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Kim Walsh Phillips – Free More Followers Challenge

by Tasos


Aug 4, 2021

#7IDEALS – Next… Consumer Behaviour (Part 2). The most critical aspect of doing business – knowing how consumers behave. STAY TUNED!

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Natasha Lane

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I just signed up for the “10X Your Followers Challenge” by Kim Wash Phillips that’s happening in just a few days and I’m so damn excited.

Well, that’s actually an understatement, I’m ecstatic for a multitude of reasons.

Kim’s challenges gather thousands of people and she delivers amazing results for all the attendees. Plus a big percentage of attendees who have little or no marketing experience at all will have the chance to utilize strategies that actually work today.

Also, there are prizes, a VIP upgrade that’s only optional and comes with some incredible bonuses, and…celebrity guests.

Let’s dive right in!

10X Your Followers Challenge

5-Day Free Virtual Event

Aug 9-16 @ 12 pm EST

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge aug 09-16 banner

Video Overview

Video Script

Are you among the 99% of business owners that use social media the traditional way with little to no results? or are you part of the 1% that do get a measurable return on their investment in social media marketing?

This Monday, August 09 there’s a live virtual 5-day event all about social media marketing strategies that actually work today organized by Kim Walsh Phillips.

Kim is a multi-seven figure entrepreneur with no business degree and bestselling author of the “Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business”“Behind the Scenes – Secrets from the top Coaches, experts, and consultants”“The All New Game Changer”, and the “No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing” with Dan Kennedy, co-author of this book.

Now, Dan is the founder of Magnetic Marketing, a system that Dan has taught to over 6 million people. I study Kennedy for a long time and I’ve read many of his books and publications and he’s one the most revered marketing advisors today. 

In the book “No BS guide to direct response social marketing” that Dan and Kim co-authored Dan says…

We are all in the money business. Not the likes, friends, views, tweets, retweets, and viral videos business. The Money Business.

But most fail miserably at the money business. Only 1% get rich, another 4% achieve significant financial independence from owning and operating businesses of their own. 95% come up way, way short.

Dan and Kim share more amazing statistics: 61% of small business owners could not document or prove any direct return on their investments in social media activity, yet 50% said they increasing time and money commitments, and only 7% said they were cutting back on it.

It’s a brilliant book that I absolutely recommend that you read as soon as possible to speed up your social media game. It’s the book that’s responsible for my social media growth and it contains strategies you won’t find elsewhere.

Now, let’s get to the juice. The 5-day event is a challenge and it’s called 10X your followers. 

The challenge is all about social media marketing but not in the traditional way as you probably know and doing it already. Kim has spent years developing an innovative system that actually works and you’ll be surprised by the strategies she is going to share during this live event.

Every day Kim and her elite guests will be focusing on one specific topic to help you progress, move forward with confidence, and will answer all your questions.

This challenge will be primarily focused on changing your belief systems. You will be able to grow your following very quickly, and for many of the attendees will be the first time they do something in marketing that actually works and that others can see it working too. 

You’ll be able to work with Kim in real-time and build your Facebook business page properly, turn it into a lead machine, and grow your following. 

Some attendees will be able to acquire 1,000, or 2,000, or even more followers during the challenge. 

That is absolutely true and is based on past experiences of Kim’s challenges that gather thousands of people from all industries and niches. 

The big question…

Is this challenge for you?

If you have a business running or you are thinking of starting something new this challenge will be life-changing.

Kim and her elite guests will share direct response marketing principles that have to be applied to social media marketing unless you want to set your money on fire.

If you want to get a return on your social media investments, Kim is the go-to expert that can help you.

Are you ready to level up your game? 

There is no better time to expand online and use social media and other channels to your advantage. The world is hungry for businesses that can connect with them on a deep emotional level. They are sick and tired of businesses hunting them down just to make a sale, they seek interaction and engagement.

Kim is the go-to expert for helping businesses grow with social media.

And more importantly, I love challenges. They are energetic, adventurous, and of course, challenging.

You will get challenged to change, to take massive action, and you’ll be equipped with the latest cutting-edge strategies and tools to speed up your game in a competitive landscape.

Hi, I am Tasos and I’m a marketing consultant, and for the last 6 years, I’ve helped hundreds of brands. Names that you may recognize like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Nick Stephenson, Ray Edwards, Matt McWilliams, Jeanna Gabellini, Stu McLaren, Ryan Levesque, software companies like ClickFunnels, OptinMonster, marketplaces like EnvatoMarket, Designmodo, InkyDeals,  Renderosity, Dealjumbo, Snappa, communities like HopeWriters, Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and on and on.

So join us live!

This Monday, August 09 and for 5 days at 12 pm EST, set aside some time to work on your social media marketing and show up live. This is where the magic happens. There are prizes, surprises, and some cool bonuses.

We’re giving away a marketing bonus as well. We will be creating a marketing campaign for your brand by applying my “7 Ideals” methodology

There’s more information on this page about the event and the bonuses.

So join us live this Monday at 12 om EST and change your social media game once and for all.

Kim Walsh Phillips’ Background

Kim is a multi-seven figure business entrepreneur with no business degree and bestselling author of the “Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business”, “Behind the Scenes – Secrets from the top Coaches, experts, and consultants”, “The All New Game Changer”, and the “No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing” with Dan Kennedy.

Dan is the founder of Magnetic Marketing and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world. Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to over 6 million people around the world.

I study Dan Kennedy for a long time and I’ve read many of his books and publications.

The No BS guide to direct response social media marketing is a brilliant book you need to read as soon as possible to speed up your social media game. 

Kim is also a speaker and has appeared on stages like the Synergy Business School in Moscow, Etisilat Corporate in Dubai, and Traffic and Conversion, GKIC Super Conference and Kevin O’Leary’s Shark Tank Meet Up in USA.

And she’s obsessed with empowering entrepreneurs to 10x their business and life.

Kim’s Superpower: Turning clicks into cash and identifying the superpowers in others so they can fly high.

Kim has been featured on channels like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Success.

The Challenge: 10X Your Followers

The main slogans are these: how to grow your social media audience with right-fit clients and customers, and how to increase your followers online, grow your list, and multiply your sales. 

The challenge is all about social media marketing but not in the traditional way as you probably know and doing it already. Kim has spent years developing an innovative system that actually works and you’ll be surprised by the strategies she is going to share during this live event.

Every day Kim and her guests will be focusing on one specific topic to help you progress, move forward with confidence, and be able to answer all your questions.

Day #1 – who is your ideal, right-fit client? It’s all about your target audience. No matter the business, industry, and quality of your products, you need to attract the right customers that are actually interested in your offerings. Kim will help you identify your dream customers, who they are, and how to create the perfect magnet to attract them.

Day #2 – the follower multiplier. Kim is an expert when it comes to audience building. She will reveal her top strategies to help you generate thousands of followers in just minutes for pennies a day no matter your niche, location, or right-fit customer.

Day #3 – the audience avalanche. Another secret strategy to help you double up on your audience growth so that you can grow your following in an instant.

Day #4 – the clicks to customer formula. Having a huge social following does not mean much unless you turn these followers into active and paying customers and this is what this day is all about. Kim and her guests will share their best insights on how to generate sales while multiplying your audience.

Day #5 – the automatic selling machine. Kim will also help you automate the whole process so you can grow your business stress-free. This session is all about “setting and forgetting” your social media sales machine so that your business continues to grow on autopilot.


Each day Kim and her team will be announcing some cool prizes from brands like Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, Power Swag, and more!

That means registering for the live event is not enough. You need to show up live to get access to the prizes and to make real progress with the training and interact with thousands of fellow entrepreneurs in real-time. 

I’ve attended countless challenges, there’s nothing quite like being live with others.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge speaker lineup

Elite Guest Speakers

Among Kim’s guests, you will find:

  • Carmelia Ray: a celebrity matchmaker, award-winning dating coach, and relationship expert. She has worked in the matchmaking industry since 1992
  • Gary Henderson: digital marketing mentor and coach that has worked with clients like Jeff Walker, Lewis Howes
  • Matt McWilliams: award-winning affiliate manager, mentor of mine, and partner
  • Lisa Sasevich: After 25 years of winning top sales awards and training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, Lisa Sasevich left corporate America to start her own company
  • Emily Lyons: serial entrepreneur, investor, writer, author, podcaster
  • Tom Rauen: modern marketing specialist, avid runner, World traveler, and Guiness World Records holder 
  • Samantha Brown: Clubhouse queen
  • Rob Kosberg: business consultant, publisher, entrepreneur as well as being the Founder of Best Seller Publishing
  • Heather Havenwood: serial entrepreneur, internet marketing expert, business strategist.
  • Tristan & Sabrina Truscott: creators of the “Satori Method”, a revolutionary way to up-level your life, body, and business
  • Greg Russell: a television fixture for over 35 years. Based in Detroit, Greg Russell is the movie reviewer and celebrity interview for Live In The D on WDIV (NBC) in the Motor city.
  • Joshua & Rachel B. Lee: LinkedIn experts, brand experts, creators of the “Stand Out Authority”. 

Now, I am mostly familiar with Lisa Sasevich, Gary Henderson, and Matt McWilliams.

I have a special connection with Matt as he was not only a mentor, but he’s also responsible for my business growth. It all started in 2016 when he discovered my blog and invited me to become partners. Everything has changed ever since.

I’m super excited to meet all the other speakers in this challenge who most of them I know only by name.

But I can tell you this. This is going to be an epic challenge full of surprises…and results.


There is an abundance of knowledge and expertise in all areas of marketing and business. Every speaker will add their own touch and will share their insights. Some of them have created their own methodologies and this alone is a sign that this challenge will overdeliver.

The VIP Upgrade

The VIP upgrade is for those who want to take their experience to the next level. 

Kim and her elite guests won’t be able to invite all the attendees and answer their questions regarding their businesses and campaigns. 

The VIP is happening on Zoom and Kim will be answering your questions during the Zoom live calls. 

You get exclusive access to ask questions and get live assistance with a campaign, copy, audience, and other areas of your business. 

Plus there are 2 bonuses.

Bonus #1 – VIP-only bonus session ($197 value). At the end of the challenge, you will get access to a live VIP-only bonus session with Kim and Nick. They will be breaking down all 5 days and will answer any and all of your questions to help you get the most success out of what you’ve learned.

Bonus #2 – Lead generation & Copy writing-intensive ($1,997 value). The challenge will help you grow your audience. But how do you maximize it and turn your list into profits? Kim ran a live workshop with her best clients breaking down exactly how she took their businesses from a single idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar global company. while only working a few hours a day. This intensive workshop was only available to a small group of VIPs before…and you have the chance to get it for free.

The VIP upgrade costs only $17

A no-brainer? you tell me.

Pre-Challenge Day #1: The #Welcome Challenge

The first day was all about welcoming people into the community and inspiring them to bring their friends for accountability. 

A very warm welcome by Kim.

Pre-Challenge Day #2: Secret to success challenge

Kim explained that we are programmed to celebrate people’s accomplishments when they finally complete something. And this creates a challenge. 

We need to create small wins and reward ourselves to reprogram our minds. 

In business, explain to yourself why what you do is important, why your new decision and direction are worth fighting for.

Today’s challenge is to define why this challenge is important for us.

For example, my goal this year is to grow my coaching business, this is the first step I need to take, my people are waiting for me, I gotta do this.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge pre-challenge day 3

Pre-Challenge Day #3: Who are you here to serve?

Maybe your target market is people who are going through a career change, maybe it is mamas who are looking to find themselves after having kids.

Who are you showing up today?

Kim insisted that we comments on other people’s responses and to being collaborating as this will give us momentum throughout the challenge.

Pre-Challenge Day #4: Where in the world are you?

Today was all about the community, getting to know each other, getting familiar with the challenge, getting to know other people’s approavches to business and being together as a team.

Pre-Challenge Day #5: How will you celebrate?

When we try to reach our end goal, we don’t celebrate the steps that we take until we get there. We tend to focus only on the end goal, on the big idea that we are hunting down.

Today’s challenge is to define how you are to celebrate when you reach 1,000 new followers on your Facebook business page.

Pre-Challenge Day #6: Let’s get ready to 10X

Today was all about taking a rest and getting prepared for tomorrow, the big day, the first day of the official challenge, 10X your followers.

Make sure that you downloaded the workbook and that you printed it out ready to take notes.

Finally, mark your calendar!

Day #1 Your Profit Pyramid (Aug 09)

Kim got people excited right away about the tremendous opportunity that exists inside social media today.

Then she gave an overview of the challenge days:

  1. Day 1: Profit pyramid
  2. Right-fit customer lead machine
  3. Flooded with followers
  4. Flooded with followers 2
  5. Flipping followers into sales
  6. Scaling your sales

As you can see, the challenge is 6-day long eventually, there’s a bonus day

Everything starts with your goals. With what you want to accomplish at the end.

You want to bring cash into your business. 

You are not here for the likes, followers, reposts, and so on. You are here to make some money out of social media.

We need to focus on our money goals, first. 

Money priorities:

What do we want (what are we going to use the money we are getting for), who are we going to do it for, and why do we want to do it.

For example, Kim’s money priorities are:

Family, international traveling, having a team (because she is good at marketing but she is not good at other things like customer service, she’s outsourcing stuff she does not like to do daily).

My money priorities are quite the same with Kim. My family, traveling, expand my online business for my children to continue, build a team slowly during the next years.

The profit pyramid:

  • Free content
  • Webinar
  • Course
  • Event
  • Group coaching
  • Mastermind
  • VIP

Everything you do should lead to the next step and the next one to the next one.

At the bottom of our pyramid, we attract all our followers. These people will consume our free content, these are the same people that are going from the bottom of the pyramid to the top of it.

You need to attract people that you love spending time with from the beginning. Think of all your followers that could eventually become members of your highest-paying program, the VIP program.

For example, Kim’s target market consists of people that want to multiply both their income and impact. 

This is why you need to start thinking of your ideal audience before you attract them into your world. 

Free content is anything you share online on social media, your blog, your video channels, and the event you host, like challenges, and others.

Then you invite people into some kind of webinar masterclass so they can get to know you better. And you are going to team them and then you’ll make an offer. 

Kim suggests that your first offer is a course. They can get a quick win with your course, it’s scalable for you because you don’t need to be present till they complete the course, and people will want more from you. With the course, you are not teaching them everything they need to know. You teach them one thing so they can progress a little bit.

Then you invite them to some kind of an event. It can be intensive training, a retreat, a virtual event, and then they are gonna get some kind of offer.

Kim suggests that do group coaching, then a mastermind, and then the VIP level.

The profit pyramid illustrates Kim’s business from start to finish. This is her whole business model. It doesn’t have to be more complicated. 

Kim’s free content consists of social media posts, a book, and a podcast. Then she drives people to a webinar, she sells a course entitled “Social Selling Machine” for $997, then she invites people to the “Launch Academy Live”, then she offers her “Power Up” program for $10,000, she sells her mastermind for $18,000 and her VIP program for $30,000.

She thinks of her right-fit clients this way. Who is the ideal person to climb up the pyramid from the bottom to the top?

These are the people I am going to attract at the bottom. Kim is not developing new courses nor she’s creating new groups or masterminds. 

She is focused on serving her clients with all her power and she is always on the hunt for new people that can climb up her pyramid.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 1 the profit pyramid diagram

Data-driven profit plan

Kim is sharing some numbers to help us illustrate this business model.

From your webinar attendees, you should expect 10% of them to buy your course. 

Then, you take the number of the course sales and multiply it with the course’s price to find out your profit at the level. How much money you did from the webinar.

Then, you take 30% of these people to join your coaching group. 

And 30% of the people that join your coaching group will join your mastermind program. 

Then Kim is giving an example where we have just 100 attendees. 

Out of those 100 attendees, 10 will buy your course. 10 courses x $997 = $9,970.

Out of those 10 people who bought the course, 3 will buy the coaching group. 3 x $10,000 = $30,000.

Out of those 3 people who bought the coaching group, 1 will buy the mastermind program. 1 x $18,000 = $18,000.

Total revenue from 100 attendees = $57,970.

This is what you can expect from one month’s efforts.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 1 your profit pyramid - data-drive profit plan

The Challenge Day #1

Attendees were asked to post their money priorities in the Fb group with the hashtag #DayOne.

Also, Kim suggested that we draft our own pyramids.

As you are drafting your own money roadmap, you might change some things to perfectly fit your own business.

You might don’t want a course and that is absolutely fine. You can find your own way to engage with your right-fit clients. 

Here’s a tip:

Start from the top of your pyramid, what is your top product? what is your highest-priced product?

Break down your business into these steps to fill your pyramid and then you can start working at the bottom to attract your clients.

My products & services: 

  • Marketing & advertising services
  • Business consulting services
  • Private training workshops
  • Website development
  • Multimedia production

My profit pyramid:

  • Free content: blog, video channel, podcast, social media, email
  • Webinar: coming soon
  • Course: coming soon
  • Event: not available
  • Group coaching: 1-1 coaching & consulting
  • Mastermind: not available
  • VIP: not available

My business is multi-sided and I have to design my pyramid differently for every product and service or alternatively, I could use an umbrella for all my services.

There’s work to be done and as I was currently working on a webinar, this pyramid will help me produce the webinar with the rest of the steps in mind.

Now, it’s time for me to produce a course, organize events, and expand my business with masterminds and VIP programs.

Day #2 Your Right-Fit Client

Kim got straight to the point as she did not want to waste people’s valuable time.

Kim asked what was the #1 takeaway from yesterday’s session to warm up the waters.

People started responding immediately like Arthur who’s #1 takeaway was the money priorities and goal setting as described by Kim.

Kim responded that we should not limit ourselves with our goals, she gave us permission to dream even bigger. 

Captain Jack added his #1 takeaway, and it was all about the simplicity Kim brought to the table, no complex formulas, no complex plans, just targeting the right people to help them climb up the profit pyramid.

For Siah, it was the ability to take action now and how to deal with procrastination.

2 more people discussed the targeting method of Kim.

Phil also insisted on the simplicity of Kim’s business model.

Today’s session is all about the “Right-fit customer lead machine” as Kim defines it.

Kim highlighted again that you need to start with the end in mind.

Kim answered this critical question…”Why Facebook fans”? Why are we going after them anyway?

The answer lies within Robert Cialdini’s theory of social influence.

We are making decisions based on what other people are already doing.

It’s extremely important to build a social image for our brand. This is what people see first.

Of course, it’s important to build an email list too. But no one is going to see your email list, it’s secret. They see your social following.

Also, when people like your page, Facebook is going to show your page to their friends so you can collect more likes and social recognition.

Not surprisingly, Facebook is a global and huge community. 

But you need to get people to engage with your long-form content. That is what people need. Not a quick 10-sec video on TikTok. Long-form content on Facebook.

Tools to find your right-fit client on Facebook:

Kim showed us how these tools work:

With the 1st one, you are using your niche and industry to find out people’s interests.

The 2nd tool, the free one, gives you a part of the results but they hide some results for the premium version. But Kim insists that you don’t need the premium version. 

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 2 your right-fit client people's answers

The Challenge Day #2

Attendees were asked to discover their right-fit client. 

Who do they want to spend time with? Who is the ideal client that you are delighted to work with?

Then people had to share their Facebook research using the hashtag #DayTwo.

Q&A session Day #2

The rest of the session was dedicated to people’s questions.

But before the questions, Kim discussed that our Facebook audience needs to have money to spend on our products and services. 

Kim answered questions like:

  • How do you attract clients when your business is boring, like selling insurance? Kim’s answer…focus on the benefit that your customer gets, on the outcome, not the product
  • How do I use this system as an affiliate marketer?
  • How to qualify an audience that has money for a non-coaching service?
  • Should we go through the list of people’s interests no matter how long it is?

Day #3 Flooding You With Followers

Kim welcomed people warmly and congratulated everyone for attending the challenge live massive action.

Kim asked what was the #1 takeaway from yesterday’s session to warm up the waters.

People started responding immediately like Michelle who’s #1 takeaway was the process of defining exactly who we want to serve as business owners.

Captain Jack outlined the importance of communities,m of being part of a family to ask your questions, and that is OK to have questions because you are moving forward. He also thanked Kim for sharing the tools for research on Facebook.

Adam shared his success story with one of his webinars and revealed some details about his course.

Anna shared that she was able to use the tools provided by Kim yesterday and get really into the minds of her customers. 

Today’s session is all about flooding our businesses with followers.

We need to grow our social influence, it helps our brand’s image to anyone interested, potential customers, people looking to hire, people looking for other opinions. People want to see that you already helped others in your respective niche.

Kim gave us an overview of how things started for her and how she was able to leverage Facebook’s own ad platform to her advantage. Now, she has over 1 million followers on Facebook alone. 

It’s a timely, proven, and result-oriented strategy or formula if you wish to drive ideal clients into your world.

Kim shared her screen and she guided us through her process. First, we opened the challenge’s workbook on the 5th page. 

There are 3 main components on today’s page. The Facebook ads manager link, a Canva template, and a series of short quotes.

We are going to create a Facebook ad by using one from these quotes and an image. 

The Facebook ad is going to be a motivational quote that anyone can agree with. This is not about our business because people don’t know who we are and they don’t care. This is a random post that anyone coming across it would possibly agree with. The message should not controversial, only very simple. 

Here are some of the quotes Kim shared in her pdf document: 

  • “Failure cannot cope with persistence.” — Napoleon Hill
  • “Risk, care, dream, and expect.” — Derek Davis
  • “Big egos have little ears.” — Robert Schuller

Now, Kim suggests that we use the quote she prepared especially for the challenge. We can use the other quotes in the pdf some other time. Only, for now, we will make an experiment with one specific quote that Kim has chosen.

The quote is “You were made to thrive” and Kim shared a Canva template we can use right away. It’s just a yellow background with the quote written on it. Nothing pretty, fancy, or advanced. Very simple stuff.

Kim suggests that we don’t change the color, the font size, or anything else. Just followed the blueprint.

Now, you visit your Facebook business page. Kim has created a brand new page one week ago and she is going to use it for this experiment. She has 2 posts on that page, that’s all.

Click on the “promote” button on your Facebook business page, and then click on “create new ad”. The next step is to choose “get more page likes”, the goal of your new campaign.

In the description space of your page, write down…click the thumb to follow this page.

Now, we need to change our Facebook business page cover image to the one we downloaded from Canva. 

I uploaded this image below on this page.

Then, click on the audience details button.

We first target the whole world, using the word “worldwide” and choose the option “worldwide as a region”.

We will not leave the ad open to the whole world forever, we are going to change our targeting later on. We are doing this to let Facebook gather data about our potential ideal clients and when we are going to target people differently, Facebook is going to use the data it collected from our prior campaign to give us better results.

Now, in the detailed targeting space, add the interests of your ideal clients. 

For Kim are: entrepreneurship, creative entrepreneurship, female entrepreneur, entrepreneur (magazine), social entrepreneurship. The more interests you add, the better, the bigger the audience, the better. 

Then, save your audience. You want to have at least 1 million people in your audience, no matter your industry. 

The daily budget is up to you to decide how much you want to spend every day and Facebook will give you an estimate of how many followers you will be getting as well.

Then, you are ready. Click on the button “promote now”.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 3 flooding you with followers canva template

The Challenge Day #3

We were asked to launch our ad and then share it on the Facebook group with the hashtag #launched.

Q&A session Day #3

The rest of the session was dedicated to people’s questions. Kim also discussed the importance of business pages and interests pages as well.

Kim answered questions like:

  • How many people should we add to our first “audience”?
  • Can we include controversial interests like climate change?
  • When do we add more days to our ad campaign?
  • When do we shut the campaign off?
  • If we only serve women, should we choose women only in the  Facebook ad?

There were many technical questions about the Facebook ads manager that Kim went through, she covered everything.

Day #4 Followers & Monetization

Kim welcomed people warmly and congratulated everyone for taking action. Many attendees have moved forward building their Facebook ad campaigns.

She also gave an overview of what we have covered so far.

Kim asked what was the #1 takeaway from yesterday’s session to warm up the waters.

People started responding immediately like Lillie who was ecstatic about her results from yesterday’s campaign and she discussed the simplicity of Kim’s strategy that helped her get extraordinary results in just a short period of time. Lillie has become extremely confident and she’s ready to level up her social media game.

Sandy went through the training sessions, and she managed to acquire 400 followers.

Captain Jack got 600 likes in 8 hours with his Facebook campaign.

Barbara says…we either win and get these followers or we learn. Now she’s learning, she’s done that before, She had 50,000 followers with another project. She tried Kim’s strategy and she got followers but she thinks she missed out on some details and she is going through the training again to improve her performance.

But Kim took it one step further and actually asked Barbara to share her screen so she can help her with her FB campaign. Barbara was targeting people worldwide but she did not enter any interests and behaviors. Her audience was too broad for this kind of campaign. Now Barbara has to work on her audience settings and she’s good to go.

Today’s session is all about flooding our businesses with followers and begin monetizing.

Kim suggests that we gain at least 2,000 new followers to like our ad and business page.

But what matters most, is monetizing our social presence.

So.ci.al selling machine stands for:

  • So-social proof for instant influencer status to flood your business with your right-fit clients
  • Ci-cider sample
  • Al-always make an offer

Getting these followers was the first step in monetizing our presence. You need that social proof in order to do business with other people.

That is why we choose a restaurant with people sitting and eating instead of the one that is empty. 

That is why we buy a product on Amazon that has more reviews than another.

It’s why the audience before the sale works.

If you have an audience already before you launch a product, you are more likely to be successful with this launch. 

That’s what many of Kim’s clients did, they built an audience first.

So we have our followers, what’s next?

The next step is the social selling machine.

To build your social selling machine you need:

  • A magnet
  • People opting-in
  • Monetize

A client generation campaign: with our magnet, we are making an irresistible offer that people can’t refuse. We call this “a little offer up-front”. Your cider offer. It needs to be free and it’s a sample.

Kim’s favorite sample for coaches, consultants, and authors is a video of you teaching something. You are attracting them with something that will help them get to know you better.

You can also do a challenge, a masterclass, a webinar, give away a checklist, a cheat sheet, a template, a discount, a giveaway, an eBook, a podcast, an interview.

You want people to consume your cider offer, love it, and want more from you.

It has to give people a quick win, something valuable.

Now, we need to get people to opt-in to our email list.

The followers you acquired are not necessarily people that are going to buy from you. These people give you social proof that your business is trustworthy so that you can go out and reach out to your potential clients.

17 ways to generate leads for free:

  • Facebook cover photo
  • Facebook “about us”
  • Facebook 3-line posts
  • Facebook group
  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram live
  • Instagram stories with swipe up
  • Instagram polls
  • Commenting on IG and Facebook with auto-reply
  • LinkedIn events
  • LinkedIn posts
  • LinkedIn live
  • Twitter posts
  • Guest on someone’s podcast
  • Your own podcast
  • Clubhouse

Interesting statistics:

  • 69% of US adults use Facebook.
  • These people average 34 minutes on the platform daily

They are educated, they have a high income, they are ready to buy things, they are reading the news and you can get these clients for less than $5 a day. 

But we don’t want to invest our money upfront. 

That is why we are going to use our social selling machine to monetize. 

So, always make an offer on your thank you page. About 5-20% will take you up on it…and that can cover all of your ad costs. 

That is what Kim does with her 10X your followers challenge right now. She invites people to the free challenge but she is selling the VIP experience on the thank you page.

She also places an offer behind the VIP, tickets to the upcoming Academy Live event.

Kim reveals her stats for this campaign:

  • Opt-ins: 2,346
  • VIP: 251 sales (<10%) at $4,267 total
  • Launch Academy Live tickets: 26 sales at $2,522 total
  • Combined sales: $6,789

Kim highlights that organic social traffic is awesome but it’s not going to scale your business as much as paid advertising can.

And that is absolutely true: when I started paying for ads, 4+ years ago, my business changed. 


US adults using Facebook

The time spent daily on Facebook by US adults in minutes

Then Kim displayed some of her clients’ examples using the social selling machine to fill up their lists and make money while doing so.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 4 followers and monetization

Social Selling Machine 2.0

Kim made an introduction to her brand new training program, called “Social Selling Machine 2.0”.

Kim made an introduction to her brand new training program, called “Social Selling Machine 2.0”.

It’s all about helping you attract your right-fit customers on auto-pilot and multiply your sales. 

You get the ad, the cider offer, the monetization pages, you just click a few buttons and you are ready to rock.

You’ll learn how to 5x your followers not only on Facebook but on Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter.

You get ready-to-go posts and templates for engaging content daily.

You get plug-and-play influencer campaigns to attract your right-fit clients.

You also get ready-to-go lead generation campaigns to quickly grow your list with right-fit clients (cider offers).

There are templates for coaches, authors, webinars, travel niches, high-ticket sales, fitness & wellness, network marketing, affiliate marketing, retail & eCommerce, non-profit, and so much more.

You get instant access to the course and the plug-and-play templates ($2,997 value).

You also get 1 year of live coaching calls with Kim ($997 value).

And there are some bonuses as well:

The instant influencer kit:

  • Facebook live success secrets
  • Podcasting for profits
  • Bestselling book funnel to instantly push your release to bestselling status

And you also get the celebrity posting formula ($497 value).

And last but not least, you are getting access to Kim’s brand new program…six weeks to six figures live coaching.

There are 2 more bonuses, exclusively for people that joined the live challenge. 

  • The challenge funnel: plug and play templates, ads, and emails you can use to launch your own campaign
  • Challenge de-brief: what worked, what didn’t, and how to scale

And the 24-hour fast-action bonus: the profit multiplier mastermind ($997 value).

The Challenge Day #4

Today’s homework: #Doubled. Unlock your own social selling machine.

Q&A session Day #4

The rest of the session was dedicated to people’s questions. Kim answered questions regarding the social selling machine training program.

Day #5 Market & Monetization

Kim welcomed people got everyone excited right away by announcing today’s agenda. It’s all about expanding globally and monetizing.

Special treat!

Shen went on to asking people’s takeaways from yesterday’s session.

Captain Jack, who is one of the most active challengers, highlighted his great experience so far. He said that a coaching session can actually be fun, enjoyable, with prizes, and without having people yelling at you and tell you how you suck.

Another challenger revealed that this was her first time ever running a successful FB campaign. That is amazing.

Today’s session is all about going after markets and monetizing.

Kim gave a quick overview of what we have covered so far. 

Begin with the end in mind, set your money goals, build your profit pyramid, identify your right-fit clients, start getting followers, and then begin monetizing.

Kim shared her screen again and she invited us into her FB ads manager dashboard.

Before we move on, we need at least 2 ad sets with 2,000 followers each.

The 2nd set is created by duplicating the first set when it reaches 2,000 followers. 

Then Kim is choosing the ad set with the bigger number of followers and edits the location. She changes the worldwide settings and she chooses her regions (USA, UK, Australia, and Canada). This is where most of her students are from.

You can only target one country. You don’t have to target multiple locations.

Even if you have a local business and only one area interests you, Kim suggests that you first advertise in one country to get 500 likes and then narrow down your settings locally.

You can leave the other ad set running to collect more followers for your business page. 

Strategies: Kim went through some strategies to help us visualize the outcome.

#1 if you have at least 1,000 email subscribers, create an Amazon influencer store. Amazon gives influencers the ability to create their own stores and you can send people to it and get paid and also Amazon is giving away some cool prizes and extra goodies. You can expect to generate somewhere between $100 and $1,000 each month. 

#2 a blog with affiliate links.

#3 a podcast to generate leads and monetize your presence as well.

#4 your own magazine. You can monetize it in various ways (subscription, ad revenue, affiliate promotions, your own offers)

#5 a physical product. 

#6 leveraging other people’s audiences like Tony Robbins with his book “Money Master The Game”.

#7 a live event, a livecast, a summit. You can interview other people about their expertise, put it all together, and sell it as a package.

#8 ask the experts program. You don’t need to be the expert of your own program. Again, you can be the curator and collect interviews and conversations. 

#9 social content. You can attract sponsors to promote their products on your accounts. 

#10 monetizing your FB likes. Sponsors will approach you to get featured on your social media posts.

#11 YouTube ad revenue. 

#12 events. You can do them online or in person. You can turn your courses into events. 

#13 mastermind meetings. 

#14 summit. 

#15 one-on-one coaching. 

#16 live virtual workshops

#17 a kindle book

#18 paid publishing. When you have a big FB following, you can get pretty big publishing deals like Kim who she is getting paid to write her books.

#19 affiliate launch. Having other people promote your products. 

#20 you can sell digital products to your list, like Kim where she is collecting her best emails and campaigns and sells as a package to her list.

Then Kim invited Bob Michie Bob to discuss his success with summits. He followed Kim’s blueprint and he set up a profitable summit right from the start. He’s also launching a kindle book on Monday. 

She also invited a lovely couple, Denise and Stuart MacPherson. They discussed their success with their webinar and course sales. They are real estate agents and advisors. 

At the end of the session, Kim answered people’s questions Most of them were questions regarding the Facebook campaigns, settings, editing, and so on.

These technical questions are extremely important and Kim went through people’s questions thoroughly and she let them share their screens so she can help them on the spot. 

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 5 kim in the studio

The Challenge Day #5

Today’s homework: #MyPeople. Unlock your own social selling machine.

Q&A session Day #5

The rest of the session was dedicated to people’s questions. Kim answered questions regarding their FB campaigns and ad settings. 

Day #6 Multiply Your Results With Clubhouse

Kim welcomed people and gave a quick overview of yesterday’s session where she revealed several marketing strategies you can use to grow your business online.

Today’s session is all about Clubhouse, the medium that took the world by storm, since its inception last year. 

The social audio world has emerged and now it’s time to expand your business by utilizing the power of this platform in combination with your “voice”.

We analyzed social audio and why it is an emerging trend earlier this year, we took a look at some of the most popular social audio platforms, including Clubhouse, and we discussed the major benefits of podcasting and social audio for business owners, and so much more.

Today’s session is all about the emerging market of social audio.

Kim asked people to share their thoughts regarding yesterday’s session and the training overall.

Adam revealed his success story with Instagram live and how he was able to leverage his audience on this platform to sell his course by sharing his interviews on Instagram.

Kim took advantage of Adam’s story to underline the fact that we should be using social platforms to expand our reach and increase our authority. And doing interviews is one of the greatest ways to create content that builds trust. Because an interview is way more authentic than having a customer share a testimonial. It’s more personal and people can relate to it.

Here’s how you should be doing interviews. Ask them what their struggle was, how your business helped them, and how their life looks like now after they have used your services. A before-after journey, a short story. 

Adam added that he had the chance to leverage 2 different audiences at the same time by going live on Instagram with another person for the interview. His audience and his guest’s audience were both getting notifications that they are going live. 

Phil shared his accomplishments by using podcasting and social media. 

Clubhouse has had an incredible impact on Kim’s business. Back in time you needed somebody to give you permission to speak at their events, get you on their shows, get the front page of a magazine or a newsletter. You needed permission to put your message out there. 

This is something you don’t have to do anymore. Things changed. 

Anyone can go live on Facebook, create an Instagram story, they can have their own radio show by launching a podcast or a magazine, to reach their audience in real-time. Now you don’t need permission to do that.

Now Kim shares a story where she was invited by one of her coaches, a company that was organizing events for Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, and others. At this event, she had the chance to listen to some amazing business strategies and she was amazed by people’s questions. They were all engaging with the speakers and she had a great experience that got her thinking of the opportunity attached within Clubhouse. 

This is where she decided to spend some time on the app.

Now, the app is free for anyone, and it is available on Android as well. Earlier it was available only via Apple devices and you needed an invitation to get in. Not anymore. Clubhouse connects with Instagram and Twitter, at least for the moment. There is also a direct messaging option.

If you are a coach, a consultant, a professional who seeks clients, someone who sells high-ticket items, either B2B or B2C, this is the best platform to spend your time on. Because people that are using the platform, are seeking information and they are also action takers. 

Kim first started participating in other people’s stages to learn some strategies to leverage in the future. 

Now she has grown an audience of about 50,000 followers on Clubhouse and she spends 30 minutes daily there.

She was able to promote her live events and she also sold coaching services to clients she met on Clubhouse a few weeks ago.

Incredible results for Kim!

When it comes to leveraging an audience, and you think of the profit pyramid that Kim shared in the first session, you need to think of who stands at the top of your pyramid.

Think of ways to create rooms for these individuals. What are they interested in? And now, instead of trying to reach those people one by one, you use a platform like ‘clubhouse to find them hanging there. 

For example, Kim’s prospects are hanging out in rooms dedicated to entrepreneurship, coaching, and social media. Kim is going to spend some time in these rooms to make connections and create relationships. Some of them will even invite Kim to their stages and rooms.

Now Kim discusses what to do when you are just getting started. Clubhouse shows brand new members to everyone and you have a chance to connect with others who visit your profile page. 

So, in your bio write down why people would want to pay attention to your sayings, who you are there to serve, and how they can connect with you.

This is where the cider offer, the free gift you created during this week, can be very helpful. Share your cider offer in your Clubhouse bio.

More importantly, this cider offer is something you should be sharing everywhere, on every social platform, on your blog, email signature, and so on.

You can also take advantage of the fact that people on Clubhouse can connect with you on Instagram. You can create ads using the Facebook ads manager to target people that are actively engaged with your Instagram account.

The first step is to find rooms that you enjoy. Look for rooms that have in the tile words like “AMA – ask me anything”, or Q&A – questions and answers. These are rooms that allow people to get up on stage and ask questions or interact with the speakers and others. Look for networking rooms. 

When you speak, don’t just ask your questions, give a super quick intro of yourself, for example, hey, I’m Phil, I have a podcast that reaches this X number of people, or hey I’m Shanna, I help people connect spiritually by doing this. People are interested in who you serve and what you do.

Then ask your question and when they give you advice, write it down and then find this individual and say…thank you for telling this. Here’s the action that I took, here’s the result that I got. So, essentially, you are giving them a little testimonial, and you are thanking them for their time to serve you.

And you also say that you are interested in coming in that room again to share your results with others in the room as well. This is where you start to build relationships.

Click on their name on Clubhouse, find out where they host their next event and add it to your calendar. 

Repeat the same process to other rooms, find rooms where you can add value.

You can take it one step further. Let’s say you are a YouTube expert and you find a room dedicated to social media. You can ask them if they have a video channel expert in their room and if they don’t they might invite you to join them. 

When you reach 500 followers, start building your own rooms. 

Now, Kim runs some rooms. She used these rooms to promote this challenge, the 10x your followers challenge. She shared valuable stuff inside these rooms and every 10-15 minutes she was promoting her challenge, this was the call-to-action.

She’s also using the software Direcon to analyze Clubhouse statistics and other valuable data from the platform. You can also use MobileMonkey and ManyChats to automate some responses. 

Kim is only searching for right-fit clients. She repeats the same process on every platform, not just Clubhouse.

kim walsh phillips 10x your followers challenge day 6 in the studio

The Challenge Day #6

Today’s homework: #MyPeople. Unlock your own social selling machine.

Q&A session Day #6

The rest of the session was dedicated to people’s questions. Kim answered questions regarding Clubhouse exclusively.

What to expect

This challenge will be primarily focused on changing your belief systems. You will be able to grow your following very quickly, and for many of the attendees will be the first time they do something in marketing that actually works and that others can see it working too. 

You’ll start to believe in yourself and your entrepreneurial capabilities. 

You’ll find out that when you take action, amazing things can happen and so you will realize that you are not broken, your business is not broken, and that marketing can work for your business as well. 

You’ll be able to go with Kim in real-time and build your Facebook business page properly, turn it into a lead machine, and grow your following. 

Some attendees will be able to acquire 1,000, or 2,000, or even more followers during the challenge. 

That is absolutely true and is based on past experiences of Kim’s challenges. 

Who is it for:

It is for those who have a business running and those who want to start something new. 

I first came across Kim when I read the book “No BS guide to direct response social media marketing”. 

In this book, Dan and Kim share strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

They discuss how to find profit in an unprofitable world and how to go from desperation to in-demand. 

They clearly state that social media is not marketing and Kim shares her breakthrough moments. 

They share direct response marketing principles that have to be applied to social media marketing unless you want to set your money on fire.

They show you that social media is not about you. They share the most powerful marketing tactic per Google, how to create celebrity status through Facebook, and how to do niche marketing and target your ideal customers.

They reveal how to get the most out of your best customers, how to survey them, and more.

They go on to explain how to create effective lead magnets, how to build your tribe with ads, how paying for likes can actually help your business.

They discuss LinkedIn, the magical world of email, the Disney VIP treatment, Obama’s effective emails, how to nurture prospects through Facebook, how to nurture leads into sales.

They share an interview with Ahava Leibtag, why micro-commitments matter, the cost of not following up, retaining customers through newsletters, effective calls-to-action, making the sale without breaking trust, where is your hidden money, and how to go from sales funnels to income at will.

They discuss landing page optimization, testing, playing to win, turning clicks into business.

They share a book winner case study, the big picture, reaching more people, the trouble with trending, and so much more.

Kim is a marketing expert that I am following after reading this amazing book. I know how much she can help your business grow by using social media and other marketing strategies.

Get ready to level up your business

There is no better time to expand online and use social media and other channels to your advantage. The world is hungry for businesses that can connect with them on a deep emotional level. They are sick and tired of businesses hunting them down just to make a sale, they seek interaction and engagement.

Kim is the go-to expert for helping businesses grow with social media.

And more importantly, I love challenges. They are energetic, adventurous, and of course, challenging.

You will get challenged to change, to take massive action, and you’ll be equipped with the latest cutting-edge strategies to speed up your game in a competitive landscape.

Join us live!

*I’ll be reporting on my progress daily. So bookmark the page to get the critical updates (we always announce some goodies).

*Special Bonus

We want to compliment your decision to devote your time and energy to attend this challenging event.

For many of you, it’s very hot right now, and setting up 1 hour daily to focus on acquiring the tools and resources to grow your business is remarkable.

That is what I am doing anyway. And I will be thrilled if you want to join me.

So, I am giving an extra bonus if you attend the event. 

We will be creating a marketing campaign for your brand by applying my “7 Ideals” methodology. We’ll have the chance to discuss all the details in a first meeting live online.

Please contact me for more information on how to claim your bonus.

*Extra Bonus (added Aug, 14, 2021)

If you enroll in Kim’s “social Selling Machine”  training program we want to compliment your decision with another huge bonus.

10 video-call training sessions with me on Zoom privately 1-1. 1 hour each session to help your brand with marketing and business growth strategies beyond social media that Kim is teaching you.

Here’s what we are going to cover:

  • Niche selection, goal setting, future plan
  • Business coaching (entrepreneurial mindset, online business basics, running a website, business model components, analogs, antilogs, leaps of faith)
  • Marketing & advertising training (market research, keyword research, competition analysis, customer avatars, unique value proposition, emotional motivators, the customer purchase lifecycle, inbound methodology, content marketing, SEO, blogging, guest posting, native advertising, influencer outreach, relationships, lead generation, email marketing, local marketing, copywriting & persuasion, storytelling, outbound & guerilla tactics, advertising principles, press releases, paid advertising) and more
  • Sales strategies and tactics (cold calling principles, attitude, motivation, handling objections, setting appointments, follow-up, closing the deal, guerilla marketing)

More information about my bonuses.

That’s it, another article has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.

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There’s a contest as the time for the opening has almost come. Submit your product/service for review and get the chance to win a phenomenal prize. The winner gets free access to the whole methodology – not just access to the beta group. DETAILS SOON 🙂

Only 1 brand will be rewarded

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6-Figure Side Hustles Documentary | All the Truth

6-Figure Side Hustles Documentary | All the Truth

A FREE documentary packed with actionable advice, insider information, and exercises on how to create a side income with the easiest, most lucrative, and beginner-friendly business models. Starts May 23rd. Exclusive bonus. CLOSING June 11, lifetime access & $6,000+ FREE bonuses.

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the 7 ideals blueprint featured

The 7 IDEALS Methodology

A revolutionary methodology - a systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing custom-made strategies, models, frameworks, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups. 

We penetrate any market under any competitive conditions and in any social, political, economic, fiscal, insurance, international, etc. environment.

A formula that I follow to design, manage, and grow your business from an initial idea to a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.


The 7 IDEALS motto:


The end result of 30+ years in business & marketing, and I've been working on it since 2021


GET ACCESS to the upcoming BLUEPRINT (before I release it publicly). it's a detailed guide that explains the methodology step-by-step, and get the chance to have the methodology applied to your business at no cost (there are certain criteria and requirements).

PLUS get exclusive access to THE "7ID Amalgam" concept (HOT), various bonuses and events, the newsletter, and more

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