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You're Reading:Paid Survey Authority Review – Is Michelle An Angel?

Paid Survey Authority Review – Is Michelle An Angel?

by Tasos


Jul 6, 2015


6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23

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6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



6-Figures Side Hustles: FREE Documentary 9 Episodes by Revealed Films, starts May 23



The Future Belongs to Small Businesses

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I am very disappointed with Clickbank , it gets worse every time I step inside.I am trying to find decent online opportunities that are working so that I can suggest you but all I do is falling to scam after scam.All these cheap products under $100 are not worth our time or investment , I am very concerned what the future of Clickbank hides.I was expecting a ratio of 80 – 20 for the legit products.Not 05 – 95… Anyway let’s find out what this survey is all about.



With This Review I Am Investigating A Product Created By Michelle McAllister called Paid Survey Authority


Michelle promises to reveal a secret , how to get paid real money for offering your opinion at surveys.And she means millions of dollars just for taking 5 minutes surveys.Surveys that could pay you $20 , $30 , $40 or even $70 each.Hmmmm…I wish it was that easy.If you have never participated in such online opportunities you might believe that a survey could pay you that much money.

From my experience in the last  2 – 3 years while I am member in a lot of survey’s companies I never made more than $3 for one task.There have been surveys that took 15 minutes to complete and they returned $1 or $1.9 or $2.5 tops.And do you think that all day you will be able to take surveys?…How many companies run these campaigns and how many survey takers are there to fill the space?






Michelle is announcing that she is the master of surveys.She holds in her hand the magic power.She only co-operates with high reputable companies that they are offering her the best of the cream surveys just for her and her clients – YOU…Watch out.A well covered tactic.Join me today , I have 10 years of experience with surveys , you have my word on that , do not worry , it is just a small fee to get you started and then you will be able to live the life of your dreams.



Is Paid Survey Authority A Scam?



What else it could be?…Just a cheap video production of 10 boring minutes.The testimonials part is a joke.Random people claiming how grateful they feel about Michelle and her system.How can I be convinced Michelle?...This is your amazing secret method to making money online?…Making money online is not an easy task and definitely is not pushing a button and having everything under control with a magic auto-pilot.No , there is no such thing.





If you can dedicate yourself to work and want to build an online business with true potential feel free to continue here



So…What Else Is Included In This Amazing Website?


Not much , a single page website , a landing page for dummies.

♦ Screenshots of accounts with paypal , networks and more…I am amazed , I would do anything to have these money on my bank account

♦ Another fancy claim worth to be mentioned – Michelle is a pioneer in the survey’s industry , she knows everything about and she can show the way to participate in the most successful surveys with the least personal efforts.She has to keep checking our health as well.Every saver in this world has a similar vision.Additionally she is going to keep us safe from the scam surveys – yes scam surveys still exist but we have Michelle on our side.

♦ A Calculator – Indicates approximate annual earnings with Michelle – $50000 in a year taking surveys ,OK….My nation , the old greek guys used to say “When you hear someone screaming for a ton of eggs , just to be sure take the smallest basket you can find”




♦ Funny claims and logos of well known authority sites and magazines like CNN Money , Entrepreneur and Forbes.Just because Michelle is saying she is advertising on these magazines I have to take her word and pay right away.Let’s see

♦ That’s it all – 10 minutes video , some screenshots and they want my mail details



How Much Does It Cost To Reach Financial Freedom With Paid Survey Authority?



♦ I have given my mail account and I received a registration form.I became a member and …$50 dollar bonus upon welcome.Not bad for a new member.

♦ Free Fast Action Bonuses – take action and earn – $178+ Value – priceless bonus

♦ Join Today And Save $60 – Not $97 – Just $37 – without the tax – Tax Included $43 – $45

♦ Order now – 60 day money back guarantee.At least there is a Paypal option , good for Michelle , she is not only seeking our credit card details.




Can Someone Make Money Taking Surveys?


Yes , but it would need a lot of time.You have to be signed in with as many companies as you can.Furthermore it depends on your location.For my country , Greece , there are not survey opportunities.And there are thousands of people waiting in lines just to take a survey from time to time.It can be proved as an additional income resource but you will have to turn the earth upside down to make it work and worth.


If you are searching for a worthy online opportunity with long term potential , I can suggest you start building your own business on the web.It needs time , a lot of efforts but it is something you build on your own and you have full control over it. 




D I S A P P O I N T M E N T – Conclusion


It’s a shame that these products still exist on the shelves of Clickbank.This company with such great history is probably collapsing.This is the number #1 marketplace for online digital products?…Do not trust websites only filled with one sales video.These websites are only targeting your pockets.

Real websites have content inside.They provide free information along with their sales letters.That websites can be used as communicating platforms with the people.The real online making money opportunities always lay their cards on the table.Do not trust someone that is preaching how great he is and how you can make your dreams come true if you join him.Do not pay up front for unknown material.Legit products are Free to be tested like every legit and real product out there.






I do not have more to add , this was another sad review , but what can I do?…I hope I can save your time and money on this awful program.Stay away and keep tuned.As always you are free to participate in the conversation by leaving a comment below.Do you have any experience with Paid Survey Authority?…Till next time





More reviews can be found here


How To Identify Online Scams?…A Mini Guide


Your online concierge











Mobrog – Legitimate Survey Opportunity





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  1. Marcus

    You are right with ClickBank. In the make money online niche, most of the products are scams, or at the very least they don’t live up to their claims. I think ClickBank can be better for other topics, for example, food recipe ebooks and gardening guides. Simple, everyday things. But when it comes to making money online, this niche seems to attract the scammers.

    Surveys sites, particularly, are bad. Hardly anyone ever earns a decent amount of money from surveys sites, unless they manage to refer lots of members under their referral link. Well done for being honest here.

    • Tasos

      Great points Marcus , Clickbank should focus only in niches away from the “make money online”.All these scam products that have flawed the market are listed there.

      There are legitimate survey sites where you can make some extra dollars.Unfortunately there are some sites that use as a trap between surveys and visitors.

      Thank you for this visit and your support.

  2. Jerry

    Hi Tasos, I am trying to fully grasp what you are saying here. Is clickbank, which poses as a reliable affiliate program company, trying to get us into these kind of scams? If so, are you trying to contact them or going to do so in order to get answers? Cheers, Jerry

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jerry , unfortunately Clickbank does not even care what products they sell online through their platform.From my experience during the last months there have been no improvements.Instead they decided to run a side email (Funny) campaign to persuade people to keep using their services.

      I can clearly discern that they are not interested what products get advertised on their network , they simply care only for the money.

      Recently I have published an article on that matter , summarizing the whole situation.No , I am not contacting them , I am afraid it does not work this way.There are dozens of angry bloggers out there with their reviews.They could open their eyes and see.

      Besides , what would I mention to them?…That their products are scams?…This is the path they chose.They supposed to be in the list of the Top 100 american entrepreneurs.I wonder if this is called entrepreneurship at all.

      Thank you for visiting and for sharing your thoughts here.

  3. Angel

    Dear Tasos,

    I never heard about Paid Survey Authority before.
    Thanks for giving us all a firm heads up warning to stay away from this Scam.

    I am fairly even more disappointed in Clickbank for mentioning such products like this. Have you come across FlexOffers or ShareASale or LinkShare before?
    How about Take Surveys For Cash?

    I must say that there are an awful ton of online survey websites that are truly not worth anyone’s time or money.

    I just wish they were more upfront with sharing more Content on what they are truly about, hate being fed lies, is no one genuine anymore with their online website programs these days or what?

    I hate seeing people being ripped off when they were desperate in their financial situation to make money when the people behind the programs do nothing to help them but truly only care about helping themselves.

    Hope to read more Reviews like this from you, thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best as you conquer the internet world by avoiding online scams above and beyond the horizon,


    • Tasos

      Dear Angel , welcome back to my blog.We re not improving the internet experience when we come across with sites like this one.But what we can do?…It makes me angry and I have to speak , out loud if possible.

      The vast majority of surveys websites are either non working or pay pennies.You have to subscribe to hundreds of them in order to make a few extra bucks.

      This website has nothing to do with legitimate surveys.It is just an “Hypothetical” bridge to the best of the surveys , a secret list , that simply does not exist.

      From the affiliate networks you mentioned I believe ShareASale includes many legitimate offers.I don’t know about LinkShare or FlexOffers , I have not yet subscribed with them.

      Let’s hope we can clean up some mess , it will take forever , I know..

      I salute to your success as well.

  4. Vicky

    I did online surveys. 30 days I made a whooping $5.50. The majority or the surveys paid under one dollar. The catch is you have to acquire so much money before you can even collect. Great site. I really thought clickbank was legit. Really disappointed they are not. keep up the good work.

    • Tasos

      Hello Vicky , if you made $5,5 from surveys in one month is a great accomplishment.I bet you did participate in various websites and not only one.I am not receiving a lot of surveys , may be it is my country that is not so popular.One thing is for sure , you are always depending on the companies needs and if they think you are a “good” candidate then you will have a chance to complete tasks more often.

      Clickbank as an organisation is legit and with a great reputation over the years but lately they let entrepreneurs to promote their products without even investigating their offers.The vast majority of the new products are crap , with no value and they exist just for the sake of money.Moreover a lot of them belong to scam artists , like this one.This situation does not help anyone and if they won’t re-evaluate their position they may face disastrous results.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for expressing your opinion here.

  5. camille

    I too have tried paid surveys, and you are right. For the time you must invest and the number of companies you have to be enrolled with, it has almost no pay-off.
    Thanks for scoping out sites that are not likely to deliver on the promises they make. Hopefully you can prevent unnecessary disappointment for some folks .

    • Tasos

      Hello there Camille , to get serious with surveys you have to invest a lot of time and sign up with as many sites as you can.There are not always surveys available and even when they are you can’t always participate due to demographics or other reasons.

      That site is a total waste of time , nothing to add for the moment.

      Thank you for your visit and for taking the time to leave a comment here.

  6. Chris

    Wow this looks bad – even the photo of Michelle looks like it has come from a stock photo site!
    Surveys cannot be mastered – if anything they are in charge of you! They decide halfway through them if they want to kick you out ( demographics ) and they also have cheat protection in place ( don’t complete them to fast! ).
    Thanks for this review – hopefully it will stop people losing their hard earned cash online.

    • Tasos

      Yeah it is very bad indeed Chris , that photo is probably not Michelle’s or even Michelle is a fantastic person.But these tactics are all well known between scams.What this product owner is trying to offer is ridiculous.A secret list of survey sites that are not only paying at least $20 for each survey but these sites will keep you working all day long so you will have the chance to reach financial freedom.Sure , I believe that.

      And I agree that taking surveys is very hard and at least in my case , 80% of the times I am getting kicked out due to demographics or other reasons.But anyone can find on its own decent online surveys to participate and find out if it is worth the time.For me , It does not worth my time.

      Thank you for giving your opinion here


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