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Stay on Time With the Professional Task Management App called Any.Do

by Tasos


Sep 22, 2016

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Are you searching for an application to organise your time and tasks and you want to appear professional at your appointments?…Do you easily forget important things to take care of?…There are many solutions online that can help you stay on time without having to remember everything.

One of those wonderful apps is called Any.Do…The team’s mission is to make people’s life more balanced , productive and fun.


Any.Do – The World’s Most Favourite Task Management App?


Website: Any.do

The app helps you sync your personal tasks , work projects and shared lists so you have a clear path moving forward.






The app syncing your lists and tasks with all your devices.And it works even when you are offline.It’s compatible with PC , Android , iPhone , Mac and Chrome.






Award Winning



Millions of people are using Any.Do and is an award winning task app.Apple announced the title of Intuitive Touch Award and the Android’s Best App of 2012.

The advantages of Any.Do are the clean , easy to use design and the innovative features.


Modern Planning for Busy People



If you are busy and I bet you are now that you read the article , as all modern humans , then this app can help you plan the whole day , right from the minute you wake up.






Seamless Sync


The app helps you easily sync your tasks from your mobile phone to your computer.There is also an extension available for the Chrome browser which makes the app fantastic.

I always admire shortcuts.



The Dashboard



There are 6 main categories

  • Books to read
  • Personal errands
  • Grocery list
  • Movies to watch
  • Places to visit
  • Work projects

But you can easily add more categories if you like.You hit the (+) button , give a title and press (enter)

Moreover you can drag & drop any column in another position.This way the moving column will take the place in the queue.That is very practical , as for example , I want my work related columns in front of the rest.

Now inside every category there are 4 main columns.

Today , tomorrow , upcoming , someday














  • Sync across all devices
  • Drag & drop features
  • Attach files , notes and sub-tasks
  • Share & search lists and tasks
  • Add one time or recurring reminders
  • Manage everything in one place (personal or family tasks , team projects)
  • Increase team productivity by adding attachments , sub-tasks and conversations
  • Notification center in order not to miss the important stuff

The Features

  • Daily planner
  • Share and delegate
  • Upload files
  • Sync across devices
  • Notes
  • Sub-tasks
  • List management
  • Comments
  • Reminders
  • Action shortcuts
  • Notifications
  • Advanced recurring tasks
  • Calendar






Any.Do Blog



They blog about life hacking , productivity , project management , to do list , work – life balance and announce important updates.

Let’s give some examples

  • 5 ways to get organised this school year
  • Any.Do <3 SaneBox
  • Start the new year on the right foot
  • Any.Do is one of the most used productivity apps in America
  • Any.Do for iPad is finally here
  • A simple to do list hack for a braver life


Any.Do for Business – Premium



Although the app can be used with a free account the premium one has more features and extensions.

But even in that case you can try the demo version of the Business plan….It would not have been better.


Monthly plan – $2.99 per user

Yearly plan – $26.99 per user





Final Words



That kind of applications I really enjoy to use.The app is easy and runs fast.

A platform that can be used on any device.The cool thing is that I can use it right away on my Chrome browser.


You have nothing to lose in trying it , it is free and if you decide to purchase the premium package you can test it out as well.




That’s it , I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.What are other apps do you use to stay organised?…Till next time , your online partner.












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