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You're Reading:Is Shoemoney Network a Reliable Business Model or a Scam?

Is Shoemoney Network a Reliable Business Model or a Scam?

by Tasos


Jun 14, 2016



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Wealthy Affiliate - Kyloe - co-founder: The Crazy Beginnings of Wealthy Affiliate. How We Got Our Start! When we set out to provide the "best" internet/affiliate marketing training platform back in 2005, I think we were a bit naive as to what we were, and we certainly didn't know what the rate at which we would evolve and how that would happen.
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Jeremy Schoemaker has built a business in a box , a training to walk you through your very first steps into this world of online entrepreneurship.He is a well known marketer with a great reputation and a speaker at affiliate conferences and summits.

There is an interesting story about one photo he published where he shows a check of Google.


What exactly is Shoemoney Network?


A step by step plan in order to create a website and make money online.There are videos , presentations and tasks to complete.You don’t need any experience or technical skills and Jeremy promises that this is a Free program.

However there are some minor costs involved , such as web hosting , auto-responders and other tools.But I will get back to that later.


The belts system


White – Welcome , intro and belt promotion

In that course Jeremy explains how a website can be profitable and opens the road to the upcoming lessons.Additionally he underlines his co-operation with other companies and sponsors who support a part of the expenses.

Yellow belt – Web hosting , blog setup , magic begins , belt promotion




Web Hosting


The host costs around $5.95 / per month but there are additional costs involved if you want to build a secure and reliable website.Like

  • domain privacy $0.99 / month
  • site backup $1.99 / month
  • search engine submission $1.25 / month
  • website security $1.99 / month
  • turbo boost $2.99 / month

Of course Jeremy is suggesting his own web hosting company partner , Steady Cloud.They offer unlimited disk space , bandwidth and email accounts.





Orange belt – theme , customisation of the theme and layout , housekeeping , belt promotion

Blue belt – overview , pages vs posts , our first page (about me) , create the first blog post , how to edit posts and pages , definitions , installing plugins , widgets , add a contact form payout , belt promotion.

Red belt – emails , aweber and building a newsletter , create a sign up form , belt promotion

Purple belt – social media , facebook page setup , how to get ninja facebook likes , twitter setup , hashtags , belt promotion

Green belt – email sign up form , rss to email , add social icons to your site , belt promotion

Brown belt – monetize overview , google adsense , affiliate marketing with Amazon , belt promotion

Black belt – facebook promotions , promoting posts on facebook , benefits and bonuses , let’s make some money , make it rain , ninja promotion


The Ninja Levels


  • Tracking
  • Implement tracking on site and emails
  • Google analytics
  • Legal documents
  • Layout and downloads
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks and subpoenas
  • In the trenches
  • Copywriting intro
  • Personas
  • You-tube training
  • Pinterest.


The Bonus Area


  • Website monetization – a 2 hours keynote talk with Jeremy at Affiliate Summit West 2012.
  • Affiliate legal walkthrough and documents
  • Weapons of marketing
  • Affiliate cash tree
  • Interviews and more…


Pre – Conclusion



Do not worry , this program has nothing to do with scams and other fraudulent companies I had tested.Jeremy has built a training that walks you through all the phases of online business , provides tools and reveal all the important aspects of affiliate marketing and online marketing in general.

There is a great value for newcomers and anyone involved with that program at the end will know a thing or two.

Jeremy covers all the basic information and as you are educating you will find yourself discovering additional resources online that can boost your presence and authority.


But there are some things I have to underline here with this Pros and Cons list




  • Affiliate marketing explained from start to finish
  • Easy to follow step by step training
  • All the necessary tools
  • Bonuses area



  • Sometimes over aggressive tactics and sales policies.
  • Many products to purchase (tools and services) – more money on Schoemaker’s pocket
  • As a PPC expert Jeremy is driving you to that direction , you will need a strong budget to dive into PPC and PPC is an area for experienced marketers.
  • No focus on organic (natural) growth through blog posts and no deep explanation of the real benefits of blogging and how it can be used to drive free organic traffic to your website.
  • Poor support with tickets and a mini FAQ list
  • No community with other members to interact and chat in real time.


Moreover have in mind that in order to co-operate with companies like Amazon , you will need tons of traffic because Amazon will terminate your co-operation in a while if you are not making sales.I would not make a deal with Amazon as a newbie.







A webinar with Stephan Spencer


I received an email from Jeremy about a webinar and I subscribed immediately.An interview with Stephan Spencer , SEO expert.

I was expecting lessons on SEO or other similar tricks and tips.Unfortunately the webinar was about Stephan and that only.A promotion on his podcasts and a presentation of his work and team.







Final Words



Jeremy has built a qualitative program that can help newbies dive into the world of online and affiliate marketing.

But I believe that the main goal of Jeremy is to make money out of you , through all these affiliate promotions and the tools that you will purchase.He is not focusing on your growth and success.I would expect more information on blogging and free traffic techniques.



You can make money following Jeremy’s program , absolutely , but there are better solutions in the market , like the Wealthy Affiliate University where the founders are focusing on their members and their success.WA has to offer way more that the Shoemoney Network.Examples

  • Live chat 24 / 7 with other members and the founders ( you can’t just build a website alone by following text lessons , you need the help of other people , this is how I built my own website , the help I received inside WA was tremendous)
  • Supporting community with thousands of blog posts and media.
  • Live video classes and webinars on hot marketing topics to stay alerted , informed and updated.
  • Classrooms for exclusive top knowledge (affiliate marketing , keywords , wordpress , content , SEO = search engine optimisation , social media marketing , website development & programming , local marketing , video marketing . email marketing).


But in order to fully understand what I mean you have to test WA for yourself.The good news is that WA offers a free week to test everything out so there is no harm in checking.


That business model (online marketing) has no limits , there are no boundaries.You can take this business to any level you want , the sky is the limit.But you have to commit and devote yourself to hard work , success is not happening easily , and this is the beautiful part.

No program in the world can help you make money if you don’t work consistently.


Jeremy’s Shoemoney is absolutely recommended as a valuable resource among other online business trainings , like Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama.I wish that every company was like that but …



Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help


I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.











Top Places to Get Affiliate Marketing Help





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