You're Reading:Commission Check Club – A Scam Blueprint For Black Hat

Commission Check Club – A Scam Blueprint For Black Hat

by Tasos


Sep 15, 2015



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One of the worst video productions ever in online marketing.The producer is supposed to have 10 years of experience in the field , I doubt he has even 10 hours of that.He promises that if we use his system we will be making money immediately , so soon as 5 minutes later.You need 2 components to reach financial freedom.The first one is an automated marketing system and the second is the gamification , probably meaning a technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.But as a professor in college 6 years ago , he knows his stuff.That is when he invented the system.


With This Review On Commission Check Club I Am Investigating Unfortunately Another Scam.


The 90 Day Money Game


In this period you will know exactly what to do , interacting and engaging with Kit Elliott.You will become friends , you may even get to hangout or meet for a dinner , who knows?…Clarity , Vision , Direction and of course a Mission.With this type of engagement your commissions are going to sky rocket  your wallet (which way I wonder … in or out?).The next important question he makes after 3 minutes and 24 seconds is….

How much money can you make with us?


He holds in his hand some papers , obviously commission checks he received from his hard work.Examples are numbers like $409,2 , $10 , $100  $546 , $165 , $589 , $1789 , $1382 and on on on and on.You can consider quitting your day job already.

Over the years and after analysing thousands of students , new marketers and entrepreneurs who asked for his advices he can only say that the majority of all these people fail because they fear in getting started , the so called Procrastination,But his real intentions is to get you into a new mind-set , such as buying material and products that you don’t need , especially when you start.

That section is divided into weekly webinar lessons with the professor.The problem is that the first week lesson was 3 minutes long , talking general only about “Procrastination”…I have not learned anything knew , he only insisted to make me get started and act fast.If you expect to grow a business like that be my guest.




Done for you advertising 


As Kit continues his delirium he shouts out loud …“Easy – cheesy”.These were the words I was expecting to hear from a serious professor and entrepreneur like him.He does not want us to spend our money risking in creating a new business that costs a lot of money,No , he will pass up his system for FREE.Yes , for FREE.

I subscribed and entered their website as a member.A new video came up.Let’s see.He wants to keep the lines of communication as we are partners from now on.I really like his enthusiasm and great spirit.

Some Products Available For Sale

  • 100 postcards – $60 . month
  • 200 – $120 / mo
  • 300 – $180 /mo
  • 500 – $300 / mo
  • 1000 – $600 / mo


Commission Check Club (CCC) Blueprint


He is not using the “Old” way that marketers were following long time ago.He is not fan of creating a simple capture or lead page , to give away a free report and to up-sell people all the way to make money.He is giving us a referral link , an affiliate link.If we use that link on Facebook for example and people click on it and redirect to CCC then we will get paid.It’s that simple.The advertising system includes postcards , co-ops , traffic that you can purchase.It is optional but is automated.

Viral Commissions – Compensation Plan


The first sale goes to your sponsor , the second goes to you , it is called the Cash Line #1.All passed people in your downline will generate profits for you of course.Yes , you guessed right , a similar system like most of the MLMs.The third sale will start your Cash Line #2.You can create unlimited cash lines meaning you can grant unlimited cash profits directly to your account.

The Enviralizer – The Beginning Of A Hurricane


Please sign up for the viral commissions , is only $25 one time fee.That is equal to FREE according to Mr Elliott….Immediate Ban , he already failed to deliver.Another scam artist wants to earn your hard earned money.Do not proceed by any means.Their slogan – everybody has $25 , what is that compared to your online success?

Enviralizer was created for people looking for two important things.

  1. A simple way to make good money on the internet and fast
  2. A highly leveraged way to make passive cash flow from other people’s efforts as a team.
  3. BONUS – A product that teaches you real Internet Marketing Skills

What will happen if you continue – UP – SELLS to RIP You OFF for GOOD


  • Complete Facebook marketing suite – Only $149
  • Elite video training course – $59
  • WordPress Hero – $149
  • Copywriting 101 – $197
  • Twitter Marketing Secrets – $97
  • Daily Coaching Club – $97 (included in your membership)

The most funny part of their low quality landing page is a banner that proudly announces “No UpSells , no monthly fees , no shady trials that are never free.”…But already I have been through the upsells and the trial that was indeed shady , dark as hell and of course it was NOT  F R E E.




So How Elliott is Trying to Deceive You?


He is a member of that Enviralizer RIP-OFF system.May be he lost money when they deceitfully used him and now he wants to get his “Revanche”.That simple.If you pay Enviralizer , Mr Elliott is going to grant a commission , as your referee.


This is the All-In-One Marketing System Done For You 


More Funnels To Dry Your Pocket Out – If You Have Not Seen Enough



Another well known pyramid MLM sheme ,according to numerous online negative reviews , a complete unethical Ponzi.Costs only $47.Who knows what you will be facing later on with their Up-Sells.Have in mind that every funnel has its own Up and Down Sells.

The Click Agency 

  • Bonus #1 – Facebook training & software – Only $997
  • Bonus #2 – Free advertising training – Comes at $497
  • Bonus #3 – Professional Banners and training – $297
  • Bonus #4 – Traffic tracker and Stats – $497

All can become yours at the convenient total price of $995

Get Response

Email creator , templates , drag and drops , image editing.At least that one can be tested for free for 30 days.If you want to pay there are monthly payment plans beginning at $15.The most popular is the $25 / month in which you can maintain up to 2500 subscribers.It goes up to $450 /month.

20 Dollars Banners – The web banner ad packages

  1. Start Up – $129
  2. Essentials – $197
  3. Marketers – $247

Lead Pages 

This is an awesome landing pages builder but it is a pity that is being advertised by Mr Elliott.Their pricing plan is divided into 3 main categories.

  • Standard Annual – $25 / month
  • Pro Annual – $40 / month
  • Advanced Annual – $199 / month


One of the most popular auto-responders in the market.Thousands of marketers use their services to automate their email marketing campaigns.But it is totally unnecessary as he already provided another email service.“Insanity”

Pricing Plans

  1. Up to 2500 subscribers – $29 / month
  2. Up to 5000 subscribers – $49 / month
  3. Up to 10000 subscribers – $69 / month
  4. Up to 25000 subscribers – $149 / month

I can’t believe that this funnel list ended so soon.Eventually he is not so expensive.That is a FREE package , as Kit Elliott defines it.Want to pre-calculate a total amount for you?…No , I don’t want to upset you more than that




Final Opinion – Conclusion


What can I say , another total waste of time.This guy is ridiculous , a scam at its best.He discovered nothing about his secret system , he just produced 2 videos to get me sign up under his name , to grant his commission and left me to deal with the numerous up-sells inside this crazy FUNNEL system.He failed to deliver on any promise he made.No , Mr Elliott I am not paying you for these 2 lousy boring videos you created.You D O N ‘ T Deserve it.Stay away by any means.


The most important thing to consider is that along with his MLM sheme promotions he is trying to take advantage of you even with the additional services (auto-responders , banners , landing pages) , which he could offer as a solution , instead of trying to overload your computer with his affiliate links.He wants to RIP you OFF for good , he is not letting a chance to get wasted.I wonder how he manages to keep his website alive.One of the worst guys ever in online marketing.

And how I am supposed to make money?…That is still a secret he may reveal when that 90 days workout is finished.

The Definition of a Black Hat-er

That website , if you can call it website , is FULL of affiliate links.No real value to anyone.This man is only aiming at your pocket and nothing else.





I hope you enjoyed another negative review here , on Web Market Support.I welcome your comments and thoughts as always.Have you any experience with Commission Check Club or any similar fraud?…Till my next review , your online partner

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  1. Anh Nguyen

    Wow, this scam Commission Check Club sounds really odd. I really come to dislike the advertisers selling irrationally fast money making systems with their flashy websites. And there it is, the sales funnel. I may like to make any more income but I don’t like the funnels. The more a program has a good funnel, the more I dislike it, I guess I kind of feel used.

    Thank you for this review, I hope people will get away from this type of promises and start really thinking about building a sustainable business, online or offline.


    • Tasos

      Indeed , that Check Club is really odd.Many promises and fake proofs are included in their menu.And immediately they try to push down our throats their funnels in order to make some sales without even giving back anything valuable for exchange.Unethical practises and extreme use of affiliate links won’t help them get rankings in the SERPs , but they have their own way to drive people into their sales pages.

      You have a very good point here , Anh , this is not a sustainable business model , these websites do not last for long.But this is how they do business.When one website is down they build another one in no time and another cycle comes into life.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your meaningful participation.


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