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When I started participating in social networks I was enjoying it , really.But after a few months and hundreds of new subscriptions later in sub communities , forums and other social environments I felt that I was running out of time.

Oh , I have to Tweet this , oh no , I forgot to publish that in Google Plus , this banner has not been announced in Pinterest.

Running from one network to another like a maniac to publish material , discuss with people and get informed on the latest trends.On top of that I had to attend certificate courses on marketing and design , read unlimited emails and to write content for my blog.

The day has only 24 hours and from time to time we have to sleep as well.


Are you struggling to finish your tasks just like I did?


I am presenting you Hootsuite and I will try to explain How does it Work and Why you Should be Using it



What is Hootsuite? – Features


Their slogan …“Social media management for any organisation.” .. Manage social networks , schedule messages , engage with your audience and measure ROI right from the dashboard.


A tool for managing your social accounts all in one place.


  • Connect with over 35 popular social networks in just one tab on your browser.
  • Easy to use application , adding streams , networks and lists is a simplified process.

Schedule your messages for your major social networks.


  • You can create messages right in the dashboard or you can use the hootlet button to share content from any site (an extension just like the Pinterest’s Pin-It button) which makes sharing a handy game.Now you can set the time and day right through the Hootlet , something that Pin-It button can’t do.
  • Upload images , set the time and day and let the application do the rest as you work on other tasks or during your sleep.
  • You are continuously active on social mediums without even being there.
  • Bulk upload and scheduling hundreds of messages with one click.


  • The application works as a link shortener too ( , you don’t have to open another tab and visit a URL shortener.Moreover that ensures that your short Tweets (140 characters) will have enough space for your messages.
  • Ability to add multiple team members in order to ease your workflow.
  • On twitter you can schedule messages , replies and retweets with the hootlet button that when installed appears in every tweet conversation.




Increase engagement with your audience


  • As this application saves you valuable time from publishing you have the opportunity to engage with your followers.You can reply to messages through your dashboard , monitor social conversations and search by language or location.
  • Save future responses to common problems and queries of your customers.


  • Create , import and share lists of social influencers or important clients.
  • Easily track interaction history.
  • The app has a special “Suggestions” feature to get social shareable content , based on your tweeting history.


Measure ROI (return on investment) and Impact with analytics


  • uberVU – a real time social media solution to deliver usable insights about your company and the topics that matter to you the most.
  • Core analytics – measures and analyses the effectiveness of your outreach and your campaigns with easy to grasp reports.Track engagement and conversions with insights from Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ and Google Analytics.




A builder application to launch beautiful social media campaigns in minutes.

You can create

  • Social and Twitter feeds
  • Twitter , Instagram , Vine and Pinterest contests
  • Social commerce

Further engage and grow your audience with

  • Photo , Video and essay contests
  • Quizes
  • Polls

Generate new leads with

  • Sweepstakes
  • Sign-Ups
  • Caption contests
  • Commenting sweepstakes
  • Voting gallery

Their headline in this section …“Take your brand to your fans…” is absolutely true

  • Customizable campaigns to match your brand
  • Extending reach on multiple platforms
  • Connect with fans everywhere on Mobile

… additionally Understand your fan base even better while

  • Collecting information that counts
  • Measuring the impact of your campaigns

Among their clients you can spot Monster , Lids , the American Institute of Architects


In that department you can find very interesting case studies of other companies social campaigns.




Facebook Ads


You can get the help of the experts to reach audiences in Facebook.


Hootsuite Amplify


An employee advocacy solution , ideal for small , medium size or large companies to help their members share social approved content with their personal networks by using a mobile app to synchronize Hootsuite dashboard with brand and curators.

Main benefits

  • Save time
  • Measure results
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Drive high adoption
  • Reduce risk
  • Promote key campaigns


The Platform


Streamline your social workflows

  • Manage employees by project , department or region.
  • Set permission levels by people or team
  • Create tasks and assignments
  • Designate team leaders to approve outgoing content
  • Avoid duplicate work and missed messages
  • Skip email and unneeded meetings


Robust social media compliance solutions

  • Ensure that your social messaging meets regulatory standards set by bodies like FINRA , HIPAA and others through Hootsuite’s integrations with Nexgate , Social Safeguard and Global Relay.
  • Use the content library with its flexible permission levels.
  • Manage your brand’s policies
  • Double check every post with the two-step approval process
  • Automatically moderate your content and scan it , including URL’s for malware and other risks
  • Automatically archive your messages.


Add security to your social media strategy

  • No need to share passwords , just give and revoke access.
  • Give team members access to publish on your behalf
  • Stay secure on mobile devices with HTTPS standards.
  • Instant security notifications
  • The double approval system prevents mistaken posts


The Extensions


App Directory

A fine select of extensions and applications for business professionals and entrepreneurs.All these extensions can be added to the Hootsuite dashboard to boost your functionality and to provide a custom made experience.

I use some of these but there are literally over 140.More than 100 of them are totally free.


Tumblr , WordPress , Marketo , Mail Chimp , Flipboard , Reddit , Glassdoor , Blogger , Dailymotion , Flickr , Foursquare , Gmail , Google Drive , Salesforce , Soundcloud , Storify , Stumble Upon , Synthesio , Tailwind , Uberflip.


Now you can better understand how much time you will be saving.But words are not enough if you don’t experience it yourself.


Mobile Applications


Hootsuite is available for iPhone , iPad , iPod Touch , Android

The applications ensure complete social analytics , easy scheduling , compatibility with networks , customizable streams so that you can filter out some “Noise” , geo-location and translation.


…Mail Chimp , an autoresponder service , is using Hootsuite applications to manage their teams.


Hootsuite Overview


As you can see Hootsuite is a multi-purpose social media tool that can help any company into  these areas

Social Media Management

Manage the social assets and bring team members together through a dashboard

Social Marketing

  • Build global brand awareness
  • Drive ROI , save resources
  • In depth social media data

Social Selling

  • Better leads
  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Create repeat customers

Social Customer service

  • Quickly resolve customer issues
  • Streamline your support efforts
  • Measure customer happiness

Social Customer service tools that Hootsuite co-operates with


  • Salesforce
  • Sugarcrm
  • Zendesk
  • Get satisfaction
  • Nimble
  • Leadsift
  • Yammer
  • Brandwatch
  • Kapost …. and many more….


In this section you can additionally find these important case studies , white papers and webinars

  • Social Media Education – the new edge for success
  • What successful customer service looks like
  • Brand management with Hootsuite and Twitter
  • Closing the loop on social leads
  • Social selling – crush your quota
  • 7 steps for social teams going social
  • How to use social video to drive results
  • Engaging followers on Linkedin
  • Evaluating enterprise social relationship platforms






Hootsuite Services


Professional and security services

Hootsuite understands that every company is unique with different needs,They are willing to get in contact in order to set up a custom flexible plan for any team.

Social security is crucial so Hootsuite provide training on that matter

Partner Programs

You can collaborate with Hootsuite and become a social agency partner to get

  • Exclusive agency dashboard
  • Dedicated support from an assigned personal manager and access to an extensive library of resources
  • Increased visibility as Hootsuite has over 9 million users
  • VIP access to new products and services.
  • Reselling opportunities
  • Training and education


Education to accelerate your business services


The Hootsuite Podium

It is a recently published online Free education service to learn the fundamentals of social media marketing and get industry certification if you want to prove your skills to clients or employers.

I only took a couple of lessons so far but the experience is amazing.


The Hootsuite University

It is open since 2011 and more than 100 thousands of people got product training , education and certification.

Advanced social media strategy certification

A co-operation with the Newhouse school at Syracuse where they offer a 15 modules social media certification program

Custom education

Their goal is to empower your team through scaled and streamline education and deliver custom content for your industry , department or region.

Higher education program

Gives educators at accredited higher education institutions the tools and resources to teach essential digital skills.Since 2012 more than 1000 classrooms and 27000 students have enrolled.




I will let Hootsuite speak …“whether you want to build and distribute an app through the Hootsuite app directory , or develop a custom app to meet your organisation unique needs , let’s work together to invest on the power of social.”

Program benefits

  • Stable , battle tested platform
  • Comprehensive documentation and resources
  • Traction with a massive , highly engaged audience
  • Exposure through promotional programs
  • Earn money with their paid apps program
  • Low barrier to entry and cost


Dedicated Support


24 / 7 Hootsuite ensures you will get the support needed.There are step by step guides , webinars and other resources like FAQ’s but most importantly the passionate support staff is there.

You can get help at their own advanced department or via Twitter , Facebook or inside the community.

Moreover you can share your ideas


Hootsuite Resources


The resource library is huge


… an endless education platform.For that reason they have integrated an advanced Search Function to get the resources you need by

Content Type

  • Case study
  • Guide
  • HootTip
  • Infosheet
  • Toolkit
  • Video
  • White Paper
  • Webinars


Business challenge

  • Campaigns and promotions
  • Compliance
  • Crisis communications
  • Engagement
  • General
  • Monitoring
  • ROI
  • Role clarity
  • Scaling
  • Security
  • Strategy



  • General
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation



  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Media education
  • Media management
  • Social Selling





I will highlight some very interesting subjects for further study


  • How agencies report on real business results
  • How Hootsuite helped Wiley to achieve a 90% lift in employee engagement
  • Discover the way that the NYC government tripled its online audience with Hootsuite
  • A CS guide to social conversations analysis
  • Using Google+ for business
  • Social media tips for the retail industry


The catalogue here is so extensive that it would be pointless to go on.




Every year they host hundreds of webinars featuring proven social media strategies , hands on tactics and new developments.You can browse the list by

  • Business size
  • Location
  • Topic
  • or Industry

The extensive library includes recorded webinars available on demand.

Upcoming webinars with Hootsuite

  • Save hours of time – publish like a Pro
  • Essential social media analytics
  • Introduction to social media strategy
  • How to develop an influencer marketing strategy

… and more


If you are not satisfied with the information found on that material Hootsuite runs of course a


Social Blog


Articles like

  • How to engage any demographic with a social media campaign
  • Creative Twitter Poll ideas for your business
  • The best photo editing apps
  • Sharing content across social networks
  • How to convince your boss to launch a social media campaign
  • Are infographics still relevant?
  • The difference between marketing to an audience and building a community
  • 5 ways Pinterest can help your career

… and so many more will keep you educated , an overwhelming labyrinth of resources for inspiration , study and personal development.

The previous section was only the Social blog but there is more


Hootsuite Innovation Blog


…”Hatching the ideas and technology that will shape the future of the social web..”

  • Hootsuite campaigns Freemium
  • Bridge the gap between paid and organic social media
  • Improve your productivity on the go with the Hootsuite iOS 9 app
  • Innovation , global change and more
  • Working out loud : introducing Hootsuite open source HR (#HootHROS)
  • Maximize social ROI
  • Expand customer service

These are only a handful of topics discussed in that section of the Hootsuite blog


The last department of their blogs is the

Hootsuite Life Blog


An owl’s eye view of their people , products and community.Again here you will be amazed by the quality of their topics and discussions.

Among them

  • Virtually tour Hootsuite offices around the globe
  • #HootJobs – Recruiter Chat
  • Hootsuite joins the B-Corp community
  • #BofService – How Hootsuite employees give back to their communities.


Hootsuite Customers – discover how they win with social media


This section includes videos and case studies.

  • Virgin
  • Orange
  • Herschel
  • University of Cambridge
  • DavidsTea
  • NYC
  • Monster
  • Marketo
  • Rockefeller foundation
  • Five Guys
  • 1 & 1
  • Mail Chimp






Hootsuite Plans


Schedule – Manage – Measure choosing from 3 options


I will let the image speak , it is pretty clear what you get.


Up to 3 social profiles , 2 campaigns , Hootsuite University



50 social profiles , 2 up to 8 campaigns , University , enhanced support

The most important is that the Pro version comes with a 30-day trial , and if you decide to purchase it it costs €7,99 / month.The price is in Euros.


If you want to check it out it would be very kind if you proceed through my link as I am participating in their partnership affiliate program.




Unlimited profiles , up to 18 campaigns , plus more…






so … is there anything else in Hootsuite? … yes and I really enjoy their main quote here

..”not just a social relationship platform , not just a tech company.We are creators , innovators and builders dedicate to revolutionizing the way you communicate.”

But before I get into the rest of Hootsuite let’s take a look at the …



At 2008 Ryan Holmes saw an opportunity to create a better social media experience for businesses.Today Hootsuite counts millions of users and clients.



  • Ryan Holmes – CEO
  • Steve Johnson – CRO
  • Ajai Sehgal – CTO
  • Sujeet Kini – CFO
  • Irwan Tjan – CISO
  • Penny Wilson – CMO

and many others




Hootsuite Careers


Be part of something big , give communities a voice , connect brands to the world , spark exciting conversations.Currently open jobs

  • Applications forms for Vancouver , Canada (describe your expertise and your experience and your own ideas)

or apply for

  • Business development – Singapore
  • Hootsuite Labs – Vancouver
  • Customer success – London , Australia , Toronto
  • Customer support – Vancouver
  • Finance – Vancouver
  • Legal – Vancouver
  • Marketing – Vancouver , London
  • Campaigns & Ads – Vancouver
  • Online Revenue – Vancouver
  • Platform manager – Vancouver
  • Interaction designer – Vancouver
  • Senior UX designer – Vancouver
  • Sales – Singapore , Australia , Washington , Vancouver , London
  • Software development – Vancouver , Bucharest
  • Recruiter – London


Press Releases – News


Stay updated on important news related to the industry.

Here Hootsuite monitors companies like

  • Inc
  • Entrepreneur
  • Adweek
  • Business Insider
  • Forbes
  • Bloomberg Business

and expands on topic concerning the brand.


Media Kit and Press Resources


  • Company information on location ,maps
  • Company description
  • Global offices and Addresses – Vancouver (1 + 2) , San Francisco , London , Paris , Hamburg , Sau Paolo , Singapore , Boston , Bucharest
  • Bios of all leader members

Media Resources


  • Photos
  • User interface screenshots
  • Promotional Videos
  • Owl Family Logos and mini designs
  • Wallpapers
  • Brand assets – names , logos , guidelines.
  • Swatches for illustrator and photoshop
  • Typography





Hootsuite Community



Become a Hootsuite ambassador to showcase your expertise and help them deliver an even better product.

Host a Hootup to connect with social media enthusiasts in your area.

Or use Hootsuite sponsorship for an event.




Here they offer discounts and education for non-profits up to 50%.

They invest for the future with the …

The Next Big Thing


It’s a non-profit foundation that empowers the next generation entrepreneurs with the peer & mentor network , work space and technology they need to succeed.

It was founded by Meredith Powell and Ryan Holmes in 2013.This community includes world recognised investors , influencers and other founders that are passionate for innovation.


Here I want to stay on their goals as described by Ryan Holmes


Get the world most promising entrepreneurs out of the classroom and into the business world.

Remove the usual obstacles – grades , degrees and work experience.

Reward ingenuity , accelerate the pace at which a good idea becomes a business reality.


In other words a modern system , away from the classical universities approach , where you only learn , learn and learn without any practical action

There is more to this website if you are interested



Hootsuite Shop


T-shirts , logo stickers for laptops or other devices , umbrellas and more …

I want to underline here that if you shop through that department a portion of the money will go to a charity , the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) , Canada’s largest conservation organisation.






Let’s do the Math – Personal Experience – Final Words


Hootsuite helped more than I expected.When I signed up I thought it was just a simple tool to schedule social messages and watch streams of social networks in the dashboard.

But as I was getting familiar and while experimenting I felt the true power of having such an application running for me.


For businesses and organisations Hootsuite can provide modern solutions , synchronize teams with easy to use apps , extensions while setting security standards.


Even the free version is a goldmine if you run a blog and you don’t have any other team members.With 3 social profiles , extensions and streams installed you will be amazed how easy is to manage your social accounts in one place , with a few clicks.


All the future messages you schedule can be modified before they sent if you decide to change anything on your settings.You can refer to older messages and repeat successful campaigns.

I could go on and on here but I will let you test this application on your own.


Furthermore the Hootsuite University is a giant resource of information that can boost your social authority and improve your activities.I can’t describe how powerful the Hootsuite Podium platform is.I can’t get enough of education.

Additionally the blog will ensure that you stay informed on the latest trends and will give you tons of ideas to implement for your blog or your business (online or offline).


I hope you find this article helpful and I hope Hootsuite will help you as it did for me.I am waiting for your comments as always.Have you tried the application?…Do you have any experience that you want to share?


Till next time , your olnine partner
















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