You're Reading:12 Minute Payday – a Scam Back Door to Frauds and Funnels

12 Minute Payday – a Scam Back Door to Frauds and Funnels

by Tasos


Sep 28, 2015



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I visited the Clicksure affiliate network last night and my eye caught a very promising product so I thought to give it a go.But the video in the 12 minute payday website rolled in just like a typical scam production.Their headline is just another fancy example that serious marketers do not use.It says “Earn $2000 every day in just 12 minutes , with no trading , hosting , twitter or facebook”.

Further the voice places a bet of $2000 that at the end of this video money will be flowing to our bank accounts.He then promises our financial freedom so that we are able to take care of our kids, buy cars , vacations , pay the loan , debts and make the life of our dreams…So far disappointment


I Am Reviewing The 12 Minute Payday Scam .. How Can I Be Sure Already?..



He is so definite about his system and he proves it by mentioning that 2 of the people that joined him were able to generate more money than he does … I mean , this is unbelievable , I never heard of such a brilliant accomplishment … Students become better than their professors.

He looks at me and says “Cut the BS , Tasos , You WANT to be RICH?”

…”Yes , please show me , I am desperate”  I respond

“The desire to be rich is the only thing you need to make this program work for you”.


I pause the video , started thinking now , I need some coffee please , that last statement shaked me up for good.


Then begins a dance of fake video testimonials , the bad thing is that I found the same female actor in one of my previous reviews on another product.This girl is supposed to be a successful marketer that uses all of these crap products to generate thousands of dollars.And why she continues to offer her services for a Fiver on Fiverr?



Another important discovery is that the voice in the video is the same exact voice used to record the “My internet success coach” product , and the fonts and even the colours used are the same.


His goal , to put a lot of zeros to our bank accounts … I wonder if our bank accounts will include any other number than zero.



His name , Justin James , and he and is about to reveal a secret way to earn money online with ease.He is 100% sure of his system , the only thing is asking from you is how much money you want.He was once in your position , trying to make a living,But he discovered the easiest and quickest way to generate pay-checks online.He owns a Porsche and an Audi , he paid all on cash of course.Another proof of the legitimacy of his product.



The Background Story – An Element Of Trust



He got fired 3 years ago during the winter when he had the flu.Jobless he joined his cousin apartment , working part time few times a week as a waiter.He applied for numerous jobs on local enterprises but he got denied.Then one day he read a post on Facebook , an old friend was seeking an assistant.When they met after a long time it was a shock for Justin to find out that his friend was a millionaire from his activities online.


But his friend was tired and in need for someone to manage his online businesses.A director , someone like Justin.He started as an employee , amazed by the ease that the money were pouring into his accounts.Just after 6 months he realised that it can do the same for him and not for his boss.If his boss was able to do that he could do that too.He tried without telling his friend and BOOM , he made it.That was the best day in his life.

He decided not to work for anyone else , never again.


The Guru got me surprised again,Another fascinating story to make you compassion him , as he has been in your shoes.Nice scenario , it could be a exciting movie.


He then promises something that is going to take it away soon , according to my prediction .. He says that he won’t charge you anything to have access to this system..,He continues “It is your turn to to plug into up to 15 different profit accounts and activate your own 5 figure pay-checks.A powerful system that has nothing to do with small payments of $10 or $20 or $50 , it’s a straight jump into the BIG lifestyle changing payments”.


But How This System Works Justin , Will You Ever Uncover Anything?



You gain access to a secret unlimited traffic source and simply point that traffic to your links , get paid over and over again.The more traffic the bigger the commissions.A completely legal and safe procedure for those that worry.No domains , no hosting accounts.

3 Simple Steps To Wealth

  • Plug into an income source
  • Select how much traffic you want
  • Point the traffic to your links and get paid.


And How Much Does It Cost?



Well Justin , was clear , this system is totally free , free as $47 to activate your first income sources.Remember my prediction?..I know , all these too good to be true offers , are actually myths.


I tried to exit but guessed what happened.The price reduced to $37 dollars.Amazing , another well known evil method of dark marketing , if we can call that marketing.I pressed the exit button again , you should do that too , the price now reduced to only $9.A total 81% discount.

Imagine those that purchased the same product for $47 or $37.Is it fair for them to get ripped?


At least the payment page seems legitimate and the security buttons are clickable and open in a new window.But the support button is not working at all , 404 redirection.I tried to exit again , they now offered me a free guide to earn $2000 per day.The funny thing is that when I entered my data I was redirected to the Millionaire Blueprint website , which I had already reviewed not long ago.It is another Binary Options Fraud.


This is why he was shouting at his introduction of the No-Relation to Binary Options.And he is promoting a Binary crap , what a genius way to market products.



So . all these offers are connected and probably owned by the same person , who appears with various names online.In your position I would not proceed with 12 minute payday.But it is up to you to decide.For me it is just another outright scam.





The 12 Minute Payday 6 Figure Business Plan PDF – A Guide To Success



MODULE 1 – Get ready to capture leads


Saying – most websites need to be designed or coded form a programmer…Wrong

Prepare for hosting $10 / mo plus domain for $9 /year…Right


Must have a solid conversion copy to maximize opt-insSemi True…You need to have a website full of content so that search engines will trust you and give you rankings.That only part is the most difficult of all and it takes time.Can be done , but not through this method.These methods can be applied at a second level , if not at all.


Landing Pages Examples – That kind of advertising belongs to the past and these pages don’t convert , if this is all you offer.Put yourself in the shoes of the customer.Would you have bought such an offer if you were redirected to this page from an unknown sender’s email?…Hell NO…Oh come on , 30 days to $10K?…Is there anyone to believe in that crap?


The auto-responder


Now that you have a website built you need to capture the email addresses of your visitors...Wrong , that is not a website and picking up email addresses in such a deceptive way to bombard them with later ongoing offers is not a marketing technique that will drive your business to success.


They offer the GVO auto-responder service.The GVO service might be a good one , I have not tested yet , but the only reason that Justin wants you to purchase the GVO is because he will get compensated a commission when you sign up under his name.Another obvious sign that Justin cares only for himself.


Additionally the auto-responders are useless at this point , when you just starting out with an onilne business , a website.That website needs to get filled with tons of useful content ,then get ranked in the engines , and then you will notice some traffic.Even at that level it would be pointless to capture email addresses.That you can do that at a higher level.Email marketing is a great method of getting revenue in a constant basis but it can’t be applied right away.It needs regular traffic and experience from your part.

The way that Justin suggests is an intruding method of continuous Up-Sells that you will be offering to your prospects , products of no value like the ones I already uncovered here.


So far no sign of how to become a millionaire.


The form code

To create “Campaigns” that will be added to your email sequences.Another method of spamming…2 options here , first you hire a programmer , second and better , you buy from 12 minute payday.Just an Up-Sell Tasos , don’t get mad…It’s my the first Up-Sell … you forget easily Justin.

Thank-You Form

A thanking page for your opt-in victims (members).


MODULE 2 – Cash Accounts – Setting up affiliate links to get paid


Selecting the offer – Explanation of how the affiliate links get you commissions through your landing pages redirections.They highly recommend Clicksure as their top affiliate network to find offers and generate income of 6 figures…Now I would strongly doubt that Clicksure is a network for you to co-operate with.The overall quality of their products are crap , like this one I am reviewing right now.Remember the 50K Mission?…That is the quality we are talking about.


Constructing Your Affiliate Link – Clicksure

Justin without any hesitation suggests that we should promote any product inside the Clicksure network if we want our business to the TOP.I can guarantee that if you promote all the product of Clicksure you ensure a position for your website outside of the internet at all.May be you will reach some sales , but not on this planet.


MODULE 3 – Traffic – Time for leads and commissions


Chicken or the Egg – You need Traffic…At least we agree on something Justin.

3 options now , it’s getting interesting ..no  , just kidding.

First is free traffic

Second means some money but at the end of the day you will be rich.I got redirected to the 6figtraffic dot com.In other words the CPC broker dot com.Real time , quality based , CPC (cost per click) pricing that maximizes your overall ROI (return on investment)


Justin , another Up-Sell?…What is going on? , you are hungry.!!.Not what millionaire marketers would do.

Tasos , please , don’t spread the word on that.It is my sales funnel , OK?…I admit it…But I have children to feed , OK?..I would not do that , but I have to pay the bills and the house is not yet … my own property  , OK?  You know how hard they treat you in the banks today….Please , OK , I am not a millionaire , but you have to forgive me , and I will promise to change.

Hmm…I might think of that Justin , that’s my promise.


Swapping For Free – That one is funny…your attention please.Now that you bought some traffic and made a bunch of money (another Joke) , it’s time to Swap clicks with other marketers that have similar lists.Another clear Black-Hat method.Beyond that is a method to intrude more unknown people and interfere with their lives and money , selling a dream that does not exist.


Success is not coming to your door , you have to go out for it.


Another sales department of Justin , more affiliate commissions for him , less for the rest of us , now at the Safe Swaps website.Just by their page layout I can predict low quality at the best.Another useless marketing Rip-Off.


Mailing your list – I won’t even bother Justin.Enough







Final Opinion – Conclusion



The only thing that Justin did in one sentence is that…


He created a member’s area on his website , the 12 minute payday with no affiliate links  in the front page , in order to “Suck” you in the private room and Rip-You-Off with his numerous affiliated this time Up-Sells

…so I have to conclude he only cares for drying your pocket out , a worthless scam artist and a black hatter that thinks he tricks the engines.


He sell dreams and thin air , that is what he does , but he is good at that … So , in overall I think he is wasting his talent on useless promotions.Justin , I know you can recover.





If you are looking for a business model that works online , I strongly recommend you consider creating an affiliate website.


I hope you enjoyed another very negative review , but is the normal from now on , I guess.My secondary mail inbox just filled with 300 new mails , only for Friday and Saturday.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , as always.Have you any experience with that product or something similar?

Till my next review , your online partner on Web Market Support.


















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  1. Riaz Shah

    Hello Tasos,
    Another great review made by you, well done my friend. 12 minute payday has a very scammy name and you did a great job of exposing them.

    I really hate those programs which make you sit through their upsells just from one click, very unethical way of doing business. From that point alone, you can already know how much of a value they are going to provide.

    If they try so hard putting tricks to suck your money dry, then they are most definitely looking at your money rather than giving your great service.

    • Tasos

      A useless scam , nothing else , my dear Riaz.No service , no value , just promises.Unethical to the bone.

      Thank you so much my friend , you always support my threads.All my best.

  2. Tina

    Hi Tasos.

    This one definitely reeks of scam when the guy found an “easiest and quickest” way to make money online. I thought it was humorous when you stated that you wonder if our bank account will include any other number beside zeroes. Very witty!

    I think a legitimate marketer would not be bragging everything such as the fancy cars and high lifestyle.

    You brought up some good points such as when each time you tried to exit, you were offered a discount. It makes you wonder if you’re being ripped.

    Thanks for sharing and pointing out all the red flags.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Tina , too many red flags on this awful production.Your message covers all the important points to be considered before joining a suspicious offer.

      And yes , why a marketer has to brag and show up expensive cars and other luxuries?…Instead legitimate entrepreneurs analyse their program and do not display how much money they make out of it.Besides no one can guarantee that you will make money just because someone else did with the same product.

      Thank you for this visit and for your support.

  3. G.C.Horton

    I’ve never heard of 12 Minute Payday, but I think you nailed ’em. It’s sad that they prey on people who are the least able to afford to lose their money.

    I have to wonder if they are base outside of the United States. My guess is they are.

    You article does a great job of showing 12 Minute Payday for the SCAM it is. Good work. But, more than warning us about them, I appreciate how to show that an honest to goodness business would never make the claims these clowns do.

    I can’t wait until you Free 3 Day Course is available. As Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Gary , your message was very entertaining , I smiled all around , especially when you called them clowns.But that is the bitter reality.Any legitimate entrepreneur definitely is not Hard Selling from the moment you arrive on a website.Let’s hope that only people who can easily afford to lose their money fall for these worthless criminals.But even for them is just ain’t right.

      Will I be able to finally finish that project?..This one is moving real slow , may be I have to change the banner , it should be saying .. “Coming Late”

      Thank you for another visit and for your support , your comment will help more people out understand what is going on online.

  4. Shawn

    Reading your review just made me see RED.
    I get so tired of these a-holes taking hard working peoples money and giving them nothing in return.
    Thanks for the heads up on this one, you are a very kind person. I would have rated them a -5 tops.
    You are spot on, anytime you see a reduction in the cost that dramatically that should be all you need to go no further.
    Keep helping the innocent 🙂


    • Tasos

      Hello Shawn , indeed Red alerts all around.You described the whole situation in your message , these lazy scams give nothing in return , they only want to take and take and take.They are greedy , but the people finally will wake up and resist.

      Definitely ,the cost reduction is a method that should keep everyone away from a product.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your point of view , your participation will drive more people into the right direction.


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