You're Reading:Does Freebie Money Printer Work? – The Question Is For Who

Does Freebie Money Printer Work? – The Question Is For Who

by Tasos


Sep 10, 2015



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Scott Agee , co founder of this website clearly stated that this opportunity is absolutely free , no costs involved whatsoever.In order to be transparent enough he repeated it 20-30 times in his 2 first introductory videos.I signed up and I was ready to watch another video that explains their system.This part of the training is called “Getting Qualified”.The #2 is “System Completion” , #3 is “Optional team co-op” , #4 is “Optional Team and income bonus” , #5 is “Training Signup”.



Another Review Today On A Shining Product , But Does This “Freebie Money Printer” Work?..It Does , But For Who?


I am all ears to discover this awesome online product as Scott enters the video scene.He sounds solid and sure … says that they co-operate with Fortune 500 companies.They provide these companies with leads.They try to redirect people into buying products and services from these organisations , according to the exact words of Scott “Something like that”Immediately a siren rings in my mind…They do that by marketing online , but they will teach us how to do that later.In order to get it done they work with BigKabang…what a name is that?…oh my …please no more scams .. please.

Scott’s Tips & Tricks For Fooling The BigKabang Website


He says that we have to try the offers for a limited time and then we should cancel just before we get credited (credited for what?)…I thought that this was a totally free method in generating revenue online.

Let’s see what is going on with this BigKabang site.The process seems quite simple : Sign up – Complete Offers , Refer Friends , Get Rewards.I am disappointed to find out that the offers are only available to United States and Canada…..It took me 5 seconds to decide…I am putting a fake USA address then , in New York.


I filled my New York address just to check this system.Another weird notice came up , it says to unblock the pop-up windows.Though I am very concerned of how legitimate this website is just from their design I allowed pop-ups for this site temporarily in my browser.




Important Guidelines Inside BigKabang


The purpose of this website is to give the members the incentive to try the offers of the advertisers.Any immediate or fast cancellations are considered as a FRAUD , it will result in revoked credits.You should try the offers for at least 75% – 95% of the trial periods.There were 63 offers waiting for me.I would not say that these offers are coming form Fortune 500 companies…Oh …wait a minute ,.. I can see something that looks like the famous Walmart.

Freester – Walmart $1 offer.

Please confirm you wish to continue.Try the $1 offer and receive 16 days of membership.I am allowed to complete only one offer with Walmart.No gifts or prepaid cards allowed….Oh…that FREE….There is another offer to get $25 from Walmart but it is not working.I clicked with no results.I clicked to continue but the offer was gone.What a waste of time.New offers came up though.Let’s see.

Lose Weight Fast – I Need To Lose 2 Pounds , Why Not?

The page is not available.The time is passing anyway….Reload…Nothing…What a system is that?…Let’s try another offer from the first panel.Again , another frozen page.The next offer though was hiding a surprise for me…

Threat Has Been Detected





If you use Avast security on your computer you know how this voice sounds like.A polite woman informing us of a virus threat.That is why they wanted me to cancel the pop-up rejection settings.One more click and I am done, I won’t waste my whole day on this suspicious website.

Black Friday – Outrageous Auction Calls

Does this sound like a Fortune 500 Company?…I doubt it.But I will try , I hope Avast is ready to jump in any case of a hack attempt.At least I gave fake personal data.I would not jeopardise my own personal data for a website like this one.Another window that is not opening , Avast is showing its real power now.That website is full of threats , annoying pop-ups and weird buttons.I don’t want to continue but I will give it another last try , just in case.

Derby Jackpot – Another Fortune 500 Organisation



I clicked and it redirected me to a new page full of other offers instead.What a mess is that?…This is a Freebie Money Printer system?…Oh , come on…Give me a break.

I clicked on the Travel Hotspots offer , Double threat from Avast…What a system , I am amazed.Imagine if I had given my personal data to this FRAUD.

Despite the fact I got rejected from all the offers I got a referral ID in the status page of this BigKabang website , as Scott said I would need it in order to continue with his FREE training.Let’s see , I am copying my URL.I typed the number 60937 in the little tab , Scott’s number was 444.Let’s see what’s next.




Their system is a mess.I managed to get in without even getting an offer approval.I have the chance to move on with the second video of Scott inside the Freebie money (or Monkey?) Printer..I fooled their system with fake address , name and no credit card details..May be I was lucky.And may be you won’t be so lucky and you have to give your credit card details.And what will happen if you miss to cancel an offer on time?..You guessed right , You will be C H A R G E D..

BIG Congratulations Scott Says – What A Guy


I have an autoresponder in place and many lead capture pages , all of that for free , because I managed to get qualified from this Joke website.Yeah , I know Scott , I worked really hard to accomplish that.I deserve it.

Can You Make Money With This System? – How It Works


The team of FMP created a few awesome marketing tools.The lead capture pages are a just sales letters.You supposed to send a page like the one you can see in my screenshot to unknown people in order to “Fish” them to click.The problem is ..how many out of them actually will click on an advertisement that says .. “Sky Moguls – The sky is the limit…You want to work Full or Part time?..enter your name and your best mail address.When you are available to start?”…and that’s it.No information of what this system is.So , I am going to ask you , would you give your email address to someone sending such a message?…




More Marketing Material


Every capture page is different.For example , I opened another one that had a short 2 minutes video of Scott talking , telling the same old story we all have heard before.How he was struggling to make money , and how he eventually discovered a secret formula to become rich , and guess what…Now he wants to share this secret with the rest of the world.

The next capture page included the first introductory video I watched when I entered their website for the first time.Another marketing garbage,So these are the marketing tools that Scott has created and this is how we are supposed to convince other people to join.Your only job is to send people to Scott’s website in order to trap more people in doing the same to the next victims.

Outdated and Non Working Marketing Methods Of The Past


Really , would you trust such a sales page in order to sign up and do the same?…I am not predicting much success with these tools.The rest of the capture pages are short videos like the previous , no real value on them.On one of those videos showing up a man presenting himself as the partner of Scott , co-founder of this online opportunity ,his name is Stefan Dessalines.



They even created some banners of low design quality of course to support their genius system.These banners are ready to be published , including the HTML code in place.They did some work , I can admit.But the problem is that this thing is not working , at least not in this modern internet era.

But I Don’t Have An Email List – Who Am I Gonna Target With These Offers? – Don’t Worry – Level 3 – Co-Op


This level is optional , it is designed specifically for those that are new to online marketing.If you decide to take this offer then they will be sending traffic to your URLs , everything done for you.But…you have to reach your wallet.Sorry , it is not a Freebie at this stage.And who is going to guarantee that they will be sending traffic to my pages?…Well.No one.Let’s see how much does this cost.

  • Option 1 – $20 per week for 5 clicks per day.
  • Option 2 – $40 per week for 7-9 clicks per day
  • Option 3 – $80 per week for 20+ clicks per day.

A fully automated system to… rip you off.Yes , RIP you OFF


Oh come on , I will pay let’s say $20 to get 7 X 5 clicks = 35 clicks.I would predict only 1 to 35 people convert , disaster.But I doubt anyone redirected to this Virus Threat BigKabang Joke website will buy.Would you buy in a website full of virus or trojans?

Not even a paypal option, Scott is asking for your credit card details.I would not suggest to proceed no matter what.Big careful here though because one of their Co-Op offers has to do with Pure Leverage (an MLM company full of online complaints from people who used it)

Level 4 – Optional – But It Converts Like Magic


Scott announces his big success with this tool.Multiple 6 figures payments.Daily.Let’s see , what is he is talking about.




Automatic Lead Tools – Demonstration By Scott


This website offers some tools to automate your business efforts.Scott showed up some examples.The tool can search inside search engines like Google or Bing or even Craiglist for specific keywords.He typed in the search bar the term “Herbalife” a well known network marketing company with an MLM structure.The tool by magic gave him 3000+ email addresses and phone numbers that belong to members of Herbalife.So then he can use these data to send them his offers.

I wonder how legal is that procedure.No , I know this is against their policy.And one thing is for sure.These emails you will be sending will definitely land on the spam or junk folders of their recipients.Me , personally , I never open spam mails from unknown addresses.How about you?…Will you open them?



Another method according to Scott is to record podcasts mentioning the tremendous offer of his website and call these people to their phone numbers.That is another joke , right?

He even created a series of webinars ready to be sent to these people that you gonna track with this software.I do not recommend doing it.

Level 5 and Last One – Training Sign Up


A weekly training system of unknown content , it costs $19,95 per month and you get 4 trainings for it.It is up to you to decide if you have not yet make up your mind of what this system is about.I would never recommend you to proceed.

But I signed up in order to show you what material is there.I get redirected to another website this time , called the Supreme University of the Supreme Team Marketing Group.I was expecting , as Scott claimed , tons of useful training courses but instead I found empty of content tabs and videos that had been discontinued from YouTube due to suspension of accounts.There was an intro video of a new person ,who said that this was their secret system to learn everything about online marketing but at one point he made a very funny proposal




He said “This is your website from now on , you are part of our team and I suggest that if you visit YouTube or any other website and you find anything useful that you want to share with us please do that so we can update our database with this material.”


So … that secret marketing university is a work in progress.If you want you can participate with your knowledge and help them out.Never heard of such a technique before.Very innovative.




There are tabs about Article marketing , blogging , email marketing , video marketing , social media and other resources but… they are empty of any content at all.This is the free training of Mr Scott and his team.

Well , enough is enough , I am pretty tired of all this.Let’s finish that.

Final Opinion – Conclusion – Is Freebie Money Printer A Scam?


I will surprise you , but it is NOT a scam.Actually you can even make some money using this system , without even purchasing the paid tools , although these tools are presented as the Once In A Life-Time Chance….Additionally Scott Agee is clarifying how this system works and what to expect , if I ignore the part he is making outrageous claims of huge numbers….


But will you be proud of commenting this system to others?…Put yourself in the shoes of these people that you will be announcing this offer.What would they say about you when they visit this BigKabang trojan site?…Or this empty of content Supreme University?…This is the reputation you want to build with people as a marketer or entrepreneur?…It’s up to you to decide.You want to provide valuable offers or something like that?


That’s it.I hope you enjoyed another review on Web Market Support.I want to welcome you to leave your comment below.Have you any experience with this system?…Let me know


P.S NOTICE : Their privacy policy, terms of use and the disclaimer page are redirecting to 404 (this page does not exist)





Is There Any Online Opportunity For Serious Business?


Definitely , that is why I am here , I am proud to recommend you one of the greatest marketing training portals that exist.If you are looking for a decent and ethical way to market products and services from other companies , while providing value and useful content through blogging and by building a website of your own it can be done.It is not an easy task , you need the training and it requires hard work.If you are ready to commit you can continue here.


Till the next review , your online partner
















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  1. G.C.Horton

    Yet another flaky make money online site. I hurt my head just reading about how complex it was to make money. And the big money claims are ridiculous. You made a terrific point at the end when you asked if this is something you would be proud of?

    I wish people would just realize that to make real money online, you have to create value. That means building a real business based on integrity. I didn’t see any integrity in Freebie Money Printer.

    Your top products are dead on.

    • Tasos

      Absolutely Gary , no integrity by the producers of this program.They just looking for people to promote their services and nothing more.They will make everything on their power to make it happen.Complex , risky and unethical.

      We move on forward … thank you for your support , all my best.

  2. Matt

    Hi Tasos,

    Thanks for the review on this type of opportunity. I’ve seen these types before but never got as far into all the ‘free’ stuff as you did. I have a couple questions. Have you ever reviewed any other opportunity that didn’t have content in their training section? That part actually made me chuckle when I read it. My second question is have you ever heard a personal success story from anyone who’s tried this type of online money making technique?

    • Tasos

      Hello Matt , I really can’t remember a similar program , empty of training content like this one.Of course I have reviewed other crap products that there was no training at all.But when someone mentions the word “Training” you expect to get trained somewhat.And definitely you are not expecting from them to ask you to share content that you find on the web.This is not a serious training section.

      Of course you can make money with this type of business , but the question is , would you feel proud?…This is what you are about to deliver to your audience?…Just for a few bucks?…Because even if you manage to make some sales the people that bought from you might not be able to do the same.Then you will lose their trust and you risk a lot more.

      No , I never heard a trustworthy success story coming from this type of business.All the people involved in that are quick money seekers.Of course I have heard , a thousand times , stories of becoming a millionaire even overnight , but these stories just slip out of my mind.

      Thank you for the visit and for participating with your thoughts and questions.

  3. Edy

    Hi Tasos!
    Although Freebie Money Printer is not a scam,the program seems to be deceitful especially to beginners. They usually manipulate innocents to get traffic for their own good. If we look at the Level 3 Co Op, the average cost per click is around 50 cents. Some more, those clicks are not guaranteed high quality ones. I would rather spend my money on BingAds and get cheaper bid to accumulate visitors to my offer. Anyway, you have provided great & in-depth review here.

    • Tasos

      Good points Edy , why should I trust someone that teaches how to “Trick” and “Fool”.I don’t need such a partner.He is teaching how to fool Craiglist , I say he will do that to me too if he has the chance.

      Besides the very expensive clicks as you perfectly “caught them” , I further say , who guarantees that these clicks are not their own clicks?….How could I let someone charge me for something he has total control over and I can’t interfere?…Who tells me these clicks are coming from potential customers?

      Thank you once again for your excellent participation and observations.


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