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You're Reading:Is Shareasale Among the Best Affiliate Networks?.. and Why?

Is Shareasale Among the Best Affiliate Networks?.. and Why?

by Tasos


May 10, 2016



When you are involved into affiliate marketing you are always in a hunt for products and merchants.This is where affiliate networks come into play.These networks are acting as a medium between merchants and marketers.They handle the transactions and keep records of everything.


One of the networks I am using often is Shareasale



Website: ShareAsale

Shareasale has nothing to do with Clickbank for example.So far I have found excellent products to promote , like Hootsuite.On the other hand on Clickbank , the majority of marketing and business products are awful or useless.

But let’s dive in to see what Shareasale has to offer for marketers


The website is very well organised thus offering the chance to browse it using extended search options.The departments

  • Reports
  • Links
  • Merchants
  • Tools
  • Account
  • Payments

Their slogan .. “We build tools to help our clients succeed in Affiliate Marketing.


Shareasale categories


Merchants – Products

You can search by keyword , category , products or dates

  • Accessories , auction , automotive
  • Art , Music , Photography
  • Books , media , business
  • Carreer , jobs , employment
  • Clothing , commerce , classifieds
  • Computers , electronics
  • Domain names , education , family , financial
  • Food , drinks
  • Freebies , reward programs
  • Games , toys , lotto , gifts
  • General web services , gourmet , green
  • Health , home & garden , insurance
  • Legal , marketing , military
  • Moving (and supplies) , online dating
  • Search engine submission , recreation ,real estate
  • Shopping malls , sports , fitness , travel
  • Web hosting , webmaster tools , weddings

As you can see they cover a significant piece of the market having products in all categories.This makes your life easier without having to search for products separately.


Now my concern are the marketing , business , finance and related categories.I can not express my opinion on the other categories that I am not familiar with.


Reports – Sub categories

Another department with many search options.This is what modern marketers really need.A complete set of statistics

  • Activity details
  • Merchant timespan
  • Today at a glance
  • Traffic report
  • Download .csv
  • Payment summary and many more..





Another very important feature.Without tools in your hand you are empty.

Shareasale cares for you .. so you will take care of the merchants and the cycle completes with customers.

  • Affiliate API
  • Create a video
  • Make a page
  • Pay per call
  • Products showcases
  • RSS notifications



  • Programs , PPC violations , manage logins
  • Two factor authentication , feedback


  • Settings , past revenue reports , summary
  • Rejects , Non tracked order inquiries

As you can see they go in depth as concerns their services.You won’t be disappointed.


Help Center


You won’t be left in the dark

  • Tickets
  • Knowledge Base
  • Downloads (manuals , software)


Merchants Examples
















Final Words


One of my favourite affiliate networks.Organised , many of options and settings , endless statistics and reports plus the tools.What else should a marketer need?..


Shareasale is in business for over 16 years now.Their technology receives accolades for speed , efficiency and accuracy.Their reputation is fair and honest partnerships.


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I hope you enjoyed another review , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts , plus your questions in case you need any help.Till next time , your online partner.



















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