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You're Reading:Is Dumb Little System “One” that Can Stuff your Inbox with $10-$90 Daily Commissions?

Is Dumb Little System “One” that Can Stuff your Inbox with $10-$90 Daily Commissions?

by Tasos


Nov 2, 2016




I watched an ad that seemed very promising.A stupid simple system to generate true auto-pilot commissions for my Clickbank account.More importantly the man presenting the offer said it is completely free of charge…I thought , why not , let’s check it out…



Dumb Little System



The system belongs to Bryan Winters , who is the man behind the video production.He says that if you want to make real money online all you have to do is “Copy” him , and copy him right now.

It is so easy to implement that even your mother in law can use it.

Bryan claims that he is an internet marketing mad scientist that builds “funnels” for customers and helping his affiliates make sales on Clickbank,The results of his funnels are awesome and everyone stays satisfied.

These funnels are custom programmed and include ad copy , graphics , hosting , domain registration , conversions testing and more.His latest product , Dumb Little System (DLS) is the most newbie friendly affiliate income builder to date.


..I wonder how can he offer the system for free…


How it Works

You register and then you can turn your DLS referrals into your own affiliates by automatically hardcoding your affiliate link into into their DLS funnels.So you can make commissions from their actions when they manage to bring in traffic.

The first offer of your referrals is hardcoded with their affiliate link so they can make money as well.

But the 2nd offer in their DLS funnel is hardcoded with their sponsor’s affiliate link , in that case yours.

…now Bryan is not mentioning what happens with the next sales , the 3rd , 4th and so on…but I guess you only benefit from your referrals 2nd sale.

I would say it is a limited 2 tier affiliate funnel with only the 2nd sale passed up to you.







Next Steps

You enter your Clickbank ID and an email address to activate your DLS funnel.

Then surprisingly you are forced to buy at least 1 product out of 3 Clickbank products that Bryan offers


…The first Red Flag , so it is not a totally free system as announced….of course


The products to choose from are

  • The 3 week diet
  • 25K firesale
  • 67 steps by Tai Lopez

But what if you don’t like any of these products but you want to use the DLS system?…nope , you have to buy at least one so that Bryan will make commissions out of you.

And what is the point here , I really can’t understand.First of all the diet product is out of my range and it is excluded from my options.Then we have the other 2 offers that I really don’t like , why I can’t choose a product from the thousands that Clickbank lists?…Nope , you have to follow the rules of Bryan.


If you choose to buy one of these products (but at this point I strongly suggest that you do your own due diligence to find out what these products are exactly because you don’t want your referrals disappointed) … then you will be able to generate commissions from the direct referrals you bring into the DLS system.What product your referrals choose won’t matter , you are qualified for all 3.






Step 3

You are forced again to buy a CashBlurbs membership.A quick search for the domain uncovers the owner , who is you guessed right , Bryan himself.What is CashBlurbs?…Yet another way to promote affiliate links , websites , splash pages and products in general…It costs $20 per month


All these products are so similar that is extremely boring to investigate them.


The only thing that makes a difference here is that you can grant commissions on level 2 referrals.But you can’t make commissions on CashBlurbs memberships purchased by your direct referrals.Guess who is making money here again.

You have to purchase the membership yourself , and then bring in people hoping that they will do the same and if the referrals of those who you referred to DLS (your level 2 referrals) complete a CashBlurbs purchase then you make a commission.


Next Step

Again you have to purchase yet another membership , this time with Doemembers if you want to qualify for commissions.The cost is $197 and pays you both on direct and level 2 referrals.

If you do not buy this membership and those who you refer purchase it then the commissions are passed up to the Top of the system.


Next Step

The method that DLS suggests is Solo Ads.If you don’t know what solo ads to put it simple is that you can send email messages to another person’s email list for a price.Most of the times it seems and it is spam because the people receiving the email have not subscribed to your email list in the first place.

And is an expensive way to drive traffic to your orders , absolutely not newbie friendly.




Final Words



  • Buying 1 out of 3 Clickbank products at step 2 just to bring referrals into DLS in order for them to buy and then make commissions is not what I call real value.I can promote any product on Clickbank I want (out of the thousands that exist) , whenever I want  and most importantly without having to purchase.So what is the point?..to feed Bryan’s machine.
  • Another thing to consider here is that the people that you refer into DLS is not your team as it happens with MLM opportunities , where you can help them make sales and altogether do something remarkable.
  • What really happens is that you are building an email list for the owner.
  • There is no help or guides , no marketing material , no knowledge , nothing at all.Obviously this is not a program that your mother in law can use in order to make daily commissions.
  • Privacy policy and terms of service pages are empty yet.






What is more funny here is that the support page redirects to another domain where obviously Bryan is using for all of his products.This domain is owned by Bryan’s hosting company.And he says that if we can’t find the information we are looking for to submit a ticket choosing the appropriate department.



Is Dumb Little System a Scam After All?



Well , it is not.But…

Apparently , I can’t extract any real value from DLS program.It is a push to pay to play membership that has one intention , to make the owner richer.

You would need months just to make it work while you are losing commissions on every step , unless you have purchased all the products yourself.


Affiliate marketing is a beautiful way to make money online (just like I do) by promoting products with your own efforts and then grand commissions from the companies that own them.But you don’t have to pay in order to promote them.You work hard to make sales and then you get paid , it’s that simple.

What Bryan could do alternatively was to create a product of real value and let affiliates promote it.But….



Create an Online Business for Yourself



You don’t have to rely on these products to make sales online.There are real products , both digital and physical , that pay out awesome commissions.

If you want to create a business for the years to come then follow my top recommended platform.

You will be building websites with ease , drive traffic and monetise the traffic in various ways.Along with the training that you will get you will receive all the necessary marketing tools to succeed and take your business to the next level with advanced techniques.


There is one catch though … your personal work / devotion


Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


That’s it , another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.













Should I Start this Business?





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