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Update: May 23, 2021

Nelson, a student whose mom was a victim of this product, created a GoFundMe campaign to help her mom recover and pay some bills.

You can read her comment following this link.

You can read more about it in this article, Manorama Kate GoFundMe Campaign | Help A Nurse To Survive.

The GoFundMe campaign.



Inside the aissystem.com website, there is an introductory video presentation of someone named Chris Cobb. A very bad production, I could hardly listen to what he was saying, broken microphone. At least he is providing the same information in written format. He says that when he started he knew nothing about making money online, but now he is banking thousands of dollars every single day from his methods. And of course, he wants to share it with the rest of the world.


Automated Income Streams System Review


This product was listed on ClickBank.

My first impressions right after the bad video were in the same direction. A photograph of Chris posing between 3 luxury cars. Now he wants to clarify why this system is totally different from all the others in the market. It is because this system has nothing to do with investing, gambling and it is not a quick get rich scheme. It is legal and ethical and he personally guarantees that it works, not only for him but for everyone that will get involved.


We did not start pretty well, I am not amazed by his marketing techniques so far.







Screenshots, True Marketing


Instead of laying out how this system works he is bombarding me with the “well-known images” of status. Pay-checks, PayPal accounts and the rest. That does not prove anything, even in the case that these images are 100% true.

Why? Even if he has that money in his accounts that does not prove that this money came from his system, maybe the money transferred from someone else due to a house sale, a heritage, and a hundred other reasons. Additionally, that does not prove that you or anyone else would be able to earn this money and that does not prove the time that was needed to get to such a level.


More pictures of him, more screenshots, I think he is wasting my time, I will try to speed up for a bit.

He pays himself thousands of dollars every month and sometimes 5 or 6 figures in a single month. How he proves all of the above? He redirects me to a new website – chriscobb.co.uk.The header image on that website adds to my first suspicions. It is a mixture of 3 photographs, Chris walking on a beach, posing in a luxury car and in the middle we have checks in Great Britain pounds.






1-2-1 Coaching

Every 3 months he opens new slots for his personal training. Stand in line people, Chris is a very busy man. There is a sign-up form to fill your details in order to submit an application for this tremendous event. It says “Qualify for your FREE coaching and strategy call with Chris (worth $500)…So FREE…Chris obviously defines FREE as something else than you and me.

If we scroll down this survey form we glance at this awesome question…“How much are you willing to invest in yourself?”…Remember when he claimed that his system had nothing to do with investing? Now there are multiple options to choose one from a)Less than $100, b)less than $500, c)$500 – $1000, d)$1000 – $3000, e)$3000 – $5000, f)$10000 (private 1 on 1 training with Chris in person)

…..So the totally FREE no investment private coaching comes to $10 thousand. Are you willing to invest $10,000 for someone that is posing on the camera and nothing more than that?



The Rest Of This Chris Cobb Website Is A Joke

The lifestyle section – for the garbage.The “Our cars” section – another boast attempt.Aston Martin, Lotus, Porsche. What the heck this man has to do with online making money possibilities? Why he did not create a blog for luxury car lovers? Still no clue on how to make money online and what his system is. He keeps it secret and he does that for a reason. But I won’t be polite anymore Chris with you. My patience is getting very limited.



The Remaining Content – Home Study Course

  • More claims, more fancy proofs, some testimonials, we know the Menu. He works from home, on average spending 2-3 hours a week earning more than $1000 a day. At least he is not running on auto-pilot.
  • Module 1 – As A Trial – The foundations of building an automated income stream business.
  • FREE Bonus – A behind-the- doors DVD recording with Chris…Of course, a superb bonus.
  • Another FREEBIE – a personal and private consultation with him…FREE as $10,000? You will get access to his personal email address…And he will respond immediately.
  • Live the life you deserve – no loans, no credit cards, be your own boss.
  • Guarantee – 56 days to test the trial module 1.







How Much Does It Cost To Succeed With Chris Cobb?

Hmmm…7 days trial for module 1 comes as a very lousy $4.95 So cheap Chris? How are you going to buy more Porsche’s? More FREE Bonuses blah blah blah. And that’s it.

So, what I am getting for this $4.95? I will tell you what. I have made some research online and what I found was a confirmation of my doubts on his system.



Final Opinion – Conclusion


  • First of all, there is no word about how this system works and what it is.
  • Only claims, screenshots, bank accounts, images, luxury cars, nonsense talking on general stuff.
  • After my research, I came across this article. They say that Chris is providing a course series of lessons that are arriving in monthly parts. He is teaching you how to make money online with internet marketing. And why should you pay for such information?
  • In fact, on my website, I provide all this information for FREE.
  • According to that review, Chris never stops boasting about his money and his properties. His content is very OLD, he does not explain critical aspects of internet marketing, for example how to generate traffic to your website.
  • People’s complaints – Take some time to read some of the comments in the end. I am including some screenshots of people talking about Chris’s methods.
  • No refunds complaints, Chris is not keeping his word.
  • What does he do? He gets you buying this cheap Front-End offer. That is the showcase. Then he is asking for additional fees for the next modules (back-end). Prepare for a very generic content with that first module, if he has any content at all. He will promise you Heaven on Earth. Then he will try to sell you the much more expensive upcoming modules.
  • This is not an online business. At least not for the purchasers. Internet marketing needs decent training and consistent work, especially for the first months. If you wait for one month just to get this module you will be disappointed.
  • No other content. And he does not include an earnings disclaimer page on his website.
  • Therefore, no contact details, no privacy policy, nothing. N O T H I N G.


One of the worst presentations ever. I hope you enjoyed another very negative review. Internet marketing is full of these programs




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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your thoughts and comments. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, Tasos fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and has helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services on the web.

He enjoys reading, music & arts, mathematics, chess, coffee, swimming, Audi, and playing with his kids.

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