6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary starts May 23 Review & Bonus + The Future Belongs to Small Businesses – CHALLENGE Question #1

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6-Figure Side Hustles Documentary | All the Truth

by Tasos


May 7, 2023


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23

Review & Exclusive Bonus

FREE Report: 3 AI Side Hustles Anyone Can Start


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

CHALLENGE: Preliminary Phase STARTED - 3 WINNERS. Question #1 has been released.


“7 IDEALS” Methodology Overview & Invitation

HOT NEWS: I'm working on the "7 IDEALS METHODOLOGY" video presentation, the blueprint (infographic & guide), the 7 ideals page, and a brand-new contest. For more information, join the newsletter and get exclusive bonuses and discounts for a lifetime.

Overview & Invitation

This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021.

A systematic and structured approach to developing and implementing proprietary and custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups.

It’s a methodology specifically designed to help you compete efficiently in the overcomplicated marketplace.

It’s a proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole and gives you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid and flexible strategy and action plan.

It involves a set of principles, processes, models, frameworks, tactics, and techniques that you can use to achieve and surpass your business goals and objectives.

It’s not just a methodology to promote your products and services, that’s only one tiny aspect. It’s a methodology that helps you design, run, manage, and grow businesses. From an initial idea to becoming a leading name in your respective industry and beyond.

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.


Overview & Invitation


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We live in unprecedented times right now, as the economy has reached low levels, so we have to deal with the recession, inflation, soaring prices, and the rising cost of living.

On top of that, there is distrust in all institutions, and even our values and principles as humans are being challenged.

Plus, we had been locked down for quite some time, and although this is over now the psychological burden still affects our lives.

Millions of people are working at jobs they hate just to make other people rich. They can’t make ends meet, they are frustrated and anxious, and they can’t find their way out of this trap.

Others have more serious problems like not being able to pay the rent or bank debts or even worse, they can’t bring food to the table.

It’s not fair, I know!

But there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s a solution.

It works for thousands of people and it will work for you as well.

It’s not a magic pill though. You determine the final outcome.

All you need to do is take action on the “insider” information that will be revealed to you in the upcoming days.

So, let me show you how you can change the course of your life and career so you never have to look back again!

6-Figure Side Hustles Docu-Series Review

Revealed Films

Video Overview


There’s a solution to deal with inflation, soaring prices, and the rising cost of living.

A solution for millions of people that right now are working at jobs they hate with unstable incomes just to make other people rich. They are working hard and in return, they get stress, tight deadlines, and pressure to work even harder.

And if you feel unappreciated, unfulfilled, not getting paid what you’re worth, walking a path to nowhere with no future and no freedoms, and stuck, yes, this is a solution for you.

There’s a way to escape this rat race and do something you enjoy and love and change your life once and for all. To reclaim your freedom, create multiple streams of income, and become a better version of yourself.

The answer to all those problems is “6-Figure Side Hustles”. A documentary that reveals the secrets to creating a 6-figure side income in your spare time. And I have to tell you, having a side hustle is no longer optional, it’s mandatory if you want to survive and take care of your loved ones.

This documentary is packed with actionable advice from insiders, specialists, experts, and successful entrepreneurs who built their personal side hustle business from scratch. How they went from earning a few bucks to 6-figures and beyond. Some of them are now making millions while impacting thousands of people’s lives.

You can do the same, and all it takes is to sit down, relax, and watch this epic documentary.

The best part?

It’s absolutely free to attend. It’s a 9-part docu-series, and ALL the episodes are free to watch, not just the first, all of them.

What’s even more important?

It’s organized by Revealed Films, a company that I follow for the last 5+ years. After the tremendous success of documentaries like Crisis InvestingPaycheck Solution, Wealth Breakthroughs, Crypto Revealed, Endgame, Money Revealed, and so many more where they literally revealed thousands of revenue avenues and solutions for people in need, they return with a brand new project, called “6-Figure Side Hustles”.

This isn’t information you can find online by browsing the web. This is not about what we already know. It’s not the same stuff everyone else is repackaging. You won’t find this lineup and these insider secrets anywhere else. Yes, insider secrets.

So now, let me show you the solutions and easy business models that will be revealed during this epic event:

  • Money making websites
  • Using AI to create multiple streams of income in minutes, not years
  • YouTube influencer formula
  • YouTube star cash flow formula
  • 6-figure writing practice
  • Social media management
  • Airbnb cash flow
  • Rental real estate
  • 1-hour-a-day trading dollars
  • Sales consultant
  • Selling simple products
  • Freelancing
  • eFarming
  • eCommerce
  • Amazon millions
  • Stock trading
  • Selling other people’s products
  • and so much more

Plus, every day, Elliot Roe – a legendary hypnotherapist will wrap up each episode with powerful prompts that bypass the conscious mind… and trigger you to take massive action. His unique mindset coaching system works like crazy and it’s responsible for the success of poker champions, UFC champions, Olympics athletes, and well-known business executives. His charging thousands of dollars for his time and during this event, he’s doing it at no cost, just for you.

This docu-series is your ticket to never-revealed business advice and information that will take the world by storm. I’ve watched dozens of their documentaries and I always discover new ways to invest my money and new strategies to run my businesses, and I come up with hundreds of big ideas to impact the world even more.

Join us on May 23rd for the free viewing period and find your path to 6-figures doing something meaningful and fulfilling.

At the end of the documentary, you’ll be able to understand that there’s never been a better time to build a 6-figure side business with little or no resources at all, yes, in 2023. It seems impossible but only if you knew…

I’m Tasos, a marketing consultant, an entrepreneur since 1992, founder of the agency  WebMarketSupport, creator of the “7 Ideals” methodology, and since 2014,  I’ve helped hundreds of brands.

And I have a special surprise for you right on this page. I’m revealing why “The Future Belongs to Small Businesses”.

Sign up for the free documentary of Revealed Films and for the upcoming challenge with me.

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hays return with another epic video production to help us escape the rat race, find meaning in our careers, and secure our financial future. They are interviewing 27+ side hustlers, self-made money experts, successful entrepreneurs, specialists, and industry leaders. 

This time, they partnered up with Michael Hearne – a serial entrepreneur who has a 15-year history of taking companies to new levels, breaking the boundaries of innovation, and triumphing over adversity.

Michael is co-founder of Decentral Publishing and last year, he released another documentary entitled “Uncensored Crypto” which I had reviewed as well.

Now, the brand new documentary is entitled “6-Figure Side Hustles”. It’s a 9-part docu-series and all the episodes are free to watch.

The 1st episode airs on May 23rd. The episodes are going to be released one by one and once the free viewing period is over, the content will be available only for paying members.

This is a pack of interviews and exercises with over 20 experts who share their thoughts, stories, expertise, and secrets on various business models like:

  • Money-making websites
  • YouTube influencer
  • YouTube star cash flow system
  • 6-figures writing practice
  • Social media management
  • 1-hour-a-day trading dollars
  • Sales consultant
  • Rental real estate
  • Airbnb cash flow
  • Side hustle success wisdom
  • Side hustle wealth
  • 6-figures selling simple products
  • Side money secrets
  • Freelancing
  • eFarming
  • eCommerce
  • Amazon
  • Life & money
  • Stock trading
  • and more

And here’s what you are going to discover:

  • How anyone can speak to AI (artificial intelligence) and create products and services on the spot. Products that would normally take years to develop and deliver.
  • How to become an Airbnb host even if you are broke, have bad credit, or don’t own any property.
  • How to start an online business with or without a website, with or without products, and even if you barely use an email.
  • How to trade in the markets – stocks, crypto, Forex, and more.
  • How to invest your money in order to create passive streams of income.
  • The 4 best types of real estate to own, how to close deals, how to maximise cash flow, and how to eliminate all the obstacles and limitations bundled with this profession – one that was previously available only to wealthy investors.
  • How to become an influencer, build a brand name, and turn your passion into a thriving business online or offline.
  • and much more

*There’s a hot exclusive bonus packed with the documentary.

Trailer #1

Past Projects

After the tremendous success of video projects like Crisis Investing, Paycheck Solution, Wealth Breakthroughs, Money Revealed, Crypto Revealed, EndGame, and so many more, where the Revealed Films team literally revealed thousands of revenue avenues and solutions for people in need, they return with a brand new project, called “6-Figure Side Hustles”.

As they have access to the greatest minds in the world of business, economics, and investing, the top money experts, side hustlers, successful entrepreneurs, passionate practitioners, authors, and innovators, this is a series that everyone on the planet should watch without distractions.

It’s very timely, amidst the latest economic downturn, uncertainty, and fear.

Everyone has problems, more or so, and this is not a time to sit back and wait for someone to save us. It doesn’t work this way.

That’s is how opportunities like this work:

The information that will be revealed to you is absolutely top-notch, but it is useless except if you do something with it.

Taking action is the key here. You have the power to improve your life and business, you just need to decide to move forward. Take responsibility.

6-figure side hustles banner 666

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

The ‘HOT’ Lineup

For the first time, on an unprecedented scale, the world’s experts come together to openly reveal their expertise on easy and trendy business models you can run part-time – side hustles…

  • Kevin Harrington: infomercial creator, originial “Shart Tank” investor
  • Jeff Walker: creator of the “Product Launch Formula”
  • Chris Goegan: founder of Engineered Growth Systems
  • Jason Fladlien: co-founder of Rapid Crush Inc.
  • Alison Prince: mom & CEO
  • Ryan Levesque: author of #1 national best-seller ASK
  • Verne Harnish: owner & CEO of Scaling Up
  • Jason Katzenback & Michael McClary: CEO, co-founder and chief product officer of amazing.com
  • Roger Hamilton: author, educator, social entrepreneur
  • Robert G. Allen: #1 NY Times bestselling author
  • James Altutcher: entrepreneur, author, podcaster
  • Kristin Cripps: author, entrepreneur, investor
  • Brian Page: founder of “The Page Fund”
  • Laura Catella Georgi: copywriter, mentor, entrepreneur
  • Rich Schefren: founder of “Strategic Profit”
  • Liz Germain: CEO & founder of Vidfluence
  • Michael Filsaime: co-founder & CEO of GrooveDigital
  • Los Silva: philosopher, futurist, CEO of Legion, Exponential Labs
  • Kate Buck Jr.: owner & CEO of Social Media Pro
  • Igor Kheifets: Amazon bestselling author, CEO of List Building Lifestyle
  • Stephen Gardner: YouTube influencer
  • Jason Hartman: real estate investor and expert
  • James Wall: trader
  • and many more

Trailer #2

5 Key Reasons To Attend

Here’s why this event is so special.

First, it’s organized by Revealed Films, a company that I follow for the last 5+ years. They already helped tens of thousands of people to secure their financial future through their epic documentaries.

They always deliver high-quality and straight-to-the-point content that adds tremendous value without wasting your valuable time.

Plus, this year they have the help of Decentral Publishing, another major player in this field.

Second reason: They always have access to the greatest minds in the world, the top wealth experts, passionate practitioners and educators, authors, economists, professional service providers, and the most avid investors, so, this is a series you don’t want to miss out on.

These experts are sharing exclusive knowledge and information.

There’s so much noise out there, you don’t know who to trust, and everyone’s talking a good game until they have to deliver on their promises.

With this documentary, you are 100% sure that this information is exactly what’s working right now.

This isn’t information you can find online by browsing the web. This is not about what we already know. It’s not the same stuff everyone else is repackaging. You won’t find this lineup and these insider secrets anywhere else. 

Third reason: It’s very timely as we live in an economic recession that started at least 20 years ago – although most of us will not admit it but it’s true.

Fourth reason: The business models that the experts will present are the easiest and most appealing for the majority of people, and are trendy and cost-effective too.

Fifth reason: The documentary is free for a limited time. That means you need to take action right now. 

And they do that on purpose – to motivate you.

This docu-series is your ticket to never-revealed financial advice and information that will take the world by storm.

I’ve watched dozens of their documentaries and I always discover new ways to invest my money, new strategies to run my businesses, and I come up with hundreds of big ideas to impact the world even more.

6-figure side hustles line up experts

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

Beyond-Money Secrets

This docuseries is not only about giving you inside information on various business models. It’s way more than that.

It’s about how to implement this knowledge and actually make something fulfilling in your life.

It’s about motivating you and pushing you forward to reach your goals.

It’s about empowering you to become a leader in your community and so much more.

So now let’s discuss what you’re going to discover in this epic event:

  • How easy it is to start a side hustle, a part-time business you are proud of and adds income
  • The most lucrative online business models
  • How to create the life you want
  • How to take action on what you’re learning
  • How to grow your network, become a mover, and build a community of fans
  • What it takes to create revenue streams
  • How to increase your capabilities and the depth and quality of your connections and relationships as a business owner
  • How to create multiple streams of income and work only when you choose
  • How to find the perfect balance in your work and life, where there is enough time to contribute and enough time to spend with your loved ones
  • How to empower the next generations
  • How to express your creativity
  • How to become confident, competent, and a better version of yourself
  • How to make a real difference in this world
  • Hundreds of examples of successful projects
  • and so much more

Listen! Don’t wait until the economy goes up. It will go up eventually, but when? No one knows.

This is a rare chance to break free from the economic chains and discover the simple tactics the experts are sharing to create meaningful side income businesses.

Thousands of people are making a fortune online but they are committed to work and are dedicated to their mission.

Trailer #3

Who Is It For

This documentary is for everyone. We all can take advantage of a few extra bucks to pay the bills, secure our family, and build the foundation of a business with potential.

Money is still the main needle mover and so we need to be tuned in.

Whether you’re a parent, business owner, professional, teenager, or retired, no matter where you work and what you do, our economy has come to a halt.

This is a critical point in time.

What we do today has the power to move mountains and plant the seeds for tomorrow, for the next generations.

Anyone can benefit from these business models and thousands of people are already crushing it.

You can do it too with the secrets that will be revealed through this documentary.

This is insider information you won’t find anywhere on the net.

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd


According to Statista and Recreate Coalition close to 17 million people in the U.S. earned income posting content online in 2017. By comparison, there were only about 12 million manufacturing workers in the U.S.

According to the analysis of the data, content creators earned close to 4 billion dollars in 2017 on YouTube, a 20 percent increase from the previous year. While YouTube earned the most for content creators in the aggregate, Instagram saw the biggest uptick in earnings. The total amount of money that content creators earned on Instagram grew by 50 percent year-over-year. WordPress was the only platform that saw total income earnings for content creators shrink year-over-year.

According to Gitnux:

  • 80% of marketing professionals believe that YouTube Influencers are the most effective investment for their marketing campaigns.
  • The number of YouTube channels with over one million subscribers has increased by over 75% since 2018, showing the rise of YouTube Influencers.
  • 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities.
  • YouTube Influencers earn an average of $0.01 to $0.03 per view on their videos.
  • The average YouTube Influencer charges $20 per 1,000 views for sponsored content.
  • YouTube Influencers with up to 100k followers have higher engagement rates than those with larger followings.
  • YouTube Influencers receive an average of three times the number of video views compared to traditional celebrities.

According to DemandSage:

  • 30% of freelancers receive hourly pay.
  • 65% of freelancers make more money than they would in regular employment.
  • Northeastern states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey are where freelancers make the most money annually.
  • Nearly 10% of Americans reported utilizing a digital platform to conduct freelance work to make money in the previous year
  • In 2018, freelancers in the USA made close to $1 trillion, or 5% of the country’s GDP. Now, the number is even high after the pandemic.
  • Globally, freelancers make an average of $19 per hour
  • Freelance content writers on Upwork often make between $10 and $80 USD each hour.
  • The typical hourly wage for freelance graphic designers on Upwork is $45

According to BestColleges:

  • According to Payscale data from August 2022, the average salary for social media managers is $53,060. However, many social media marketers focus on a certain type or aspect of the industry, so there is a lot of variation. Their salary is often dependent on experience, education level, and employer. Specialized training or unique experience in the industry can help professionals negotiate higher salaries.
  • Social Media Senior Strategy Manager Average Or Median Annual Salary: $125,040
  • With the growth of social media, the demand for social media managers and related careers is increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job demand for marketing managers is projected to increase by 10% from 2020-2030.

According to Gitnux:

  • With the rise of digital technology, Airbnb has become one of the most popular online platforms for travelers to find accommodations. From tiny homes to luxury villas, there are now over 5.6 million listings worldwide on Airbnb and 309 million active users as of January 2021. In 2020 alone, Airbnb reported $3.378 billion in annual revenues with more than 4 million hosts on its platform and 28,000+ listings being tiny homes.
  • Airbnb has more than 4 million hosts on the platform.
  • The average price per night for an entire home on Airbnb is $160.47.
  • The average annual earnings of an Airbnb Host in the US is approximately $9,600.
  • There were 50.5 billion minutes spent on Airbnb’s mobile app worldwide in 2020.

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

Episodes Preview

Episode #1

Money-making websites, YouTube influencer income, 6-figure writer

  • Mike Filsaime: Money-Making Websites
  • Stephen Gardner: YouTube influencer Income
  • Michael Hearne: 6-figures Writer

Episode #2

Social media money, Airbnb cash flow, side hustle success wisdom

  • Kate Buck Jr.: social media money
  • Brian Page: Airbnb cash flow
  • Rich Schefren: side hustle usccess wisdom

Episode #3

Rental real estate income, 1-hour-a-day trading dollars, sales consultant cash flow

  • Jason Hartman: rental real estate income
  • James Wall: 1-hour-a-day trading dollars
  • Chris Goegan: sales consultant cash flow

Episode #4

Side hustle wealth, 6-figures selling simple products, YouTube star cash flow formula

  • Roger Hamilton: Side hustle wealth
  • Alison Prince: 6-figures selling simple products
  • Liz Germain: YouTube star cash flow formula

Episode #5

Side money secrets, from zero to 6 figures, 6-figure writer secrets

  • Jonathan Foltz: side money secrets
  • Iman Aghay: from zero to 6 figures
  • Laura Catella Georgi: 6-figure writer secrets

Episode #6

Paving your own path to 6 figures, scaling beyond the side hustle, freelance marketing consultant income

  • James Altutcher: Paving your own path to 6 figures
  • Verne Harnish: scaling beyond the side hustle
  • Anna MacFarlane: freelance marketing consultant income

Episode #7

6-figure eFarming, real estate riches, Amazon income

  • Igor Kheifets: 6-figure eFarming
  • Robert G. Allen: real estate riches
  • Corinne Parkinson: Amazon income

Episode #8

More real estate riches, Amazon millions, life & money success hacks

  • Robert G. Allen: more real estate riches
  • Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary: Amazon millions
  • Rick Sapio: life & money success hacks

Episode #9

Amazon cash flow, stock trading income, from zero to ultra-wealthy

  • Jason Fladlien: Amazon cash flow
  • Marcus DeMaria: stock trading income
  • Dean Graziosi: from zero to ultra-wealthy
6-figure side hustle expert with patrick gentempo

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

FREE Report – 3 AI Side Hustles Anyone Can Start

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and especially the world of business.

Thousands upon thousands of people are taking advantage of the flexibility of machines for the first time in history to create side hustles and eventually build businesses.

Why not you?

At last, we got access to AI, use it to go faster, and add stability and security to your journey.

Now, we can even compete with giant corporations!

6-figure Side Hustles - AI Free Report Cover

6-Figure Side Hustles/FREE Report

3 AI Side Hustles Anyone Can Start

Why I’m So Excited About This Series

I’m an avid fan of Revealed Films. I learned so much by watching their previous documentaries.

There’s always something new to learn, a strategy, a tactic, an idea, a case study, a story, or just inspiration.

The team behind these productions is always at the forefront of what’s happening.

They helped tens of thousands of people with their secret information on everything regarding money, wealth, investing, education, and a host of other topics that influence our lives.

This time, they created something special that I guarantee you will enjoy.

Beyond the classical financial advice and business models information, they enhanced the series with exercises to motivate you and get you on the right path – being active and determined to succeed.

The documentary comes as a hero that saves the day during these tough economic times.

Anyone can spare a few hours a week chasing a better life and why not; their big dreams.

It’s a free documentary but the free viewing period expires. That means if you want to watch it for free, you need to make some time in your daily schedule starting from May 23rd and keep an eye on your inbox for the viewing links.

My Exclusive Bonus

Attending the documentary

I’m organising an online challenge entitled “The Future Belongs to Small Businesses”. 

I can’t disclose more information right now except that is happening very soon and that there are 3 winners who will receive my dedicated 1-on-1 help and support to start or grow their businesses.

The Future Belongs to Small Businesses


What to expect, how to qualify, and what the 3 winners get at the end of the final stage
Are you ready to compete and win access to the 7 IDEALS methodology? It's a contest, there are scores and 3 WINNERS.
Good luck!
Tasos Perte | “7 Ideals” Methodology
Custom-made strategies, processes, and campaigns for small businesses and startups

Final Thoughts

It’s one of those events that you can’t afford to miss.

Exclusive advice, insider information, inspiring and motivating stories, dozens of business models to explore, hundreds of examples, and top-notch exercises organised by a legendary therapist who trains and coaches stars and celebrities.

Revealed Films is a company that provides only superior content. This is a guarantee. You won’t hear fluff or things you already know. You will get to know secrets from the world’s top experts in their field.

Set a few hours daily aside to equip yourself with exclusive knowledge, do the exercises to implement what you’re learning, and set the stage for your evolution.

There’s never been a better time to start a side hustle. When the economy is down, that’s exactly when the biggest opportunities arise.

If you have spare time for only 1 event this year, 6-Figure Side Hustles is your ultimate choice. You won’t regret it and you can thank me later!

6-Figure Side Hustles/Revealed Films

9 Episodes Documentary – 1st Episode Airs May 23rd

That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, SummerDream.

I enjoy reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and playing with my kids.

Some of the links on this page are “sponsored”. For more information, I refer you to the Disclaimer page.

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