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You're Reading:Is Legit Online Jobs A Scam? – Desperate Fraud Calling SOS

Is Legit Online Jobs A Scam? – Desperate Fraud Calling SOS

by Tasos


Jul 19, 2015


I'm working on the "7 IDEALS METHODOLOGY" video presentation, the blueprint (infographic & guide), the 7 ideals page, and a brand-new contest. For more information, join the newsletter and get exclusive bonuses and discounts for a lifetime.


This methodology is the end result of over 30 years in business and marketing and I'm working on it since late 2021. 

A value-driven and customer-centric strategy for small businesses and startups. 

One that can take your small business or startup from unknown status to a leading name in your industry. 

Starting small is actually the biggest benefit in this multi-dimensional, fast-changing marketplace.

Small businesses are personal, we get to interact with our customers face-to-face, and serve them at the highest level possible.

We know we can’t compete with giant corporations on budget, resources, or technology, but when it comes to delivering user experiences… guess… who’s the boss!

It’s a carefully designed, strategically organized methodology that helps small business owners understand the market inside out, create a competitive advantage, and develop unmatched – innovative products that consumers can’t enjoy and recommend enough.

It’s a solid, comprehensive, and proprietary system that looks at your business as a whole, giving you a clear path – a roadmap to follow – a solid strategy to win in the competitive marketplace.

This is not a methodology to just promote your products, this is merely one tiny aspect of the “7 Ideals”.

It’s a holistic approach that will help you solve any problem in your company, improve your business model, gain entrepreneurial skills, and so much more.



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The website belongs to someone named Ross Williams and although he was working for a huge IT company with a generous monthly salary , the recession of 2008 forced that unknown company to fire personnel.Of course Ross was included in that black list.When you left unemployed it feels like the end of the world.Only strong personality fighters can bypass these problems easily.

Moreover if you have a family to support and many bills to pay , like Ross , the situation can be unpredictable.But he did not give up , he spent tireless hours online to find an opportunity that could help him stand off the ground.He soon realised that internet jobs were filled with scams and frauds.



Another Review Today , I Am Investigating The Legit Online Jobs Website And I Will Try To Justify If It Is Just Another Scam Or A Legit Opportunity To Make Money



…Eventually Mr Williams after numerous and repeated researches online through MLM companies , money matrix schemes and other worthless programs found out a special and 100% legit product that finally was working.He was shocked but at the same time was feeling free and reborn.




His Number #1 Work At Home Opportunity


This secret as he calls it system depends on online advertising.He states that large companies spend fortunes on that kind of advertising….Ok I agree Ross , but you did not reveal anything secret so far , let’s see what’s next… 

A lot of these money could end up in our bank accounts if we take this great opportunity….DRRRRRNN….fist bell ringing in my mind…Just after a few paragraphs he is starting to fall into big claims.

He continues….that companies (like Yahoo , Coca-Cola , Toyota , Nokia , CNN) are desperate to find people that are looking for jobs , they need them to type the ads and post them online….I would not call these particular huge companies desperate.And I think these companies already have enough personnel to complete such important tasks , why would they outsource a job like that to unknown people that surfing the net????…Mr Ross , you are hiding something , a thought slipped my mind. 




How Does It Work After All? – A Complete Step – By – Step System


♦ 1) Create An Account

♦ 2) Select Companies

♦ 3) Start Posting

mmmm….may be I will make some profit today.OK , let’s do this



Legit Online Jobs – The Training



Every legit opportunity and system provide extensive training covering all possible aspects of the program functionality.Mr Ross begins to teach.

♦ We submit the ads on our own pace , no matter what time it is , no matter the country we live in , there are always available jobs

♦ Unlimited potential.He will show us exactly what we need to do , although he calls that this system is running on Auto-Pilot and we won’t have to do much….My favourite word Auto-Pilot.Remember another fancy pilot named Ewen Chia and his friends?

♦ The beauty of the system – While the ads are submitted successfully we do not need to sit in front of the computer all day long , we can enjoy life doing what we love mostly , as playing golf , laughing with our kids and visiting sights around the world….Nice training

That’s it?…The training must be over , I wish it is only for the moment 



If you failed online due to these scams , don’t give up.In fact I can suggest a legit opportunity that you can test for as long as you think it is necessary.Then you can come back here and yell at me if you don’t like it




Another Headline – The More Ads You Fill – The More Earnings , Want Proof?



Sure Mr Ross.Surprise me.I am all ears for you….A blurred screenshot claiming his $9000 per month income….U S E L E S S…Anything more?…Nope but…

This is not a quick rich scheme Mr Ross goes on.Don’t expect to make $1000 per day.However if you follow the step by step guide you can earn a decent online monthly income.…No serious entrepreneur would spit these words out of his mouth.Serious businessmen provide tools , education and support….Not just cheap blah blah blah….Anyways


Fill In The Form Below And Get Started For Chist Sake


May be the training will start soon enough….Curious (although I know what is gonna be)..!!..




The Second And Last Page On This Outdated Website



More claims – he wakes up every morning with a big smile on his face , watching his accounts grow while he was sleeping.H A P P I N E S S…He works only 30 minutes per day.


The Calculator 


I will let my screenshot speak for me…Please give me your thoughts on this one






Tasos – Don’t Go – The BONUS – The BONUSES



I am here Ross , why you sound so strange?…Are you in a hurry?…Are you looking at my wallet man?….Come on say it

♦ Bonus #1 – $60 offered for FREE – Huge database of giant companies seeking for individuals….I thought that was included in the step-by-step tremendous training

♦ Bonus #2 – $60 offered for FREE – Making money taking surveys…More opportunities in a single package…Another god kept secret revealed.S U R V E Y S…Ross you are genius 

♦ Bonus #3 – $90 offered for FREE – Make money on E B A Y….Ross you are a D I A M O N D..I did not know that people are making money on Ebay…3rd secret

♦ Bonus # SPECIAL # – Personal 1 on 1 coaching …Are you flying to Greece tonight?


I Will Stop Because It Is Getting Ridiculous



How Much Does It Cost? – The Moment I Was Expecting



Access to everything – ONE Time FEE of $69.95…Come on – make a discount…mmm OK says Ross – just for you Tasos $34.95 – but please don’t tell anyone

60 day guarantee – as a typical Clickbank product – Disappointment -Clickbank again is offering a product for the garbage. 


Why They Charge For It?


Because they do not take any percentage of our profits.In order to provide us their “essential” and “exceptional” service and support they charge this small fee.It is a small fee but when I compare it to the work you did and what you provided so far Mr Ross that is a H U G E   FEE.Because your work should cost ZERO…A BIG and FAT one.Yes ZERO.Say it with me.ZERO


Final Opinion – Conclusion



That’s it ,2 pages website full of nothing.

I would not rely to external sources for placing my expensive ads on the net.Especially for such huge companies every dollar counts.This mindset is the reason for getting them on the top of the market.For me , when I hire people for a job I interview them face to face , check their documents and finally decide.Then I keep an eye on them until I know they can work on their own.In no case I would offer this kind of advertising to unknown people.

Probably I would do that myself , otherwise I would have my secretary or any of my managers to complete them.You have to fully investigate any website out there.Do not fall with the first hype.Think of it.Write down your thoughts on paper.What would you do if you were in their position?…Are their moves legitimate?..Would you do the same moves?…

This website presentation is running on full scam alert.Recently I published a mini guide on how to avoid these types of online scams.

Nothing to add – I should better stop because if I continue I will be real cruel and that is something I don’t want


I wanna thank you for your trust so far.I will try to continue offering my reviews and I hope that I can secure your time , money and peace of mind.I am waiting for your comments in the section below.Do you have any experience with this Crap System?…Have you been scammed from other online frauds?…Why don’t you share your thoughts here?…Till my next review





Funny PS 

When I tried to exit the price reduced to $24.95……Sorry but I need to laugh…hahaha 




More reviews can be found here


My TOP Recommended Product can be accessed here , Do Not Lose Any More Time Online , Grab The Internet Power To Build A Foundation On Your Own … If You Can Commit To Work


A Mini-Guide That Can Help You Identify Online Scams Like This One


















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  1. christian wijaya

    Hi Tasos, thank you for your informative article. Actually I have never heard about legit online jobs company but I am reading on your website the legit online jobs is a scam. Thank your for saving my money. I have noted. Do you have any other legit program that I can join because I am totally newbie?

    • Tasos

      Hey Christian , websites like that one are worthless scams to take your money.I am not a fan of getting a job , so I only recommend people to build their own websites.You can have a look at Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate , 2 training portals that can teach you how to make a profit online.

  2. Johann H Ragnarsson

    Thank you for important information, I got inspired too.
    One question, what about the site/company which allow you free days before you pay, can that be scam too? Because sometimes it´s not sure what you are selling?

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog Johann , any company that offer a free trial period means they are proud of their products.

      Thank you for this visit and for participating in the comments.

  3. Iain carthew

    I have lost count how much money I have poured into online scams and so called work at home businesses over the years, now there are more sites like yours spelling out the scams we get sucked in by. Now I take my time, do my research and be patient. I have bookmarked your site for future reference. Keep up the good work.

    • Tasos

      Exactly Iain , countless scam artists rip-off online visitors for good everyday.It is very difficult to clean up this mess.You kill one , three new pop-up.Yes , everybody should be patient before investing any money at all.

      Welcome to my blog , thank you for stating your experience here.

  4. Shivaram

    Hi – I read your article about legit online jobs a scam. Your article is very inspiring and you have covered a lot of valuable details which is indeed very clear and good. One of the resources I used to always consider is “FlexJobs”. Flexjobs claims that their jobs are legitimate – but I have no idea how far they are true.

    • Tasos

      Hello Shivaram , welcome to my blog.I am glad you found some value on this review.This is a total waste of time and money , a poor scam production.

      I do not know about “FlexJobs” , but I will make a research on them.

      Thank you for the visit and for letting me know about this website.

  5. TheDopestMatrix

    Weird I’ve never heard of a company called legit online jobs… but it sounds sketchy from the getgo! lol but the 70 bucks or whatever isn’t horrible. I have paid more for worse things, but honestly it seems kind of dumb to begin with….. why doesn’t someone do Wealthy Affiliate? Seems like you’d be more successful.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Tasos

      It is sketchy , Matt , I agree.The 70 dollars is not a price that can hurt a lot of people out there , indeed.But we have to evaluate this price to the actual content and the information provided in that horrible website.For just 2 pages content I would not pay anything.I have not heard anything new , I just wasted my time only to get tricked and buy something unknown.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the exceptions in that ocean of online frauds.The way they teach you how to build an online business on your own can not be compared to other trainings.

      Thank you for your visit and for sharing your thoughts here

  6. Keye

    I really don’t like companies or affiliate programs that scam or lie to people. There are many people who has been deceived by these scam companies. The money used by the people to subscribe or join here are their hard earned money.They want theirs and their family’s life to improve. Instead, they are deceived. There are really little companies now who have genuine concern for the people to succeed.

    • Tasos

      I can understand your rant Keye.It is a very sad situation.They use all the tricks they can , all these shady methods to manipulate novice people into paying for something that does not exist.Promises , lies , fake stories , testimonials and the rest.This is how they work , they want to deceive people.But hopefully there are legitimate companies that do not promise anything , they just provide the tools and the education for people that are ready to work.

      I wonder how many billions of dollars have been lost in these transactions.This problem will never stop as long as there is money involved.

      I wanna thank you for expressing your true feelings here on my blog.

  7. Monkey Man

    Thanks for this review!. 2 pages full of nothing for 69.95 does not sound very fulfilling. That’s funny that they will cut it by 75% when you try and resign from the program lol. I would definitely put my trust into your website for reviews. Especially the binary ones! But paying that kind of money for a 2 page guide is as bad as the binary ones.

    • Tasos

      Hello Monkey Man , this site (if we can call it a website after all) is very funny indeed.With 500-600 words in total content they are trying to convince people to pay and then they will lay their cards on the table showing their secret connections with that companies.Additionally they offer these bonuses as a proof of how willing they are to do the best for us.And when you exit the price reduces more.Unbelievable.

      Most of the binary websites I have reviewed (except one) are moving on the same direction , trying to persuade people they have found the secret software to beat the binary stock market.Only to get their commission of course.

      I wanna thank you for your trust and for taking the time to comment on my blog.


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