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The Profits4Life Anonymous Admin is Probably an Amateur | Unlimited Income Ponzi Cycler Claims

by Tasos


Feb 10, 2017



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Today I deal with a very promising program, one that claims unlimited income for every participant. The industry has flooded by low quality systems created on the go, as a response in the high demand for opportunities where you don’t have to work. You just invest an amount and wait for the system to turn it to profit.

Is this program any different than the competition?…Let’s dive deep into …






The design prompts on other “fly by night” programs, I feel no professionalism whatsoever…

Here is how you are welcomed on the homepage

  • Become a part of our family
  • Unlimited income in just 3 steps
  • Are you ready?…we offer a a powerful cycler plan to help each other. Take action now.!

What Profits 4 Life offer

  • One single payment of $10
  • No monthly fees
  • 5 levels of cycling
  • Cycle unlimited times per level
  • Multiple payments over and over again
  • No tasks to complete
  • Follow sponsor system
  • Spillover


How it Works

Things are simple and crystal clear says the admin…There are 5 different levels. Every time you complete a level another one is opened at a higher price, therefore with higher earning potential…


  • Everyone starts investing $10 to buy a position in the matrix. As soon as 6 spots are filled you get paid $10, and you get a new position in Level 1 and Level 2 matrix opens with a $20 cost for a total earning potential of $40.
  • Level 2 costs $20 and when you fill the matrix you get paid $20, and get a new position in Level 2, and Level 3 opens (cost $40, potential $80). At this point you have a position in Level 1 and 2.
  • Level 3 costs $40 and you get paid $40 upon completion of the matrix plus a new position in the same Level 3 and you open Level 4 (cost $80, potential $160).
  • Level 4 costs $80 and you get paid $60 when you complete the matrix plus a new position in the Level 4 and you open Level 5 (cost $180, potential $320)
  • Level 5 costs $180 and upon completion you get a new spot in the same Level 5 and you will get paid $500 for a total earning summary of $680. There is a $40 admin fee on that Level as well.

Now you have positions in all levels so now you can earn multiple payments of $10, $20, $40, $60 and $500 over and over again.

You will also get 10% of every payment from your direct referrals every time they get paid starting in level 2 and all of that from a one time $10 entry fee.


If you look closely at the details given above you will trace mistakes. The admin says that the potential of Level 2 is $40, however later he mentions that upon Level 2 completion you get paid $20.

They say that you pay only one time $10 fee. But in order to get into Level 2 you have to invest another $20 out of your pocket. Level 1 completion only gives you the $10 1st payment back.

They say total earnings of $680 however if you calculate with caution you get 10+20+40+60+500 = $630, not $680.

If those details are correct every time you complete one Level you have to pay again in order to move on. I feel that something is missing here, something is definitely not right.


More importantly, how come all first 4 levels pay almost the amount you invested (with level 4 paying less = invest $80 to receive $60) and the 5th level pay so mch higher?…This is very suspicious.


Additionally there is not even an optical form to read these details. Not even a simple table….oh my…


FAQ – Important 

  • What is Profits 4 Life?…a matrix/cycler program using a multi level platform where members earn passive income on a regural basis depending on their efforts. The 2×2 matrix gets filled with 6 people.
  • Payment accepted only via bitcoins.
  • Everyone needs at least 2 direct referrals in order to earn money.
  • You will earn 10% of every payment your direct referrals get starting in level 2
  • You can open as many accounts as you want as long as you use different username and email.
  • No refunds, out of the question of course.


Owners – Domain

A whois search indicates the registration date for the domain profits4life.org, 08 January 2017. The owners of course are hiding using privacy protection.



Profits4Life Dashboard



The script is similar to revenue sharing programs.

There is an option to buy ad credits. Here are a few examples

  • 10 ad credits – $10
  • 90 ad credits – $90
  • 150 ad credits – $150
  • 200 ad credits – $200

1 credit = $1

You can place banner and text ads with the ad credits. But no one is going to watch any ad placed


….and this is where there is nothing left to investigate. Now please tell me, are you willing to invest?…What exactly are your expectations from this program?…what are you buying?…will you get paid?….time for the…











I believe you would be wasting your time if you get involved with a cycler like that one. The reasons keeping you away from this program are many…


  • First of all, the admin is hiding from the public and that is a solid factor for YOU to say NO. Invest only when there is transparency.
  • The major mistakes found on the cycler explanation shows that behind the scenes is an amateur (at best). May be it is a kid, who knows.
  • Therefore the only way to succeed with such a program is to recruit like a machine. And then you are dependent on your referrals actions and ability of recruitment. There is nothing more than recruiting. And even if someone makes money, more people lose their funds.
  • No retail products for external cash flow. And that means a collapse will be noticed once recruitment slows down.
  • All these pseudo programs are Ponzi schemes, financial frauds, where all money coming in is funds from affiliates, not customers. Affiliates who invest in the expectation of a cycler compeltion in order to receive the final ROI.


The ability to open unlimited number of accounts per person shows the real intentions of the owner, who wants to grant as many commissions as he can for a “Good Start”


Who is making money?…The “Anonymous” admin who has covered all matrices/cyclers/levels with his name on top and he is receiving all funds in bitcoins. And that is not totally by accident. Regulatory agencies would have to turn the world upside down in order to examine the transactions took place.

It is on the admin’s hand to pay or not to pay any member.


And I am asking you again…Would you invest in a ghost program?


The decision is yours.



How to Make Money Online



Don’t chase that kind of programs. The vast majority of participants all lose money at the end. The owner can and will disappear at the right moment. And have in mind that you can’t recruit the whole population on this planet to keep such a rotten game alive.

However if you are willing to work, and I mean hard, then I have great news waiting. The most newbie friendly buisness model is to get involved with affiliate marketing. This is how I staretd 2 years ago and I definitely enjoyed it so much. Long term potential, no risks, minimum start up costs, endless opportunities.


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time, your online partner.












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  1. Kevin

    First of all admin is not unknown. He has a fbgroup related to the program.
    Secondly its a 1 time investment.
    The funds of the other levels come from earnings.
    For example

    You pay 10$ to enter level 1. When you complete you receive a 10$ payment+ a new level 1 position + 1 entry in level2.

    And 3th i am the admin. And i havent earned a single dime till now. I reinvested all my earnings or i gave away free spots.
    Yes i started on top. But when my first spot completed i just received a new position on the first available spot. So like all other matrixes. No one stays on top.

    This program can make people money but they have to work and find referrals.
    Money doesnt come from itself.

    • Tasos

      Hi there Kevin,

      You run a FB group as an admin but you don’t even link to it on your website.

      Taken from your site …””Everybody starts at Level 1 by purchasing a $10 position and as soon as your 6 spots are filled you get paid $10, you get a new position in level 1 and Level 2 matrix opens up for you with a cost of $20 for a total earnings of $40.

      Level 2 costs $20 and when you fill your matrix you get paid $20, you get a new position in Level 2 and Level 3 opens up for you with a cost of $40 for a total earnings of $80. At this point you have a position in both Levels 1 and 2.””

      That means you somebody would have to pay $20 for the Level 2 entry, or not?…Where in the world is explained that you enter Level 2 out of Level 1 earnings?

      Therefore can you explain why the last level pays out $500, when the others pay only the amount of cost?

      Apart from these details that are not that much important let me ask you this…

      The fact that you commit a financial fraud does not even bother you?…You refer to recruiting members into a Matrix system as a job?..From where all money coming in your company?…From recruited affiliates, the system does not have any other income sources. Everyone must recruit people to buy matrix positions, so that they have to do the same. This is the definition of a Ponzi scheme.


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