You're Reading:Is Get Paid Taking Pictures A Scam? My Review Reveals…

Is Get Paid Taking Pictures A Scam? My Review Reveals…

by Tasos


Jul 2, 2015



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The Complete Guaranteed Success Blueprint also known as the completely fool-proof system of Michael Davis and his one page video 10 minutes long full of promises.But who is Michael?…A photographer , an expert in marketing or just a normal guy?….I would say he’s a little bit of everything.



With This Review I Will Reveal What This Making Money Opportunity Is And I Will Try To Answer The Question “Is Get Paid Taking Pictures A Scam Or A Legit System?”



This product is listed on Clickbank and I thought to give it a go as I always searching for new online scopes.Inside the getpaidtakingpictures.com website there is a video.Besides that front page there is no content except the usual pages for terms , privacy , disclaimer , affiliates and contact.That first vision did not impress me at all.And the Headline added to that impression.

Learn the Secrets of an ex-Walmart employee that made $3647 uploading pictures



Michael introduces himself and promises to teach how to make money using a camera and his insider secrets.He also mentions that he has no photography experience.But there is not a story?…I wish there was not but actually there is one.He was broke , in debts and working for Walmart for pennies , $80 a day.He did not like his job ,not at all.One day as he was taking a break trying to send a text message to his girlfriend , a stranger approached him.


He gave Michael his iPhone and asked him if he could take a picture of him holding shopping bags and walking.But Michael as a suspicious man he is , he asked him WHY?…The stranger told him that he needed to upload the pictures to sites that were paying people to upload pictures.


Michael took the photos and the stranger gave him a card with the website.Michael continued to work and when he arrived home he already have forgotten about the card.But when he get off his clothes he discovered the card inside his pocket.He was curious but he knew that was a joke , but as he had nothing better to do he opened his laptop , clicked on the site’s url and he entered the system.He had some photos on his phone and he uploaded 3 of them.then he got asleep as he was very tired.






The next Morning Waking Up Found His Laptop Open Still In That Special Page




He left with his mouth totally open.He wanted to scream but he could not.He was richer by $269.Just by 3 photos he had already in his phone.Almost $90 for a photo.Not bad.I won’t get into much details as the story unfolds.He was earning money like maniac.Soon he had to make a decision.To work for Walmart or to upload pictures and travel around the world?…He was smart enough to pick the latter.And he did very well.Money were coming like hurricane.He was able to visit Hawai , buy a decent car and have the life he always dreamed of.All of that because he met that stranger in the parking lot of Walmart.

But I Am Not Convinced – Am I A Suspicious Guy Like Michael?




Evidences – Testimonials




Some funny guys and gals on camera ascertaining how Michael’s System helped them.Should I be convinced now?…Come on man , why you are so hateful?…Because here comes the screenshots….No guru is without screenshots of bank accounts and earnings.It is in their blood.


But How This System Works After All?



♦ A completely fool-proof system that includes everything inside.

♦ Step by step guides to turn pictures into cash

♦ Insider secrets (hmmmmmmm)

♦ Instant admission to Hidden Picture Markets that most people don’t even know that they exist

♦ More secrets to avoid his pitfalls. (but I think he had immediate success with no pitfall at all in the video , anyway…)

♦ Special bonuses that are so closely held he can only reveal to members (I know Michael) 

♦ Seconds away from the Blueprint , we should be able to see the full potential here

The potential of what Michael ??, you did not even say a word about how we will get paid or how this system works.They all will be revealed when we become members.



I signed in , became a member to see what’s next.My lucky day , there is a 50% discount.Normally Michael is selling this program for $77 but with the discount code he gave so generously the final price is only $37.You have to pay $37 to learn his secrets,What he did to deserve $37?… a funny video 10 minutes long talking about that BS all along.I wish it was that easy Mr Davis.If we all could make $37 sales from one video I would be producing videos for 30 days , and then I would be rich.



If you are searching for ways to make money online for real , do not hesitate to read about my Top Recommended product here




Is It True That Someone Can Get $90 For One Picture?




What you people think.?…Please tell me , is that possible?…First of all anyone could sign for any stock photo agency or website and try to upload photos there.

♦ I headed over to Shutterstock to find out if it is easy to get paid for photos.Shutterstock is one of these not so secret as Michael say websites that pay people for uploading videos , photos , vectors and illustrations.I signed in to become a contributor to find in my surprise that upon joining they are sending a FREE guide to my mail box.

According to Shutterstock – We are leading global provider of high quality videos and images to businesses ,, agencies and organizations around the world.We’ve assembled hundreds of tricks , tips and explanations that can help you become a top seller of stock images and video. 



I downloaded the PDF immediately that arrived one minute later in my mail.52 pages guide just for Free , just like that.You see now?..How easy it was for me?..In 3 minutes I found out how to make money through photography , following a legit website which it was not hiding at all.In fact all the LEGIT products are not hiding.They are online , exposed to public.

♦ 10 ways to find trends and inspiration

♦ What buyers are looking for

♦ How to maximise your profits when shooting and many many more that I won’t include here.The guide is elegant , full of images and explanations.

Why should I pay $37 to Michael the minute I can work on my own?…In fact I am gonna read the whole guide in the next days to find out how to make some extra cash by shooting or producing videos.But It Won’t Be Easy at all.All these stock photo websites have gained high recognition through the past years.They require H Q photos , not cheap phone photos and they probably have more requirements as concerns the quality and sizes and more.


This is the LEGIT way that every program or website SHOULD function.They tell you HOW , then you WORK to make it happen.They don’t ask for your money UP FRONT like Michael or Chan or Michael Williamson or Sarah Markel and then they promise to train you.NO.They tell you right from the beginning.It is up to you then to decide if this work is for you








Can I Make Money taking Photos?



Yes , anybody could do that.Why not?…But , definitely not by following Michael Davis..He wants to get paid for something unknown just to name the secret websites and his methods.You want more free websites to join and read their full terms prior to join a network like Shutterstock?….


Pixabay – is one of the greatest sites that offer loyalty free images for the people.That means it is 100% free for the public to use them with no attribution at all.But there is an option to donate the artists if you want.This is how some people make money on Pixabay , but there are probably more ways inside there.


If you make a search inside Pixabay the 3 – 4 first photographs that are appearing are not free to use , they belong to Shutterstock and they are watermarked.I use Pixabay quite often and this is how I knew about Shutterstock.So there is an obvious connection between these 2 websites.And Inside Pixabay there are photos in higher quality that you can buy with full license.For this work someone is getting paid.


♦ Fotolia , Flickr , Deposit Photos and many others that it could be useless to name them here.May be I will prepare a blog post on that matter.


I have not checked them all but this is an easy task for you to do.But be prepared , shooting HQ photos is not an easy job at all.From my experience the websites that host the photos pay a percentage of the sales.That means if your photos are not selling , you won’t make money so easily.Additionally you to have to consider that there are hundreds of thousands of experienced photographers with expensive equipment.You will be competing with them.


But as with any job out there dedication and hard work can lead to great results.Furthermore you will need software to resize , crop and fix the photos before uploading.It is not as a 20 minutes work as Mr Davis claims.It is a full time job probably if you want to be serious.



Michael Davis Overview – Conclusion




♦ No photography training , not even 10 minutes video showing the basics of his mechanism and patent.WHY..?..are you hiding something?.

♦ He sells unknown content for $37.Do not fall for his hype.Photography for stock websites is not for amateurs , you will need superior training and equipment.From my experience with web design trainings you could find worthy lessons that vary from $70 up to $700 or even more depending on the level of that training and the type.



♦ I’m offering alternative solutions if you want to begin a career in photography.It is a decent way to make money online shooting photos , producing videos or anything else for websites , indivuduals or companies but it needs skills and training as every job.Michael does not offer anything.Just because he has a product in Clickbank that does not mean anything at all.I am not convinced….Scam at the best….

Nobody that wants to sell a product is posing at the beach half-naked drinking aperitifs


This man thinks that he should be paid from serious sites $500 a day for 20 minutes work.Tell me , anyone , is that possible?..For 20 minutes work you could be uploading one single photo fully prepared , cropped , mixed , arranged and shoot it first.How many dollars that photo could give you per day?..Would that photo been sold for ….lets say if you have 50% commission and the photo would be sold for 5 dollars tops.10 you say…?…Let’s do…without even counting your costs…you would need 100 sales per photo on 10 per item.That single photo would be enough to make for you while you sleep 100 sales per day?.OK


If you want to use an alternative legit way in building your own website business , even with Photograph as the main theme where you will be presenting your Portfolio , you might want to check out this article.It is about Affiliate Marketing.With Affiliate Marketing you can choose any passion you have and turn it to a profitable online business.Something you build for you and has much greater potential than working for others





I hope you enjoyed yet another negative review , but a review that can open some doors for you.Do not fall for Scams just like that , do some research before you give you hard earned money




How To Spot Online Frauds?…Check this Mini Guide


















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  1. Owain

    When you offer big money for little work then alarm bells will always ring. In this world to get anywhere you need to put in the effort. And if you do then you will go far. With scams like this it is hard for beginners to pick between the good choice and the bad one.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A quality post.

    • Tasos

      Exactly Owain , big point.Big money for little work … it really does not exist in this world.Hopefully…!!!

      Thank you for your support and your kind words.

  2. Viljoen

    When it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. I can’t imagine someone paying you that much per picture. If it was true, then everyone would do it.

    Get paid taking pictures really looks like a scam and thanks for clearing that thought for me. I think that this review will help many people.

    • Tasos

      Most of the times it is.And that is so logical.If there were many opportunities that could return to anyone so much money with the least of efforts , no one would be working 10 or 20 hours.But as we know, life is way different.

      It is a scam , the information listed is inaccurate and the proper methods can be tracked online for free , from legitimate resources.A waste of time at the very best.

      Thank you Viljoen , so great to see you again.You are very kind.

  3. Mike

    Hi there. I just finished looking at your website and I really was intrigued by your information in regards to making money by taking pictures.
    You do a great job of presenting the who, what, why and where in regards to what this type of getting paid doing something for yourself program is about.
    By being so honest, your readers will definitely trust the opinions and products you back and they will understand that you are looking out for them.
    Well done!

    • Tasos

      Welcome Mike , you are so kind.I am glad you agree with me on this review.Thank you for this visit and for your superb support , all my best.

  4. Marcus

    I’ve had a good look at Get Paid Taking Pictures a while back, and I’m really glad you came to the same conclusion that I did. I thought it was one of the worst things I’d ever seen actually. No joke!

    I really don’t believe it’s possible for the average person to earn $3,647 per week just from selling photos. For a start, in order to sell a lot of photos on stock libraries, you need to take really good photos. Not just average smartphone photos, but proper professional photos with a really expensive DSLR camera.

    the thing is, stock libraries are free to join, so nobody needs to pay money to get a guide like this. This is just a sneaky way for Michael David to earn loads of money from the shattered dreams of amateur wannabe photographers.

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Marcus , indeed one of “My” worst experiences ever online , just like you.That can’t be a coincidence.I have a smart phone too but the quality of my pictures can not be compared to professional equipment.

      And the most important thing is that he tries to sell information that is everywhere online for free.What a lazy and evil man .. not the best combination.

      I am glad you have uncovered that “Artist” , he deserved it.

      Thank you for another visit and for stating your own review here with me

  5. Alec

    $90 per photo…taken on a phone camera? Lol. I can buy stock HD photos for half the price. According to your review, this looks like another one of those products that takes basic information from the Internet, hypes it up like it’s something new and adds a price tag. I’ve read stories from real photographers and their life is not as easy as taking one or two pictures on a phone. It takes a lot of work to get recognized for their work. I agree with your verdict.

    • Tasos

      Hello there Alec , your message includes all the important things someone has to consider before falling for such hyped promotions.This is exactly what this website owner does.He uses information he found online , mix it up , add some personal touch and there it goes.Another product that fails to deliver because there is nothing to be delivered.

      Photography as with every business and art is something you won’t master overnight and of course you can not expect to sell your photographs just like that and for that prices.I really don’t have to mention that using a phone will take you nowhere , this is just a joke.Stock photo sites are full of HQ images and the competition right now is enormous.How can you compete professionals with a phone?

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your experience , that is going to help a lot more people to understand how these programs work.

  6. TheDopestMatrix

    I would think any website saying you’ll make money just taking some photos is a scam. Sure there are a few that help you make a few bucks but that’s that and even the websites will tell you that (a lot of them are apps I think). I guess the one thing I’d like to know is what actually is the outcome when one falls for this company- do they actually make anything or no?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Tasos

      Exactly Matt , I agree on that.Photography is an art that is very competitive.Only to get recognised it would need years , I suppose.There are thousands of photographers with high quality equipment and software , this is who you are going to be competing if you decide to get involved.If you have no experience I would not recommend to follow that particular website.There are legitimate websites that offer free information but if you need training that will cost you a lot.

      And we should not forget the buyers , that are responsible for your success.There is a big chance that your images won’t be selling at good rates.

      Thank you once again for another visit and for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Aiden

    Awesome review!

    I can’t believe people would fall for that in the first place! I work with a guy who makes money as a photographer in his spare time but he has had to invest thousands of dollars in camera equipment to take the perfect shot, it can’t be done with a cell phone or any other low grade camera device.

    If you were willing to pay the $2000 for a decent camera set up then you would easily make that money, but then who would buy the pictures? We’re not into paying for stuff if we don’t need to in this day and age and there are plenty of free image websites out there.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Tasos

      It is fantastic to find this review awesome Aiden.We agree , photography is not an easy profession , we all know that good and expensive equipment is required.You can not just take a cell phone , shoot some photos and expect to get paid for that.Additionally you will need training in case you are newbie and therefore software to enhance , fix and save your HQ images.Although all these can be done it needs time and hard efforts , it just not happening overnight.

      And who is going to pay for photos the minute there are as you clearly mentioned dozens of free images websites?This is the modern internet world.As I write to you I just downloaded few minutes ago a huge pack of 50 free images about nature that arrived in my mail box from a site I am subscribed.I tweeted it , I shared it in Pinterest and Facebook and now I can use that photos whenever I want.

      Thank you for your lovely comment and for sharing your thoughts and experience on my blog

  8. robert Lawrence


    Thanks for all this great info on this system. I’ve never heard of making money from pictures before so this post was interesting to me.

    Too bad that it just turns out to be another scam. It really is frustrating to see how many people out there on the internet are trying to scam people out of their money.

    If only there was a way we could avoid it. At least you are now directing people to a program that actually works and is honest. Thanks for sharing.


    • Tasos

      I am glad you liked this article Robert although it is another sad review on a scam artist.And you placed a nice question.I believe that the vast majority of internet products belong to cons.They are working all day long on how to scam people on their request for online money.They have solutions for every problem out there.

      I do not think we can avoid it , as long there is money in between , but that won’t stop me by reviewing and exposing in the worst cases the scams.I hope I will find out more decent ways in the near future

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  9. Andy

    It’s a shame to read this sort of thing.

    There are some very talented people out there who come up with the most amazing photographs and it is definitely possible to monetise this hobby without a doubt. There are some genuine sites out there that let you do this.

    Unfortunately like anything there are scams as well. Thank you for pointing out this one to us !

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Andy.It is a shame indeed.Shame for the talented photographers who are spending their whole life practising their art and seek a way to promote their job online.And then a Master like that comes in their way telling them how easy is to sell photos online.

      There are safe and real sites that can help photographers illustrate their work but it needs time to make it happen as any real job out there.

      Thanks for passing by and stating your opinion.


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