Is Cash Rally GPS a System to Grow you Rich and Let you Live “The” Lifestyle?

by Tasos


Oct 4, 2016




I received another glorious invitation to join a new program and as a result to be financially free by the end of this year.I headed over like a maniac to change my future forever.

The first headline that got my attention says..”VIP money list below , get on that list and kiss your money problems goodbye”…”Only the best money makers will be delivered to VIP members”

This is not a good start and definitely this is not how entrepreneurs earn my trust.






Cash Rally GPS Overview



There are 3 main components that work in synergy to create personal cash flow.

GPS Matrix

The system is a tiny  5 X 1  forced matrix with auto re-entry.It takes 5 to fill and you are paid as you go.Their destination is Cash.Purchase a ticket , tell others and then sit back and enjoy the navigation.

GPS Match

50% on 1st , 150% on 3rd , 50% on 5th positions.Those who refer others are rewarded.A position is defined as one of the five spots it takes to fill a 5 X 1 structure.

GPS Bonus Pool

Passive member’s dream.Every time 3 new members join the CR GPS , one member will receive $10 , completely passive cash.No recruiting , no referring , nothing….

Another auto-pilot?…and who earns the bonus?..one member , but who?


How it Works – 5 X 1 Matrix , Spillover , Matching Bonuses and Passive Cash



Simplicity is the key to duplication.How to make money helping the people behind you.Let’s play the video that explains the compensation plan and everything.OK , let’s do this.


The simple matrix 5 X 1 is as follows.

  • Each position pays $10 , except positions 2 and 4.
  • Positions 2 and 4 pay you forward to a brand new position in a new 5 X 1 matrix.
  • Earnings for each completed matrix – $30 cashout & $20 re-entry = total $50.Plus a placement in the GPS bonus pool.


The video continues…Are you a recruiter?..If not , you may want to rethink that…

I thought that recruiting is not necessary (as mentioned before) , but we all know that is absolutely impossible , as we talk about an MLM opportunity.










Ultra targeted display and text advertising on our high traffic network.You get 2200 ad credits to display banner ads and another 2200 ad credits to display text ads.

As you can see there are no retail products , you only receive ad credits to promote other products or websites or landing pages and you can market the membership itself.


  • $22 ($20 plus $2 processing fee) – one time payment.
  • No refunds – they say if you can’t afford it , do not join.
  • Payment processors – Payza and Solid Trust Pay
  • Get paid within 24 hours of request.


Underneath there are a few statements worth mentioning.

One penny doubled each day will make you a multi – millionaire in just over 30 days.With the speed of internet blah blah , the power in your hands blah blah , stop thinking so much and actually grow rich.

….Do you really understand that?..because I can’t.How much money will I earn with this $22 position? … am I supposed to recruit 5000 people in a day?


Terms and Policy

All ad packs are not refundable … this is exactly how all the Revenue Sharing companies work.

CR GPS will continue to share profits with the members as long as people keep on investing in the system.That can be accomplished through reinvestment of earned money or by buying new ad packages.

They strongly advise you not to spend your grocery money for this business model.


Final Words



The overall atmosphere on the Cash Rally GPS website is deceiving.I do not like the video header that is only about luxury , properties and beautiful girls.

I did a mini research for the owner and the name Sherm Mason displayed.Unfortunately Mason has created and abandoned many Ponzi schemes in the past , with only 5 out of them during the last year.

Companies like Magnetic Gratitude, Instant Pay Christmas, or Elite Pay Alliance.







The GPS system is just another Ponzi scheme, and how it could be different?…it is solely dependant on new investments and it needs new cash to feed old members.

But that is how all the revenue sharing schemes operate.It is a business model for fast cash and you have to be on alert before the collapse.

With the difference here that this is an MLM opportunity and you need to bring in new members consistently, to recruit like a maniac.

At the end of the day the only great winners in such systems are the people behind the scenes, the owners, and founders.


I believe that no one will be interested in the ad packages and anyone who joins is doing so for the matrix positions.Do not expect results from the advertising.


Despite the low initial one time payment cost the model is too risky.I would avoid it , there are better businesses to invest in.It will take much of your time and energy to recruit people.What about the payout?…it seems that the $30 and the bonuses are not enough to overcome our huge recruiting efforts.It is like working for nothing.

And the owner’s history do not leave space for experiments.

I would prefer to use that money in a straight forward revenue sharing scheme and gain profit quickly by only clicking on a few ads daily … then I would have to withdraw my earnings and leave before the final countdown.

Generally I do not choose MLM companies without a solid production line.The end quality product for the retail customers is the key to recruit new members efficiently.



If you are looking for a business model that is sustainable and has the longest term potential of all you can follow my top recommended program.The only obligation is that you have to work consistently.Then you will have the chance to promote any product in the world with no restrictions and build a better future.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help



That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.
















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