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I have been using BMIClix for 2-3 months now. My first payment was settled immediately and I started promoting the site as a well paying PTC resource.

It is my policy to promote only PTC sites that have paid me. I never recommend sites that I don’t know if they pay. Because promoting a PTC site without knowing if you will get paid it is a waste of time for you, your referrals and more importantly you make these scammers richer. Someone might buy advertising credits or will proceed with an upgrade.

But even if a PTC site is paying at the moment that does not necessarily mean that will continue to pay tomorrow or after a few weeks / months.



BMIClix – Another Scam in the Hall of Shame



It all started 3-4 days ago when I requested a 2nd withdraw.

The next day I logged in to find out that the money returned to my main balance. I repeated the withdrawal process but the admin did exactly the same.

I sent a support ticket to understand what was going on.

The admin said …”send full transaction details…

I responded that I have already been paid once and that my PayPal details were showing clearly. Besides there was nothing more to add there.


I decided to give them 2 more days to finalise my payment,…

But…today the filthy admin returned the money again to my main balance without answering of course my support ticket.



My Referrals



This is a shout out mostly to my referrals because I can not send a message on BMIClix. It is a poor PTC with bad services and of course messages to referrals are not even an option for scam sites.

BMIClix Usernames

  • SrFusion from Mexico
  • helloprajna from Canada
  • vicobux from Philippines


I hope you see this and that you stop using their services…



Final Words



It is really a shame, everyday people are being scammed on sites like this.

Please help us make this world a better one and promote only companies that are legit and are paying their members.

If you have been scammed from a PTC site please leave a comment here on this post, or on the other Web Market Support.threads.





















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