research the competition, develop strategies, the 7 p’s of marketing, test ideas.

Then we’ll deploy innovative marketing tactics to test market response and ultimately achieve our goals.

Tools & Resources

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You’ll get access to our tools and resources to use in your own business. 

You’ll get downloadable pdf’s, browser bookmarks and extensions, and more.


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We’ll support you daily via emails and live chat.

We’ll answer all your questions and give you feedback on your progress.

We are in this together.


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If you want to top up your game as a marketer and entrepreneur you will need these skills:

  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Customer knowledge
  • Listening
  • Decision making
  • Delegating
  • Teamwork
  • Social media management
  • Fostering relationships
  • Crisis management
  • Adaptability
  • Research (keywords, market, competition)
  • Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • SEO
  • Besic graphic design


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Here, at WebMarketSupport, we use a series of business and marketing frameworks.

Business transformation and expansion, attracting customers, storytelling, copywriting, social media, SEO, and so much more.


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We’ll make sure you’re applying what you learn in your business. 

Information without implementation, is just procrastination.

Weekly 1-Hour Sessions

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Every session is 1-hour long, once per week. 

You are granted unlimited training sessions, so it’s essential to stay on schedule and not exceed the session’s timeline.

Workshop Curriculum

What is affiliate marketing

An overview of the whole business model, how it works, and a general marketing strategy for the future.


How it all started, predictions for the future

Key benefits

Advantages for all parties involved: advertisers (companies), publishers (affiliates), affiliate networks, managers, final consumers

Why companies need you

The key principles of being a publisher every brand needs


Setting you up for success


A boring one, but you need to abide by the laws and make sure you get accepted by brands 


To help you share a winning strategy for the future and to be able to find uptapped opportunities

Pricing models

Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Tracking, Metrics, Calculations

Keyword, market, and competition research

What people are looking for, what the market needs, what competitors are doing, how to ties all things together

Profitable niche markets

Exploring, analyzing, and choosing the best niches to target

Affiliate websites examples and types

Successful websites from other publishers, and various types you can choose from

Building a website

Options, tools, resources, and more

Content creation

All the content formats you can use to attract traffic


Everything you need to know about search engine optimization and getting top rankings for organic free traffic

Advertising and affiliate networks

An introduction to the amazing opportunity that exists inside these portals and how to use it to your advantage

Joining affiliate networks

Your main strategy before, upon joining, and afterwards

Working with affiliate managers

How to approach managers, what to say, what to do, examples

Promoting products and services

Mediums, being persuasive, and so much more

Connecting effectively with people

How to attract visitors, convert them into subscribers and leads, and then into paying customers, and eventually fans

Overcoming fear of writng and producing

Sometimes producing content can feel overwhelming but that is absolutely natural. You won’t have to worry about that anymore when we finish these sessions

Earning money through product reviews

A special session to help you uncover the massive potential of doing reviews for your visitors and make them trust you in no time

Popular ways to make money with blogging

Turn a blog into a marketing machine

Becoming an expert

Dominate your niche 

Adding multiple streams of income

Take your publishing business to the next level

Hiring and outsourcing

How to choose people that won’t hurt your reputation and will help your business grow

Tools and resources

All the tools I use, and various resources to enhance your learning experience

Extra Module

(added November 2021)

The "7 Ideals" Live Events Promo Framework

Get access to the powerful framework for affiliate promotions that is part of the “7 Ideals” methodology. Build anticipation, excitement, and trust with your tribe and get them fired up for your affiliate promos by organizing and hosting unforgettable live events.

Bonus #1

Social Media Marketing

2 extra sessions to help you shape a marketing plan for years to come. Social media is a huge industry where millions of brands and consumers get connected. But you need to be careful and not waste your time on things that don’t matter.

Bonus #2


5 extra sessions to help you become persuasive with words. Salesmanship in print. It’s words that motivate people and make them take action.

Bonus #3

Landing Pages

3 extra sessions to help you design amazing pages that visitors enjoy and motivates them to take action

Bonus #4

Becoming a real brand

Building a team, expanding, and becoming a brand, with its own unique voice

Bonus #5

Developing products and services

By developing your own products, you’ll be able to serve your niche market better, and explode your business to new heights. It’s one thing promoting other brands, and another thing to sell your own products and services.

Bonus #6

Recruiting affiliates

How to use the affiliate marketing model to reach new audiences with the help of other affiliates and publishers. How to use affiliate networks, and so much more.

Bonus #7

Case study #1

Turning around $25 ad spend into $2,500

Bonus #8

Case study 2

How I turned $1,000 ad spend into $6,000 into 30 days. Content I created, campaigns, mediums, and more

“Since 2015, WMS as a marketing partner/publisher helped hundreds of companies sell more of their products and services and helped them acquire qualified leads.

Now we expand by offering exclusive marketing services as an agency”



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  2. We schedule our weekly sessions (if we are a good fit together). 

Please note, that we are not accepting all applications. To increase the chances of getting accepted, please be as specific as you can.

You won’t be charged for the first 4 sessions (30-day trial)

Marketing Publishing Mastery

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