You're Reading:Is Home Job Group A Scam?…A Worthless One I Would Say

Is Home Job Group A Scam?…A Worthless One I Would Say

by Tasos


Jul 22, 2015



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Today I will be testing an opportunity for those that seek a job in their country.There is a website that is helping thousands of people like you and me find employment in these hard economic times.Their first headline highlights “Find Real Jobs With No Fees”…..When I visualise such headlines I wonder…“Why , is there anywhere in the world asking you to pay a fee when you apply for a job?”….I think that is free.So this headline highlights what we all take for granted.


With This Review I Am Going To Investigate The Website Called “Home Job Group” And I Will Find Out If It Is A Real Deal Or Just Another Obvious Scam That Exists Online


This website is targeting those people that have a hard time to find a real job and work from their home and get paid.When you first enter their front page there is a counter mentioning how many people got help from this website since 2009.This number was “4,023,083” in my case.If we make a quick calculation we get to this result 2105 – 2009 = 6 years X 365 days = 2250 days.So we have 1788 people / per day that get a job.Pretty awesome results from a single website.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available


♦ Administrative

♦ Clerical

♦ Order Processing

♦ Proof Reading

♦ Transcription

♦ Billing

♦ Assembly

♦ Appt. Setting

♦ Packaging

♦ Photography

♦ Graphic Design

♦ Web Design

♦ Article Writing




Search Feature 4 main entries – 1) Job 2) Name 3) Email 4) Country


I wonder why they have included the country from the moment that you are supposed to work from home.The next headline says we have to hurry up , the spots are filling fast.

a) First search – Administrative Work – Greece – Available Jobs – 26

b) Second search – Administrative – Australia – Jobs – 26

c) Third search – Administrative – USA – Jobs – 26

d) Fourth search – Web Design – Greece – Jobs – 26

e) Fifth search – Web Design – USA – Jobs – 26  and on and on and on

Whenever I searched with different names and emails , no matter the Job and the Country the available spots were always 26…..W E I R D


How Much I Will Get Paid For Those Jobs?


♦ Administrative – Up To $10/hour

♦ Order processing – Up To $11/order

♦ Proof reading – Up To $17/order

♦ Billing – Up To $11/hour

♦ Assembly – Up To $35/item

♦ Packaging – Up To $15.5/hour

Although the prices are changing depending on the jobs still they are the same for each country.



Want To Be Your Own Boss – Can You Dedicate To Hard Work?…Then Continue Here






Let’s Sign In For A Job


Express sign up in two simple steps.OK , let’s do that.

Initial Application


They are not going to ask for any personal information such as social security numbers or other financial information.I filled the required fields that were only a handful and when I moved on a search bar appeared again saying there are only 5 spots available.So 21 jobs were been given just before I finished my application.With over 5000 visitors per day on their site we have to hurry up , claim your spot now.


We Are Holding The Spot , Do Not Exit The Site


New Member Special Offer – The Bells Of Despair Are Ringing


They are running a special promotion only for new members and only for today of course.Everyone that enrolls today will receive over $300 in FREE Bonus Material.

Bonus #1 – $139 Value – Learn the secrets that have been discovered to get hired for the job you really want.This research takes the mystery out of why some people got hired and some not.

Bonus #2 – $119 Value – Want a serious career?…Change your current into a very profitable one.

Bonus #3 – $99 Value – Learn the secrets to Ace any Interview and have huge companies begging you.

mmmm…..With so high levels of unemployment worldwide they will be begging for us….W E I R D




Express Sign Up – Last Step


Once you become a member you will grant access to the largest database of Home Jobs available right now in the world.These data is the result of many years for their staff that developed.The Jobs in our database do not charge any Fee at all.

Membership Options


♦ Basic – Access and support from their staff  – Only $14.95 / month…..DING DANG

♦ Premium – Basic plus access to a private area with the best hand picked jobs. – Only $49.95 / month

♦ Ultimate Placement Service – Basic plus Premium plus The actual help on their behalf for you.You can sit back and relax and we are going to follow your application and wait for the answer.Join now and you will be working tomorrow. – Only $99.95 / month


Final Opinion- Conclusion


♦ It is gonna be rough.What a Worthless Scam I Would Shout if I were in your position.Despite the fact that they are crystal clear that no fee will be charged they sneak through the back-door , they offer 3 useless Bonuses of unknown quality and origin and then they provide 3 membership options that all are paid options.The worst part.You have to pay in a monthly basis and they can not guarantee if you will find a job.

♦ The search feature is fake , whatever job you put , whatever country the jobs listed are always 26.

♦ The 60 days typical guarantee from Clickbank does not prove anything.You can test it if you want.Clickbank usually refunds with no problems but if I were you I would not get into that mess.

♦ Where in the world that someone is filling an application form for a job has to pay???…On A Monthly Basis?….Are you kidding me?

♦ Are you willing to pay $99 / month so you can get a job tomorrow???…Be my guest and purchase their services.Do not come back here complaining.I warned you.

♦ In the earnings disclaimer page they have their back covered.

♦ The application form I completed was a very sketchy one.Just a name , town , country and few other things.If they were a trustworthy site they would ask for detailed skills , experience , identity documents , verifications and other important data.

♦ If they were a legitimate company then they would let you fill the form , get in contact with the Unknown companies that they say that co-operate (but they do not say with who they are doing so) and then they would charge you a fee , a percentage of your first month earnings , if you did get the job and the company that hired you paid you after all.This is how business takes place.

♦ They are holding their hopes in the economic times we live right now.People are in desperate condition and they seek jobs daily.This is where they count.

♦ Can You Really Trust Websites With 2 Pages Content?….Do They Deserve To Get Paid For One Hour Work They DId On That Awful And Outdated Site???….(If we can call it a website after all)




Please do not give your hard earned money.


Home Job Group Alternative


If you want to be your own boss and you don’t want to wait in lines or to fill applications that never reach any company I can recommend you a solution.I won’t promise that it will work for you.But I can guarantee that if you dedicate yourself to hard work you can make it happen.All you gonna need in that case is to choose a passion , build a website , promote other companies products and make profits in the form of commissions.


This model is called Affiliate Marketing and you you will need a computer and some basic skills and  an internet connection.Nothing more.





How To Spot Online Frauds- A Mini Guide

















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  1. Michel

    Wow you have made some excellent points here. Why would you need to play to get a job?

    And rather a cheek for them to say it is free and then make you pay to get the information.
    Mind you there are a lot of sites just like this one online and all promising the world. It is getting harder and harder to find sites that aren’t scams.

    • Tasos

      Exactly Michel , this program is useless.They all start free but suddenly something changes in the way.Unfortunately in the online marketing arena there are countless scams.

      Thank you for this visit and for your awesome support.All my best.

  2. Richard

    Hi Tasos,
    Your review on Home Job Group is very thorough and enlightening. I have not heard of this product before and believe others out there too.I have not seen anywhere in the world where job applications are been paid per month without any guarantee of getting the job,come to think of it,where would the unemployed have that kind of money to be paying monthly from?
    From your article, this product is more than useless. They are capitalising on the growth rate in unemployment to scam the unsuspecting public.Thank for the exposure and warnings, keep doing what you know how to do best,wishing you all the best, God bless you.

    • Tasos

      I can understand your rant here Richard.You are sick of those shady presentations.Of those bad entrepreneurs that want to trick and fool innocent people.Those that are in desperation trying to find a job online during these hard economic times where unemployment is rising dangerously.

      How can someone receive money into his bank account from such a service.If they were decent they would take some percentage as a commission for them , they would have outlined their partners and how this system works.Instead they are making this crap product , publish some content that is for the garbage and then try to make some bucks for themselves.I can predict that is one product to be vanished really soon

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your honest comments.

  3. Stu

    Nice work!

    Generally the more hideous the graphic design work/”art” is promoting this crap, the more likely it’s a scam. I don’t know who these people are that “design” this nonsense, but it’s embarrassing and makes me sick to my stomach since I’m a graphic designer who appreciates good work. HAHA.

    Anyway, please keep doing this, as it helps out others who are simply trying to make a living..


    • Tasos

      Exactly Stu , you have a very good point here , this subject you are discussing is a very important one.Because apparently that “awful” website was built in less than 2 hours tops if the work made from someone with a little experience.

      The content – I would ask … What content?…

      The design – What design?… I would be ashamed if I were in their position.And you , as a designer , knows first hand that decent entrepreneurs do not accept that kind of design and content.

      A fraud spider web , for those looking some extra bucks online.I can’t predict much success for them , I would give them a few more months of digital life…These products do not last long.

      Thank you so much for mentioning this technical detail and for your beautiful comments

  4. G.C.Horton

    Holy Cow! I’ve never heard of the “Home Job Group,” but I think you nailed it. Thanks for jumping through Home Job Group hoops so we don’t have to.

    There are so darn many scams on the internet and more coming online every day. I appreciate your tireless dedication to uncovering them. I wish you could expose them all.

    Is there a legitimate make money online option? What would you recommend?

    • Tasos

      You seem to enjoyed it G.C , what can we say for this disgusting product if we can call it this way.Their classical technique , 2 pages , a few banners , fake early promises , asking for money later , we all have been through this phase.But it is worth mentioning that these products exist inside well known affiliate networks and some people make money out of them.

      Every day , so right , we deal with more awful presentations.You mention 1 , you see 2-3 of them rising up.New domains , new tactics , different names.

      Of course there are decent online ways for serious entrepreneurs to work and produce websites that can help visitors.I always suggest to people the model of affiliate marketing , a very low cost business that anyone should take advantage of.Compared to brick and mortar , franchises and other well used models provides exceptional opportunities.

      There are places to find out every information about.There are networks that are mentioned throughout this website that could help anyone start such a business.The one that helped me when I started of course is my top recommendation.

      I wanna thank you for your repeated visit and for your lovely comments.


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