You're Reading:Niche Profit Classroom 5 Webinar Review – Hyped Or Worthy?

Niche Profit Classroom 5 Webinar Review – Hyped Or Worthy?

by Tasos


Apr 18, 2015



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Phew man…..well I just watched a Webinar from Adam Short – the brand new NPC 5 – nicheprofitclassroom.com…It took him over an hour to get to the sales part….he had a lot to give!!!…Sorry…wrong way to begin, don’t you think?


With This Review On Niche Profit Classroom 5 Webinar by Adam Short I Will Try To Clarify If It Is Worth The High Price Or If It Is Another Hyped Product


Well, I want, to be honest with you because I know that a lot of you are confused…Some of you already know what this is going to be about…But there are a lot more of you that are still looking for a decent way to make some extra cash online.And chances are to this point that a great majority of those who are concerned and try to find a program that really works right now wonder..Is this a legitimate way? … should we buy?… or if we don’t buy then we might have kicked the biggest opportunity in our life away??.

Let’s give some clarity and take first things first



I was waiting 2 – 3 days for this live webinar to take place.I had already forgotten it and it was time for sleep, almost (2 AM) local time.But I got an email and a pop-up notification from my calendar that I was about to watch a webinar..Damn … I need some sleep … I am dead.But something kept me awake.I already had an idea what it’s gonna be and I took a look at my notes.I visited an affiliate network to remember the details and “the price” and I joined in.The webinar was just about to begin.And everything run smoothly on time.

Adam welcomed the crowd, someone from Serbia, another one from India, a guy from England, a girl from the US. Hi Adam … I whispered ..please get straight to the point…

I was not at all surprised when he showed up his bank accounts and not only.He even illustrated his formal “original” tax note.Something around a $1,300,000 if I can recall.Pretty impressive…what you think?

How He Became A Top Marketer



I forgot that earlier he appeared next to his favorite special sports AUDI and then in a photo with his mom, outside the new house he just bought her.At least this is good news.I felt relieved.Then some testimonials followed up by ‘numbers’ and smiling photos of some of his partners and followers.Cool…and promising.




Then a short story…How many times have you witnessed such short stories?…Stories of success, stories like this one.!!..He was working in a marketing company thanks to a friend’s connection and there he learned the secrets of PPC campaigns.He decided to do something on his own, at his spare time, just from the couch he was living in his aunt’s house, guest surrounded by 5 dogs and although he is a dog lover, at the same time he was allergic to them.What tough times he’d been through!!!…but he never gave up.He continued searching for real online opportunities to build his dream.

Then suddenly Adam lays the cards on the table…Internet Niche Marketing



I will be straight to the juice guys he says….Oh really I say..that’s what you do for 20 minutes now.A “GENIUS” diagram – plain, simple but “GENIUS”.Damn, I never thought is gonna be so easy..I was trying years to find out something similar and the solution was just in front of my eyes.I was shocked…paralyzed from the unique marketing strategy of Adam Short.I looked over this diagram 100 times to see if it is real.Yes..!!! , everything a marketer should need for a life.


Are these Training Secrets Any Good When Using Blackhat Strategies.? – Tools, Training



“Just a squeeze or opt-in page, we drive traffic, and then starts an email sequence followed by 60% content and 40% sales either on affiliate products or our own products like an e-book that’s followed up by an audio-book and then a video-book and then a thank you page…”

Market motivation – are they willing to pay?… 2nd statement – how big is the market size? – how big is the audience?….How expensive is to get traffic?

Facebook ads. He goes in Clickbank for an example… he picks products (but not his very own) with high gravity say about 88,7…

“I already know that his product has gravity only 3,5…I rush to my keyboard to type that in although I already know the webinar is not a live one.”


How to set-up our opt-in pages.The engine – email course … 10 – 14 days email sequence.Master selling templates.Content 60%, go to Amazon, pick a book that has some content provided by Amazon and then there is your content.The perfect duplicate crap that Google Spiders will ignore and therefore not rank … Just simple content fill…about 100 words – no call to actions, just a simple page writing.Then comes the next email with call to actions. How to drive traffic. Facebook, YouTube and Google. Facebook fan pages..


How to build likes quickly.Just a small message with a like button in the ad, then redirect to the fan page and then redirect to the opt-in page.Either through a call to action or opt-in or with a button on the fan page that says “free e-course”, or 3rd option with a Facebook offer and then redirects to the opt-in page again.Facebook tracks the opt-ins and sends reminders to those who did not sign in.


Let’s see what he teaches about YouTube – simple power point videos of 3 minutes either on our own or we out-source them to fiverr.com for cheap.The cheaper is always the better……Again a simple opt-in page, a Youtube channel – links to the website and to social media .,.BONUS TRICK – the Facebook page has a tab button that says “free videos” that sends people to Youtube…BOOM – MAGIC…, the videos being played first on Facebook and then ranked easily to Youtube on auto-pilot because of that….and then the videos are gonna rank in google too form the same pilot.


Are you tired of these quick money promises?…If you want to build an online business the right way I can recommend you my top rated network



Let’s dominate the google machine for good…


He makes a 2nd website in the same niche, especially for Google. Keys for getting success in Google – make your site sticky…they send you a visitor don’t send the visitor back to google….It is so easy because it works….They want to see that people stay on your site.How many pages they viewed, your quality content “duplicated by Amazon” and organized in a modern way.

… play some music Adam ….. make it a thriller for tonight


He’s got a software for creating content.And why Adam you did not say that earlier…????…..that is his GOD well-kept secret.Some forum posts that are sticky because people spend a lot of time there.Image gallery and video galleries, automated again from the Facebook fan pages….a straight layout pathway to the HILLS……RUN if you can……RUN as fast as you can…From the Hills I mean.

So building an authority site is not that difficult.The next “Short” proof of Adam…Then comes the sales letter … sneaky … as the drums cover your ears.


Niche Profit Classroom – How Much Does It Cost.?


Again how much he made through the years, This is the version 5 of NPC.This was only the summary and he will show us the details right after….. ( WE PAY )     …The training is short, videos detailed that will show us the right way fast.Just follow the software.1st step-funnel creation …Within an hour you will have your own site ready.Then we have to go for domain and host outside of NPC.How to dominate Google with an authority site?….The tool will find the perfect keywords for us as we drink our coffee and 500 keywords analyzed in 15 minutes and ready to be targeted in front of our eyes.




AUTO PILOT…, Unique content creator – the tool will surf the web and steal ideas from the TOP quality SITES content and then it will produce UNIQUE content for us…..NPC Niche Profit Classroom site builder 5.0..a Webinar for the years to come


Niche Profit Classroom Coaching and Support Webinars Inside The Membership Cost … Is It Really Worth It.?


He uses case studies that he will reveal the real techniques to steal the MONEY FROM WHO???….Twice per month.There is also a members only forum.

The final short-cut…don’t go away Tasos he screams…. is the ready made niches – a massive package for everybody…..twice per month….you launch the software and then everything is automated.

Normally NPC costs $1000 per year but he wants to give something special for those attended the webinar, his great discount.We will buy backlinks….another not so wise move like this one from J.C Penney…. wow, so easy with 97 dollars.55 hot markets only $47 made niche sites $250.An automatic upgrade to NPC Pro.He will give a present that would cost $2200 just for free if we pay the $330.Finally just $697…for you.Just as the current Clickbank price…….hehe…I knew the price 3 days ago.




Final Conclusion all yours

I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Have you any experience with this program?…Till next time, your online partner
















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  1. Maarten

    Hi Tasos,

    Talking about a sticky page, I was stuck reading your page here :p
    An unseen writing style in this niche to say the least and a refreshing change.

    As for NPC, well unfortunately this sort of sales webinars, videos and landing pages are successful for the salesman. This is hard selling at it’s best, and to be fair, many among us who live in this “Trying to get rich quick with no effort” world, are actually actively contributing to these sort of salesmen to do just that! Become rich with no effort by taking advantage of people!

    It’s great that there are websites like yours that help these people get rid of the idea that the internet is a source of free money.

    I’d say to the top of the SERPS with you!

    Great post,



    • Tasos

      Welcome back Maarten , you are spot on with your mention.All of these people that are searching for quick online success are indeed contributing to the growth of these “Hard Salesmen”…They ask for it , they get it…Let’s hope that someday they will wake up and actually see the obvious.That every business to be successful needs hard work and time , much time.Both online or offline.

      Thank you for stopping by to participate and for your very nice compliments.I am very glad you enjoyed that article.

  2. Ana

    Hi Tasos
    You have a really easy to read writing style, and it’s fun too. You had me smiling a couple of times. These “make money quick” scams are just too hilarious, people fall into it because they don’t want to do the work and want to make the money overnight.

    • Tasos

      Hello Ana , exactly , people fall because THEY are looking for quick ways , they don’t want to invest in time and work and so these scams come up with attractive methods to trap them.

      I am very glad you enjoyed my article , thank you so much for the beautiful comments.

  3. Katerina Markakis

    Hello Taso! This is my first time visiting your website and I have to say I love it!
    I not only like the way you write! You have me smiling throughout the whole post reading but I love the great info you give! Your post is clean and thorough! It’s crazy how people actually believe that they can make millions of dollars overnight and pay to achieve that. The only way to achieve income online is consistent and hard work and lots of patience!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Tasos

      Hi Katerina and welcome to my site

      There is no greater satisfaction than seeing people happy and smiling from something you did.!!..Now as concerns the post yes I agree with you that is crazy watching these scams manage to persuade online visitors and eventually get their money and make a living of such unethical and dishonest tactics.But I believe that the “Time Has Come” and we gonna witness changes in the marketing world.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your ‘lovely compliments’.

      Have a nice day

  4. Marlon

    Lol, I love the way you write Tasos, I was smiling all through. The funny thing about that is a lot of people actually fall for that stuff. If I did not know better at this point (thanks to the amazing training I received), I may have been one looking for the best way to make it happen for me and may have lost some money with this guy.

    Thank you for pointing out that mr Short only wants your money and you will not benefit from what he is doing in any way.

    • Tasos

      Hi there Marlon

      It’s great to find you amused from this review.I have met 100’s of people that lost a lot of money on those schemes.And these “elegant masters” bombard the online marketing world with new and modern techniques.We have to stay ‘alerted’ and keep working in decent ways.

      They think that if they promise us “billions” then we will be excited to give them our $400 or $500 or $697.No…we won’t take that “BAIT”

      Have a nice day

  5. tony

    Solid Adam Short (NPC) 5 – Webinar Review and I will pass on this one. Making money online takes a lot of time and effort. Anyone looking to create a business have to find a web builder that allows them to try product for free. My top choice for getting this done is with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Tasos

      Hello Tony

      I am glad you agree on that review … promises , shining bank accounts and then join us for only $697.These “gurus” think that people are helpless but that has changed.Real business plans take time and effort like you said , both in offline and in online world.And why should I give mr Short my $697? – just for something he promised it will work?.

      Sorry , I am not convinced.!!!

  6. james

    I have seen many videos like that about make this much money fast and they always try to seem helpful for a long time while never really telling you anything until right at the end when they want your money. I learned a long time ago not to bother watching any more videos.

    • Tasos

      Hi James

      And you did well for not attending any more videos like this one.A total waste of time.I could watch a movie instead.At least some people will get benefited and won’t fall to traps like this


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