You're Reading:Is Jaaxy the Best Keyword Finder to Beat Competition and Get Ranked?

Is Jaaxy the Best Keyword Finder to Beat Competition and Get Ranked?

by Tasos


Feb 10, 2016

Tasos Perte

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Keyword research is very important for every website owner in order to understand what people are looking for and create content accordingly.

Additionally, it gives you insights on the competition and statistical data to analyze important factors.

I have already discussed aboutkeyword research and expanded upon some techniques I am using, including the “low hanging fruit” method.


Jaaxy – The Best Keyword and Niche Market Research Suite



Website: Jaaxy


Jaaxy is not a simple keyword research tool. It is a research suite and is developed by the team of Wealthy Affiliate (WA).WA is an open education project, a mini-university with a live community that helps people start an online business on their own, operating since 2005. They provide training on Keyword Research, SEO, WordPress, website development, content creation among others.

Moreover, they offer tools and services like keyword research, website hosting & security, and domain registration.

And Jaaxy is built upon their technical and marketing knowledge.



Jaaxy Features


Their slogan …“The only research platform you need”…

  • Domain flipping – a business model where you find and buy a domain related to a keyword that has a high number of searches and low amount of QSR (Quoted Search Results) and then sells the domain for profit.
  • Lightening fast niche research
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Accurate competition metrics


How Jaaxy Works – The Algorithm


Jaaxy gathers data from all the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). The sophisticated algorithms produce traffic and competition numbers by searching all the competing website pages that get ranked for the exact search term you perform.

Have in Mind these 3 things only when you Perform a Keyword Search


  • How much traffic
  • How many competing websites
  • The Keyword makes sense to a human being

In order to save yourself from paralysis of over-analysis. Besides, you will be creating posts and campaigns almost every day. What matters most is to engage with people by offering quality content.



Let’s Perform a Keyword Search


I used a very popular keyword “make money online”

Jaaxy provides data on

  • Avg (average number of searches that the keyword receives per month)
  • Traffic (estimated visits on your website if you achieve first page rankings)
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword)
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator – Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red is poor).And is based on the competition.
  • SEO – a score based on traffic and competition, the higher it is, the more likely you get ranked for this keyword on the 1st page.
  • Domains (availability of domains related to the keyword)
  • Related – related keywords to our initial search term
  • Brainstorm – a list of keywords to help you brainstorm

Interesting results I came through




Of course the initial search “make money online” is very very popular. On average it has 180K searches but as you can see the tool mentions the KGI as RED.271 competing websites.

But the second term is excellent. In order to make sense, we will target it as “best ways TO make money online”.The 2889 searches per month in combination with the 51 competing websites is something we have to target right away.

The 3rd term has the same competition but less traffic. But it is a great keyword in overall.


Other Jaaxy Features


Alphabet Soup 

Jaaxy uses google instant function to come up with related keywords. Although it is a method you can use alone, without a tool, Jaaxy can save you valuable time as the results are displayed instantly.


The technique is a nutshell works like this. You enter a keyword in the Google search line and then surround it (before & after +space) with the letters of the alphabet and numbers.


The term “make money online” returned

  • 129 keywords + “a”
  • 141 keywords + “b”
  • ……….
  • 8 keywords + “z”
  • 8 keywords + “1”
  • and on and on with every letter and number


Saved Lists (store your results), Search history 

Search Analysis




As you can see in search analysis you can refine your search by the search engine.



Affiliate Programs




It includes Commission Junction, LinkShare, Digital River, and Click Bank.






The tool gets data feeds from Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa topics, Amazon best sellers and Twitter trends.


Site Rank

You enter a “keyword” and a “URL” to find the position a site is get ranked for a specific term.

Jaaxy Training


Upon signing you will receive 3 bonuses PDFs.

  • 1000 High traffic, Low competition keywords
  • Niches, keywords, success
  • Domain industry secrets

Additionally, they included video material to guide you through




  • Jaaxy 2.0- Keyword research and management
  • Website research and analysis
  • Niche research refinement
  • Affiliate program walkthrough


Jaaxy Blog


You can find extremely useful and interesting topics in categories like

  • Competition research
  • Domains
  • Google keywords
  • Case studies
  • Jaaxy News
  • Jaaxy training
  • Keyword lists
  • Videos


Jaaxy Memberships 




Is a TRY before to BUY product, so you can’t go wrong. Simply sign up for the free account and test it out.


Jaaxy Test


You can perform a Jaaxy search right here so you have a better understanding of its true power.


Final Words


 Jaaxy can save you time, I mean a lot of time. The application is very fast and the team behind ensures accurate results. On top of the keyword research and all the important factors the tool analyses you can tag domain availability, find affiliate programs or even get a website’s rankings for specific keywords.

The alphabet soup and the brainstorm features will transform you into a marketing ninja. No more blogging cut-off, no more running out of ideas. The training section and the blog department add to the overall value of the app. You can test it and see if it suits your needs.  

I hope you enjoyed another article , here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.



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  1. stefan

    Hi Tasos

    Jaaxy is really impressive and I think it makes every internet marketer’s job more efficient. I always pay attention to the Monthly searches and competition. One thing that I realised after performing my research and seeing my ranking results was that even if you have a very low competition keyword, let’s say 5, it doesn’t mean that you will rank high. However, keyword research is a must and will increase your chances to rank for those low competition keywords as our website acquires higher authority.
    Jaaxy is indeed one of the best tools in the market. Highly recommended.


    • Tasos

      Great points Stefan , yes no one can guarantee rankings results.There are so many factors calculated by the search engines , but we can always improve our rankings by using properly such keywords tools.

      I am glad we agree on Jaaxy as being one of the best products in the market.Thank you for taking the time to discuss it with me.Good luck with your searches.

  2. Italian Brave Heart

    I’ve used lots of keyword tools over the years and must admit I’m now addicted to Jaaxy. The features that are available in this tool are fantastic. I have achieved number one ranking on many keywords thanks to Jaaxy and the ability to see quickly where your keyword is ranking is unmeasurable. Well done to the developers of Jaaxy. Thanks for a comprehensive review.

    • Tasos

      Straight to the point , exactly.Whoever uses that service is getting addicted.The team behind knows what marketers need and how to help them reach their goals.

      Thank you for this visit and for supporting the thread with your experience.Good luck with your rankings.

  3. Ehab

    Hi Tasos
    Thank you for sharing a very useful and informative review of Jaaxy. Beeing a member of Wealthy Affiliate community I use Jaaxy frequently, I found it amazing and provides me with many alternatives in the keyword search. The most service that I admire is the brainstorming feature. I only tried it out as a free member for a couple of weeks then join the site.
    Keep up your good work, Best of luck

    • Tasos

      So great to meet a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member.I am so glad you found Jaaxy very useful.It is a tool for multiple functions.And it has helped me get rankings for so many keywords.The team behind Jaaxy knows the market really well.

      Thank you for this visit and for your support.All my best.

  4. Viljoen

    I do not know why people always try to get traffic from highly competitive keywords. It just does not make sense because there are millions of low hanging fruit keywords out there to write an article about.

    Jaaxy is so far the only tool that I know off that gives you the amount of competing pages for a keyword.

    • Tasos

      You are so right Viljoen.Thousands or millions of low competition keywords are out there , waiting to get hit.But sometimes I do try to rank for higher competition.I know my new website won’t get ranked easily or soon , but as time goes by my chances are increasing.But generally I follow a 90-10 rule (low vs high competition).

      Jaaxy is a great tool , a fully functional suite that has helped me so far to get ranked for many many keywords.Thank you for your input , good luck with your keyword researches.


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