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Automated Income Stream System Review – Better Run Fast

by Tasos


Aug 5, 2015

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Update: May 23, 2021

Nelson, a student whose mom was a victim of this product, created a GoFundMe campaign to help her mom recover and pay some bills.

You can read her comment following this link.

You can read more about it in this article, Manorama Kate GoFundMe Campaign | Help A Nurse To Survive.

The GoFundMe campaign.



Inside the aissystem.com website, there is an introductory video presentation of someone named Chris Cobb. A very bad production, I could hardly listen to what he was saying, broken microphone. At least he is providing the same information in written format. He says that when he started he knew nothing about making money online, but now he is banking thousands of dollars every single day from his methods. And of course, he wants to share it with the rest of the world.


Automated Income Streams System Review


This product was listed on ClickBank.

My first impressions right after the bad video were in the same direction. A photograph of Chris posing between 3 luxury cars. Now he wants to clarify why this system is totally different from all the others in the market. It is because this system has nothing to do with investing, gambling and it is not a quick get rich scheme. It is legal and ethical and he personally guarantees that it works, not only for him but for everyone that will get involved.


We did not start pretty well, I am not amazed by his marketing techniques so far.







Screenshots, True Marketing


Instead of laying out how this system works he is bombarding me with the “well-known images” of status. Pay-checks, PayPal accounts and the rest. That does not prove anything, even in the case that these images are 100% true.

Why? Even if he has that money in his accounts that does not prove that this money came from his system, maybe the money transferred from someone else due to a house sale, a heritage, and a hundred other reasons. Additionally, that does not prove that you or anyone else would be able to earn this money and that does not prove the time that was needed to get to such a level.


More pictures of him, more screenshots, I think he is wasting my time, I will try to speed up for a bit.

He pays himself thousands of dollars every month and sometimes 5 or 6 figures in a single month. How he proves all of the above? He redirects me to a new website – chriscobb.co.uk.The header image on that website adds to my first suspicions. It is a mixture of 3 photographs, Chris walking on a beach, posing in a luxury car and in the middle we have checks in Great Britain pounds.






1-2-1 Coaching

Every 3 months he opens new slots for his personal training. Stand in line people, Chris is a very busy man. There is a sign-up form to fill your details in order to submit an application for this tremendous event. It says “Qualify for your FREE coaching and strategy call with Chris (worth $500)…So FREE…Chris obviously defines FREE as something else than you and me.

If we scroll down this survey form we glance at this awesome question…“How much are you willing to invest in yourself?”…Remember when he claimed that his system had nothing to do with investing? Now there are multiple options to choose one from a)Less than $100, b)less than $500, c)$500 – $1000, d)$1000 – $3000, e)$3000 – $5000, f)$10000 (private 1 on 1 training with Chris in person)

…..So the totally FREE no investment private coaching comes to $10 thousand. Are you willing to invest $10,000 for someone that is posing on the camera and nothing more than that?



The Rest Of This Chris Cobb Website Is A Joke

The lifestyle section – for the garbage.The “Our cars” section – another boast attempt.Aston Martin, Lotus, Porsche. What the heck this man has to do with online making money possibilities? Why he did not create a blog for luxury car lovers? Still no clue on how to make money online and what his system is. He keeps it secret and he does that for a reason. But I won’t be polite anymore Chris with you. My patience is getting very limited.



The Remaining Content – Home Study Course

  • More claims, more fancy proofs, some testimonials, we know the Menu. He works from home, on average spending 2-3 hours a week earning more than $1000 a day. At least he is not running on auto-pilot.
  • Module 1 – As A Trial – The foundations of building an automated income stream business.
  • FREE Bonus – A behind-the- doors DVD recording with Chris…Of course, a superb bonus.
  • Another FREEBIE – a personal and private consultation with him…FREE as $10,000? You will get access to his personal email address…And he will respond immediately.
  • Live the life you deserve – no loans, no credit cards, be your own boss.
  • Guarantee – 56 days to test the trial module 1.







How Much Does It Cost To Succeed With Chris Cobb?

Hmmm…7 days trial for module 1 comes as a very lousy $4.95 So cheap Chris? How are you going to buy more Porsche’s? More FREE Bonuses blah blah blah. And that’s it.

So, what I am getting for this $4.95? I will tell you what. I have made some research online and what I found was a confirmation of my doubts on his system.



Final Opinion – Conclusion


  • First of all, there is no word about how this system works and what it is.
  • Only claims, screenshots, bank accounts, images, luxury cars, nonsense talking on general stuff.
  • After my research, I came across this article. They say that Chris is providing a course series of lessons that are arriving in monthly parts. He is teaching you how to make money online with internet marketing. And why should you pay for such information?
  • In fact, on my website, I provide all this information for FREE.
  • According to that review, Chris never stops boasting about his money and his properties. His content is very OLD, he does not explain critical aspects of internet marketing, for example how to generate traffic to your website.
  • People’s complaints – Take some time to read some of the comments in the end. I am including some screenshots of people talking about Chris’s methods.
  • No refunds complaints, Chris is not keeping his word.
  • What does he do? He gets you buying this cheap Front-End offer. That is the showcase. Then he is asking for additional fees for the next modules (back-end). Prepare for a very generic content with that first module, if he has any content at all. He will promise you Heaven on Earth. Then he will try to sell you the much more expensive upcoming modules.
  • This is not an online business. At least not for the purchasers. Internet marketing needs decent training and consistent work, especially for the first months. If you wait for one month just to get this module you will be disappointed.
  • No other content. And he does not include an earnings disclaimer page on his website.
  • Therefore, no contact details, no privacy policy, nothing. N O T H I N G.


One of the worst presentations ever. I hope you enjoyed another very negative review. Internet marketing is full of these programs




Manorama Kate GoFundMe Campaign

Help A Nurse To Survive

Archived Article – May 23, 2021

In August 2015, I came across a marketing product that I found extremely suspicious and I published a review. 

The product was called “Automated Income Stream System”.

It was obviously a scam, there were pictures of luxury cars, screenshots of paychecks, PayPal accounts, and money claims.

At the time I was writing the review, I notice people’s complaints and there were many cases of refunds.

After the review was published and the page was getting traffic, people were stopping by with their comments. 

Many of them lost money to this product and they were not able to recover them.

Fast forward to December 2020, I received a comment from Nelson, a student saying…

My mom was also a victim of Chris Cobb scam and we’ve lost 12k to him. Do you know anyone who has recovered some or at least half of what they’ve invested?

A Sad Story Needs Some Attention

I was sorry about this news and at that time, I suggested that Nelson should file a complaint through FTC (Federal Trade Commission). 

After 2 weeks or so, she replied with this message…

Hey Tasos,

Met Chris through my mom as she stumbled upon him on Facebook. Then the dark days began he told her about ais and other stuff which she bought without knowing how it works and trusted him so that she can earn money online, she also went to one of his crap events. In the end it was money in the drain. He had her with word’s saying all kinds of sweet things to make her trust him and he even came home once to set up her computer to show, how ais works. Then last year I was just searching for him and stumbled upon your page and was shocked to know how this bald guy was ripping off vulnerable people of all their savings and showed my mom all his scams and warned her to block him right away but she didn’t and was in contact with him anyway and when she asked him about it he said it was all a lie and some people are trying to bad mouth him cause of his success, so at the end of last year, she needed some money and I transferred her as she was bed ridden due to leg infection from last 2 year’s which got bad. Then she stumbled upon one of bald Cobb’s mail’s as she thought of him as brother and he was very friendly with her to get money out of her. So she invested 14k into his done for you trading and she didn’t told me as she wanted to surprise me, so when I came to know about this I told her to mail him and withdraw all the money , when she requested him some money out of the interest accumulated he sent her 500 first and then 1500 so that she can invest more into this and kept mailing her some Excel sheets with fake numbers and then in November as mom was going threw some financial problems she requested him to withdraw all the money but he didn’t reply and blocked her on Facebook, so I sent him a heartfelt mail about my financial situation and problems I went threw to save that money to help my mom but he is heartless person and never answered to any of my mails and messages on Facebook. Now I’m totally broke and my mom is in depression and her medical condition is getting worse day by day.

What a tragic story. I suggested Nelson file a complaint through FTC, or the European anti-fraud office, share her story on social media, or use a service like GoFundMe.

After a while, Nelson replied that she had intentions to fight for this case.

This Weekend

And yesterday, I received an email from Nelson.

She informed me that she setup a GoFundMe campaign to pay for her mom’s bills, rent, and other expenses.

She said…

Please read my story and share it as much as possible, any help will be appreciated.

When I read this email, I found her name somehow familiar. But I could not remember exactly who she was.

I searched my email list but I could find her email address. I did not check the comment section though. 

The last time she commented on the blog was in February, so it was a big gap.

Anyway, I read her story on GoFundMe and I decided to share it on my social accounts.

She came back to me with another email where she mentioned that her mom was a victim of that product. 

This is when I realized who she was.

GoFundMe Campaign

Hello everyone my name is Nelson and  I’m raising funds for my mom(Kate) as we are going through a tough time, last year we had to sell our house due to mortgage payment been left behind and not getting work due to this pandemic. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis as she was constantly working in and out of hospital as she is a nurse and caught covid as well while looking after patients, she is the strongest women I’ve ever known.When we sold the house to keep us financially stable we were unfortunately scammed of all that money and we have nothing left no house, no car and all our savings are gone. My mom has been walking miles to take buses to work and she doesn’t even have a car anymore, I would appreciate it if you could help her out of this crisis as she can barely walk because of this infection, it’s like 3rd degree burns all over her legs and arms but still, she goes to work every day but doesn’t show any concern to keep me strong. Any help would be appreciated as we have our rent, bills to pay to get through this tough crisis.

No donations are small or big, every help will be appreciated.

Why I Share This Story

Because I believe in Nelson’s story. She was investigating this product online and she came across my review. 

With her first message, she was asking for more information, and if someone was able to recover money from this money fraud.

She shared her story in her second message, after 15 days or so, and she said she was ready to fight for her mom in her 3rd message.

The way she described the incident I understand that this is a real story. 

This is what happens to victims of money fraud, people that are desperate and someone presents them with something extraordinary, too good to be true, but at the same time, so desirable.

That’s why I decided to give some publicity to this story.

What You Can Do

I’m asking you that you read Nelson’s mom’s story and my review of this product and then you can visit the GoFundMe website.

You can read her comment on the blog following this link.

I’m not asking for you to donate.

All I’m asking is that you share this article or the GoFundMe page with your network.

Someone might want to donate. Together, we can help a person in need.

Another article has finished, here on WebMarketSupport. I’m waiting for your comments and thoughts. Till next time.

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That’s it, another review has finished, here on Web Market Support. I am waiting for your thoughts and comments. Till next time.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Tasos Perte Tzortzis

Business Organisation & Administration, Marketing Consultant, Creator of the "7 Ideals" Methodology

Although doing traditional business offline since 1992, I fell in love with online marketing in late 2014 and have helped hundreds of brands sell more of their products and services. Founder of WebMarketSupport, Muvimag, Summer Dream.

Reading, arts, science, chess, coffee, tea, swimming, Audi, and family comes first.



  1. Nelson

    Hey Tasos,

    My mom was also a victim of Chris Cobb scam and we’ve lost 12k to him. Do you know anyone who have recovered some or atleast half of what they’ve invested.

    • Tasos

      Hi Nelson, sorry to hear such bad news for your family. 12K is pretty much money and maybe you should file a complaint through FTC. If they can help you recover your money without having to pay them money for attorneys and other expenses, it would be a good deal. Looks like nobody recovered any money so far. I’m very curious and eager for more testimonials.

      When exactly did that happen to your mom? Maybe it’s not too late.

      If you have any news, please keep us updated.

      Happy New Year!

    • Nelson

      Hey Tasos,

      Met Chris through my mom as she stumbled upon him on Facebook. Then the dark days began he told her about ais and other stuff which she bought without knowing how it works and trusted him so that she can earn money online, she also went to one of his crap events. In the end it was money in the drain. He had her with word’s saying all kinds of sweet things to make her trust him and he even came home once to set up her computer to show, how ais works. Then last year I was just searching for him and stumbled upon your page and was shocked to know how this bald guy was ripping off vulnerable people of all their savings and showed my mom all his scams and warned her to block him right away but she didn’t and was in contact with him anyway and when she asked him about it he said it was all a lie and some people are trying to bad mouth him cause of his success, so at the end of last year, she needed some money and I transferred her as she was bed ridden due to leg infection from last 2 year’s which got bad. Then she stumbled upon one of bald Cobb’s mail’s as she thought of him as brother and he was very friendly with her to get money out of her. So she invested 14k into his done for you trading and she didn’t told me as she wanted to surprise me, so when I came to know about this I told her to mail him and withdraw all the money , when she requested him some money out of the interest accumulated he sent her 500 first and then 1500 so that she can invest more into this and kept mailing her some Excel sheets with fake numbers and then in November as mom was going threw some financial problems she requested him to withdraw all the money but he didn’t reply and blocked her on Facebook, so I sent him a heartfelt mail about my financial situation and problems I went threw to save that money to help my mom but he is heartless person and never answered to any of my mails and messages on Facebook. Now I’m totally broke and my mom is in depression and her medical condition is getting worse day by day.

      • Tasos

        Oh no Nelson,

        What a tragedy is this! This guy is unbelievable and so mean. You should not let him go away with it. I’m so sorry about your mother and you.

        Here’s what you can do:

        Report a complaint through the FTC here. The FTC cannot resolve individual fraud reports, but they have tips to help you get your money back.

        An alternative is the European anti-fraud office.

        These services won’t ask for your money.

        You could also share the story on all your social media accounts and ask for a little help (charity). You’ll never know how many people will help. But be aware, that there are many social media scams asking for charity for no reason at all. For this reason, share your story only on your personal profile. Do not create a group or anything like that for the cause because this is what scammers do. They create groups.

        If going social feels inconvenient, you can check GoFundMe. For example, here’s a similar post about fraud loss.

        Please keep us updated.

        If you need more help don’t hesitate to contact me again either with a comment or the contact page.

        Best of luck and I wish a full recovery for your mother.

        • Nelson

          Hey Tasos,

          Thanks for your kindness, but I won’t go down that easily, I always find ways to make thing’s right

          • Tasos

            Hi Nelson

            Good to hear from you again. I am sure you’ll find a way.

            Let us know if you have any news regarding this case.

            Best of luck!

  2. P.J

    I have just atempted to do some research into trying to find out what may have happened to Chris Cobb…

    My findings so far suggest that he has dissolved most of his main past Internet Marketing businesses such as his AIS system and 1 K system..around Aug 2019..

    He now appears to also have some other businesses that seem Property related…

    and also seems to owe money on some of his disolved or liquidated businesses..

    There is another address that I found that relates to him..
    but I suspect that it is just another Mail Box type of address.

    Suite 20 Dorset House, Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1TB

    But I dont think that I can find his true addresse…

    I was aware of one other address that he used to be connected to…that I managed to find after watching one o his videos on his website that took me some severe research to do.. but I am not sure if he still lives there..

    Its not one that he openly gave in any of his prior communications…and probably wont answer to anyone who write to it or visits it.

    I once called at one of his past addresses but he had rented it out.. and later had communication with him in regards to it when I was asking for a refund… but he still would not offer to refund me…

    I am aware that some people have managed to persue him and take him to court and win a case against him…

    but it maybe now if he has since dissolved his businesses… that its not possible to win any case against him if you go to Small claims Court..

    I last recall that Chris Cobb was involved with Mobe but I am not sure what has happened to that since I have been out of the game with some problems for some time… partly Thks to Chris Cobb..

    This is one Company that he seems to still run, but I cannot find anything about it..it may still be his Mobe related biz under another name..

    LIMITLESS SUCCESS LTD set up 26 July 2018

    • Tasos

      Hi PJ

      Very valuable information, thanks so much for this update and the addresses you gathered.

      I can’t believe that Chris Cobb was involved with MOBE. I had reviewed MOBE back in 2015 and I had warned people that’s a very risky program. My suspicions came true a few years later when FTC shut down MOBE for good.

      I hope your testimony will help more people stay away from these gurus. All the best!

      • P.J

        Hi Tasos,

        I suspect that Chris Cobb has closed his IM businesses since Mobe was shut down.

        I would like to really know what has happened to Chris Cobb. and why he acted the way that he did by misleading his clients / customers.

        I had follwed him for many years from his beginnings..and in the early days had been impressed by him… and was until I chanced spending on one of his higher priced programs (5 K) only to find it did not work the way that I and 8 others had been led to believe. then when I later asked for a refund he refused.

        Unfortunately over the years the Internet Marketing biz had so many changes and Chris had done well or got lucky in the early days of google ads when it was very cheap to advertise with them..

        but in later years as we know google made many changes and the price to advertise increased too much to easily make it pay.

        I think Chris then took on several other business ideas .. and maybe got too involved and ignored looking after his list of customers in any reasonable way. (even many who had paid him for his higher valued products)

        I heard stories that he had bought several (15 to 20 )properties… then later some rumors that he may had lost money on some of them..but I am not really sure if he still owns them..

        It had been suggested at some stage he had made over 10 Million..

        but I dont know how he stands now..

        Then he later got involved in Mobe… and I think he had done quite well in promoting it…

        I did look into Mobe and initially that Matt Lloyd seemed quite trustworthy… but I did not really rate his early products to highly…I did not think that his 21 steps program was anything special..but it seemed quite impressive when he evolved the other high end parts of his business…

        BUT on attending some events of some of his Uk promoters to his business… I gained the impression of them being misleading and lost trust in them.he moment Mobe has been shut down .. on some websites there are still refs to whether it may be challenged and if it may return.. but I know that these sort of things can become very complex and take years to be delt with…having seen another few companies that got closed down..

        I think the idea behind Mobe seemed to have potential… But how wells it gets set up and can be ran I suspect would take some doing..
        but when you start to see such higher priced programs connected with it.. its quite a risk to invest ones money in the early stages..

        and is it all a sort of chain letter / Ponzi scheme or can it be ran legit ?

        In ref to Chris Cobb now… on one of his past businesses.. I get the impression that he may owe over 250 K…

        I find it hard to believe that he closed down his AIS system ad he did at one stages alter its name.. but still stuck with Automated Income Streams in its title..

        and as he had been so involved in IM or online businesses.. its hard to believe that he would no longer be involved in it..

        I think theres always a question with IM businesses that so many are similar and has it just been too well overdone that its had its day..

        but I dont know if he still has many of his other assets or is still a millionaire.It would be hard to believe that he had say lost all his other
        assets or money.. and is he holding back on paying his debts..

        or has he gone or is he now bankrupt ?

        For those of us who still would like to persue him for money he owes us… my fear is if he is now bankrupt … he will get away with ever paying anyone who persues him…

        I maybe able to find out further info on him…

        but whether the people involved in dealing with him and his liquidated business are able to tell for sure of his situation… I am not sure if they will be able to say maybe due to data protection..

        • Tasos

          Hi PJ. Impressive research! As you highlighted, Chris was probably able to grab money from people in his early days by promising Heaven on Earth. But things changed, and people are now well-informed and don’t easily get caught victims of big promises.

          It seems that Chris is always on a hunt for something new. Are you finally going to pursue him for money? Maybe someone else in the future will come up with news and updates on him.

          As concerns MOBE and similar MLM companies that rely solely on recruiting new members to pay off existing members, these companies are not legit. That’s why they call such systems as Ponzi. MLM without real products and retail sales can’t be legit.

          If you have any update on this case, please let us know. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in it, too.

  3. Kate

    Never ever trust this piece of shite. He is a liar and a thief. He will be exposed.

    • Tasos

      Thanks Kate for the addition!

  4. andy

    Came Across him on a sponsored ad on Facebook, Gave my Email and what not but came also at same time across this blog and read your Review…Many thanks went back into given email and Unsubscribed

    I am looking for a way to make money online and to be all honest my financial background i am in a complete mess, Got laid off from work few days ago in a warehouse role i worked for in years fed up of all this stuff all over Social media Facebook you Tube where you see all these ads and there just courses and prices like 97,299,499,799,999 makes you think as a new guy to it all you need a fistful of dollars just to start up a business online which makes it harder to do, Would love to meet someone online or actually a way to do so simple steps to see it work towards creating a income and work long term i own websites for amazon affiliate’s but no traffic at all so no sales made

    at a loss on where to start

    • Tasos

      Hi Andy, you made a right move to unsubscribe from this program. Now regarding your concerns about creating an online business, there are various opportunities you can choose from. Here’s a detailed guide for beginners. You can make money as a freelancer, assistant, sell your arts & multimedia, open an eCommerce store, by dropshipping, promoting other companies products as a publisher (just like I git started), or other methods as well.

      Take a look at this guide and then contact me here to discuss it further with you. All these business models will pay-off in the long run but there are ways to speed up your results, in case you don’t have any product or service to sell in the marketplace.

      Alternatively, you can fill in this questionnaire for aspiring entrepreneurs so I can help you better and faster. You can also become a Free WMS member and sign up for the DBR Training which shows you how you can profit in the markets.

      All the best, thx for stopping by.

  5. Martin

    This guy has over £20k of ours invested in his company, has paid little back and now doesn’t respond to any messages.

    We are going to trading standards and the fraud office, words fail me.

    He still advertises and runs events but won’t be for long, there will be a ‘few’ people getting messages of proof on what he’s done, not out of revenge but wouldn’t have anyone loosing money the way we have.

    • Tasos

      Hi Martin, this is bad news. But your message will help others stay clear of him. As you said, it won’t be for long, this is what happens with fraudulent people eventually.

      Thanks for sharing your experience here with us, I hope you get your money back!

      • Martin

        Well I have been doing some enquiries and a number of people have responded to me on their losses with me Cobb, if you are reading this don’t touch him with a bardge poll.

        • Tasos

          I’m not sure what you mean Martin.

  6. winston

    The sad part is is this guy is still running ads on FB. He introduced me to MOBE (a ponzy scheme) who are now in trouble with a financial company.

    • Tasos

      Thanks Winston, I can’t believe they are still promoting MOBE! They only reasonable explanation is they lost money on MOBE, they’re trying to recover.

  7. Sadaf Ahmed

    Hi i have just purchased but I now have changed my mind….
    Can I get a refund??

    • Tasos

      Hi Sadaf

      You have to contact them directly. I am just reviewing the financial opportunity. If you get your money back I would like to know!

  8. Andy

    Stay away from Chris Cobb or as I call him Chris Conn he conned me out of £3000 in September 2012 with his ais system.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Andy, what a statement. You call him Chriss Conn? And what exactly did Chriss deliver with £3000? Upsells that did not offer any value?

      Thank you so much for this update!

  9. Oliver

    Well having read this article which I accept is the author opinion but how wrong he is and what’s worse it’s so out of date written in 2015. It should either be taken down or updated. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 2015 and Chris with AIS is still going strong. In fact the course offered is the only one that goes through the whole process from a to z without skipping anything. I have wasted loads of money on other such system but NONE of them WORKED. For me AIS has, yes my opinion. His support team are good and provide 1-2-1 support.

    Umm I’m wondering if you will allow this comment as everyone above seems to be negative – lets have some balance comments.
    Ummm 2 Already your site is trying to stop me posting saying I am am posting to quickly !! How can that be as it’s taken me 5 minutes to write this. Is this site another SCAM

    • Tasos

      It seems you are having great success with this program, Oliver.

      But do me a favor, give me a URL to test your work. I am very curious how much AIS helped you.

  10. Abi

    I can’t remember how I found this system but I was very excited by what I saw. I am in a desperate situation and about to lose my house so this was what I was wanting to hear. I poured over this day and night, didn’t go out, was determined to make this work. I even got excited thinking that my house would be saved. I spoke to my coach, I had only paid £1 up to this point so nothing was lost. She unlocked the steps for me and I have spent all day again sitting in front of my pc, then I started to realise that there was a sale pitch starting. He started to pull apart what he had been showing me, how much work it would take to do it, how much it would cost doing it myself. I got increasingly depressed and yes, here it comes, the bombshell, considering how I cannot even find enough for my mortgage, for only $2000 and what he would provide. My heart sunk, there is no way I can get that money, I am living on baked beans and toast. What a let down, especially when he has just pulled apart everything that I have learnt over the last week. How you have to automate the business, and now its all too much work to do it all on your own, the cost of doing it on your own. So back to square 1, a week wasted. I must say though he has put together a great sales pitch and automated it extremely well, I really thought it wasn’t a scam this time.

    • Tasos

      Welcome to my blog ABi

      I understand the hard situation you had been through. I know a lot of people that at some point struggled and relied in programs like this one. The strategy behind these low front end offers is that there is always a high ticket item waiting at the background, ready to be released when someone’s progress is significant. The moment you realise it is a sales pitch and all the time you’ve lost trying to make it work it is when it feels so bad.

      When did all that happen?…has your situation improved?…

      Thanks for sharing your story, you are helping more people this way.!

    • Rita Cani

      Hi Abbi,
      It is so sad to see how people like you get scammed. I just paid for Chris Cobb system 1GBP and awaiting a coach call, but I might not take it anymore.
      There are real systems to make money online, like dropshipping or affiliate marketing, but you don’t have to pay thousands to learn it. To learn dropshipping, see RealisticEntrepreneur videos on Youtube, they are free. He gives away most of valuable information. Yes he has paid course now because of people requests but you can learn most of stuff Free. I took dropshipping course from Fred Lam, called ZeroUp, but he also offer 10 step formula for free to start with and it is enough information to start a dropshipping store. As for affiliate marketing see Wealthy Afiiliate or Affilorama. My husband purchased course from Anik Singal called LURN and he already is starting to see some profit. Not Big profit, but at least replacing half of his monthly salary, e.g. 500GBP/month. and he has been doing it only for 2 months and still learning. However, I would like to point out that both Afiliate marketing and Dropshipping business does require a lot time to start with learning and doing business as well as some investment for online marketing. You will never be able to make money without investing in business at all. But at least these business models dont reaquire more than 300$ to start with.
      Good Luck Dear with finding the right program for yourself. xx

      • Tasos

        Thanks Rita for participating and discussing it with Abi.

  11. Vera

    Thanks for exposing this product that seems to put all into place a remarkable scam has to offer! It’s really boring how scams always repeat the same structure and strategy to lure people into their systems that deliver nothing more but hot air and huge disappointments. And people fall for it and don’t realize they haven’t even gotten a single explanation on how the money making system really works. Fake pay-checks are enough of proof!

    • Tasos

      Very strong points Vera , you know how these scams operate and how they attract people.Indeed , it is very boring , they all use a very alike strategy that provides no value at all.They convince people with these fake images and of course they do not explain how their system works.

      People fall , but I believe times have changed … now they are more informed and they do research for online reviews , hopefully avoiding many frauds.

      Thank you for reading my post and for taking the time to discuss it , all my best.

  12. Julie

    Thanks for the summary of this obvious scam. I I’ve been looking around for some good opportunities online for my aunt who has recently been laid off. I can across this AISS thing and it didn’t take me long to also realize that it was garbage. Reading your experience reassured me that I was not the only one who felt like this. Thanks for exposing scams like this 🙂

    • Tasos

      Welcome Julie , yes it is an obvious worthless product.The owner is crying for some money.It is for the garbage and I am very glad you agree with me.It was very kind of you to search online for opportunities for your aunt.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for stating your insights here.Good luck , Happy New Year…!

  13. Ed


    Thanks for the information

    I’m sitting on the fence with this at the moment so I hope you won’t be offended by my views.

    I’m currently doing the AIS System course. I’m a complete beginner and I must say the course is a sharp learning curve for me. I’ve an interest in online marketing and am trying to keep an open mind on Chris’s system. I’d agree that it takes hard work but I’d also agree that he’s providing a structure in learning the process to be an affiliate. It’s up to the individual if they want to invest in there education, he has the knowledge so why wouldn’t he try and make money out of it. If anything I’m learning something new and if you want to achieve in anything you have to emerse yourself. I’ve invested 5 years in a degree & a masters with the hope of getting rich which has ended up being a load of shite.

    I’m curious to know have you or others completely emersed yourselves in his system and tried to implement what he’s sharing?

    • Tasos

      Welcome Ed , I really hope you are doing well with Chris methods but I did not receive any value from his website at all.

      Could you be more specific and say how much did you spend and what you learned so far?..Did you purchase the DVD course of $10 grand.?…

      Unfortunately a lot of people lost their money on this product as they found only information that is shared online for free.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your participation in the comments.

  14. jo

    Hi loved your review on Chris Cobb I have come across him before thankfully I never parted with any money because I couldn’t work out what it was he was going to teach me. The one thing I will say about him is never give him an Email address I am bombarded by Emails from him on a daily basis. I have tried to unsubscribe but they still come. I agree with you SCAM.

    • Tasos

      Welcome Jo , I am not surprised with your message.There are some sites , people or companies that won’t let you unsubscribe no matter what you do.Unethical and spammy.My secondary email is on fire , like yours , on a daily basis.Further I agree with your points , Mr Cobb is announcing nothing up front.He is just claiming to make you rich.This is not real marketing.

      Thank you for this visit and for stating your own experience with that product.That can help out more people.I hope these emails will stop eventually , when he won’t be able to pay his auto-responder membership.

  15. Sam

    I bought this system recently …. It’s now done in ‘steps’ …. You can’t move on to the next step without a coaching session with Chris himself …. I have only done the early steps …and all I have been told is how good the system is …nothing more …. The Facebook page has lots of members …… Have any of them responded to questions I have asked ….of course not . I have a feeling I will be asked to part with more money if i “want to succeed quicker” ….. I’ll see if my personal sessions ever happens … Also a quick check on line I saw that the High Profits ltd … A company that is owned by Chris and was the one that billed me for the system …… Has only turned over approx 4K since 2010 …. Ironically named.

    • Tasos

      Hello there Sam , welcome to my blog.It is very kind of you to share with the rest of us your experience with Chris.He has nothing to offer , only to take , but I am not predicting he will get far.That Facebook page is probably fake , no one responded , I am not surprised at all.

      Yes , he is going to ask more and more if you decide to continue.But , I wonder how can he sleep at nights?…His first module is just another boast on how powerful his system is?…He is a just a lazy spammer.

      High Profits Ltd – 4k since 2010 … that was very good , you made me smile.

      Thank you for taking the time to participate here , your message will help more people understand what Chris is all about.I hope you won’t buy any fancy product like that one again.

    • Jon

      And his company has recently taken out a loan for £75,000 – There is a charge against the company – Earning millions but needs to borrow £75,000 ..mmmm

      • Tasos

        Thanks for the addition Jon, I wonder which bank approved such a loan..!!..is he going to pay off?…I strongly doubt it.

  16. Neil

    Hello, Tasos

    Thanks for telling me to run away from the automated income stream system 😀

    From what you have stated in your review, this program is surely a scam.

    As for Chris Cobb’s images, anyone can walk on a beach and also display images of cars, lol. They probably don’t even belong to him, unless he is scamming people out of money, which appears to be true.

    I am definitely gonna keep my distance from this program…


    • Tasos

      Hey Neil , welcome back , I am glad you reached that article , I have totally forgotten this awful presentation and I just took a look to remember who he was…That says a lot , because his product was such a useless piece of information that my mind decided to delete it .At least we have the documents.

      Yes , he is a man of Zero trust , I further do not believe that he owns any of these properties.How can I trust someone like him?…I think my rating was honest.

      Thank you for another visit and for your beautiful participation.

  17. Tony

    Hello Tasos,

    I must say “thank you” for this review. I am sure you will save quite a few people time and money because you took the time to investigate Chris Cobb and his Automated Income System Stream program (SCAM!)

    Amazing just how many scams there are out there! We need more people like you to help others from being taken advantage of. I will be visiting your site again. Thanks for your service!


    • Tasos

      Hello there Tony , internet marketing world is full of these arrogant scams.I am just sick of this situation.I know it will never end but I am trying to direct people away from.This person is a disgusting worthless fraud.With zero content , zero value , he tries to trap people in a very cheap front-end offer in order to offer them later back-end expensive “again zero value” outdated products.

      I wanna thank you for reading my review and for sharing your thoughts here on my blog.Your participation is going to help more people into this direction.


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