You're Reading:A Kickstarter Millionaire Called Jim Graham Generates a Lot of Questions

A Kickstarter Millionaire Called Jim Graham Generates a Lot of Questions

by Tasos


Oct 8, 2015


I’m filming the last part. The finish line (Feb 02). New office setup (April).


A sophisticated 7D strategy that works both for hiring affiliates and becoming an affiliate for other brands.

My approach takes a new angle, it requires 2 critical steps before any initial action.

For hiring affiliates, we will use a never-seen type of contract that might even shock some people, and for becoming affiliates for other brands, we will demand a certain type of guarantee and a new – revolutionary way of tracking and invoicing.

Plus, much much more.

Something had to be done, as the industry is falling down.

Stay tuned!

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— There is an Important Update at the end of this Page —



I visited this “Crazy” website called Kickstarter Millionaire where there is a short 1-minute video introduction that can’t be played until the end, no luck. I could hardly watch 50 seconds with many pauses, freezes and wasted more than 15 minutes. Jim is at a beautiful beach in Thailand and he is preparing a super product to shake the whole planet. A product that is designed to generate 8 figures for its owners.

OK, I moved forward to see what this product is all about.




Jim Graham  – Kickstarter Millionaire Review




All the secrets, strategies and hacks we are using to launch the marketing product of the decade


What if you could be part of the team that is responsible for an upcoming 8 figure launch?…What if you could be an affiliate of this great opportunity earning $100K in 24 hours and watch over our shoulders what we do and how we do that?


Maybe you are new to the online marketing world or you have invested thousands of dollars on websites, domains, hardware, coaching and consulting … with no luck.Or you are one of those who invested their precious time studying emails, opt-ins, sales pages, membership sites and still your bank account is not growing.


Jim Knows that Feeling First Hand


He personally invested over $250K in coaching products, consulting and services…Why did he invest so much money?…I bet he was already a millionaire.But why a millionaire is spending so much money the minute he is rich?…Still does not make any sense to me…His first sale was 17 cents on Amazon.That was a proof that what he was doing was working just perfect.






The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make “BIG” Money Online in NOT to Go Alone



Do it with the true experts and masters.His team has over 75 years of combined experience and over 100 years of combined business knowledge and is in place to launch this massive 8-figure launch.

The Board

  • Mr. B – email master – earns $100K per month as an affiliate using targeted traffic.
  • Mr. C – copywriting master – tens of thousands of hits per day to any website.
  • Mr. V – international master – top Russian marketer
  • Mrs. K – facebook ads master
  • Mr. K – code master – multi-platform product engineer
  • Mrs. T – affiliate master
  • Mr. R – payment processing master – consultant, debits, credits
  • Mr. G – social media visionary – consultant to Fortune 100 companies.


A team of Masters, is there any room for newbies or simple humans?




Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions





What if You Had at Your Fingertips?


  • The “Black Book” of top affiliates.
  • The complete blueprint to launch 6-7-8 figures.
  • Behind the curtain tips
  • Proprietary systems to be a #1 affiliate
  • Detailed check-lists to avoid mistakes
  • Proven email swipes to convert any targeted list into buyers


Jim, you are giving too much information for FREE already is there anything you are selling?



What Else You Get


  • 50% commission and resale rights to Kickstarter Millionaire earning over $700 per sale.
  • Private Facebook group
  • Exclusive ongoing webinars
  • Graphics for social media to promote our products
  • VIP club discounts to lives and events and for any future offerings.


To Understand how Valuable the Kickstarter Millionaire Is Consider This


If you could make $100K with just one product online in the next 60 days, you would invest $ 10K, right?. But we are not charging that much money, no, we are not even charging the half.For just $1497 you can walk in our shoesI don’t want to walk in your stinky shoes, Mr. Jim, I want to see what this product is about.

But you will be a part of our team, you will grant access to all the tools, strategies and confidence to create and launch your own multi-million dollar product.

Just like that, by Magic?


He continues .. launching a new product (crowdfunded or otherwise) requires a highly detailed and proven system.Most entrepreneurs struggle with the 5000 tasks they have to do every day and miss on the Big Dream.


Watching, Copying and Participating in this 8-Figure Launch has never been done Online


Tasos, I am not here to tell how to grow your business 10X. This number is too small for me.I am here to show you the way to 100X or even more, to 1000X…Jim, you are a multiplier. Genius system, but how it works?…Simply pay me $1497 and watch me laugh.

Wait, there’s so much more

For the action takers, we included a special bonus.You can make money before it even starts. All the members get resale rights, 50%.After the initial investment, if you can make 2 qualified referral sales, you break even. You make one more sale, your flight to Bangkok is most likely covered.


So, there are the costs for the trip as well.Give me your address in Bangkok, Jim.And rip me off, take my money, I can’t wait for this secret product to be launched.



Few Other Juicy Goodies you will Get after you Pay


  • Participation in the launch of an Entrepreneur’s Global TV Network.. this businessman does not have a name?
  • 100 million potential global viewers
  • Professional TV presenters showcase you and your product
  • Live broadcast for authentic urgency
  • VIP access to the mastermind event in January 2016 … ahhh . these masterminds, I can recall many of them during my MLM endeavors.
  • Access to the team via Skype and FB, now I am secured.


How It Works


  1. Click the buy now button
  2. Watch the videos in the member’s area
  3. Clear your calendar
  4. Prepare yourself for the next and best stage of your life


I thought you were about to talk about how this system works, Jim…Tasos, do I look like a fool?…Pay first and then we can talk…Ok ok Jim, I will pay you with a review rating, what you say about a close to Zero or even a negative number?



More Important Details


The price of this Product (What product is that actually?) is $1497 until October 31, 2015.The price goes to $2997 on November 1st and you still get 100% commissions on the new price forever.

You have access to all the tools and knowledge we use plus the Jim Graham’s best selling book – The Ultimate Crowdfunding Blueprint (another blueprint?)


The Proofs


Video testimonials and fancy photographs in the style of MOBE and Matt Lloyd, thousand dollar checks in oversized papers.And that’s it.The cycle ends


Online Research through the Images


I was very curious to find out more information on this person, Jim Graham. That man’s image appears on numerous sites online.I wonder…Laptop Lifestyle Live, google plus trojan dot com?…Business Formulas Masterclass. Obviously, he is a “Master” in webinars and high exclusive overpriced seminars.


I registered for one of them and wait to be launched.I will UPDATE this thread with new information when available…But I am not predicting super quality.I expect another boast on how successful he is and the rest.Let’s see.


The Facebook page is a blatant promotion of his webinars and his team. Furthermore, I discovered a very funny message from a female presented as Ani, a message full of hashtags, a clear example of full art spamming even inside Facebook. Members, who pin onto Graham’s wall?


Another partner (In crime?) of Jim’s is another social media mentor called Allison Shreeve. Apparently, they have spread over the internet multiple domains all pointing to these fancy webinars.Different names, the same product…You can’t escape that easily.


A Present – A Free PDF Guide – 8-Figure Product Launch Checklist


  1. Find a product in demand on Amazon or Ebay
  2. Set a competitive price
  3. Research Competition
  4. Sales components – Give away, Up-Sell, Down-Sell
  5. Formal funnel (tools)
  6. Hosting
  7. Auto-responder emails
  8. Domain
  9. Website
  10. FB pages
  11. FB groups
  12. FB events
  13. FB ads
  14. You-Tube Channel
  15. G+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, other places blah blah blah

This is how the 8-Figures are achieved?…Oh my








Final Opinion – Conclusion


I am supposed to pay $1497 for a completely unknown product that is going to be launched in the near future.There is not even a date announced.The only thing announced is that the price will rise dramatically.I will have to cover my trip and flight costs to Bangkok and watch this super seminar that will change my life forever.

Will you do that?…Are you ready to make Mr. Jim richer?

I still can’t understand why he spent over $250K to learn about online marketing secrets the minute he was already a millionaire.

What Graham is revealing can be found online for free, in fact, he is not revealing anything until you pay. A garbage product.

What you think?…another worthless scam or what?



Thank you for your trust, I promise to return with more reviews soon. Till next time, I am welcoming your comments and thoughts, here on Web Market Support. Stay tuned




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04 December 2015


Yesterday, on the 3rd of December I attended a webinar held by the team of Jim Graham.The presentation organized by Ken Krell, a member of Kickstarter Millionaire.

A few weeks ago I had been contacted by Karen … here, on this page, within the comments section.Karen is involved in this team and she explained to me that my conclusion about Jim Graham was wrong.


When I published that review, on October 8, I had no choice but to call this program a scam.They were asking for a lot of money in order to let me participate in a seminar in Thailand. On top of that, I had to cover the expenses of the travel.

With no information on their brand new landing page of what is all about and without offering any value whatsoever, they were trying to opt-in people in that seminar list.


Now, when someone is not offering value, his only information is one page of claims and blah blah blah, and he is asking for thousands of dollars, to me, it is a scam attempt.


Back to my conversation with Karen

she informed me that there was a live webinar arranged for the near future, and she asked kindly to re-evaluate the situation.Of course, I agreed and I signed up for this webinar.


In the meantime 

Just a few days after my discussion with Karen, I had been approached by Kerrie Mercel , she left a comment on that page too.She was informing me that she had been scammed by Jim Graham, and she was leaving a link to her website, a website devoted only to this particular co-operation.

According to Kerrie, she lost $13K for a “done for you” marketing funnel and system.At that time Jim Graham’s product was under the name “Business Formulas”.And that is very suspicious, why Jim changed the product name?…The Kickstarter Millionaire website was brand new.

I visited her website and watched some videos she had uploaded to YouTube but I promised to myself to attend the webinar as well before jumping to conclusions.


The Webinar

Now it is time to give you information on the webinar.

The presentation began right on time, and Ken was speaking with passion, that first signs were very positive.

5 minutes later he made the first mistake.He wanted to prove how valuable is this product so he pointed out to some photographs of Jim with others, smiling, holding extra-sized checks, thousands of dollars.

This is not a method that can convince me of the value of a product.And definitely, it is not a method for experienced marketers or legitimate entrepreneurs. But that was just a bit of a whole pie.


The only valuable moments were when Ken shared a list of 7 Elements of Success


  1. In-demand product
  2. Competitive Pricing
  3. Know your competition
  4. Proper sales components
  5. Right platform for your buyers
  6. Digital assets (hosting, social media, website, emails)
  7. Traffic and Media

I thought that Ken was going to explain the whole process but to my surprise, the webinar took a mysterious turn at that point.


Ken forgot all about that list and he started talking about the Kickstarter Website.As some of you may know, Kickstarter is a website where innovators and other people with ideas try to raise funds for their products.


He just surfed through the Kickstarter website and showed to his audience that some of the products were raising millions.Of course, I agree, some products worth even more than that.Most of them were tech gadgets or other smart modern solutions.

Then he took a tour in the Alibaba website, the famous marketplace for companies and manufacturers from Asia, mostly.

Then he returned to Kickstarter official website and then suddenly he asks…


..”What if you could work with us one on one? …. “It takes a team to succeed”… “We will do the heavy lifting for you” .. and other well-known marketing scam tactics.

With no other value whatsoever, and without explaining anything about the whole procedure on Kickstarter he tries to make money.

And we are talking about thousands of dollars.


Are you willing to pay someone thousands of dollars, just because he surfed 2 websites live on the web?


Of course, he makes it look fancy … normally you would have to pay $20K or here is the deal, pay $297 now and we can arrange 9 more payments of $297.And blah blah blah.


In order for you to understand how “Real” companies work and what they are offering I am giving you this


Example of Legitimate Companies


There are marketers, brands, and companies that hold webinars, just like Jim Graham and Ken Krell did.

But they are offering value throughout the presentation, sharing useful tips on how to use their products or how to improve our businesses and then, only at the end of the event they might make a deal (not always – it is very important).

Sometimes they sell products that could range from $50 per year or a software solution that costs $100 or they won’t try to sell anything at all.

I attended hundreds of webinars just to find value and advice. Companies that just want to interact with their audience and clients.

But I never attended a webinar with ZERO Value asking for thousands of dollars without explaining anything.



Looking for Ways to Start an Online Business? Here’s a List of the Best Solutions



Final Opinion – Conclusion


Enough with Jim Graham, I hope one day he will change his mind and become a fellow human being to help others and stop trying to steal from them.

Stay Away (Just to be sure) … Done, case closed.

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  1. Sue

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has been a member of Marketing Mensa with Jim Graham and how was their experience.

    • Tasos

      Hi Sue, a new program from Jim Graham? Interesting, let’s see if anyone responds!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Kerrie Mercel

    Could you please delete the above comments I have made, thanks.

    • Tasos

      As you wish.!

  3. Kerrie Mercel

    Hi Tasos, would you mind taking my posts down. My dispute between Allison Shreeve, Jim Graham, Emily Ruyle, and their businesses have been satisfactorily resolved. There will be no further updates shared or posted concerning these matters by me. Please do not contact me about them or their products and services. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.

    Thanks heaps

    • Tasos

      Hello Kerrie, I believe this is great news for you and thank you for letting me know with this update. You’ve been through much. I am glad there was a common solution.

      Don’t you think that the people visiting this page should know the whole story without any part missing?..you did the “Right” thing.

      Wishes for health and happiness.!!

  4. Dennis

    Hi Tasos

    Have just been reading through all the posts and comments re: Jim R Graham, Kickstarter Millionaire, the crowdfunding projected launched back in September 2015. This is my report on KSM.

    The KSM report.
    So what’s this all about? the KSM Report or (Kickstarter Millionaire) report, tells the story of what seemed at the time a really great idea and if the truth be known it could have been one of the best programs that was ever conceived, if only Honesty, Integrity, Openness & Truth had prevailed throughout the project.

    So let’s go back to September 2015 when, what can only now be described as a very sorry saga, a tale of more than a 100+ people that were drawn to and excited about a brand new project. It was called Kickstarter Millionaire, an idea conceived by internet marketer Jim Graham, who reportedly had assembled a group of experts in the internet marketing field.

    It was revealed that a team of experts had gathered in a so called war room in Thailand, happy to share their knowledge with other would be Crowd funders for a membership fee of US $1497. In the early stages of KSM people flocked into this very unique, never done before program, with high hopes of a bright future.

    As momentum gathered and webinars continued drawing people from across the globe, people joined this program in droves. Eventually a total of 17 groups were formed as it soon became obvious that the popularity of this idea had really caught the heart and imagination of many, many people.

    All up, 120 + people joined KSM and we all worked away happily promoting and researching product ideas, which ranged from karaoke, to police support, reality tv, and all manner of things which apparently just kept on rolling out of the wood work. Some of the ideas really seemed to have enormous appeal and potential, but alas…?

    Then in November 2015 The kickstarter Millionaire Academy was announced, and the training needed to be put together. So a volunteer was sourced, and it was put together in record time and ready for presentation at a weeklong session on the Gold Coast, the cost of which approaches $10000.
    During the academy we were told that one of our projects was ready for launching, and was expected to be live before the end of the following week. Alas it doesn’t happen and various excuses were made for weeks afterwards. In the end no real answers were provided.
    Then just before Christmas 2015 a very exciting, totally unexpected bonus project was announced that had reportedly been worked on for the last 3½ years. A brand new, very exciting APP was announced, called Bexsi and all KSM members were to be founders of this APP.

    The problem is that there was an insult thrown in for free along the way… So what’s this insult then? Might well you ask! It is learnt that this most exciting of all APPs has been introduced at this time to shut people up, and stop all the disgruntled people from whinging about progress of our various Crowdfunding campaigns. Again another sucker dedicates his time to working on this amazing new APP – once again no forth coming reward.

    Do you see something developing here? And we’re only a few months into this amazing Crowdfunding project, which we’re all so blindly supporting, and with such blind faith that you’d think God had returned and was wrapped up in the linings of this project.

    2016 begins and our hopes are running high and yet there are subtle questions being raised, but constantly IGNORED. The members are blindly going forward with such faith that nothing can get in the road of our future success with this amazing KSM Crowdfunding program. As the year moves into weeks then months, several projects have been absolute failures!

    But still we carry on blindly supporting and ignoring those little questions that are being raised by some that perhaps have their eyes a little more open than most. Outbursts on Skype and FB groups are ignored and never answered because nobody wants to upset the apple cart and get thrown out of the group/s.

    The fear of being removed from your group reigns supreme, so nobody says anything that could result in being removed. The reward for being a dedicated supporter of KSM and not offending or asking questions is too great.

    The result is that more and more promises are made and never honoured. The BS that is spun is so subtle that you’d have to be blind Freddy not to see it. But that’s what we all are – blind Freddy, believing that something good will happen and very shortly. In the mean time people are suffering, losing houses, spending months in a tent, being kicked out of a rental property and virtually thrown out on the street because they can’t afford to pay the rent.

    What FOR? Because there is still the belief that everything will work out. Projects continue to fail miserably and yet nobody asks what’s going on. Why are these Crowdfunding campaigns failing so miserably? WHY?

    That is until November 2016, when finally the point is reached where the last Crowdfunding exercise is being conducted (Crooked Deck) and it is sitting at about 5% funded and only some $600 odd has been raised. Questions are being asked about the success of this project, but still it is extended for a few more weeks. What for? To prolong the agony of yet another failed project?.

    Was any research done at all to determine the viability of this Crooked Deck project? The only thing right about this project was the name – CROOKED DECK! It was such a good idea based on the success of another card game named “Exploding Kittens”. Such was the fascination with the success of this game that we just had to have our own highly successful card game failure called Crooked Deck.
    The only success in KSM has been the successful Crowdfunding that Jim Graham, Doug Crowe & Eleni Raoukka have achieved by scamming and conning every single person that put money into this so called Crowdfunding project.

    For weeks & weeks there have been no posts in the groups. Nothing has been heard from Jim, Doug or Eleni for weeks and when the author did make comment, the accusation was made that because he has spoke publically, without authorisation, he is liable for US $20000+ in refund claims for speaking out of school.

    My question is this – is it right to speak out? After being so dedicated and blindly supporting and making excuses for the failures, one finally wakes up and realises that we have all been conned. One gets to the point of no longer being able to ignore the obvious. Everything is so obviously wrong.

    Now that the author has spoken out about this, let everyone that has been involved with the massive failure that is KSM speak out openly about this scam and let others know to be wary of these people, lest others get caught up in a similar con.
    Companies to be wary of are Fundmemedia, Wealth Day Ltd., Business Formulas LLC, Online Business Consulting LLC, Xpressim LLC. Wealth Blueprint Institute.

    In the closing chapter a “Refund” was requested only to be meet with the response that the “Refund” will be available upon signing a Non-Disclosure form. Now this non-disclosure form required that no further contact or public outbursts be made about KSM nor any contact with KSM members be adhered to for the next 100 years.

    Now in the authors opinion there are several things wrong with this. No 1: the amount offered as a refund was US $ 393 short of the requested refund. No 2: Signing of this non-disclosure agreement would mean that all others associated with KSM would no longer be able to be contacted and this would result in many others getting burned. So there has been no signing nor will there be any signing of an agreement designed wholly and solely to shut the author up, so that the parties involved can continue to scam & con people out of their hard earned cash.

    The question here is ‘what’s the right thing to do?’ When we all joined KSM of our own free will, we were all promised many things including the likes of a black book which contained a supposed list of joint venture partners. We were told there was a list of some 3 million + emails that would be utilised in our campaigns, and the list of benefits we all had available to us was almost endless.

    So now the question needs to be asked – where did this blind faith in what had the appearance of a wonderful project using Crowdfunding as the medium, get any of us? Put simply it DID NOT GET ANY OF US ANYWHERE, except adding much pain along the way. Now many of us who gladly joined are worse off today than we were 15 months ago.

    The list of FAILED PROJECTS is as follows:

    Misty & Kristy

    Angel Shields

    Pitch It Real Good (PIRG) Karaoke


    Crooked Deck

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Dennis.

      Now I can see clearly the methods of Jim Graham and partners in crime. The Bexsi App was a fiasko to prevent unsatisfied KSM members from complaining.!!…And the way its Facebook group was maintained was absolutely wrong. What is the point of a group if we can not make complaints?..The owners have to deal with it.

      I have been a member of many FB groups as an affiliate promoting products and all opinions were welcomed…but in every case all products were legit and the owners well known entrepreneurs.

      But what makes me even more sceptical is how all of you that paid out money to Jim will get a refund. Graham seems to be taken every detail under control and the non disclosure agreement is a proof of that.

      I have spoken to many other people conned by Graham and I know that one of them, who left a comment on that post, is thinking to persuade others in order to make a team lawsuit.

      I believe that you should talk with the FTC and then with the co-operation of other former KSM members to proceed with the lawsuit. All together you can bring in results. 120+ people is hard to be ignored and Jim has to pay back.

      Thank you for this detailed explanation, you shed light in that dark scammy labyrinth of Graham. Moreover I bold the text where you refer to the failed projects of KSM and the other scams of Graham and his team.

      Do not leave Jim go away. Besides it is money stolen from you with fake promises. If you have any news I would like to know…

      My best wishes and a happy new year.

      • Nadine


        I got scammed by this person also and I am a single mum. He is a disgusting human being and his ex wife is even worse. You buy courses and she refuses to deliver and you get nothing. You also need to investigate his partner in crime Ken Krell. He ripped off many people on land deals in the US, then fleed to Thailand. He ripped people off with Jim Graham and he took $500 from me 4 years ago to build a website and I am still waiting.

        • Tasos

          Welcome, Nadine.

          I’m sorry for finding out you’ve been scammed by Jim and his partners. So, you pay for services in advance and Jim never delivers, unethical at least. Thanks for letting me know about Ken as well.

          I hope your testimonial will help people understand who Jim really is. Keep on moving forward, life will get your losses recovered, one way or another!

  5. Dave

    Hi Tasos,

    Thanks for your post. I am familiar with Jim Graham as I bought one of his programs some time ago.

    As a salesman I can say he is one of the best I’ve seen. Compared with other ‘gurus’ whom I’ve seen speak live (and I’ve seen quite a few) he is absolutely brilliant and has an amazing gift. He could sell s*x to a hooker – I’m not joking.

    I purchased one of his programs called Facebook Formulas which (surprise surprise – no longer exists, even though he said everyone who signed up to it would have lifetime coaching with him). He was extremely skilful at selling this program to many people in live seminars mainly in Australia a couple of years ago and since.

    The main target market of the seminars where he spoke were mature age retired or semi-retired types who are looking for an extra income to supplement their life. Unfortunately, most of them have trouble clicking a mouse and finding their way around windows let alone posting on or managing a Facebook page.

    But they are easy bait because they have money and are naive to the challenges of running an online business – so blindly believe everything he tells them. Inevitably, most who end up buying his and similar programs from these webinars or live seminars either forget what they bought within a month or two or don’t have the time to work on it properly so it ends up being easy money for nothing – just selling them a dream.

    People need to ask themselves this basic question – if a guru is selling you something that requires a large financial investment which will they say will make them a lot richer, why wouldn’t the guru just invest their own money (since they all boast having so much) and get other staff or freelancers who are at least have half a clue to do the work for them instead of having to pitch so hard to an often clueless and desperate customer base and divulge all their ‘guru secrets’ in the process.

    The second thing to take note of is, if you do purchase any type of program no matter how cheap or expensive, do it with your credit card and make sure the person has a legitimate company or business that you can look up (preferably in your country of residence) so that you can either dispute the transaction on your card as ‘services promised but not provided’ or take action through your government or local / state fair trading authority.

    Lastly, as with all things in online marketing, what most people don’t realise is how quickly things can change and become redundant. What worked really well a year or two ago may be completely useless today. That’s why if you follow someone you should follow those who are always ahead of the curve instead of teaching some outdated method.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Dave

      Another story with negative impact on Jim’s reputation.I start to believe that Jim is wasting his talent and put his career at risk.He could still make a fortune selling ethical business programs with all these skills you describe so well.Instead he is trying to fool people and that may be will return as a boomerang , one day.

      A soft teller , someone elderly people love , admire and are willing to invest in his misleading innovative ideas.

      I agree with your propositions at the end of your message.These gurus are giving the industry a bad name and this is why we have to be alerted.People should read reviews before they make any decision.At least for the products that require a lot of money.

      Thank you so much for this visit and for taking the time to testify your past experience with Jim.You are helping way more people to understand what is going on behind the scenes.It is all about money and people who are manipulating other people’s minds.

      Good luck to whatever you do , take care and thank you for the kind support..!!!

  6. Brian White


    Could you please contact me on the email provided. I have been scammed by Jim and have also spoken to several others who have been scammed $10,000 each in the past 6 months. His operation is starting to unravel now that time has passed and he’s unable to fulfil his promises. I’d like to share my experiences and see if you’re able to assist with a police report from experiences of others who have been scammed.

    • Tasos

      Hi Brian , I am sorry to know that.My fears came true with Jim Graham , as it seems.And you are not alone.

      But I can’t help you any further , if you only read this review before you bought…that would be the ideal solution.But do you want me to fill a report for the police?…But I am not scammed by Jim , I just posted a review , showing how this man works.I am only here to help people and guide them to the right direction as concerns online programs.

      I believe you should inform the police as soon as possible and with the help of others that scammed , the witnesses , to make a team report and lawsuit.

      I would be very glad if you let me know about your progress.Good luck , do not give up the case.

    • John


      I was invited to attend a seminar on how to make money in October 2015.
      The seminar was delivered by Allison Shreeve (who is Australian)
      Allison was in parternership with Jim Graham. Jim Graham is from the Ukraine and the US. He lives in Ukraine, the US, Thailand and Australia. He is currently living in Thailand. He has created a money laundering scheme, that he said he would assist us to create to launder money out of Australia into an overseas account.

      They trade under a number of names:
      1. The Business Formulas
      2. Fundmemedia
      3. Kickstarter Millionaire
      4. Plus others
      At the seminar Allison was onselling a number of packages to create lots of money via crowdfunding
      I bought two packages I am querying:
      1. Kickstarter Millionaire – US $997
      a. Promised they would create two projects and make millions on crowdfunding sites. They would then split all the funds between us in each group
      2. A Crowdfunding Academy course – The Academy was held over 5 days in QLD in November 2015
      a. The course was on how to be a crowdfunding consultant costing US $9997.
      b. By purchasing the Crowdfunding Academy course would include another 4 projects they would split between each of the groups when funds came in from the projects
      Even though we had just spent US$9997 to attend the Academy in November 2015, Allison tried to onsell her own products and did not provide the step by step outline of what we were expecting to learn at the course. After an argument at the Academy, Allison and Jim’s parternership declined and they’ve stopped working together.
      Jim is now working with another person Doug Crowe and they are still running webinars and trying to get other people to buy their scams. There a few hundred people he has scammed within Australia. They have probably paid from US997 to US$15,000
      Jim is very clever and has such a warm honest charm about him, that seems so realistic, and when someone queries when they’ll be receiving any funds, he keeps reassuring them the money will be forthcoming and it’s just taking a little longer. Strings people on so they can’t claim their money back. Jim Graham is a sweet talker , promises the world and lives off everyone’s money.

      If you hand your money over – don’t expect to get any money back.

      • Tasos

        I am not surprised John , that is exactly the type of business Jim Graham does with the people.Marketing services based on sweet and calm talking , someone that you may think as a friend.!!!

        But when it comes to money and he can’t give what he promised it’s time to move on a new land.

        Thank you so much for this information , your experience adds value to my thread.I kept only the first of your links , the one on LinkedIn , and deleted the 1st which can be found below in the comments and belongs to Kerrie Mercel (a victim of Jim) , and the 3rd link was not working , it redirects to a page with no content inside LinkedIn.

        Good luck with your projects John , I wish you peace and happiness.

        • Jo

          Jim Graham has ripped me off by $6,500. Not responding to any emails. Doesn’t care less. He’s still selling his packages. I’ve received noting back at all. All the projects he makes are failures.

          • Tasos

            Hello Jo , I am sorry to hear that but I was not expecting great news either as concerns Jim Graham and his services.

            Can you please be more specific about the way you paid Jim?..Have you tried to reach a lawyer to file a lawsuit?..Do NOT give up on these money.

  7. Julius

    All these scammers are so damn annoying! The funny part is that when I was younger I used to believe in their lies… But even I wouldn’t have paid that much for this!

    It looks like a typical scammer: brags about wealth and about how they used to fail but now succeeded because of this “crazy method”.

    Unfortunately scammers gets more and more professional with time. Some of them actually succeeds! But the problem probably is not the scam itself but with the gullibility of people. You should never pay until you try the product for free. Or at least have very clear understanding of what it is.

    Thanks for the great article and contribution in exposing these scammers!

    • Tasos

      Annoying , distracting , cunning and deceitful…But I believe that people have started to recognise their tactics and how to avoid them.

      It is time that people wake up and don’t spend $2K or $5K for products they know nothing about.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for adding your point of view to my thread.Good luck to whatever you do.All my best.

  8. John

    Thank you Tasos for providing this service. I had no idea that so many scams existed. After hearing about this Kickstart Millionaire program, it seems as though they keep their product so mysterious and vague that nobody can really understand what they are doing or talking about. They lure people in by images of luxury and wealth. Those are sure signs of a scam.
    Why would someone be interested in going to Thailand to learn about online marketing? This is the worldwide web. We can do everything by sitting here at home. The idea of big webinars and sessions where a lot of people pump you up into a state of excitement reminds me of the same scam that goes on in MLM.

    All the signs of a scam are here.
    The sales video.
    The promise of getting rich quick.
    The images of people enjoying a life of luxury.

    There is no get rich quick scheme that is going to work. The best plan is form relationships with real people and slowly build up trust by providing truly helpful content over a period of time. In this case, I don’t even understand what this guy with the program is trying to sell. The scheme sure sounds like a scam to me.

    • Tasos

      Welcome John , I could not agree more , this product is so mysterious , so vague as you explained that leaves you with hundreds of questions.And then when someone watches their webinar , before having to go in Thailand , still the questions remain.

      They just claim that they are experts on Kickstarter and that they can help anyone become a millionaire by following and paying their team.No word on what exactly they do whatsoever.

      No real advices , no real value , no noting.Only promises , signs of luxury and wealth.Well , these products belong to scams.

      And last but not least , there is no scheme that can drive someone to quick success.We all know well that there is no such thing , offline or online.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your experience and insights in this important subject.All my best.

  9. Kerrie Mercel

    [comment deleted by Tasos as requested by user]

    • Tasos

      Welcome back Kerrie , thank you for revisiting my blog and I really do hope the same.It is never too late for Jim to regret and start being a good entrepreneur and proceed with refunds.I wish you get your money back and I want to underline that what you did was a very brave move , this is what everyone should do in such cases.

      Good luck.

  10. Kerrie Mercel

    [comment deleted by Tasos as requested by user]

    • Tasos

      Welcome Kerrie , your message came right on time I guess.As you probably watched what happened during my last conversations with Karen , I had subscribed for one of Jim Graham’s webinar.

      To underline again here that this webinar was not in place when I was investigating their website.

      The date of the live webinar is set up for the 4 or 5 of December and I am looking forward to that.

      But your statement here comes as a hurricane.

      I am providing the link of your site right here.As I can clearly see you created a brand new website devoted only to uncover your deal with Jim and Allison.You say that you have been scammed and that almost 30 people got in the same trap.

      You also published videos in YouTube and I watched 2 of them.The one that you interrupted the seminar and another one.

      So , I guess that my first impression that Jim is generating a lot of questions , is true.

      I have to wait for the webinar in order to make my conclusion.

      You uncover on these videos that they promised you a ready made sales funnel but they did not deliver.Moreover their software crashed and they refused a refund.

      Thank you very much for this kind visit Kerrie and I do hope that a solution soon will be found for your problem.I wish that Jim will refund the money and everybody will go home in peace.

      We only live once , we do not deserve to get messed up in such situations.

      Good luck , I will let you know as I will be updating this post very s