You're Reading:Increase Social Media Engagement with Postplanner App – Expect Amazing Results

Increase Social Media Engagement with Postplanner App – Expect Amazing Results

by Tasos


Aug 9, 2016



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When it comes to social media posting I always search for tools that can help me increase engagement with my fans and followers.When your posts get people to react and participate it is when you are getting noticed.

One of the tools that helped me understand what posts are popular and why is called Postplanner.

It is not a simple post scheduler where you can queue posts and articles in a line for publishing.Although it does a great job as a scheduler it goes way beyond that helping users identify top articles and media posts that people love and reshare.

According to their main slogan ..”Postplanner makes it easy to find , plan and post content that is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter” and they continue ..”Posting to 29 social networks sounds cool.But engagement and reach is what counts.”..


Are the last claims true? – Let’s find out



Before getting into any details of the tool’s functions I want to talk about the team behind the scenes.When I joined Twitter , 1 and a half year ago , one of Postplanner’s team member , Aaron Lee , who is very active on Twitter answered to a question I had and from that point we followed each other and since then I had the chance to watch his actions.

Postplanner and Aaron organise twitter chats where they share valuable insights on social media engagement tactics.Additionally they invite industry’s experts to share their own point of view.These chats are funny , friendly and in the end of the day you receive tons of information useful for your social media campaigns.

I strongly suggest that you attend #ViralChat on Thursdays or #InfluencerChat on Tuesdays.You will receive social media tips and you will have the chance to network with other alike entrepreneurs and companies.






Now I want to introduce some of Postplanner’s members

  • Joshua Parkinson – founder , CEO and blog poster
  • Diana Adams – #InfluencerChat host and blog poster.She is a USC graduate , member of the Apple’s Consultant Network and written 4200+ blog posts so far.
  • Aaron Lee – #ViralChat host , blog poster , Facebook and Twitter tips expert
  • Sam Rizvi – advisor and blog poster
  • Rebekah Radice – #InfluencerChat , blog poster and Blab host.She is an award winning writer and digital marketing strategist.
  • Leeann Cannon – graduate of Siracuse University , blog poster and social success manager.
  • Scott Ayres – Postplanner App training ,customer support and blog poster.






Postplanner App’s Dashboard – From the Inside



To better describe this app I would say that Postplanner is like having a social media team working for you.And this is not a bogus claim.

On the left hand side there are 4 main tool functions

Find – the app categories include

  • Popular content (quotes , engaging , interesting , funny , business , marketing , top news , random)…Viral photos will boost your engagement effectively.A photo is worth a thousand words.Here you can track popular content rated with stars.





  • Status Ideas – questions , ask for like / comments , fill in the blank , contests , trivia , facebook and tech and way more…Variety is the key to social media success as Postplanner team says…and I can not agree more.At that section you can spice up your posting schedule with ready-made compelling status updates.Challenge your audience , boost engagement and save tons of time.
  • Recent finds
  • My content – this is where you can add RSS feeds from any website (including yours) so that you don’t waste time on searching them on social media platforms.Additionally you can add Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Keyword sources.





The app uses a star rating system and I share content with at least 4 stars ratio.The app’s algorithm will help you share content that gets likes and reshares.

Content with 4 and 5 stars is content that already was successful on social media.You don’t have to guess anymore which content to share , the app gives you the best content available.



Plan – the post scheduler.You can set times and days to create a weekly plan if you want to automate your postings.The scheduler is very flexible offering plenty of options.For example you can mark content by dividing it into (text , articles , images).This way you can set specific times where you will post only images or images and text together or any other combination.This is extremely important because we don’t want to post only articles on social media , which are not getting the same engagement as images.On social we use a combination of post content and this is where Postplanner can really help you.





Post – here you select a social media profile to work on.

The post section is extremely useful.You can add URL’s that you want to share and the composer will add images automatically for you , depending on the website’s settings.For example if I add a URL from my website (webmarketsupport) it will add the page title and the featured image automatically.




Moreover the composer will shorten the link for you so that you don’t lose many characters when posting on Twitter.

Additionally the composer has a Canva button integrated so you can add images that you find on the Canva website without visiting Canva separately.

You can upload photos , videos and use the bulk upload function as well.






Social networks – my Love Annual membership allows me to connect 10 profiles.At that time I use Facebook and Twitter.

Team – you can add any member of your marketing team and set profiles for posting.





Sharebar – Postplanner mentions..”don’t lose your audience after they click on articles you share.”..The branded sharebar makes your brand portable and keeps your message at the top of any 3rd party links you post.This way you can increase traffice back to your site and convert more business.






Postplanner Blog Department






The blogging team of Postplanner is huge and they update their content very frequently sharing useful insights about social media management and development.

Some topics examples

  • How high performing marketers use Twitter chats to grow their business
  • How to use visual content to inspire your audience
  • 5 brilliant ways to promote your latest product on Facebook
  • How to use Influencer marketing in your social media strategy
  • The marketer’s guide to running a successful Facebook contest
  • Case study – How to grow your Facebook page by 193% (e-book)

and many many more..the catalogue is endless





Postplanner Pricing






The app’s cost is very affordable making it one the best solutions in the market.I use the Love Annual membership and I am more than satisfied so far.







Postplanner’s Fans and Customers



Let’s mention some of their fans so you have a better understanding of the app’s real value

  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Kim Garst from Boom Social
  • Peg Fitzpatrick
  • Ian Cleary from Razor Social
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • Fast Company
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Forbes
  • Reuters
  • Mixergy

and many more…


Support and User Guide



The User Guide is very comprehensive but if you can’t find an answer to your query you can submit a support ticket.Alternatively you can use the Need Help button inside the app’s dashboard and a member of Postplanner will get back to you very shortly.





Tweets – Examples using Postplanner App













Final Thoughts



The app helped me find content that is successful and therefore I watched my profile on social media platforms getting recognition.Their star rating system will boost engagement on any niche.

You don’t have to guess anymore which content to share.The app is providing it to you.

And remember , do not only share content that you own.You need to curate content , meaning you have to share other people’s and companies content to build an authority brand name.

Highly recommended for any marketer , blogger or marketing agency.Personally I prefer Postplanner instead of Hootsuite (which has more functions and way more social networks to add but it lacks the viral content algorithm).



That’s it , I hope you enjoy Postplanner as much as I do.Another review has finished , here on Web Market Support.I am waiting for your comments and thoughts.Till next time , your online partner.













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